Lakers News: L.A. Was ‘Determined Trade Bidder’ For Ty Lawson
Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports
Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

The Los Angeles Lakers were among the teams interested in trading for veteran point guard Ty Lawson. The Houston Rockets ultimately were able to acquire Lawson on Sunday, but the Lakers definitely made a hard push to get a deal done.

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According to ESPN’s Marc Stein, the Lakers simply didn’t provide a better trade package then the Rockets were offering:

The Denver Nuggets had been looking to part ways with Lawson for quite some time. Many believed Lawson would ultimately land with the Sacramento Kings, but then the team signed free agent Rajon Rondo.

As for the Lakers, the team has been exploring trade options including Nick Young, Robert Sacre and Ryan Kelly. Despite gauging trade interest, no deals came to fruition, but it would be safe to assume those three names came up in trade talks with the Nuggets.

The Lakers may have also been reluctant to give up Jordan Clarkson in a proposed trade for Lawson. Although Lawson would’ve been a considerable backcourt upgrade, the Lakers brass not wanting to sacrifice the future to bring in a troubled veteran is a good sign moving forward.


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hmmm.. i wonder who the lakers offered. i’m guessing that they put anyone other than russell, randle and clarkson on the table… and DEN wanted one of the three. in that case, this is definitely for the better.

  1. The Rockets got him for essentially nothing so I don’t see why they would ask so much from the Lakers.

  • They offered Papanikolaou, Prigioni, Dorsey, Nick Johnson and the future first-round pick. Not sure if we really made a run at him. We could have offered a better package of Young, Kelly, Sacre, Jabari Brown and future 2nd rounder

    1. it could also be a case of DEN thinking LAL was low-balling them since lawson is currently in rehab. i doubt we included russell, randle, clarkson or a first round pick in the offer.

      1. true.,… but its sad that we lost out to that ridiculous package from houston.. seriously. prigoni is like a grandpa.

        1. in the long run, we’ll be better off. i can’t stand the rockets, but i hope that lawson works out his personal issues with alcohol.

          1. To be honest… As annoying as it would be for dwight to get a ring. I’d rather it be them than the Spurs.

            I’m rooting for all teams that can beat the Spurs and Cavs

          2. tbh, i’d rather have the Spurs win than anybody else. classy organization with a great coach and players. oh, scouts too.

          3. I’m with you on that. Why not the Spurs? Why hate them just because you would like the Lakers to act smart like them?

        2. The Lakers didn’t lose out.They avoided a Major Problem.. All talent is not right for your team.Especially a team with young guards.. How were they going to look for guidance from him!???

    2. Yea the first round pick will be a late first rounder too.
      On paper lakers offer seems better. We may of had exploratory conversations and once nuggets asked for Russel, clarkson or randle lakers said nah we are out.
      Teams and agents may continue to drag lakers into every trade to continue to make us look bad I think that’s what it is.

    3. “They offered Papanikolaou, Prigioni, Dorsey, Nick Johnson…”
      This sounds like a law firm, not a group of basketball players πŸ™‚

  • Wheres david stern when you need him. Need him to nix this uneven deal or wheres dan gilbert bitchin ass to bitch about power teams forming. Thats right only the lakers get screwed over

    1. Don’t worry about Gilbert. Even with the services of James, Irving, and Love for the next two years, I doubt the Cavs will win a title.

      1. Gilbert is just a Laker hater! Didn’t see him sending out e-mails on that OccupyDJ resident by the Clippers.

    2. In the next 3 years Gilbert will lose a boat load of money due to Lebron forcing him to blow through the salary cap, Cavs still probably won’t win a title, and Lebron will likely leave again.

    1. First round pick plus Johnson and Dorsey is definitely not nothing. They got way more that I thought they could

    2. It’s very obvious at this point. Lawson is a big headache for Denver. He maybe good but he can’t carry the team either. A protected 1st round pick (aside from the players mentioned in the trade) in my mind is enough compensation for Denver to have at this point.

    3. A drunk one, so you don’t know how that turns out? Don’t give anything of value for him. ….The Lakers aren’t desperate for a guard.Especially one with a drinking problem.

  • The 1st rounder is what solidified it. Oh well… the guy is in rehab right now and also quit on a highly respected guy in Shaw. But I still would’ve wanted him… anybody but Houston though… I want Coward to never get to the big show.

    1. That whole Nuggets team quit on Shaw. Breaking the huddle with “six weeks” is about as low as it gets.

      1. I know they all did, and shame on them for doing so.. but still. As the team’s best player, you’d hope he’d be a leader and try and find a middle ground and control the locker room.

    2. Don’t Worry about Howard getting a ring. He and Harden love the strip club more than they love the court.

  • FO is a fucking embarrassment. I bet Denver asked for a first rounder from the Lakers and they balked like always. I mean for fuck sakes with likely no first round pick for two of the next four years what could it have hurt to make it three of the next six.

    1. Lol. Love seeing irrational, emotional fans bitch and cry.. so fun. Your tears are delicious btw.

      1. This is one that don’t Bitch And Cry…I have seen it Too many times..they have already hit rock bottom…So I’m one that can handle all of the Laker Bashing…. Bring it on….This ain’t new… I have seen 11 Championships and some rebuilding.. So take your best shot..I won’t bitch or moan.?!?But you are right…There are some dumb emotional fans… And some make some really stupid comments.

    2. We can’t trade a first rounder in the near future any way. League rules prohibit teams from trading first round picks in consecutive years. Next year’s pick is top 3 protected, but still is considered traded in the eyes of the league. I doubt the Nuggets wanted a 2019 first rounder.

          1. And th blocked CP3 trade. And letting gasol leave without getting any compensation. And hiring D’antoni over Phil etc etc etc

          2. Dude, it started with NOT bringing back JWest when Phil stopped coaching… And then hiring Mike Brown over Adelman for a team that still had
            Fish, KOBE, Gasol, LO, Bynum…. They actually gave OKC a hard time despite Mike Brown’s killing the team at practice.

            In any case, they wasted the remaining years KOBE had left… He was still playing at a high level.

      1. For fuck sakes people inform yourselves, stop making others do it for you. First off the pick would be 2020 or later depending on whether the 2018 Orlando pick is conveyed. Any pick the Lakers offered no matter how far off in the future would have been more appealing than a lottery protected first rounder that Houston gave up. As far as I am aware of nothing in the rules prevents this, Miami for example owes three first round picks 2016. 2018 and 2021.

        1. I admit that I was wrong, but saying a 2020 pick (or later) is better than a lottery protected pick is a little silly. For all we know, the Lakers could win the championship in 2020. So the choice was either a late round pick next year or an unknown pick 5 years later. Oh, and the prospects in that 2020 draft are currently underclassmen high school or still in middle school lol.

          1. I stopped at “or later pick is better than a protected pick”, you need look no further than the Nash trade. I bet a lot of people thought the same back then now the Sixers are sitting pretty on the Lakers top 3 pick for what will have been four years later. It’s the not the first time that happened in fact in most cases that type of pick has always panned out better than some lottery protected pick a year or two from being conveyed.

      2. we don’t want to trade the ones we have ,lets keep them and build it RIGHT.dont rebuild with a DRUNKEN no account point guard

    3. Even if we got Lawson we would need a miracle to make the playoffs next year. So instead of mortgaging our entire future for a 2nd tier guard it’s best to let the young guys develop.

      1. Russell is unknown in terms of years away and is clearly a project. So who else is left the 20 other combo guards the Lakers have?. Lawson is a pure PG and would have at the very least made the team competitive. With only two years left on his contract he would have provided a high risk high reward situation. Instead he goes to a team that was already a contender and makes that west that much tougher.

        1. Karl Anthony-Towns has struggled and Mudiay has been streaky. SL can be a useful tool to measure players but you shouldn’t put too much stock into it. There’s still training camp and preseason which can help D’Angelo improve.

          1. Along with the fact that him and Clarkson will be training with Steve Nash this summer, which I think is a great idea.

          2. Agreed… Russell has a chance to be special. His SL is better than some all NBA players today…. And yet some SL studs also flames out when they faced the real teams(starters).

            Dream scenario is Lakers somehow keep their top 3 protected pick (which would be less of a stretch than the Cavs getting all those top slotted picks 3 out of 4 years

    4. I’m glad they balked, trading away 1st round picks for a chance at a head case for two years is exactly what has got them in this mess to begin with ala Nash and Howard.

        1. Those are the only times he got caught, not the only times he did it. Hope your family will be his next victims, annoying troll.

        2. No but being a bad influence in the locker room and quitting on your coach, makes you a head case with a drinking problem?

    5. Lakers are still paying off multiple first round picks for Nash and Dwight….

      The Lakers would be a surprise team anyway to make the playoffs… If they did, the hope is they beat either the Spurs or the Rockets… Not likely…

    6. Use your head, the F.O. did the rt thing.Why trade for him???Look but don’t Buy..You would need a baby sitter and then the fans would turn around and say Jim Buss Made a bad move…leave Lawson alone.

  • Stated this a few days ago, Rockettes have better assets to wheel and deal. FO’s ineptness started when they decided to settle for minimum contracts and D-leaguers after DH’s departure aside of giving away draft picks.

    ‘Jerry West: Warriros FO β€œthe most healthy environment I’ve been involved with”

    http://probasketballtalk. nbcsports .com/2015/07/18/jerry-west-says-warriors-front-office-the-most-healthy-environment-ive-been-involved-with/

    D’R1 putting in the work.

    1. Honestly, who cares about if GSW is the healthiest FO position. At the end of the day, it depends on talent on the court. If OKC was healthy and the Spurs were still around, no way would GSW win the finals. Love Jerry since he found Kobe, but Lakers will always be the team he’s had the most success in a FO position

      1. Golden State would’ve had a shot, it comes down to having the right formula in place on both ends (court and basketball operations). However, don’t think the Warriors care, they’re the champs and that’s all that matters. However, we’ll find out if the GSW are true contenders now (consistency) next season.

      2. Thanks,some fans need to let go of the past? The team is turning around now, and yet people are still bitching and moaning about the pass, every team will rebuild at some point.

    2. West left the Lakers of his own free will 15 years ago. Can we move on from worrying about West?

      1. Blah, blah, blah,

        Told ya since 2013 this would happen DP, the buffoons at the FO have failed miserably to acquire depth at the starting positions the past few off seasons since DH’s departure.

        Laker fans will need to be patient given a better future lies ahead 4+ years from now. Reason I posted this is to show that it takes both ends being the court and basketball operations (vision) to have a better long-term future outcome.

        Best for Jim to step down after the 2016 season and make Mitch VP and acquire a more astute GM who can out-think these decent GM’s. No doubt the FO will be out given their 2 yrs remaining.

        1. Blah, blah, blah is your tired constant. Russell and Clarkson are the movement. No different than Van Exel and Jones in the 90’s. Been told you this

          1. Lol, what happened to Randle? Aside of that the top teams in the West haven’t been doing nothing special being acquiring strong depth for their starting rotations which thus appeals more to top tier 1 talent.

            Lakers still have a shot given they have plenty of assets (correlating more to the Laker bigs) but don’t see much change happening with this dysfunctional FO anytime soon.

            It’s almost unfair that WC teams should have so many strong teams and the weak EC manages to send their EC rep to the Finals without being truly challenged. Thus why Mark-obtuse -Cuban would send the Texas teams to the EC. Best roll with NBA League pass now boy and cancel your TWC subscription for now. BOOM!

          2. People have such short selective memories? The west was deep all the same in the 90’s. Utah, Seattle, Houston, Phoenix, Portland and Golden St. 6 of the top 8 playoff teams in the league wΓ¨re from the west. The Late Show was able to win 48 & 52 games in consecutive seasons with rookies and young players post Magic.

          3. WTH, strange you’ve even brought this up YOURSELF! Different times with the CBA RIGHT? This is about contending and not buying for a 7th-8th seed in the playoffs.

          4. There’s no FF button. Hopefully Jimmy and Mitch are learning that! It’s always a progression as I’ve said in the past.

        2. I would love them to hire Ryan West (Jerry’s son) as the next GM. He is the one who found Clarkson. His dad has taught him well so far.

          1. Long-term seems like the best move but placing him in the hot seat off the bat (GM) doesn’t sound right. I’d rather he be assistant first and work his way up but if Kupcake happened to become VP then he could help Ryan’s transition being Mitch’s been GM for 15 yrs.

      2. If Jeannie fires her Bro and moves Kupchak to VP, then Jerry West’s son has a chance at GM…. There is no way he wouldn’t bring his pops in as a consultant

  • Not gonna lie, kinda of wanted him to start in front of dlo for a year…but Houston makes sense. Lawson will be a perfect fit, immature and selfish and not too smart….the rockets have a few of those guys now. He will fit right in.

    1. Honestly, Russell needs to sit and learn behind a veteran. But now he may be thrown to the wolves for better of for worse.

      1. Guess we have to see how he plays behind all that pressure on him. His SL showing doesn’t help him.

    2. i respectfully disagree.. if he didn’t, he’d have offered a first round pick and sealed this deal. we could have easily got this deal done. damn houston didn’t even offer mcdaniels or dekker. just look at their package!

      1. Like what first rounder? We don’t have a first rounder for the next couple of years. Most likely Mitch was trying to ship Young, Kelly and Sacre over to Denver.

        1. a package of Young, Kelly, Sacre, Jabari Brown and 2016 second rounder would have sealed the deal. still better than what houston offered.

          1. They were not going to include Brown, if we had a 1st rounder plus those 3, would’ve been done.

    3. Disagree. Kupchack just wants to play vets. Look at last season with Randle, we absolutely did not need to sign Boozer, but they did so he could play in front of a rookie.

      1. They should’ve signed Rondo if that was the case. It was more to acquire another asset mostly IMO being trying to utilize him in a future trade package before the trade deadline or next year’s FA.

    4. Honestly believe this has nothing to do with Russell, but more to do with possibly acquiring an almost all-star talent for peanuts.

    1. They are allowed to trade first rounders as far as 7 yrs. FO should’ve traded the 27th pick along with a player for a vet. They still would’ve acquired Nance Jr. too being he was projected to go in the mid 40’s.

    1. Most sober GM in the NBA wouldn’t trade Clarkson for Lawson straight up. The one in rehab might do this trade.

    2. Jim and Mitch NOT pulling the trigger to send Clarkson for Ty is the best move they’ve made yet.

      1. I saw that, it seems the rest of the league prefers that we stay at the bottom. Props to Larry Bird for at least trading Hibbert to us hopefully he goes back to his all star self.

    1. You are assuming Denver is trying to win this year.
      To me trading Lawson is a clear sign that they are going to ride Mudiay to a lottery pick.

      1. Don’t know how you inferred that. I don’t know of anyone that would want Kelly, Sacre, and Young to compete.

  • Never said he was, I am just thinking he doesn’t trust Russell to man the point this early for the team and do it consistently night in and night out.

      1. Disqus does you dumb sack of shit. Lakernation doesn’t have mods, but Discus does have moderators when it comes to impersonation and spam.

  • I actually think we’d have a slightly better offer than what Rockets gave
    Joey Dorsey, progioni? Idk…i guess it was just to clear up cap space seeing as they might be tanking

  • Let’s face it, they probably offered Robert Sacre in the trade and that is like saying a big fuck you to the Nuggets FO.

  • There goes Houston chances of getting past the Warriors. With Lawson defense, Curry will be cooking.

      1. A really defensive backcourt. Memphis did it until Tony Allen went down with injury. The cavs did it for a few games before Dellavedova spent a night in the hospital needing iv infusion.

        1. if curry is on. no one is stopping that guy in a 7 game series. he’s on that elite level now.

      1. Not for a 5’11 drunk who won nothing and ran his coach out of town. The Lakers always trade for the big names that can help them win, but right now, it’s time to develop assets and wait for future big trades, the team needs to be on the way up to make any splash in trades and FAs.

    1. How else are you going to improve talent?
      Wait for Randle and Russell to be All-Stars.

      The front office doesn’t have 4 years bro.
      Free Agents are a must.

      1. It worked in 94 & 95 with Van Exel and Jones. At some point they gone learn there is no FF button. When you develop the youth they make the team more desirable like 96- 99.

    1. There’s an NBA player still floating around in his father’s sack who will make the Western Conference Finals before Chris Paul does.

  • I’m disappointed we didn’t do what it took to get Lawson because I think it would have made a huge difference in the development of Russell learning slowly behind him; now he is going to be thrown out there to the wolves and it’s going to be tougher.

    How I see it is simply put in this way: imagine Russell after battling his defender getting to half court, at this point he is mostly a one dimensional threat to pass to the open man and setting up the offense.

    Russell at the 2 coming off a screen and receiving a good pass from Lawson becomes a dual threat to catch and in position to shoot or even better with his court vision making another pass for an easy basket, in this second scenario Russell is a much bigger threat to the defense and put them off their balance than he would be at the 1.

    This is a big blow to the teams success next season.

      1. Everyone knows that including Houston the team with one of the best analytics dept otherwise why would Lakers tried hard for him? They just didn’t try hard enough. He will get through rehab way before training camp begins.

        1. please. HOU is desperate because they know that with dwight in a slight decline, their title window is slowly closing. and you don’t know that lawson will even come out of rehab clean and sober. the lakers are better off.

          1. You’re wrong both teams wanted him means they are betting he’ll come out for the better and will make their teams much improved.

          2. the lakers are better off not getting an alcoholic PG who will stunt the development of russell.

    1. Clarkson will be better than Lawson in a couple years. JC and DLO is the Lakers’ backcourt future… The trade would be good for now but not for the long haul..

    2. Let’s also talk about Ty Lawson’s strengths: His speed and ability to play quickly and on the break. Now throw Ty Lawson into Byron Scott’s system and all you get is a frustrated midget who couldn’t stand Brian Shaw’s system he doesn’t thrive at all and when Kobe sucks the ball off him, he becomes irrelevant. He will also struggle in Houston and will likely not co-exist with Harden and will end up being replaced often by Beverley, unlike he who shall not be named Ty Lawson cannot really play off the ball. Ty Lawson didn’t fit the Lakers to begin with.

          1. ” ty lawson didn’t even fit the lakers to begin with” hahah!!! are you serious? literally i dont know who ur making these comments for anymore. u try so hard to troll its so sad. who do u think lawson is westbrook? hahah!!! if a guy whos a top passer in this league not a good fit with any team well than you have problems man. serious ones. at least lawson could get to the basket with ease unlike russel who cant blow by literally anyone let alone an actaul PG πŸ˜€

          2. I’d argue with you, but you wouldn’t really understand anything. So it’s not really worth it. So anyway you didn’t answer my question, what is your next harebrained scheme for the replacement of DLo? I am seriously on the edge of my seat.

          3. πŸ˜€ u cant argue. russel is better than lawson and a better fit right? πŸ˜€ u fanboys never get old hahah!!

      1. Scott system does not discourage a transition out on the break offense and Lawson would have loved to play with all these young bucks who like to run (Randle,Clarkson,Russell) not to mention others on the team.

        “throw Ty Lawson into Byron Scott’s system and all you get is a frustrated midget who couldn’t stand Brian Shaw’s system he doesn’t thrive at all”

        Not true, he still averaged 15ppg and 10 assists, without looking up his career average I bet he is right up there pretty close. He hates Shaw personally as much as he hates Shaw’s triangle hybrid system.

        1. His numbers were the best of his career, assist wise, but his shooting percentages were down due to the slowness of the system not to mention the most important aspect: Wins.. Those assists would vanish in Bryon’s system as it promotes a lot of ISO and there are no real spot up shooters in this Lakers roster.

          Ty Lawson’s best years were when he could run in George Karl’s system. The only reason I’d take Ty Lawson is for a future trade, but he has completely destroyed his trade value and a year with these Lakers will do nothing for it. I also think that DLo will learn faster from being thrown to the wolves than he will backing up Ty Lawson.

          1. ur a pure hater to anyone whos better than ur precious russell. wake up old man and smell the coffee

          2. Honestly you are just a pest. I bet your parents have called you that right? You offer absolutely nothing constructive, even that fake troll with the multiple screen names seems to put things more eloquently than you do.

          3. “Those assists would vanish in Bryon’s system as it promotes a lot of ISO and there are no real spot up shooters in this Lakers”

            That’s complete speculation as Lawson has already proved himself in both systems and he is a superior pg to anything we’ve got right now so you can’t argue against him stat wise. Now next up is Scott’s Princeton which promote movement and passing which theoretically should complement Lawson’s passing, the reason it does not work so far is due to many reasons but the most blame should and will always be blamed on the coach for not getting the team to play it well.

            Lawson being one of the top 5 pg in the west will make the Princeton even better than any other players we have at present.

            This is just point of discussion now but no doubt we would be better off with rather than without Lawson like some here thinks.

          4. Short term yes we would be better, long term no. DLo needs all the minutes he can get to expedite his growth, with Lawson you aren’t making the playoffs anyway so what’s the point? You need to embrace the rebuild and not hinder it my choking up the minutes. Irving, Wall, Curry, Chris Paul, Lillard, Westbrook etc. all benefited from starting and playing as many games in their rookie years as possible. We all saw what Clarkson became after he got the keys to the team.

          5. “with Lawson you aren’t making the playoffs anyway so what’s the point”

            Tell that to the FO and to teams who are legitimately trying to compete, getting there or getting close and miss is better than being a bad team because we didn’t try. Teams that compete can tweak their roster to make themselves better, we are not even at that point where we can say we are tweaking it, you want to get there or close to there to have a chance of attracting free agents.

          6. If the warriors decided to bring in veteran guys to take the place of Curry and Thompson, they wouldn’t have the current dynasty potential they do now, they had the option of trading Thompson for Kevin Love, they didn’t do that either. As it is they gave away their veteran Ellis because they knew they had a better piece to build around. Patience has been the biggest problem of this FO and indeed the fans. The CBA has changed the landscape and the Lakers have failed to adapt. Great teams must be built, not bought.

    3. Big blow??? what do the Lakers have right now for them to be considered successful this season? They’re not gonna be serious contenders for the title… Lakers would consider this season a successful one IF they see Clarkson, Russell, Randle (plus the young recruits) can really ball at the NBA level and with real competition. That will be the measure of success for the lakers.

    4. They would have included Clarkson if Lawson was worth it, but unfortunately, the Lakers didn’t think so, they just attempted to trade away expendables for him, but Houston is willing to part away a future 1st for him, Houston willing to sacrifice a little more, so they got him.

  • The fact that they were going after Lawson means they don’t plan on starting russell at least for right now until the game slows down for him his turnovers were off the charts and this was only summer league look for him to come off the bench with Lou Williams at sg for a month or two then scott will ease him into the lineup

    1. Lawson means better trade asset next year. Too bad the lakers couldn’t get him for Sacre and Kelly.

  • Top 5 Clippers of all-time:
    1. Ralph Lawlyer
    2. Donald Sterling
    3. Danny Manning
    4. V. Stivano
    5. Michael Olwakandi

  • the rockets are serious championship contenders now. i called this move i remember a couple of months ago and now i was right all a long

    1. If you think Ty Lawson is putting Houston over the hump you better look deeper than that. They’ll be a second rd knockout

        1. Hahahahaha. People acting like Lawson gonna put Houston over okc GS the Clips Spurs mem. Please Houston will be a 5-6 and get bounced early.

          1. they beat the clippers retard and this is without the addition of lawson so ur making no sense and they no peverly !!!! haahah!!!. there clearly deep enough and talented enough to make it to the finals. again im just calling it as it is

          2. So let me get this right…clips keep Dre. Add pierce and Lance and Josh Smith FROM HOU and you think Houston is better than the Clips? Goodnite.

          3. possibly. may i remind you that this is the clippers were talking. they can add whoever they want but at the end of the day there core group is still there. you can add all the little pieces u want. they change that every year and it never gets them anywhere so my point is yes its possible Houston can beat them cuz they did beta them last year fully healthy but with just different role players than his year that they have. so ya they can

      1. dude no one can predict the future. anyone can lose to anyone. all im saying is this is a championship contender thats all im saying im not saying its going to get them over the hump.

        1. I feel you. I’m not knocking you just saying this move doesn’t put them over 5 other teams out west.

        2. Are you freaking kidding me?
          They have another year, they got deeper as a team and added Josh Smith.
          Outside of injuries they should be a better team. And a slightly better team would have one atleast ONE game out of 3.

          It’s funny how people talk circles just to prove some flimsy point. — Just accept you are loose with your words and thoughts, and sometimes, you will be proven wrong.

    2. Rockets are going to need to upgrade their defense if they want to be a serious championship contender.

      1. they made it to the west finals without there best perimeter defender in peverly plus you add lawson to that now. ya they are clearly championship contenders on paper

        1. They made it to the WCF because they faced an aging Mavs team in the 1st round and the Flippers in the 2nd round who are known to choke in the playoffs.

        2. Beverly and Lawson play the same position.
          And they still have Howard.

          I don’t see that this upgrade pushed them to the next tier…

          The next tier includes:
          Spurs, Golden State, and the Clippers*.

          To me, in a 7 game series, they would STILL lose to the Clippers IF the team doesn’t choke.

    3. I’m not sure I agree.
      Lawson is an upgrade to Beverly, but with Harden at SG, there is only one ball.

      To me, this only makes them marginally better and until they get rid of Howard, they have a fatal flaw.

      To me, the West has a clear top tier and is simple:
      1) Spurs
      2) Clippers
      3) Golden State
      4) All the Rest.

  • There will be drama in Houston. Harden wanted out of OKC so he didn’t have to share the ball with Westbrook and Durant. Now he has to share the ball with Lawson and Lawson is a much bigger ballhog than Westbrook and Durant.

    1. dude are u serious? haha!!! lawson is not durant and westbrook. all the rockets needed was that type of PG to be championship contenders and they just got it in lawson.

      1. He needs the ball in his hands to be successful, so does Harden. By the middle of this coming season, you will see what I’m talking about. Lawson is basically the 5’11 version of Harden. Harden and Patrick Beverly synergize with each other. Harden and Lawson don’t when they are on the floor at the same time.

        1. 5”11 version of harden? lol :D. i guess anybody who can score is a version of harden i guess to you

          1. Need high usage rate to be successful on the offensive end. Play practically no defense. That’s Harden and Lawson.

  • This is a big move for the Rockets. They now have a legit playmaker at the point who can score and help Harden balance the floor and make the game easier for him. Harden really wanted help at that position and now he has it. At some point, I would expect Lawson to start alongside Harden. As for the Lakers, they’re probably better off not getting Lawson. They’re going to be one of the worst teams in the league to start the year and they’d be better off seeing if Russell and Clarkson can develop as legit NBA starters at the guard position.

    1. Not a scary move at all. Only good about it is they traded zero talent for him. But Harden is a ball holder so I don’t see how this works.

    2. at some point? dude hes obviously an upgrade over beverly whho was ppretty much just a 3 and D pg. hes starting from the get go duhhh

  • If the holdup was Clarkson in the deal smart move. Not trading 23 yr old Clarkson for Lawson. Outside of signing FA stand as is right now and let’s see what the records are of every team and try to make a trade at the deadline. If we see something then I’d pull it. Only PG I would consider moving Clarkson for right now that may be available From his team is Bledsoe.

  • people who say harden and lawson will be a problems have serious problems no joke. like come on u that desperate? if thats the case mind as well say that for every team in the league :D.

    1. Ha Kyrie and LeBron are 36X better than Haren and Lawson. And that’s no typo in my spelling of James’s last name If you catch my drift.

        1. Lawson does NOTHING better than Kyrie besides drinking. Harden will always have the ball so we’ll rarely see Lawson pass to him

  • so many little ignorant fanboys on here who get there feelings hurt with everything. so sensitive :D. heres a bold statement for u little emotional fanboys THE LAKERS WILL NOT WIN MORE THAN 25 GAMES

    1. You are talking out your ass and probably drunk.
      Did mommy give you enough money to buy a .40 of Olde English?

      Had the team not sacrificed player development and assessment instead of wins, they would have had 25 wins in the LAST year.

      So you think that they can’t win 4 more games?
      Despite, L.Williams, Hibbert, Kobe, Randle, Bass, and all the rookies?

      — How did we get lucky and meet a Shit Talking Troll… I thought such things were fantasy land like Unicorns and Grouchy Ogres.

    1. Win a championship then 15 more before you could say you run Los Angeles LOL, GO BACK TO SAN DIEGO YOU LOSERS CHOKING DOG’S belong.

      1. 48-116 overall record in previous two years. 0-7 vs. Clippers. will get swept again this year.

  • Assuming this was true, it can say some insightful things….

    1) It shows the front office opinion of Russell as a starting PG option.
    2) It shows the front office opinion of Clarkson as a starting PG option.
    3) It shows a continued commitment to winning and upgrading.
    4) It shows that Young, Kelly and Sacre are still (presumably) tradeable pieces.
    5) I think, it shows that the team is pretty serious about Kobe playing SF next year.

    Let’s say this went through… We can presumably look at a roster *something* like this PRESUMING that Clarkson is to important to bench, and that Kobe is a very natural solution at SF for 25 minutes:

    PG: Lawson / Russell
    SG: Clarkson / Williams(a)
    SF: Kobe / Williams(b) / ABrown

    I hope the next trade target is Jennings. He could be a good 1-year veteran patch and long term backup.

      1. I am suggesting as a 6th man shooter, he’s a swingman.
        Wing guys who chuck 3-point shots are somewhat interchangeable at times.

          1. He gets paid a lot of money to be a backup SG.
            He’s going to get minutes.

            If Clarkson is the SG, and gets 30 minutes, did the front office just pay him $7M per year to play 18 minutes per game?

    1. the FO probably just wanted to see if they could get him for next to nothing, being that his value just plummeted. no way were they going to give up russell, randle or clarkson.

  • “Hi, I’m a dumb1lakefan. I think Jahlil Okafor is a once in a decade kind of big. I’m also very high on Ty Lawson.”
    Who am I?

    1. thank God we didn’t take okafor. he would be getting dunked all over for AT LEAST the next decade.

  • so the lakers missed out on bledsoe ,than cousins (?) and now lawson. way to go mitch πŸ˜€ good job getting proven talent. ur right stick with these rooks

    1. I think you gonna turn into Clippers fan soon, good riddance for Lakersnation and enjoy continuously talking to us about their 2nd round playoff achievement, and the hanging of division banners.

  • Lawson and Harden are basically the same except one is 5’11 and the other is 6’5. Both of them need high usage rate on offense to be successful. And neither of them play defense.

    1. Dead on. Seriously we’re discussing Ty Lawson. This doesn’t even make Houston better than a 5 seed

      1. They were a #2 seed without him. How are they not going to be top 5 now with his addition? Warriors, Spurs, Rockets, Thunder, Clippers will likely be the top 5.

          1. Brandon Wright and Matt Barnes. Just a made a top 5 defensive team even better on defense. You forget Houston loss Josh Smith too. They are horrid defensively.

          2. And that’s their problem, all defense and no offense. Who is gonna score when its needed? Josh Smith is no big loss. They are stacked.

          3. Memphis plays team ball. Won 55 last yr. Hou won 56. Just don’t be shocked when HOU is a 5 seed

        1. Houston was only the #2 seed because Spurs lost the last game of the season. If San Antonio beat the Pelicans, Houston would have been the 6th seed.

        2. It’s called redundancy. Having two players that do the same thing and don’t compliment each other.

          1. Wow, nowhere near the same thing. Neither Klay Thompson nor Steph need to dominate the ball in order to be effective. Ty Lawson and James Harden are completely different.

          2. You think neither of those guys can be effective without dominating the ball? Did you forget Harden was a 6th man in OKC?

      1. who else would the nuggets have asked for in trade? — you think the deal didn’t go down because mitch was unwilling to part with robert sacre? lol. you’re seriously too dumb for words.

        1. they got a bunch of scrubs from the Rockets, which means they could have taken Sacre, Kelly and 2nd rounders. The X factor was the 1st pick.

          1. exactly, and since we can’t offer a first rounder, they very likely asked for one of our young ‘big three’. so glad mitch said NO.

        2. Who said the Nuggets considered the possibility of a trade with the Lakers? As I said, Lakers don’t have sufficient assets to get Lawson.

          1. How badly were you and your team been bashed after they choked? The memory should be still fresh. Why do people spend time to bash the Clippers? Because people like you, good job.

  • I’m pretty sure the only reason the FO engaged in discussions with the Nuggets was to find a place to dump Sacre, Kelly and Nick Young. Getting Ty Lawson would have just been the bonus of that, but obviously once the Nuggets saw those names they said, “we are desperate to get rid of him, but not that desperate”.

  • Did you really just make something up to support some bullshit troll remark?

    Where did i EVER say the nuggets wanted Russell?
    If your life is sitting on the computer trolling, you are candidate to be the next 40-year old virgin if you aren’t already.

    1. Lakers struck out on Lawson. Seriously, you know how many of these guys are out drinking and partying and driving? this kid just happened to get caught. He is an elite PG, much better than any player on the Lakers. Keep trying to spin it into something positive…….lol

        1. Name the PGs better than him. I’ll start: CP3, Curry, Wall, Lilard, Westbrook. Your turn.

          1. ESPN has Lawson ranked 15th best PG in the NBA. He would have started at PG for the Lakers if they got him.

          2. 15th best? LOL. yeah, what a shame the lakers didn’t get the guy. would have made us a title contender. lol

          3. I think he’s better than 15. Really only about 6 pg I would put ahead of him. but anyway it’s a moot conversation..

          4. Put down the bottle bro.
            Are you really drunk typing?

            Your ignorance is much greater tonight than most.
            And it’s not the full moon…. so it must be alcohol.

            Did you and Joshhh meet at the video game store and get malt liquor afterwards?

    2. YOU the one trying to ‘make something up.” Fact is the Lakers LOST OUT on Lawson. It’s that simple.

      1. It’s a decision that the Denver front office made. And in case you didn’t do your homework, they didn’t get a good return outside of a future 1st that is “to be determined.”

        What good is a 1st if it’s in the late 20’s?

        Look in a mirror bro:

      2. Obviously you didn’t do your homework, so here’s some insight: The Denver Front office chose Houston’s offer, which didn’t give them much in return.

        How does a team “lose out” when the decision isn’t theirs?

        1. Lost out because Lakers didn’t get Lawson. Just like Mavs and Lakers lost out in free agency… and Clippers came out big winners.

          1. Just like the Clippers “Lost out” on Lebron, Carmelo Anthony, Chris Bosh, Kevin Love, Lamarcus Aldridge.

            I see…..
            Clippers Double Standard.

          2. We didn’t pursue any of those players. Lakers expressed interest in Lawson. He went to the Rockets……

          3. Clippers did pursue LeBron. He knew that he’ll never make it out of the 2nd round with them.

          4. Clipped came out as weiners all right.

            What a classy thing to do, literally steal and hold another teams future player hostage.

  • if you think russell doesn’t have a high trade value anymore just because of a few average summer league games, you are an idiot.

  • Dwight Howard / Donatas Motiejunas / Clint Capela
    Terrence Jones / Montrezl Harrell / Joey Dorsey
    Trevor Ariza / Sam Dekker / K.J. McDaniels
    James Harden / Corey Brewer
    Ty Lawson / Patrick Beverley / Pablo Prigioni

      1. Howard, Ariza, Harrell, Dekker, Brewer all play good defense, even Harden improved last year.

        1. They didn’t improve their team. …. OK, slightly at best.
          Sure Lawson is an upgrade for Beverly – somewhat — but it’s a downgrade in defense, and Lawson’s ball handling (aka hogging) will affect harden’s production.

          They STILL aren’t better than the Clippers.

  • Lakers package was definitely better than what Houston offered………but there’s no doubt in my mind that because the Lakers have been destroying these teams for so long, that now no one wants to see the Lakers get better. Lawson would’ve made us better, Denver knew that, so they took that garbage deal Houston threw at them. It’s all good though.

    1. who knows what the lakers offered. i bet the lakers offered some combo of kelly, sacre and young… but DEN wanted one or more of the young ‘big three’.

      1. to me it was the future 1st round pick.

        And that Young and Kelly might actually make them a slightly better team.

    2. If the package was Sacre, Kelly, & Young, then HOU’s package was better by virtue of HOU giving up a 1st rd pick, which is probably the only thing in the deal that DEN really wanted. Plus, Young is under contract thru ’17-’18, while everyone that HOU gave up except Nick Johnson had expiring contracts.

    1. i do agree on the randle part he does sometimes act like a whiny bitch like hes some 10 year vet haah!!!

  • you want proof that the lakers run LA? all the clipper fans come to the lakers’ websites… they can’t stay away!

    1. They love the Lakers, they were Lakers fans before the slippers ascended to the 2nd round playoff exits.

    2. 95% of today’s Clipper fans are either LA transplants that arrived within the last 5 years or former fairweather Laker fans who don’t watch or follow the NBA until May…

  • DeAndre Jordan- Grown man with a thought process of a 8 year-old.
    Blake Griffin-Flopper
    Paul Pierce- Done
    Lance Stephenson- Nutcase
    Chris Paul- Cries to the refs whenever he doesn’t get his way

  • Russell hasn’t even played a professional game yet, so how can he be a bust. Kobe, 5x champ, Clarkson, was beast mode last year, Randle, hasn’t played more than 15 mins in a pro game… he’s still developing. Roy, u say he’s weak minded, but his body is big……and that’s all we need in the paint…….a big body.

  • Benoit Benjamin – All time leading scorer
    Micheal Cage – Hall of Fame
    Ken Norman -Multiple All Star
    Gary Grant – Champion
    Danny Manning – 5x Champion


      1. rapist? LOL. no true rape victim brags about having had sex with her alleged rapist. it just doesn’t happen. a gold-digging star fucker would, however.

  • so let me get this straight. Last July the Lakers were in serious discussions with stealing Phoenix suns current Franchise PG Eric Bledsoe. Eric felt like he deserved the max bla bla bla Suns said fuck off no. Eventually he got his moey since Mitch struck out. Than came along the trade deadline where the Lakers could legitimately gotten Dragic from Phoenix since he wanted out or could of gotten Reggie Jackson from OKC since he wanted out as well. Once again Mitch struck out again on 2 franchise caliber PG’s. Than Came along this june where the Lakers were seriously linked to Kings all star center Dermacus Cousins and they let that one slip away as well. And now the Lawson. Lawson wants out bla bla pretty much the same shit like dragic,bledsoe and reggie. So to sum up the Lakers over the past year have ahd 4 opportunities to strike GOLD in a trade by getting a franchise caliber player and they failed at all of them. And dont even say getting one of those guys is worse then keeping what you have now πŸ˜€

    1. I want to tear your face off every time you spew ignorance and end it with that fucking smiley face.

      1. cuz they want out. so what ur telling me is cousins isn’t a franchise player? hahah!!! bledsoe isn’t? hahah!!! dude wake up all these guys are clearly way better than what the lakers have as of right now. lakers would be lucky and more than happy to have gotten of thsoe guys. 4 elite PG’S all struck out and 1 center. for what? a bunch of rooks? lol. the lakers must really wwant to sell

        1. All were in the lottery with the Lakers. So how do the Lakers get better by giving up more for these so called lottery franchise players braniac?

          1. so called? sorry if its not a lebron dumbo. good luck in the lottery next year. im hearing theres a really good PG in next years draft. i forget his name . but whatev im sure u wont hit 2 straight busts in a row πŸ˜€ highly unlikely

      2. High caliber player = Franchise caliber player

        Spin it however you want, but Lakers struck out again.

        1. Their teams were in the lottery also. So every player the Lakers don’t sign or trade for mean they struck out? Brilliant.

    2. The point of this rambling idiot’s sayings which he has not touched on: Is that you can’t strike gold with a turd as a shovel. You need assets to begin with in order to form a trade, Sacre Kelly N Young will not get you gold.

      1. keep thinking that. bla bla ur just allergic to the truth. that the lakers are a dysfunctional franchise

        1. They are 5 years removed from their last Championship.

          How is that dysfunctional?

          Sounds like you are pouting again Joshhh…. Maybe it’s past your bed time, you sound cranky.

    3. When were the Lakers in “Serious discussions” about Bledsoe?
      I stopped reading after that….

  • Well at least the nuggets are one less team the lakers have to worry about. The rockets were already good anyway they just got better but oh well

  • Adrian Wojnarowski ‏@WojYahooNBA 2h2 hours ago
    The trade call with the league office to finalize the Ty Lawson deal is set for Monday morning, sources tell Yahoo.

  • Whos is this joshhh guy anyway? Why is he on LakersNation 24/7 if all he does is talk trash about them?

    1. she’s a pistons fan. and really, really, really dumb. she once wrote the term “cereal killer” when she meant to write “serial killer”. it doesn’t get more stupid than that!

  • the fact that people are acting like an alcoholic ty lawson is a franchise player is the funniest joke ever.


      1. it’s ok. when they come crashing out of the playoffs — again — cliff paul will be there to write up a claim.

  • Snippers fans have to come to Lakers Nation to build confidence in themselves to affirm that they run l.a. To sort of psyche themselves out. Lol #StillAlakerstown

      1. What are these guys trying to prove???
        All their fans are bandwagoners because we’re rebuilding. I laugh at snippers fans like what are you celebrating?

        1. they’re so predictable. for a while after they lose in the playoffs, they’re quiet. then they start coming here to talk shit about being better than the lakers. therein lies the difference — the lakers only celebrate titles. the clippers celebrate being better than the lakers. i’m surprised they don’t have a parade.

  • Clippers>Lakers right now. And it will be that way for awhile, until lands someone either in FA or the draft to build around.

    1. The Clippers can win 17 straight titles in a row starting next season, and it will still be a Laker town.

      1. That’s not my point silly. Right now, the Clippers are better than the Lakers, who are the laughing stock in Staples. That’s just how it is. I’m a Laker fan, but it’s the truth.

          1. Dude, you act like every big man comes into the NBA playing Defense. They get better as their career goes on. Look at all those guys who were around Kobe in 08, they got better on D. Defense will be taught to Okafor and he will be better in the long run than Russell.

          2. we’ll see, but the lakers don’t need rim protection some years down the road. they need it now. russell was the right move, as was getting hibbert for a second round pick. hibbert can actually guard the paint.

          3. Yeah, Hibbert can guard the paint, but he gives you nothing Offensively.

          4. considering the layup line that has been the lakers d over the past two years… so what if okafor will score 17 ppg? he’ll give it all up and then some on the other end. hibbert will protect the rim and actually hit his FTs.


  • Clippers fans running their mouths? How does it feel to be the ONLY team in Staples without a title? Even the Sparks have 2 lol.. Those selfie banners are cute but they don’t count.

      1. Before last season started and you were talkin’ your usual nonsense I asked you if the Clips were gonna raise a 2nd Round Champs Banner when they finally get past the 2nd round. You didn’t respond. I guess you knew they wouldn’t get it done even back then. Hey man there’s always next year. Enjoy your little run while it lasts. Dominate the Division!!! However, I do remember when the Lakers ran LA they brought home Larry O’Brien trophy’s, not just divisional titles.

          1. Tell me something I don’t already know like: In the Clippers’ little reign over LA will they finally get past the 2nd Round?

  • So the Lakers have struck out on Bledsoe than Dragic and Reggie than Cousins and Now Lawson. For people who say fuck them we have Russel u have issues. big time. I dont recall you fanboys saying that when the lakers didn’t even know who Russel was πŸ˜€ everybody was on the bandwagon when this was happening. dont lie.

    1. Lets see… Russell was still in college when the Lakers were trying to go after both Bledsoe and Dragic. As far as Lawson, give me a break, he’s not elite, so I wont lose sleep over not getting him.

      1. lol the fact that u want a russel over a lawson shows how literally delusional you are. im a laugh when lawson and the rest of the pg’s out rest destroy russel haaha!!!

    2. Dude stop going on different articles and writing the same shit. NO ONE, I REPEAT NO ONE GIVES A SHIT ABOUT YOUR IGNORANT OPINIONS.

    3. Nah, Bledsoe’s overpaid, smart move to which the Nuns can’t find a suitor for him now being they want to trade him. Dragic never heard any offers and only dealt with the Heat (no surprise there). Reggie signed a good deal to which the Pistons would’ve matched any offer (no one took a shot in acquiring him too).

      Cousin’s is still a toss up being if it don’t pan out between the coach and player he may get placed on the chopping block before the trade deadline or ext off season (if Karl isn’t axed first). Lawson would’ve been nice but more of an asset to utilize in a future trade package as opposed to the next pg for the next 3+ yrs.

      1. “overly dramatically”… nice english, chump change. the fact that you consider lawson and reggie jackson franchise players underlines how stupid you truly are.


    Damn. No wonder they have an inferiority complex.

  • People who like the Clippers are the same ones who like the Ducks and Angels lol.

        1. Lakers 0-7 vs. Clippers in previous 2 years. have not won a playoff game in 4 years πŸ˜‰ lol

          1. Last Lakers title 2010. When was Clippers last title? Ask Cliff Paul for help if you don’t know.


    1. lol. it looks like it was done by a remedial fifth grader.

      speaking of which, did shhhit for brains joshhh design it? LOL

  • Clippers have been better than the Lakers for 3 years. Lakers have been better than the Clippers for 25 years…

    25 to 3

  • Am I the only who thinks it’s disrespectful for the Clippers to cover the Lakers banners with their own players pictures?

  • you’re an idiot. the point that David is trying to make is that the lakers have been better for 30 years. yet you keep avoiding that fact and keep talking about current times. its cuz you have no answer for the past 30 years

        1. Worst Loss in Lakers History. Clippers 142 Lakers 94
          Worst Season in Lakers history (last year): 21-61

          Good luck this season with your scrubs. LOL

          1. And this last season the Clippers choked in the 2nd round again despite having Chris Paul, Blake Griffin, and DeAndre Jordan. Congratulations you win nothing, just like the Lakers, so considering all that I guess the last 4 seasons have been failures huh?

          2. LOL. give him a break, man. the lakers play for titles. the clippers play to be better than the lakers. i’m surprised they don’t have a parade for it.

          3. bust? LOL. the regular season hasn’t even started yet. hey, ever been to a clippers’ website? better question — do they even have those??

          4. Russell had 8 turnovers, 1 assist in summer league. nice!! and his last game 3 turnovers, 1 assist. looks GREAT for a pass first PG. lmao

          5. yes, summer league means everything. great point. you should really work in the clippers front office, since you know so much about the game. you could even be in charge of planning the “we made the playoffs!!” parade!

          6. a rookie’s summer league game has nothing to do with the conversation of the clippers lakers franchise conversation

          7. Russell is a bust buddy…….but he has lots of potential and upside πŸ˜‰ lol

          8. ha! calling someone a bust after summer league speaks to how little you know about the NBA.

          9. sorry man, I just don’t see Russell’s potential or upside for that matter. Randle looks like a scrub too.

          10. well considering you don’t know much about basketball, i’d say that’s a great thing. and you didn’t answer my question — do clippers’ forums exist??

          11. Tell us about #Russell “potential” and “upside” lmao, the kid is a bust.

          12. yes, summer league means everything. lol. why don’t you simply answer the question?

          13. How many assists did #Russell have in 5 games of Summer League? And how many turnovers? You are delusional if u think it will all get better in the NBA.

          14. way to avoid the question again. once russell gets used to his teammates, he will thrive. do the clippers have a forum like the lakers do?

          15. Yes. This is not a LAKERS page, by the way. This whole article is about a trade between Denver and Houston. It has NOTHING to do with the Lakers πŸ™‚ Now tell us how many assists and turnovers #Russell had in 5 games of Summer League. The kid is a #bust

          16. LOL. come on, bro. this is an act, right? you can’t really be this stupid. of course this is a lakers’ page. it’s on lakersnation. and if the clippers have forums like this, why don’t you go there? i’ll tell you why — because the lakers run this town and always will.

          17. LOL. well for one, it’s on lakersnation. why don’t you try a clippers site? or are you a laker fan in disguise? either way, you’re always here, bro.. and that proves my point.

          18. Clippers got all those guys with trades and limited cap. And kept Big 3

          19. go talk about it on a clippers’ site. how’s that for an idea? this is a LAKERS site. try and keep up.

          20. so the article is about the Lakers because “it’s on lakersnation”? The article is about a trade between Houston and Denver. what does that have to do with Lakers? haha, nothing!

          21. why are you even on lakersnation, bro? because you know as well as i do — the lakers run los angeles and always will. your constant presence here is case in point.

          22. There are more Lakerfans but I think a lot of them are defecting to the Clippers. As a FORMER Lakerfan myself, I can speak to the attraction of Clippers.

          23. no real laker fan would defect to the clippers. i’m guessing you became a clips fan when they traded for chris paul. head over to a clippers’ site. this is a lakers’ site. GTFOH

          24. IF it was a Lakers only site, they would not be reporting on a trade between Houston and Denver. You failed to state what that deal has to do with the lakers (nothing). now quite being a Debbie Downer. I’m going to stay here while we watch #Russell in his rookie season.

          25. go to a clippers site, fool. this site has nothing to do with you. come back when you’re a laker fan again.


          26. yes, you’re a clippers “fan” (and i use that term in the loosest possible sense, because everyone knows there are no real clippers fans) on a lakers site 24/7… but I’M the one trolling! LOL.. you’re hilarious, bro. and just the fact that you’re here all the time underlines the fact that the lakers run los angeles and ALWAYS WILL. your fad of a team is just paying rent.

          27. We have played more games @STAPLES than Lakers the previous 3 years……. since lakers can’t make postseason. Now tell me who the PRIMARY TENANT is. lol #WeAreLA

          28. THIS is what you’re coming at me with — playing more games at staples center? until you hang a banner in the building, you a’int shit pal. no points for making the playoffs, sorry! and as far as LA goes, the galaxy is more popular in this city than your team is. LOL. this is a lakers town and always will be. you prove it each and every day when you spend hours on lakersnation.

          29. #Russell averaged 5 turnovers, 3 assists and 37% shooting. That was against Summer League scrubs. However, he has great court vision, potential, upside. πŸ˜‰ lol

          30. you guys were in rebuild mode for 40 years hahahaha. it took 40 years to build a team that can’t get to the west finals. that itself is more embarrassing than a 21-61 season ever will be

          31. you guys set a new Lakers franchise record for worst season in Lakers history. 21-61

            I wouldn’t call that “nothing” haha

      1. you talk about the clippers like its the best sports in the world, so the present doesn’t matter as much as 50 years does

        1. We are talking the last few years….you sound like an idiot digging back into the ancient past. lakers suck dude.

          1. you are the one who is trying to say that the clippers are an amazing franchise. so YOU are the one who brings up the past. a franchise can’t be great without history

          2. cool well we will see you in the postseason……………oh no, wait, I guess we won’t πŸ™‚ lol

      2. Your an idiot for coming to a Laker blog and seeking approval from Laker fans for a bunch of losers called the LA Clippers….. LOL right back at you

  • Why would anyone possibly want to be a fan of the Clippers? The only player I actually like is Chris Paul, I love his game and his intensity, but other than that… not much.

  • lakernation should of never been created. all it does is attract teenagers who have nothing else better to do with their lives

      1. sure i am. but the way u replied u seem like an angry 17 year old boy banging on the closest door πŸ˜€

    1. YOU’RE ONE OF THEM, MORON! Seriously, you aren’t even a Laker fan, and spend so much damn time on here. You should seriously reevaluate your life! Also, it’s spelled SHOULD’VE (as in SHOULD HAVE), not SHOULD OF. I am seriously so tired of seeing your pointless, dumbass rants all over every board. GTFOH and get a life!

    1. that Lakerfans were at the baseball game since their team wasn’t even in the NBA playoffs πŸ˜‰ haha

  • face it, he could kill anyone at any time on the road in his condition, let’s just hope it’s a member of your family, ideally you. You’re from Houston right? Cause you sure as shit aren’t a real Clipper fan.

  • so the lakers have struck out on Lawson as well. Oh well not surprised add another to the bucket list ;D. i guess the lakers rather have Russel as their starting PG with Clarkson and Kobe at the 3. πŸ˜€ look around the league mitch and see what starting lineups look like

      1. yup. i just want people to be aware of whats really going on in laker land


          1. go anywhere but locked in ur closest 24 /7. parents wont let u out? that sucks πŸ™

          2. I’m usually at your house fucking your slut of a mother while your dad watches

          3. thats cool larry. u must of really hated or really sucked at basketball to just quit like that. was it because you raped ur teammates in the locker rooms every game?

          4. u must of played larry. since u were always high as fuck bashing into poles πŸ˜€

  • shhhit for brains joshhh also guaranteed that the lakers would draft okafor and subsequently trade for stanley johnson. so when he makes his brilliant predictions, y’all had better listen up and take notes.

    1. and yet stanley is looking like the player of the draft and your acting like a little whiny bitch πŸ˜€

      1. when is the trade gonna happen, kiddo? and we’re getting okafor, right? don’t tell me your pistons are gonna get jahlil!

          1. when am i “gonna 18”? what does that even mean..? when are you going to learn basic english?

        1. Lawson is a fine fine player, I agree. Lakers struck out on this one, big gain for Houston but don’t consider them a monster…….certainly contenders tho. #CRLA

    1. Houston isn’t going to win a championship next year. Also keep in mind that their coach is still Kevin McFail.

      1. I hope that they never win one.

        Plus, I had a dream: Clarkson posterizing an older Howard just like Kobe baptized him when he was a young man. We would then come full circle!!

  • could someone please post a link to the site that details the road closures in los angeles for the clippers’ “we made the playoffs and the lakers didn’t!!!” parade? much appreciated.

    1. see attached vdogg. lol. hey I gotta run to a party to celebrate the resigning of DJ6, acquisition of Pierce, Lance, and Josh Smith. tata 4 now!

      1. DJ6 resigned? you mean he changed his mind again? big shock. and pierce has a lot left in the tank, obviously. did he bring his wheelchair to LA with him? hope so.

        1. hes got more than kobe thats for sure kiddo. since he keeps hitting big shot after big shot while kobe missed big shot after big shot. 0/13 last season kiddo πŸ˜€

          1. i see. so you’re a clippers fan now? what happened to the pistons? way to copy me with the “kiddo” remark. original as always, shhhit for brains!

          1. beverly hills, actually. but hey, you were closer to being right on that one than you usually are on here. only a couple thousand miles off.

  • Getting Lawson would have made us a playoff team. Now it’s back to the lottery without pick…

  • DeAndre Jordan – Wilt Chamberlin 2.0
    Blake Griffin – Karl Malone 2.0
    Paul Pierce – Top 5 All Time
    JJ Redick – Best College Basketball Player of All Time
    Chris Paul – Isiah Thomas 2.0


    1. Your delirious if you think Mr State farm Paul is better than Magic, or Wheelchair Pierce is better than Big game James Worthy, Reddik couldn’t carry Kobe or West’s jock straps, Griffin can’t do anything but dunk, Baylor AVERAGED a triple double for an entire season, and Jordan couldn’t guard Shaq or Wilt or Kareem even in his dreams. This post shows how out of touch you really are, just a desperate kid looking to try to rile someone up to get attention, because your parents don’t pay any attention to you, and girls pass you by because your ugly, unemployed, and you probably have a small dick.

  • PG D’Angelo Russell/Jordan Clarkson
    SG Kobe Bryant/Lou Williams/Jabari Brown
    SF Nick Young/Anthony Brown
    PF Brandon Bass/Julius Randle/Larry Nance/Ryan Kelly
    C Roy Hibbert/Tarik Black/Robert Upshaw/Robert Sacre

      1. Dude i shit you not but i recently saw a picture of Kobe Bryant and man he looks skinny as fuck and he is starting to look old so i rather him play at shooting guard since he looked around 175 to 185 pounds soaking wet. Otherwise sign Glen Robinson iii and try developing him. Lakers can start Anthony Brown i suppose but he might be too raw.

        1. but thats not what they want remember ? πŸ˜€ they want a 37 year old at the 3 and Clarkson at the 2 lol

          1. Lol i have even heard people saying either Ryan Kelly or Julius Randle should start at small forward Lol. I rather Nick Young get the starting position at small forward and build up his confidence and trade value as a starter. But again Anthony Brown is a option at small forward as is perhaps Larry Nance if they can train him to make some jumpers. Can Nance play small forward?

          2. Why not, he’s fast enough, and athletic enough. His mid range game is good. He’s not a three point threat though.

  • Yet he couldn’t lead his former team to the playoffs the last two seasons and has never advanced past the first round when he did.

  • The way I see it, we dodged a bullet getting Lawson. He’s a cancer and a nuisance to any team he’s on. He won’t get along with McHale and he might even clash with Howard or Harden. I’m glad we didn’t part with our future players for him. Plus it would mean someone is going to be on the bench, and that would mess up LA’s plans. Let the Rockets implode when it comes time to decide who’s going to start at PG between Beverly and Lawson.

  • If anyone cares:

    Summer League MVP: Kyle Anderson (Spurs)

    Samsung All-NBA Summer League First Team
    Kyle Anderson (San Antonio)
    Seth Curry (New Orleans)
    Doug McDermott (Chicago)
    Norman Powell (Toronto)
    T.J. Warren (Phoenix)

    Samsung All-NBA Summer League Second Team
    Larry Drew II (New Orleans)
    Emmanuel Mudiay (Denver)
    Dwight Powell (Dallas)
    Noah Vonleh (Portland)
    Alan Williams (Houston)

          1. you know there’s an alley near my house where many dogs like yourself wander all day. can get you in their club. interested?

          2. you drunk, aren’t you? good. good. keep it up. just don’t forget to drink a lot of water.

    1. Doug McBuckets crawled out of his funk and did it big. I bought his rookie card thinking his auto patch rookie last year, fuck i overpaid for it now he sucks but i guess this is his big comeback route using the sl. We’ll see.

      1. I really like Alan Williams. If Houston sign him, they’d have Williams, Dekker and Ty as new additions. Good for them. We suck lol

        1. I actually watched Alan Williams play live a bunch of times when he was at UC Santa Barbara, he is a big beast. But in the NBA he will not be able to dominate since they will be just as big or bigger, but he will be a role player like Taj Gibson. Ya man our lakers are not competing for the playoffs lol.

          1. brah it’s not about the playoffs.. i meant our FO sucks. we could have made some moves… like go after KJ McDaniels or some of the other athletic wings that have now signed with other teams.. our FO needs a kick up the butt.

          2. I feel you on that man. The FO is not aggressive and they are way too passive in making moves. I was peeping the Summer League and Glen Robinson iii stood out to me for some reason and i know he was ranked #15 on the NBA DRAFT NET big board for players last draft some say one of the best drafts ever and he is not signed and a young small forward ding ding connect the dots we need a small forward and he is young athletic and a defensive player that can score and cheap contract but FO probably rather sign his dad at this point and time. Sometimes i wonder if they smoking something. Jim Buss looks like a druggie lol. Playoffs are not a thing i expect.

          3. We’ve been screwing up all along. At the start of Free Agency, we should have targeted two guys specifically – Tyson Chandler and DeMarre Carroll. Two guys that are not first tier talent, but fantastic defenders. Two guys that we could have afforded. We were too busy chasing LMA, DeAndre and big stars. If we’d have got Chandler, Carroll and drafted Russell, we’d have immediately got a proper starting 5. We need to learn from Morey. That guy is always making amazing moves. He got Josh Smith at a timely stage last year and he helpd them in the playoffs. We are lagging behind not just on the court, but off the court. And that is a bigger worry for me.

          4. Oh for sure i agree with you. The FO needs to be on point when making moves, OK drafting D’Angelo was great but not getting Tyson Chandler or anyone for that matter stinks of course. But they missed on all the small forwards also, that’s a double whammy for the FO. Hibbert and Lou Williams and Bass is the final receipt ya i’m very underwhelmed with that. I have heard some bad shit about Roy Hibbert from too many people to just ignore it. Lou is a sixth man of the year OK we got Swaggy P. who has had a similar role for years, so redundant. Bass is a veteran bench player, no big signing.

          5. Yup. Honestly, this season just feels like a tribute to Kobe. And so it should be. No point tanking coz we’re not getting that top-3 pick. Rather just play hard and enjoy the game. Jeanie has already said that “this season is all about Kobe Bryant.”

    2. Before the summer league started some people would have bet their mortgage that at least 1 Lakers player would be on that list you have.:(

  • Well as entertaining it is to watch joshhh post idiotic things and then follow them with illiterate comebacks…It kinda ruins this website

  • West standings after Lawson trade:
    1. Spurs
    2. Warriors
    3. Clippers
    4. Thunder
    5. Rockets
    6. Grizz
    7. Pelicans
    8. Jazz
    9. Lakers
    10. Mavs
    11. Suns
    12. Kings
    13. Blazers
    14. Timberwolves
    15. Nuggets
    Jazz will be lakers biggest competition for the 8th seed

    1. agree with most of it. except I’d move Thunder to 3rd seed, Dubs to 1st. Also, I highly doubt that Mavs finish ahead of Suns. I think the 8th seed will be a fight between Jazz and Suns. I’d not pin high hopes on our season.

    2. Don’t count out the Mavs. D-Will can still put up numbers and justin anderson is looking like a stud and a nice piece until Wesley Matthews comes back. Parsons is a great player and dirk is still dirk. They have a decent team.

      1. Parsons is “a great player” ?

        Brah I think the word “great” is being flung around too loosely these days. There are only 2-3 “greats” in the NBA right now.

        1. better roster, backward system / coaching staff / anlaytics dept. dubs and spurs are classic cases of teams thriving because of an efficient system over star-studded roster. Cavs, Rockets, Clippers can pile on all the stars they want, but Kerr and Pop will outsmart them when it matters.

          1. the spurs went out in the first round last year because of the clippers talent.

            the gsw were very lucky last season

          2. Spurs still have 5 rings. Clippers, with all their talent, are still to reach a conference final in 45 years. System beats Talent 8 out of 10 times. Kobe and Shaq are once-in-a-lifetime players but they were lucky to play under PJ. And vice-versa. PJ was lucky to coach MJ/Kobe. Let’s be honest here. If Duncan wouldn’t have had Pop, he’d have retired by now. His rings would have stopped after 2005. He endured and endured because of Pop’s amazing system.

            LBJ has all the talent in the world. Why do you think he keeps running around every year, trying to find a new star trio or whatever? Gotta realize how great PJ and Pop are/were.

          3. this is just not true. the hawks are running the same system the gsw and spurs do but they failed to beat a banged up cavs because of lebron james.

            you need talent and a great system.

            the spurs are done

          4. you need talent to ensure a great system is executed. but talent alone doesn’t get it done. hawks lack talent. i agree with that. they need a superstar to get to the nxt level.

            spurs have LMA and Kawhi for the next 5 years at least. Pop coaching until 2019. Don’t know about them being ‘done’.

          5. the spurs wont be winning a title again in the duncan era so in that way they are done

          6. again, never know. you may be right. i won’t argue. get the feeling this is durrant’s year. let’s see. i’ll tell you one thing though. LMA and David West were BORN to play for a coach like Pop. They are hand and glove. Unselfish players. It wouldn’t surprise if Spurs win the whole thing.

          7. they lack the depth this season their old ig three are going to be banged up come playoffs.

            parker has no legit back up and manu cant stay healthy.

            tim duncan is going to be playing alot of center now which will be harder on him.

          8. I don’t see Duncan, Parker or Manu playing even 25 mts during regular season. Pop always keeps them fresh for playoffs. Duncan will play 22-23, Manu 16 and Parker 28.

          9. Dubs were not lucky. It’s 50/50 between Dubs and Spurs for next season. Cavs never winning a ring. Ever. I’d give Thunder a better shot than Cavs. Durrant is due.

          10. its not their fault that injuries occurred around them. that’s a bullshit excuse. dubs won 83 games last year. 83.

          11. and they still got luck to make it to the finals.

            if the grizz had conly the grizz are in the nba finals

          12. conley missed only 2 games. wouldn’t have made that big a difference. curry actually scored 35+ points when conley was back for games 5 and 6. curry is so fast, it doesn’t matter which defender is on him. his teammates run fantastic screens. that system in Oakland is otherworldly.

          13. conley was never back he was playing but he was always a step slow and hurt his team more then he helped.

            a healthy mem vs a healthy gsw the griz win 7 out of 10 times

          14. an eye injury does not hamper your speed and defensive ability. he was still at least 70% fit. i’m pretty sure he played 30+ mts in Games 5 and 6. I saw those games like a hawk. Trust me, Curry had his number after his initial struggles. There was no stopping Curry.

          15. can’t base anything of ifs/buts/if onlys. i can say if only shaq and kobe stuck it out, we’d have won 20 rings by now. we’d have won 3 more than those damn celtics. no room for ifs and buts. injuries are part of the game.

    3. Suns will make the playoffs, Defense improved with Tyson adding rim protection and Bledsoe and Knight get a full year together plus Devin Booker is looking like the real deal another Klay Thompson he dropped 31 points today. Also Markief and Len plus Tucker and T.J. Warren and Mirza they are getting in.

      1. Tyson is not the same dude he won’t put them over the top. Markief will be traded soon with his pouty ass. What makes you think Len, tucker, mirza, and warren are better than young, Lou will, bass, a brown, j brown, and black

    4. no way the lakers are finishing above the suns. blazers are better than 13 man. the point is lakers will probably finish around that 10-14 mark

        1. the thunder could be a top 4 seed but remember they have got worse every season since making the finals. this team as it is now is not as good as it was two seaons ago and the clippers, gsw, hou, mem, and sas are all as good if not better.

          okc could easily fall to the 6th seed.

          i will give you the pelicans but not the jazz. they are very overrated and it will be proven next season.

  • What helps this laker team is that their bench is going to be good next year. Probably just as good as 2013-2014 aka the bench mob

    1. yep we have had a top 5 bench in the last two seasons but no starting lineup now we have a bench still and a solid starting lineup

      1. Curry Westbrook Paul Rose Kyrie Conley Dragic Bledsoe Parker lillard. Lawson maybe top 15. Not even close to top 5

  • If the Lakers somehow were able to draft Townes… U better believe they would have traded Clarkson, with the catch being Denver would have to accept Swaggy, Sacre, and Kelly…

    But alas, the East has one super-team. The West has 4: Spurs, Clips, Rox, GSW.

    Hey KD, if u don’t come to the Lake show, please go to the East… Someone, at least be a second speed bump for the CAVs

  • Almost every team in the west has a legit starting PG now.
    Steph curry
    Russell Westbrook
    Chris Paul
    Tony Parker
    Damian Lillard
    Mike Conley
    Eric Bledsoe
    Ty Lawson
    Jrue holiday
    Rajon rondo
    Deron Williams
    D’angelo Russell
    Ricky Rubio
    Emmanuel mudiay
    Dante exum

  • The Rockets traded them four trash players who never play and a 1st round pick. Denver also sent them a 2nd round pick so how awful was the Lakers offer that they declined it?

    Totally lopsided trade that should not be allowed. They got a star PG without giving up anything. Unreal how ridiculous that trade is.

    1. One thing is for sure. A backcourt of Harden-Lawson would be terrible defensively. Curry, Westbrook, Durrant are going to have a field day playing Rockets. Beverly should have been their starting PG. Lawson can’t defend to save his life. Let’s not even get into Harden.

      1. Team defense goes a long way. Harden was always a weak defender yet they got to the WCF while Beverley was injured and old man Jason Terry starting. This is GREAT for them. If they survived with a Terry/Harden combo then Lawson should work. Lawson can shoot and is a good passer. Thats the thing though-they didn’t even have to give up Beverley who is their so called defensive stopper at PG. The only problem is he can’t really shoot and isn’t a good assist man. This just adds more to their arsenal. It makes me sick.

  • Swaggy P dropped 26 pts. & 13 rebounds in drew league . He looks good again got his mojo back, and a sore ankle.
    video on ballislife

  • Surprised we couldn’t land him. I’m sure we could have packaged a deal for him. First round pick, J brown, kelly, sacre and possibly another player would have been just.. Wonder what we offered. Ty Lawson is a great pg. he’ll definitely make the rockets better. Spurs are still the favorite though that roster is just wow

    1. Apparently they did present a package involving Kelly, Sacre, Young and possible other assets. But you can’t beat 4 players to waive plus a protected 1st round draft pick. Apparently they wanted Clarkson, the only light out of the darkness last year. So I’m actually glad we didn’t go for something like this.

  • Just read some reactions from the NBPA and it doesn’t look good for 2017… Silver’s declared some teams are losing money despite the new TV contract that will get major benefits throughout the league, the first consequence of it being the cap explosion that is just barely starting this year. Just after the announcement of Forbes’ most valuable sports franchises…
    Looks like the players don’t buy it and I’d tend to agree with them. I don’t care much for the spoiled brats who got contracts way above their paygrade this summer, but all the minimum contracts role players could greatly benefit from a new CBA…
    Looks like the lockout might truly happen.

    1. IMO, doubt it, especially with all the revenue coming forth. This is likely due to teams placing a crappy product on the floor which thus doesn’t help to sell seats (ex. 76ers). You’d likely see Silver and the NBA go after more revenue from the bigger generating team’s like the Lakers and Knicks who have to distribute their revenue. F that take them to court.

      That’s not the Lakers or Knicks problem that those teams stink and fail to generate revenue with weak marketing campaigns. If you build something they will come along with the $$$. Look at the Wolves recent spike in attendance along with the Bucks. That’s a franchise issue. Force those inept FO’s to sell their teams to more business savvy people as opposed to asking for more revenue while making excuses for those franchises inept moves.

      The Buss kids should be thankful for what Dr. Buss has built given their dysfunctionality. Although, the players guaranteed contracts don’t help things much too. I’d be cool with contracts becoming non-guaranteed after the end of the 2nd year (50% of the contract has been met) on a 4 year deal and after the 3rd year on a 5 year deal.

      As we can see it doesn’t help out franchises too when players who are paid immensely fail to live up to their contracts for off the court issues or health reasons. Pretty fair there as in the end the salary cap will likely get hard capped once it reaches $100+ mil IMO.

  • papanikolau,dorsey,nick johnson,prig and 1st rd pick for lawson(2yrs contract) and 2017 2nd rd pick…

    i think it should be VETOED….prig and dorsey are benchwarmers, papanikolau and nickJ are on rookie scale BUT they aint gettin no PT….HOU ACQUIRED LAWSON WITHOUT LOSING THEIR CORE



    but then I realized, NBA didnt see the “LAKERS” in the trade so………..

    1. I’m thinking it should get vetoed too. I thought the new CBA was supposed to prevent these super teams we are seeing nowadays.

  • lawson-harden-ariza-TJ-dh

    bench: thton,mcdaniels,brewer and Dmo/Capela since Mchale uses short rotation

  • Since some are talking about the Rockettes lol.

    ‘He told me he was a single guy’: Australian student ‘enjoyed night of passion’ with James Harden… days after Hawaiian break with love interest Khloe Kardashian

    http://www. dailymail. co. uk/tvshowbiz/article-3167561/Rochelle-Relf-enjoyed-night-passion-James-Harden-days-Hawaiian-break-love-Khloe-Kardashian.html

  • Reviewing the last few possible trades for the Lakers in the last 3 years especially those trades concerning veteran starters, I get the impression that the Lakers front office doesn’t have the negotiating skills other teams have especially against the Houston Rockets. Just the last 18 months alone, Houston has nabbed more talent that the Lakers wanted for less than the Lakers appear to offer so what seems to be the problem?

    1. Unlike the Rockets who only give out their 1st round draft pick for the current season they are in, last year with Lin, this year with Ty Lawson. The Lakers don’t have a 1st round pick to give away until 2020. Also the Lakers have not been stockpiling talent, instead choosing to sign veterans to one year deals. In order to make trades you first need sufficient assets to begin with. The Rockets have been picking up young assets for years. Even this year they have signed Harrell, Dekker and may also pick up Alan Williams. They picked up Tarik Black last season undrafted, but had to waive him to make room for Josh Smith. The Lakers have only just started down this route, with 8 young guys likely on the roster.

      1. Thank you for your response. Yes – I can see your point. My perspective is I believe the front office skill of the Lakers is not up to the task as compared to what everyone believes they should be capable of doing. I would have preferred that they commit to signing up to half of their former roster players from last year to minimum contracts for 1 to 2 years and risk paying luxury tax. Why do this? I know some people may think it is not a proper method for trading but I felt that they got nothing for Ed Davis, Jordan Hill, Wesley Johnson, Jeremy Lin, Wayne Ellington, etc. The Lakers let these guys go and got cap space worth nothing since the new cap will jump more than expected making most teams capable of bidding for top players the next few years.
        Well – hope springs eternal. Fans can only hope that the Lakers can make better use of the current roster and highlight efficiency over drama or tanking.

  • Now were left with 3 horrible contracts. Well the bright side of it is both Kelly and Sacgarbage will not be back next year and Hopefully Young will be traded in February at the trade deadline.

  • thank goodness they didn’t bite on trading Clarkson….that would be insane! All this would have done was stunt the growth of our guards…..UNLESS we could have basically gave NOTHING for him….then it would be worth that risk. But Hibbert Kobe and Lawson are not winning a championship….so why burn our future? whewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!

  • I know this is unpopular amongst the Lakers fans but I would trade Clarkson for Devin Booker. He is having a great summer league games and way younger than Clarkson. Him and Russell will become our own version of splash brothers.

    Russell will get more assists with Booker because he can hit 3 while Clarkson has the tendency to dribble and handle the ball like a combo guard.

    1. i don’t think anyone will be mad at ya.. because the deal you’re proposing isn’t anywhere close to being on the table.

    2. This deal is good for the lakers if Clarkson will never develop a consistent shot from 3s; from the way he’s shooting this summer, Clarkson doesn’t have it yet.

  • ok, now that this nonsense is over, time for the lakers to sign dorell wright with the 2.8 million they have left.

  • The Lakers should have given up Clarkson, Russell or Randle. If the Lakers don’t win a minimum of 40 games this year the free agents won’t be interested. Unless they hire Coach K. The pros who played for him in World Games or Olympics might sign.

    1. so the free agents are interested NOW? lol. and 40 wins are gonna make them come running?? LOL! we need to build for the future, bro. there is no quick fix for what we are in. thank God you’re not running the FO.

      1. That is why they weren’t interested this year. Money is the same. Top free agents want a chance to win a title. Phil Jackson stated that was Knicks problem too. Plus Lawson is 27 years old.