Lakers News: Jordan Clarkson’s Contract To Be Guaranteed

Jordan Clarkson

The Los Angeles Lakers got a steal in the form of Jordan Clarkson in the second round of the 2014 NBA Draft. Clarkson earned NBA All-Rookie First Team honors last season and proved his worth as potential star in the making in Los Angeles.

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With Clarkson being a second-round draft pick, the Missouri product is under contract for next season. Although under contract for a second season with the Lakers, the contract is non-guaranteed.

Fortunately for Clarkson, the second-year guard’s deal will become guaranteed on Saturday with the Lakers brass convinced Clarkson is a player with a promising future ahead, via Eric Pincus of the Los Angeles Times:

According to the terms of his contract, Clarkson’s contract locks in for the year, provided the Lakers do not waive him on or by Aug. 1.

Naturally, the Lakers will keep one of last season’s best rookies, as confirmed to The Times by a team spokesman.

Last season, Clarkson averaged 11.9 points, 3.5 assists and 3.2 rebounds in 59 games for the Lakers. Clarkson’s averages went up considerably after the All-Star break with the rookie putting up 16.7 points, 5.4 assists and 4.6 rebounds per game.

With Clarkson proving to be a valuable asset and a player could be the shooting guard of the future for the Lakers, the team keeping the 23-year-old in the fold moving forward was a no-brainer. Clarkson will likely continue to be a starter next season while being joined by point guard D’Angelo Russell in the backcourt.

Head coach Byron Scott has said Kobe Bryant will shift to the small forward position in the starting lineup allowing Clarkson to start at shooting guard while Russell runs the point.


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The LAKERS will keep CLARKSON as long as he is being treated right, we have a lifer here if they do, lets have a great season with our back court Clarkson sg- Russell PG- good luck.

  1. To me,
    Russell needs Clarkson to reach his fullest potential,
    and Clarkson needs Russell to reach HIS fullest potential.

    Separate each guy is a bit 1-sided, but together they create a very complete guard combo. By the end of this season, I expect the Clarkson and Russell combo will be considered one of the best in the League. I welcome the Showtime Brothers.

    One quick plug of Randle. I am amazed at how folks seem to be indifferent to him as of now… The kid’s going to be freaking amazing! He’s going to open a lot of eyes this year, and truth be told, I think he has an even higher ceiling than Russell. I think Russell can be equivalent to Cp3, but Randle can be equivalent to Sir Charles.

    Sir Randle and the Showtime Brothers.

    1. it really is an exciting trio when you think about it. it’s a trio the lakers can build around for years to come and use to attract free agents. i also think that anthony brown could be the long term starter at SF once he gets stronger and learns the NBA game. that young foursome (along with a FA center like maybe whiteside) could challenge for titles in a couple of years.

      1. I will agree. Nance seems like a very useful role player too.

        I’m hoping that the team takes steps forward this year and makes other free agents realize how bright the future will be for this team.

        1. Heck, even 40 wins says a lot in the West.

          I want to make the playoffs like any fan, but to me it would be a hollow victory as I don’t see the team playing much deeper than the first round. But, since they have no draft pick, they might as well try.

        2. I remember back in 2007 when the Warriors made it to the playoffs with only 40 wins. Now even 50 doesn’t guarantee you an 8th seed in the West.

        3. They had the Baron who took over. Incidently, I thought I read where the Lakers need another experienced pg to help the backcourt. I haven’t heard any Lakers move about inviting Baron Davis for a tryout. He has not played in 2-3 years and how old is he 34? He should be rejuvenated and should be good for 10 minutes for one year.

        4. mavs might not even make the playoffs LOL.
          Do you know they lost their starting CENTER?

        5. To make the playoff, they’ll have to beat the following: Utah, Suns, Dallas, and maybe the Kings.

      2. Plug in a franchise center and this could be one of the best starting line ups in the near future

        1. I can see Hibbert Balling Out next year. But, it might be because he’s in a “contract” year.

    2. The only problem for RANDLE is COACH is keep tight rains on him ,just to make sure he is healing good we will see more as the practice go’s along, We will have a good look at him in pre-season games.

    3. Im glad we both feel exactly the same about these three.

      It would make me so angry to read posts from these so called Lakers fans launching dirt at Randle all last year. I hated trying to convince people that Randle was fast and mobile. Where are those haters now?

      I always wonder what could of been if Randle had not hurt himself last year. At the very least he would have been that much more experienced.

  2. Slow day for these (so so) writers. There’s a vid of Hill’s driving while getting handcuffed and thrown on back of the car.

        1. Yep. Most of the articles on Lakers Nation lately have been about picking the five greatest Lakers of all-time or Kobe vs. Michael.

      1. Were you watching D League in China? You’r a typical Clipper blind uninformed fan. By the way Lakers may not qualify for the playoff but in your case, you’ll be lucky if you can make it to the second round. Remember, we got 16 rings. We are just taking a break giving you guys a chance to taste how sweet it is to be on top 16 times. Take it from me since you have not been there yet, it is sweet. BTW get a wheelchair for Pierce because he’ll need it for sure this time.

  • If Clarkson average 17-20 points this up coming season Lakers better not low ball him when his contract up

    1. Soon enough, he’ll be an RFA, and the Lakers will be the ones saying, “We’re extending him the max and will match any offer.”

      IIRC, that’s in 2 seasons, after year 3.

        1. wait til u see #Russell in the real NBA (not summer league). he’s going to be getting torched left and right.

  • why ever use Kobe at PF ???? ๐Ÿ˜€ Only team that takes small ball to the extreme are the Warriors. Amazing idea Scott let’s change the second best SG in history his role at age of 37 coming of 3 season ending injuries let’s throw him below the rim and let other guys twice his size and weight push him around ๐Ÿ˜€ (unless kobes magically grows 4 inches lol ). He was around 210 lbs last 3 years dropping a lot around 2012 to keep fresh now you want to see him fight for rebounds against 6’10, 260 lbs dudes? Also in other news Hibbert’s weight loss also mean it’s time to switch him at PG?

    1. Why use Draymond Green at Center?
      Because, in some situations it works.

      Let it go.
      You’re stuck on a once in a blue moon situation, and making it seem like it’s an every night occurrence.

      1. Draymond Green

        Draymond Jamal Green (Day-Day, The Dancing Bear) โ–ช Twitter: @Money23Green

        Position: Small Forward and Power Forward โ–ช Shoots: Right
        Height: 6-7 โ–ช Weight: 230 lbs.

    2. Listen child, Kobe is not going to get injured by ‘being pushed around’ like when has anyone ever pushed Kobe around? He is going to get injured running, or making sharp directional changes which will cause havoc on his worn out joints. Of all 5 positions, the point guard, the shooting guard do the most running, followed up by the small forward, then the power forward and lastly the center. Changing his position is about making Kobe do less work and be more effective for the long haul.

      1. i agree with you there. save his body and health. he can post up rather than around wearing down his bones.

    3. Then that would be a one year loss or RUSSELL and then have to start all over again next season, I hate to say it but I think BS knows what he is doing this time.

    1. The hell with small ball… that thing just got lucky with GS. I’d play smart ball anytime.

  • invite donald sloan to training camp id rather have him over mario chalmers imo…landing chalmers wouldnt be bad either

  • They should extend his contract now, it’s obvious that he should be a Laker for at least another 4 years. If he has a great year, he will be an RFA and will get paid even more. I say lock him up now and not risk any funny business down the road.

    1. He (russel) needs to play the 2 & Clarkson at the 1 for defense, experience, and aggressive purposes imo

          1. clarkson and russell will both be fighting for starting pg spot in preseason camp and jc has the upper hand by a large margin

          2. No they won’t get it in your head CLARKSON IS THE SG , AND RUSSELL, IS THE PG OK.

          3. Absolutely.
            Clarkson CAN play PG, but the future is Russell at the 1, and Clarkson at the 2.

            the two play a slightly interchangeable role because Clarkson CAN play the 1.

            The sooner the team implements this system the better it is for the team and our guards.

          4. I was against Russell starting so soon…
            But, to me, if he’s kept on a short leash, he CAN keep the system running and not be a liability. Quite simply, if he doesn’t try to do too much, force things, and plays relatively safe, I don’t see him as anything worse than any other B-Tier scrub we can find to start. Then, after the first 6-7 minutes, Scott can start rotations based on the match-ups he sees.

            And when he grows and earns the coach’s confidence he can assume a greater role… But for now, just moving the ball and taking spot up 3’s isn’t a major liability.

            We don’t need him to be the offense, we just need him to help it run and learn it.

      1. Just curious,
        Why start him at the 2 when he’s a 1.

        I get the idea of him being an off ball shooter, but he’s a liability at the 2. Heck, If the team is trying to win, Williams, Young, or Brown are better solutions at the 2 (if Clarkson is at the 1).

          1. Are you freaking Kidding?

            Russell would get torched by the PG’s in the league.
            He’s already a bit slow, making him guard a mobile PG is death as a rookie.

            Let’s keep him on the slower, less talented SG. Clarkson did very well as the on-ball defender.

            Think of Russell defending against Curry, Westbrook, Cp3, Lillard,…..I’d prefer Russell defend guys like Ellington, Stephenson, or some no-name 3-point guy.

          2. russell is undersized at this point he needs to really bulk up.he would be guarding the pg on defense

          3. You sound dumb man! Idk if your just bickering and bitching with this guy just to troll him but you are the numb1 because obviously you haven’t been paying attention or just don’t know bball match ups “Clarkson should or could play sg on offense and is a better match up at pg on defense.
            What don’t you understand? ??

          4. You because you are complete wrong CLARKSON IS THE SG, and RUSSELL IS THE PG, now is that to hard for you to remember, or do I need to say it again, and if you still don’t understand try harder next time.

          5. Know what your talking about before you tell others that they don’t, that’s the ROOKIE in you -you speak before knowing, that’s a CHILDS move.

          6. You sound dumb again and also i put wrong guy. That’s the byron Scott in you speaking. That’s father time catching up to you. That’s a veteran move.

        1. Not trying to say DRuss is a great defender but he does get steals. Therefore, he is good with having active hands. Once again not saying his a lockdown defender but I’m sure he can disturb other point guards with his length. Keep in mind the average point guards in the league are 6’3. I mean let’s give this kid a shot if he starts.

          1. Westbrook, lawson, bledsoe, conley, curry, paul, lillard, rondo = Clarkson best for job

          2. I agree, and so does COACH that’s his idea also, that’s why they drafted him for his passing ( AST.) the kid sees the whole court, he will be fine, he was not picked to sit on the bench or play SG we have enough of those.

        2. At this point Russell would have to come off the bench and Clarkson start at the point, what other back up pg do we have? That’s why I think people are getting way too ahead of themselves by putting Russell as a starter even Randle, it’s way too soon to pencil those guys in the starting line up, Imo Kobe hibbert and Clarkson(either pg or sg) are the only guaranteed starters at the moment

          1. You have to start your #2 pick, especially on a young roster like this. They don’t have a pick next season and the playoffs are out of reach so you need to develop your talent. It will be ugly at times but it’s part of the process. He doesn’t need to be run into the ground but he needs significant playing time as does Randle.

        1. Clarkson is better at defending guarding and attacking other pg’s more experience than Russell

      2. Its just like learning how to swim you just through him and and watch him swim, he will be doing the back stroke in no time.

        1. Surely in time but we want wins from the gate! Why sacrifice that just to throw him in when we can simply switch clarkson until Russell gets acclimated to the nba?

    1. I can’t wait to see him play again haha. Was always a favorite of mine. There was one game where he was so annoying that Carmelo Anthony tried to choke him lol

    1. Flag his bum ass! All he does is hate on the Lakers and live to post comments instead of meeting a woman and getting out his parents house fapping to a blow up doll

    1. Let’s presume that Clarkson can transition to SG and dominate like we’ve seen….

      Is that good enough to be in the top-5 of SG (leaguewide)?

      1. maybe not top 5 but i would go with a top 10 sg?
        2nd year we all have to wait until season starts to know where everyone is at. sometimes player will have a good year or bad year so everything is a guess really.

  • They should just get rid of Kelly and Sacre. Sign Upshaw (for the love of GOD) and sign Dorell Wright. Lakers roster is so uneven and unproportioned its crazy. They have no depth at SF and have no depth up front. all they have is a bunch of undersized PF’s who cant protect the rim. The only real center the Lakers have to rely on is hibbert. signing upshaw improves ur defense right away up front since hes a presence down low instead of having just 1 presence plus he has alot upside. dont now WTF mitch is waiting for. Better to have two 7 footer shot blockers than to rely on the 1. Sacre is garbage PERIOD. what happens if Hibbert goes down???who are u gonna rely on to protect the rim??? Exactly.

    1. im hearing that they may pass on upshaw and go with kevin seraphin as back up all for it but upshaw can battle it out with sacre for 3rd string center

      1. trade or waive Sacre. sign upshaw and put him 3rd behind tariq black for 10-15 mins a game. upshaw can hold down the center spot for us and doesnt need to run alot. But he has all summer to get in better shape. Hopefully he is already training?

    2. They said they would see how UPSHAW if and when he gets in shape, so I guess its up the him, I would keep KELLY for one reason he did play the 3 spot last year and did an ok job of it his problem is he is a PASS first instead taking his open shot and when he did shoot he did fine.

      1. kelly is garbage. same bullshit every year with him. guy can shoot and pass and sttretch the floor even though he cant do either :D. numbers dont lie

          1. no ur wrong AL ๐Ÿ˜€ since i have the numbers too back it up while you have god knows why :D!! this love and hope for this scrub of a player.the only time he looks good is when his shot is falling from deep.

          2. Young SF AVG. 12.3 PPG- 1.1 ast -2.3 rb. Kelly 7.3 ppg – 2.8 rb – 1.7 ast. what is it YOUNG 7 YRS KELLY 2 YEARS. JOSHHH your wrong.. STRAIGHT FROM THE LAKERS STATS.

          3. kelly passes almost twice as much as Nick Yopung? LOL.
            1.7 vs 1.1
            I dont know who is worse sacre kelly or young….
            the only reason we should keep young is for his scoring off the bench and he needs to play defense alot more of it!
            the front office already consider trading him so he has 1 last chance to redeem himself.
            step up or step out

          4. Kelly is just a notch above Sacre. If we can trade both for a week’s worth of Subway we should do it.

          5. I have no problem trading them I was saying until we get a better SF KELLY played the SF last yr because we had no one else. And Joshhh has this habit of calling NBA players garbage, they would not be here if they were, I guess he must have a problem looking in the mirror with out saying garbage.

          6. Kelly played SF last season he was terrible. He’s a natural PF and we’re overloaded with them.

          7. Yeah, hard to see Kelly getting minutes this season. Even if they go small, he is too slow.

          8. Whats wrong with you Al, you seem to be in a good mood.
            Something isn’t right, lol. JK.

          9. i am lol, that idiot always come out of left field with stupid replies to my comments when i dont even acknowledge him

          10. lol, you’re one of the guys that certain types of people like to pester because you would be considered big game as in like taking down a lion or something.

            I think thats why they challenge you.

          11. Dont tell story’s you just started it again I would rather not talk to you But you have your head up you A,, so far you think everyone picks on you, I have no use for you stay away from me and we will get along fine , then I can just laugh to myself with the crap you post. DEAL ?

          12. There is our SICK CHILD again, see what happens when his MOM lets him use the PC, AND HE knows nothing about BB but he has no one to play with, and I feel so sorry for him, the poor idiot.

          13. i want a foot long meatball marinara on italian bread with mozarella cheese please!


  • Can Randle and Clarkson coexist? Before you answer think about it. They both love iso’s we seent it in the summer league in almost every possession when they were both on the court. I believe that’s the reason Russell was drafted over okafor(1 of the reasons at least), because okafor is another ball dominant player you can probably say Russell is ball dominant as well but he has the ability to adjust and get everyone involved. Idk but time will tell

    1. I think it will work out ok. Clarkson isn’t really an ISO guy, he is more of a role player. The goal should be for Randle to be a go to guy and Clarkson should be a glue guy. That doesn’t mean Clarkson cannot become a star, Jimmy Butler developed into an all star caliber guy by doing all those little things so well.

      1. i agree but i seriously doubt clarkson is looking to be a role player his work ethic says otherwise and you can say the same about Randle, To me it seems like they both are looking to take the torch from kobe as the new face of the lakers

        1. Butler is very similar to Clarkson. He came into the league looking to prove himself and he did. That doesn’t mean he is an IOS guy but he is an All Star calibre player.

          1. true but him and rose have already had some issues the only reason he stayed was because $$$$

          2. No, he accepted their offer. No other teams made an offer since he signed before the moratorium ended.

    2. Can they exist? I think they will thrive.

      Once Russell, Clarkson, and Randle get used to playing with each other, the 3 are very willing passers and scorers. Imagine how good they will be after 4 years of meshing together…..and in 6… and 8.

      OKC hit a home run when it drafted KD, Westbrook AND Harden. I think the Lakers might get pretty close when things settle.

    3. We have some players who can pass- russell.a. brown,larry nance jr,brandon bass,hibbert,t. black
      Everyone else is a shooter just offense/no D.
      Also notice all the passers can play solid D but noone is blowing me away right now as a lockdown defender.
      Who do we have that is going to be that guy that metta world peace or trevor ariza or wesley johnson type defender?

  • Kobe and Young can play SF even though itโ€™s not their natural position. 2 guys that you cant rely on for locking down opposing teams best players.How are you gonna defend the perimeter in any way for that matter??? what are you gonna do play zone all game every game??? :D!!! Lakers defense will be weak and soft even with Hibbert manning the paint if they have those guys manning the perimeter. One guy cant completely turn around a team on defense, very rare and very hard. Sign Dorell Wright, hes a Vet and will help

    1. As if Dorell Wright can lock down anyone ffs. He is a scrub, he couldn’t even lock down your mom. I typed this into google: No results found for “dorell wright is a lockdown defender”.

      1. From bleacher report in regards of Lakers SF issue from senoir writer David Murphy

        “Thereโ€™s also the small forward issue to contend with now that the Wesley Johnson era has moved to the other side of the hallway at Staples Center.
        If thereโ€™s any one obvious way to balance out this group of wild cards, it could be by signing an experienced small forward with talent for locking down opposing teamsโ€™ best players. Among the free agents still waiting to dance are Dorell Wright, whoโ€™s coming off a broken hand, Tayshaun Prince, who has almost as much wear on his tires as Bryant, and Michael Beasley, who has never locked down another player in his life”

        Is that enough for you to know that Wright is not scrub? probably not sincerely an idiot. and much more articles. you people are just to blind to realize the blatant problem at the 3. good thing the media world sees it ๐Ÿ˜€

        1. Isn’t that article saying there are no options available? They aren’t saying any of those three guys are good options.

        2. I stopped reading at “From Bleacher Report”. You know even YOU can write an article on BR. The people there may be stupid enough to take you seriously too.

          1. the list goes on and on old man, thats just one of the many articles ive read from all over about lakers needing a SF. live in denial it serves you right. its all right in front of you. u people are just so stupid to see it cuz ur in love with the future backcourt that presents you that you dont even realize your hurting the team as a whole by putting players out of postions

          2. I don’t disagree, the Lakers do need a SF, however Dorell Wright is still unemployed for a reason, the guy is trash.

          3. Try to let this sink in, seriously. Just say it over and over again in your head until it finally gets absorbed by that one brain cell you possess. “Wesley Johnson has a contract and Dorell Wright does not”. Over and over again.

          4. He does.t seem like a bad option for a backup SF to have in case Kobe or Nick Young gets injured. Both could get hurt and who do we have left a rookie? i don’t think he has a bad idea. For once in his life i think Joshhhhh has it right. If we could sign him with the 2.8 exception id say do it.

            Dorell Wright
            #1 SF
            6′ 9″, 205 lbs
            Portland Trail Blazers
            BornDec 2, 1985 in Los Angeles, CA (Age: 29)
            Drafted2004: 1st Rnd, 19th by MIA
            Experience11 years<——ESPN

          5. Kostas Papanikalaou just got waived he’s a SF who can do it all. This is an example of waiting it out. Mike Miller is also likely to buy out of his contract. The season doesn’t start until Oct 27th and between now and then there are going to be a lot of cuts made to rosters. Why waste your exception and a roster spot on a known scrub who after over a month of free agency has not gathered any interest?

          6. If you knew anything about BB you could see for your self what every one knows with out using bleacher or any one just by looking at and knowing the roster.

          1. dorell, luc, landry i really dont take which one at least its one of them. lakers have already let way too many cheap bargain low risk high reward kind of players who play on both ends of the floor get away starting with kj mcdaniels. unless they have something up there sleeve by trading for one i really dont see what there waiting for

          2. no he failed his physical with them. the point is hes a defensive specialist maybe not like he use to but its still his bread and butter. most of the bread and butter the lakers have on the wings is score score score

          3. Anthony Brown’s scouting report is “defender who can shoot”. Let him develop. Stop trying to find trash.

          4. ur comparing brown an unproven rookie over proven nba players???? :D!!!! go get urself checked. unless hes some type of justin anderson, stanley, winslow type SF theres no way buddy :D. ur praising a guy who really isn’t that good on defense.

          5. Hopefully he will be better than the trash you are after. If he isn’t then fine we move on, but might as well try to develop him into something better than guys who can’t get a contract.

          6. signing wright will help you win more games since hes a proven vet. with brown on the other hand ur developing a rookie which means more losses to pile up.

          7. Who cares. The end game is to develop Brown, not almost make the playoffs. Wright will never be a starter for a good team. Never. Ever. Brown is a young guy you can maybe develop into something special.

          8. than why did they sign wesley?? haaha!!!wright given a bigger role will flourish as a starter. just needs the opportunity to showcase it. people said the same thing about draymond green etc.. list goes on and on. hes starting caliber thats for sure

          9. Basketball I.Q. non existent. Only one roster spot and you want to fill it with a BUM. Is that correct?

          10. I think you have a thing for handicapped SF. Why so you can smile at them sitting on the bench?

          11. the only thing i’ll be smiling about is when i wasright all a long. funny how nobody minded at all when Wesley Johnson was picked up 2 years ago (a 10x bigger scrub than wright a guy with way less credibility than wright coming into LA). ur only saying this cuz the lakers haven’t signed anyone. any one the lakers sign you will praise and and say “good pickup” . im sure you thought the williams pick up was a smart move :D!!! funny how you gave johnson a chance and not wright. im sure if thy do sign wright your gonna feel really stupid and embarrassed

          12. No way I would ever feel stupid, the way you seem, or embarrassed, which you don’t feel from the hundreds of post of you trying to be right. They gave A. Brown 2 guaranteed years. Obviously they would rather rely on potential versus “proven” garbage. Day after day your hunt to be right is idiotic if you ask me. We all know the Lakers need another SF Sherlock. But no one here agrees with your campaign to sign a BUM. Not gonna happen captain.

          13. brown is a project, and wright is a proven nba talent that would win you more games. if he is such garbage he wouldn’t be in the league anymore dumbo. hes a veteran who can shoot 3’s and defend. certainly better than anyone the lakers have on the wings ill promise you thats a fact :D. wright would flourish as a starter. his numbers would go up in every stat

          14. hes a free agent. lets see if brown at 29 years old is still even in the league. stop hating on a proven nba player. you want more losses than wins

          15. We didn’t sign Wesley. But Wesley did get a contract before any of trash you want.

          16. wesley is bigger trash than anyone i mentioned. funny how when the lakers picked up wesley everyone was on board with it saying hes gonna be great etc… its only when people realized after the dust settled that he was garbage when u people abandoned the ship . dont be calling someone a scrub when he hasn;t showcased anything to prove that he is a scrub. wesley u can since he showed it for 2 years straight.

          17. Wes was young and was a lottery pick so we thought he would hit his potential with us. Wright isn’t a scrub but he has a injury he is still recovering from and he shot under 40% on his field goal attempts the last 2 years…he is also an average defender

          18. given a bigger role means a bigger pay day. u can say anything you want about wright right now i cant dispute it, but the point is you dont really know how good someone can be until u give them the opportunity to fully show what they can be. everything u just said may be all true but thats just basing off what hes been his whole career. a solid role player off the bench. you dont know how what he would look like as a starter. role players turn into bonified starters. seen it so many times.

          19. So you must be smarter than the 30 NBA teams who haven’t signed Wright yet. Correct?

          20. Every one is over looking NANCE JR. and that’s his type of work playing D-FENCE. He is the the only one on the Lakers , that can handle the job.

          21. he is a hustle guy for sure….
            I would like to see him do more of the plays like he did VS the 76ers that helpside D with t. black.
            He blocked Jahlil Okafor off the backboard.
            For me that shows what he can do. Will he bring it each and every game though? That’s what we wanna see like the guy on the thunder Ibaka? you know going to the rim if hes there you aint gettin nothin easy….

          22. justin anderson is going to become a great player i feel.
            i don’t know about those other 2 tho.

          23. yea thats a great idea lets sign a player who “failed his physical”

          24. When we get to the point that we need a lock down DEFENDER @ SF Mr NANCE JR CAN DO THAT, that’s his kind of work.

          1. hes gone. whats your point now ??? The issue is still there dumbo. until they have a starting caliber SF that can defend rebound, score etc.. all the little things the issue will be there. you can hype up brown all you want wont change anything. hes to young and to raw at this stage.

          2. my point is that you and bleacher report are the only idiots that think we didn’t have sf issues when wesley was here, and you post that article claiming that you’re smart because “bleacher report agrees with you” lol your comments are comedy I’m going to start upvoting them

          3. That’s why he was drafted genius. Potential vs Done. They would rather go young and hope for another Clarkson steal. What’s difficult to follow here genius?

          4. When I feel down I always go to LAKERS NATION and look for Joshhh , when I stop laughing I feel much better that’s all you are good for just a good laugh.

        3. And you got your knowledge from BLEACHER, yea that will makes you smart, their like you or your like them, not real bright.

      2. Exactly lol. The goal is for Anthony Brown to become that prototypical 3 and D guy and he has all the tools. Lakers should give as many minutes to him as possible.

    2. The perimeter includes PG, SG and SF. SF are not the one and only barrier between the 3pt line and the rim.

    3. I get your words….
      my response is the same:

      Kobe/Young = 27ppg, 8apg, 6rpg
      Houston: Ariza/Decker = 19ppg, 4apg, 6rpg.
      K.Leonard/Anderson = 23ppg, 4apg, 4rpg

      Most nights Kobe/Young win, and it’s not close. Outside of Lebron, or KD, very few teams in the league can match the scoring punch and production.

      Clippers might, Pierce/Stephenson/J.Smith….

      For all y’all stats & analytics guys this is a perfect example of a statistical driven decision and why “small ball” works. <– D'antoni changed the game when he introduced his offense nearly a decade ago.

      Don't snooze on Europe Style basketball. The top 2 teams in the league rely on it (Spurs and Cavaliers). It too will be a face in the new era of basketball.

    4. I don’t think it’s that important to get an SF right now. It’s not as though we are a playoff team or even a bubble team at this point. Besides, Kobe & Young won’t be locking any SGs down either but they will get their playing time. This team just won’t be very good defensively anytime soon. There’s no way around it. This season the Lakers should focus on what they actually have (which is a question mark). Next season they can worry about what they need.

      1. yea man i grew up to that guy i remember having one of those rubber wrestling toys of him back in the 80s

    1. i like the movie he did with the glasses. and see the people as aliens that movie was good back in the day. good ol days. RIP Piper.

  • People are gonna find out that small ball don’t work unless you have Green then it’s a different story, he is unique and there is no counter for him. That is why he is on another level. The only team that could actually use small ball is Golden state cuz their roster is very unique and versatile. they have alot of great shooters on their team and alot of guys that can defend the perimeter really good (Iggy,Green,Barnes etc..) thats why it works. Lakers don’t have that.

    1. Green and Bogut are hardly small. They don’t play small all game long, just in certain parts to create mismatches. Against Cavs it just turned out that they always had a mismatch when playing small.

      1. green and bogut?? ur putting them in the same sentence??? :D!!!!! green is pretty much kobs size :D!!! 6’7

        1. I am saying they are “”BOTH”” starters for the Warriors. They do not start a small ball lineup.

          1. ok so WTF does that have to do with my post??? u just like bringing up meaningless points to make urself look smart ๐Ÿ˜€ i explained why golden state is the only team that can be effective if they go small ball and all you say is bogut and green are starters. ok thanks captain obvious ๐Ÿ˜€

          2. Spurs, Houston, Cavs, Boston, Atlanta all had very successful small ball lineups last season. Green is awesome, but there are many teams that can be successful with Small Ball when the mismatch is present.

          3. maybe you need to go check up what the definition of small ball is little boy. theres being undersized and than theres actually going small. the only team that used small ball and was effective was golden state PERIOD. cant help you there kid. learn what small ball means

          4. Interesting you say that.
            It seems the NBA is getting smaller and faster. And while every team needs and bench guys, they also need a “small ball” squad. <- But, I suspect the "small ball" squad is an evolved "all shooters shooting squad" that every team has used for decades.

            Just an observation and something to keep in the back of the mind.

    2. The Lakers have about 3 months of training camp and preseason games to come to terms with what they want to do and whether it will work or not. If things at that point aren’t working out, THEN they can go sign Dorell Wright or whatever trashy SF you want them to sign, cause I guarantee you those guys will still not have contracts by that time. Why waste a perfectly good roster spot on a scrub when there may well be a better option down the road who gets waived or performs well in preseason and doesn’t get picked up. Don’t be such a little kid and wait till fucking Christmas, the season doesn’t start for another 3 odd months.

      1. Haha, true. That wasn’t even fair. Randle too strong, too quick. But Green is a very nice team defender.

          1. I honestly believe Randle can become the best ISO player in this league. You can’t stop him one on one.

          2. yup he just needs to be a better finisher but that might just be rust it will come with time

          3. I think it is more that he needs to make the right play instead of finishing in traffic. When teams collapse on him, he needs to find that open 3, not force up a tough shot in the middle of 3 or 4 guys. No one can finish very well in that kind of congestion, but that kind of congestion definitely means there are open shooters.

          4. very true the one weakness i do see in his game is that he NEVER finishes with his right hand thats probably why he has trouble finishing and ends up forcing shots and not making the right decision, one day i noticed this so i went searching for a highlight of him finishing with his right but i couldn’t find not even one play

          5. Randle will be stuck on Odom’s level or less until he can consistently use his right hand.

          6. If Odom just had a competitive edge, and “want” to be better, he’d be one of the legends of the modern era.

          7. I don’t take much out of Summer League.
            It was his first NBA game in 9 months, he was on minutes and (i believe) medical restrictions, and he was out there experimenting and remembering how to play.

            He was testing his new shots, moves, and learning how to play in his new NBA physique.

          8. He definitely has the potential.

            As a modern version of Charles Barkley, his game really fits into the new era of basketball, and much more mobile, and skilled shooting players.

      2. Funny enough, in some small ball situations, it’s already been said that Randle might play center.

  • Wright as a starter for the Lakers would average at least around

    12.5 PPG – 5.4 RPG – 1.8 APG – 41% from 3 – 46% FG%

    and most importantly would play tough hard nose Defense as the stopper.

    It wasn’t the numbers necessarily that made Wesley leave, it was his inconsistency on defense (if not any defense :D) and his extremely poor shot selections is what makes him a scrub. Lucky for him He wont be doing that with the clippers cuz hes in such a way less role that what he does is not important like he was with the lakers. thats just who he is. not starting caliber especially on a bad team.

    1. I’d rather have Kobe and Young score 28 than worry about Wright and his 12.5 points.

      Can you name any SF pair in the league that can score more than 28 points a night?

      The only thing that *kinda* concerns me about the Kobe/Young SF combo is back-to-backs. Young and Brown aren’t so fearsome.

  • It is really exciting to see the young talent on our Lakers this season! NOW WE NEED TO MOVE kobe,,,,, trade, sell or give him away!
    If we don’t he will stymie the growth of the young team! kobe IS NOT a team player unless he’s surrounded by other multi millionaire all-star players!!!
    Watch, if they keep kobe…. watch if kobe doesn’t wreck the season!

  • Roy Hibbert / Tarik Black / Robert Upshaw
    Julius Randle / Brandon Bass / Larry Nance
    Kobe Bryant / Dorrell Wright / Anthony Brown
    Jordan Clarkson / Nick Young / Jabari Brown
    D’Angelo Russell / Lou Williams / Robert Sacre

  • Clarkson first 4 years:

    11.9 ppg 3.2 rpg 3.5 apg

    15.5 ppg 3.8 rpg 4.1 apg

    19.6 ppg 4.7 rpg 5.5 apg

    21.1 ppg 5.3 rpg 4.6 apg

  • Randle the first 4 years:

    13.6 ppg 7.7 rpg 2.9 apg

    16.8 ppg 9.6 rpg 3.5 apg

    17.7 ppg 11.9 rpg 4.4 apg

    19.4 ppg 10.8 rpg 3.8 apg

  • Russell the first 4 years:

    14.6 ppg 5.0 rpg 6.5 apg

    17.4 ppg 4.7 rpg 8.9 apg

    21.9 ppg 5.5 rpg 10.8 apg

    20.8 ppg 5.2 rpg 11.6 apg

  • It’s about time! Clarkson’s play and development shouldn’t be compromised by un-guaranteed contracts. It’s good to keep this out of Clarkson’s mind. It’s better that he exert the hard work and and the time to develop and strengthen himself because he’s striving to be a complete and relevant player – not because he’s fighting for a guaranteed contract.

  • clarkson was just a huge steal. as far as a SF goes, maybe the front office knows something about anthony brown that we don’t. he did spend a full four years in college, after all. i think he needs to get stronger, but the potential is there to be the lakers’ long term ‘3 and D’ starter on the wing. the real question to me is whether or not lou williams can play back up PG.

    1. I like the guys Mitch hand picked in this draft.
      Brown looks like a solid blue-collar guy, and with 2-3 seasons, I believe he could be a starter at SF.

      Nance, to me, looks like a great 25 minute guy off the bench. I think he could play SF, PF, and C, in certain situations. I wonder if he’s on a medical restriction as he had the same type of minutes restriction as Randle in SL.

    2. I am more worried about Clarkson and Russell at the 1 than Lou. He is a very good veteran guard. Not a great playmaker but he will get the job done.

  • I am jacking off watching D’Angelo Russell Summer League Highlights.

    Watching that dude pass makes me want to ejaculate.

      1. its vdogg. cant u tell ??? look at the profile ๐Ÿ˜€ he makes a one one every day cuz he keeps getting banned

  • Jordan Hill got arrested for reckless driving in Indiana. Police report states he was asked why he was going 107 mph, he replied and said “I was in a hurry.”

    In a hurry to get the fuck out of IN?

    1. He was in actually in Georgia at the time, but the bottom line is that he’s a real piece of filth.

      1. He really must have been moving if he was speeding in Georgia and they didn’t catch up to him until Indiana……….

      1. Clarkson seems to be a better athlete but he spends too much of that on the offensive end, maybe to compensate for his deficient shooting ability. Smart seems to be a good all-around player (with a slight touch of Raymond “big mac” Felton).

        1. Imagine if the Lakers had a PG rotation of

          Bledsoe – Smart – Price

          Damn!! thats tough as Hell :0

      1. Lavine looks like a version of Austin Rivers with better vertical. His cap or limit will be his basketball IQ and court vision or lack of it.

          1. If you don’t believe me, just watch Zach Lavine next year. Hopefully the twolves games are close enough (not garbage time) for us to see the real Lavine.

          2. I’ve been watching lavine for about 3 years now, i seen him 3 years ago at pauley pavilion and the only thing that came to mind was when i went to go see kobe in his first preseason as a laker except that lavine’s shooting stood out more

          3. who said he has? pauley pavilion is where the bruins play and he wasn’t a bruin yet he had just committed, feel stupid?

          4. Lavine’s game is completely different from Kobe’s. Maybe it’s the Phil Jackson effect, but I think Kobe never build his game around shooting 3s (unlike Lavine). Kobe games (especially during his prime and during the championship runs) were midrange with a very quick first step. During the Kobe/Shaq era, Kobe was killing the spurs in the playoffs with a lot of mid range shot. Westbrook’s prime is very similar to Kobe’s prime.

          5. yup i agree kobe is very similar to jordan in that aspect(midrange jumpers), lavine could be the first player to win the slam dunk and 3 point contest

          6. The last couple of years, with modern analytics, I see a lot of teams are going with 3s or layups/dunks (see the rockets). And you see the modern zone defense had caught up to them (see what the warriors did to the rockets and what the cavs did to the warriors for a few games until the warriors fixed that with Iguodala in the lineup). Iguodala basically alleviate that problem with his full half court game, not just 3s or dunks.

          7. a lot of people go with the moment, GS just won the title so everyone thinks we should mimic them, i dont believe in the whole “small ball wins championships”, “its a pointguard league” blah blah blah i think theres many ways of being successful in the nba and minnesota will be proof of that

          8. After watching the final 3 games, on offense, the warriors won because they had Curry and Iguodala. Curry run the regular small ball while Iguodala exploit the swisscheese in the cavs zone defense. And on defense, the warriors seemed to be playing 6v5, they always seemed to have an extra man running around. So yeah there are a lot more than just the term “small ball.”

          9. zach lavine winning the 3 point contest over steph curry?
            never gonna happen….

        1. Lavine has major super star potential. Maybe more than any young player in the league. He is working so hard too, put on a lot of strength in one season.

          1. he has great work ethic like clarkson but has a whole lot more skill than clarkson, lavine wanted to come and take torch from kobe he said kobe’s ego didn’t intimidate him he admired it, you can see a little cockiness in him. lavine will be a superstar sooner than later i seen games last year where he was on par with the #1 pick andrew wiggins

          2. Quite a bit younger than Clarkson too, he just turned 20 where Clarkson is 23. Which is why he was a 1st round pick and Clarkson a 2nd. I like them both but Lavine has a much higher ceiling.

          3. and clarkson is more experienced i believe he played 3 years in college where lavine was not even a starter in his one year in college, the bruins plan was to use kyle anderson at the point and bring back lavine for his sophomore year to run the point but lavine wasn’t very happy about that and bounced to the nba where he was still a lottery pick even though he didn’t play much

          4. lavine has more explosive athleticism than clarkson to be sure.. but i wouldn’t say he has a whole lot more skill than clarkson.

          5. no knock on clarkson I’m glad we have him but I’m not one of those fans that speaks with his heart i speak with my mind and i think overall lavine will be the better player

          6. Both Clarkson and Lavine have a lot to prove this season, especially if their respective teams are playing at .500 or better level. The Twolves games last season had a lot of garbage time. At least the lakers games were close games even though the lakers had less talent than the Twolves.

          7. take out all the rookies from both teams wiggins, lavine, clarkson and randle… still think the twolves had more talent?twolves had just as bad injury problems as we did

          8. Last season, the twolves had more talents playing for them than the Lakers. Randle didn’t play so he doesn’t count as the talent the lakers had last season.

          9. lavine might have the higher ceiling — but don’t discount clarkson’s basketball skill. that’s not me being a homer, either. i agree with you that lavine will likely end up being the better player.

          10. not on defense. Lavine makes far more lackadaisical play on defense that JC and Smart combined. That’s where his ceiling stops. he doesn’t care to correct his defensive flaws.

        2. Completely agree. Lavine is prone to errors because his mind isn’t in it. mainly relying on physical gift.

        3. zach is a beast dunker but not in other ways. we should have drafted that kid hes going to make a splash somewhere.

  • My mom told me that I look like a real basketball player when I wear the Lakers replica jersey she bought me for my birthday.

      1. it looked like he was about to say “my mom told me that i look like i want to tbag her…..again”

  • I know I’ll never get laid, but I like to make up my “dream Lakers roster” for next season and then post it in here.

  • As of now Lakers have one spot open. Getting rid of sacre and kelly should be the number 1 priority. It would clear up two more spots on the roster for more valuable, impactful players.
    First they need to trade kelly and sacre to either Miami for Chalmers or OKC for Augustine. Then sign Dorell Wright and Upshaw

    Augustine – Wright – Upshaw > Sacre- Kelly – Seraphin

    1. OKC wont trade augustine…no to mario….

      trade sacre and kelly+ cash to philly for cap relief plain and simple…sign upshaw and Nate The Great

      Bench: Nate-Lou-Dlo-Bass-Tarik


      Bench: Nate,Lou,SwagP,bass, Tarik

      2 browns, nance jr and upshaw as reserves

      1. i agree no to mario as well. i rather have Augustine. if they were to get mario than that means he would start since hes been a starter his whole career and has alot of playoff experience and is a better than defender than russel so scott would have to start him. Augustine is comfortable off the bench since thats his usual role. still amazing pickup to get Augustine. i do like the cash to philly idea. nate robinson?? is that who ur mentioning?? haven’t u realized the lakers have enough scorers??? how many do you want 1000??

  • How am i smoking something? My lineup consists of 4 veterans and only 1 rookie who’s pass 1st. While yours i’m pretty sure has 3 rookies in it, 2 of which don’t see anything but the basket (tunnel vision) and are not good defenders. Which one seems more likely to win you more games?? Exactly ๐Ÿ˜€ #ball movement for the win

      1. the truth hurts doesn’t it? None of this would have been a problem If the Lakers would of just drafted Stanley Johnson in the 1st place we wouldn’t be having this problem at SF, who by the way will be a way better Pro than Russel ever will be trust me on that, just calling it as it is, don’t hate. If they would of done that we would of had way less problems and a way more balanced out team coming into the season instead of having all these question marks unfilled.


        That would be awesome you cannot deny it. Way more awesome than what we have now.

        1. What would be awesome would be if you would get off the Stanley Johnson train…..
          If anything, we should have traded our 27th pick and our 34th pick for the 20th pick and drafted Justin Anderson. Then we would have had Russell AND Anderson, who is the 2nd best SF in the draft.

          1. anthony brown &larry nace jr combined will do more good than just 1 player in Justin Anderson.

  • yes, summer league means everything, lol. and once you come on here with a screen name like that, no one is going to take anything you say seriously. the clippers are less popular in this city than the LA galaxy! GTFOH

  • just focus signing both dorrell wright and kevin serphin and just need waive sacre or trade both kelly plan A or plan B signing both landry fields and austin daye and waive sacre

    1. i get the wright pickup cuz we need a SF badly. but why the seraphin pick up when you have a 7 foot shot blocker in upshaw that you can sign? wouldn’t it just jam the front court even more?

      if they did get rid of sacre and kelly that means there would be 2 roster spot left so i get the wright and serpahin pick ups to fill it out but seraphin is a pointless pickup to me unless they have no desire in signing upshaw (which is crazy) than i would get it

        1. still dont get it. hibbert is clearly the starter. you already have black and possibly both upshaw and seraphin??? that makes no sense to me. why have 4 guys clogging the center position when ur only gonna be playing 2. for me its either upshaw or seraphin and clearly im taking upshaw cuz his upside is too good to let get away. it would be like the whiteside sitution and how they let him get away

          1. ???? english plzz did mean to say upshaw is not signing with the lakers. how do you know this? and and their complete idiots if they dont sign him

          2. i dont give a shit hes a 7 foot shot blocking machine. all he needs to do is get in proper condition and hes good to go

    2. plan C trade nick, Kelly and Sacre for Brandon Jennings and sign Dorell Wright + Upshaw with the 2.4 M left

    3. 30 days into free agency and Dorell fucking Wright doesn’t have a contract, and you want to waste a roster spot on this trash? What happens if a SF gets waived before the season starts then what? No roster spots left, no MLE, nothing to offer. And you are stuck with a scrub SF for the rest of the season. The 76ers for example have 6 SFs on their roster all of whom are a better option that Dorell fucking Wright, I can’t see them taking them all into the season.

  • I gotta agree with Mitch and Jim on this one. I think we should keep him.

    in other news: a raccoon is going through a garage can somewhere in the world, RIGHT NOW!

  • I don’t understand why Mitch doesn’t see Upshaw as a rotational player. He had those 3 blocks in those 3 possessions in Summer League. Sacre couldn’t even do that in a pickup game cmon Mitch open your eyes!

    1. honestly he is not ready. that would be another spot being sent down to the D League for the whole season. He need a lot of help. But i agree with you if the Lakers are not interested at all in bringing in a Small Fwrd. then why not sign Upshaw. Develop him.

  • Its funny, earlier this year, some people was doubting this young man, now it seems they have seen the light, like most of us Clarkson fans have been seeing sometime now. Im thrilled people, including the Lakers organization, Eyes are wide open on this kid.. He is a Beast. and will only get better.

  • Luc Richard Moube a Moute is on the roster for team Africa to play against team World.

    Cough Cough wink wink ;D

    1. It was reported today that the Sacramento Kings voided the contract of veteran power forward Luc Richard Mbah a Moute

  • Well the KLAPPERS went 3/1 and lost in the play off, which one was more important SL OR NBA play offs your a joke OH and a CHOKE .

  • My goals for Clarkson this season.
    1. Guard the other teams best perimeter player.
    2. Shoot 40% from 3.

    Anything else would be awesome, but those are my two goals for him.

    1. Clarkson should spend more energy playing defense, and only take jumpers when he’s wide open. Last season, he got so many of his jumpers blocked. His shooting motion is a “block me” invitation.

    1. this site is NBA wide, not just lakers. besides, I have to be here to give u a fair assessment of #Russell

      1. unbeaten 2nd round playoff champ and maybe this season will make it to the finals and choke again……….Lakers 16 championship and Clippers ZERO……..

  • Fortunately for Clarkson? Fortunately for the Lakers, you mean because if they did not guarantee his contract, teams will be lining up at his front door to sign him at a long term contract. It’s about the best move the team’s made that I can remember because there has not been many lately.

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