Lakers News: Kobe Bryant Does Toe Curls With Marbles

Lakers News: Kobe Bryant Does Toe Curls With Marbles


Kobe Bryant recently said that he has shattered the usual timetable for a return from an Achilles surgery, and is expected back much sooner than expected. Bryant decided that he should share some of his progress by Instagramming one of his rehab exercises — doing toe curls with marbles.

This, if nothing else, shows that Bryant is starting to get some full flexibility back in his foot and is gaining strength in his muscles. You’ll notice that he tagged Judy Seto, the team’s head physical therapist who has been working with the Lakers since the early 2000s when Bryant was dealing with his first major ankle injury.

And now here she is, almost 15 years later helping Bryant recover from his latest major injury — and if things go according to plan — he should be back a lot sooner than just about everyone expected when he originally went down.


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