Lakers News: Jordan Clarkson Says He Was ‘Playing Selfish’ In Loss To Pistons
Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

The most consistent player on the Los Angeles Lakers during the 2015-16 NBA season thus far has been Jordan Clarkson.

The second-year guard out of Missouri hasn’t missed a beat since his impressive rookie campaign but was hard on himself after the loss to the Detroit Pistons on Sunday night.

After the loss to the Pistons at The Palace of Auburn Hills, Clarkson spoke to the media about his uncharacteristically poor play. Clarkson blamed himself for playing a selfish style of basketball in the loss to Detroit via Mike Bresnahan of the Los Angeles Times:

Clarkson finished with seven points on 3-for-11 shooting. The 23-year-old added three rebounds, an assist and a steal in his 30 minutes on the floor. This was only the fourth time this season Clarkson has failed to reach double-digit in the scoring column.

Although Clarkson struggled to get going on Sunday, the up-and-coming guard has played extremely well once again this season. Clarkson continues to exceed expectations of a second-round pick with the former All-Rookie NBA First Teamer putting up some efficient numbers.

Before heading into this matchup with the Pistons, Clarkson was averaging 15.8 points, 2.5 rebounds, 2.3 assists, and 1.1 steals per game. Clarkson’s shooting percentages have been arguably the most impressive thing about his second season with the Missouri product shooting 47.8 from the floor and 43.9 percent from beyond the arc.

Sunday’s performance against the Pistons may have been forgettable for the second-year guard, but overall, he’s been much better than anticipated and quite possibly the best all-around player on the team right now.

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  • Something JC will need to work on for the remainder of the season/off-season is vision/ball facilitation. Best ask 24 for some tips since he won’t be around after this season.

      1. It’s not about the assist’s foremost, it’s about knowing when to settle
        more for getting others involved and getting his game going. Lakers
        record speaks for itself, more iso plays as opposed to playing more team
        ball to increase the odds of winning since the team’s very inconsistent
        with their shooting.

          1. A rumors out that they might be shopping Young around. This seasons
            pretty much done, with 1/4th of the season in the books this clueless
            coach’s still rolling with the same line-ups. As the draft lottery shows, history doesn’t repeat itself on a yearly basis. Don’t think the Lakers will keep their pick if they finish 3rd or 4th. They’d have a shot in keeping the top 3 pick if they finish 1st or 2nd.

          2. That ain’t gonna get the Lakers anything other than cap relief. Lou’s the biggest trade-able asset but best to wait until next month IMO.

    1. Having a nice blend between aggression and passive when handling the ball.
      Balance is key there. Know when to shoot and when to make an extra pass.
      Sometimes passing makes you look better and if you shoot even you make the shot you will look bad for not involving everyone else.
      Team chemistry is more important right now than points scored. I think if they keep working on ball movement and where guys are supposed to be on defense.
      Communicate with each other and be vocal like roy hibbert.
      Everybody has to play man on man defense don’t let your man go past you just bc roy is there. Bc when he goes to block your man, he leaves his man and if they pass off that is how they get so many easy buckets.
      I think that’s what coach Scott meant when he said man up…..

    1. I agree. JC always getting burned on defense. He just in a little slump on offense. I notice Russell’s defense is getting better.

    1. Yeah, was my favorite site. Now i’m starting to hate this format. I can’t comment in several ocasions

    2. yea I agree its terrible man.
      why change something when its perfectly fine the way it is.
      Change it back its too much white.
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  • Yeah clarkson was terrible tonight, games like this is why Russell is so much more valuable especially with clarksons defense. Besides athleticism based skills what exactly is clarkson better then Russell at? Clarkson solid don’t get me wrong but now people are starting to see the difference between a #2 pick vs. 46th.

    1. STOP. JC is our best player. Everybody has an off night. He’s been consistent so far. They’re both apart of the future.

      1. Incorrect, compare where Russell is now to JC this time last year. He was in the d-league not capable of playing at this level yet. Russell is running this team a quarter into his rookie year.

        1. Where were you last year when the season started CLARKSON was with the team, not in the D-LEAGUE, don’t make up your story’s just to fit your ignorance of the game.

        2. Jordan was playing behind Kobe. He wasn’t drafted in hopes of becoming a player for the future. Obviously Jordan had other ideas. Russell isn’t playing behind anyone his rookie season.
          1. He’s a #2 draft pick, if he came off the bench, he’d be labeled a bust.
          2. The FO don’t want to look like fools.
          There is no competition because they have to learn how to play together.

          1. Labeled a bust by fans like you that overreact and can’t see talent. Russell simply has more talent, doesn’t need to develop a jump shot like Clarkson already had it before he got in the lg. Passing isn’t comparable there defense is completely even yet Russell is 4 years younger. JC isn’t better then Russell at anything except dunking, I’m not knocking him they’re just on different levels.

          2. I think Mitch has brainwashed you. You’re in love with Russell. He has a ways to go to convince me he is good. He has disappointed me until the game with the Wolves. I am going to reserve my judgment until season’s end. Defensively, he is slow and does not have quick hands like JC. However, as a Lakers fan since they arrived in Cali I hope Russell eventually becomes what the fo envisions him to be.

          3. LMAO there are stats proving clarkson is a worse on ball defender then Russell your a fool.

          4. No you’re a bigger fool. Where did you get your stats from WAlmart? By the way you have such bias against Clarkson that you spell his name in lower case. Where did you graduate from? Barber College?

          5. The’re in different levels alright. Clarkson is upper level and Russell is still kocking on the door to get in. Don’t get me wrong. I hope Russell improves because right now the Lakers are not going anywhere for the next three years and I am also a great Lakers fan and I have seen all the great ones. When I first saw Kobe and Fish at the Pyramid playing for the first time, there was no doubt in my mind Kobe will be great. I also knew Fish would make it in the league.

        3. You don’t want to put the #2 pick in D league where he belonged after his LV showing and the early games at the start of the season. It would be embarrassing to the front office. The only reason JC was in the DLeague was because they did not think he was any good as he was the 46th pick. Clarkson made first team all rookie. Let’s see if Russell will get that honor.

          1. The 46th pick is not comparable to being drafted #2 the difference in talent is to great.

    2. I’m a fan of Russell, but don’t be ridiculous….Russell is still a few more years from being more valuable than Clarkson.

      1. Compare where Russell is to clarkson last year. JC is nice but he was in the D-league this time his rookie year.

          1. …..that wasn’t literall but he did play in the d- league early in the year

          2. please stop he asked to be in the dleague cause byron wasn’t going to start a 2nd round, but when he did start he killed, russ is def not better then rookie jc when he started, your just a russ nut hugger.

        1. Yeah, but this is this year and both are in the big-leagues….I have no doubt that Russell will be a major contributor moving forward, but, right now, he needs to develop.

    3. Not in this season so far, last night RUSSELL 7 t/o, CLARKSON said he had a bad game but until last night that is the first one, Russell job is setting up other players and helping the team at this point he has done neither.

    4. Shooting, passing, athleticism. Just to name three. 50% from the field and over 40% from 3. You have to be a Russell relative to be this delusional.

    5. Don’t say people are beginning to see the difference between the #2 and the 46th pick. When you say people, you’re talking about yourself. JC should be better than Russell as he has more games in the NBA and of course college. Don’t rush to judgment. Wait till season’s end then we’ll see.

      1. You don’t know basketball it’s obvious. If you think clarkson is comparable to Russell your clueless, people in NBA circles know who is more valuable.

        1. Isn’t JC same as Jordan Clarkson? You’re the one that is clueless. I was coaching basketball before you were conceived. You’r one of those who thinks he is an authority on the subject. You
          have a long way to. But like Russell, you’ll eventually get there. Hopefully.

          1. I meant Russell and clearly your coaching at such a low level your unfamiliar with the NBA game

          2. Why do you think before you open your uneducated mouth. Coaching at such a low level? What is there to know about the NBA game? Only the last two minutes are worth watching to see who wins. You probably are used to playing jungle ball and now you think you are an authority. Give me a break. Be a bit more knowledgeable about talents then you can give your opinion..

        2. What NBA circle? Meaning you? It is the other way around. Russell cannot compare to Clarkson. He is slow, does not have a good shot, not a good defender. He does not know his role. He shoots more than he passes. He does not create opportunity for his teammates which should be his role as a pg. Just because he scored 21 points you’re already elevating him to almost an all star status? Kid, he has a long way to go. I think you are delusional. You are so enamored with this kid you are becoming irrational. I think Jim Buss, Kupchak, and Scott have brainwashed you.

    6. Clarkson was terrible tonight? There you are putting him down again. If you’re talking about the game against the Wolves, he was on fire in the beginning until he hurt his ankle. 14 points in 23 minutes is not bad. I’m sure he would have scored more had he played more.

  • Do you really think that if Scott tried this team would win more games?
    You seem to think there is a silver bullet and this team is tanking, when the worst part is that they suck so bad that they AREN’T tanking.

    For someone who lives on the internet, and seemingly has no job, you’d think that you could come up with insightful and interesting things to say. Shouldn’t you be a wise basketball sage rather than a cranky bitter hermit?

    1. I am with you he is a real pain in the A$$, he acts like a idiot WHEN YOU SAY WHAT YOU HAVE SEEN, and say so, he twist every thing, like you said he must be working for the F/O.

  • About damn time! I can read the whole articles & join all the BBall GURUs explaining their BBall IQs as if they’re talking to someone who’s been hiding under a rock.
    Oh the simple things ah…

  • some things JC can improve on.
    1. passing after penetration
    2. moving to his left
    3. gain 10 pounds of muscle
    4. increase vert

        1. he could be more explosive if he continues to work at it day after day. That’s no lie. You put in the time and you get results.
          training does pay off ask Kobe.
          the 10 lbs. of muscle isn’t a big deal though.
          I would tell him to focus more on his crossover, and maybe tighten up his Defense. Otherwise he’s doing just fine. Not much he can do more.

    1. the biggest one of them all… DEFENSE.

      Its a shame how Clarkson is so athletic but atrocious on the defensive end. Can’t stay in front of anyone.

  • Kobe is a huge liability to this team. His atrocious play, his “leadership by (bad) example”, and of course his bloated contract have set this team back years. I loved the younger Kobe; old man Kobe–not so much. I just wish Scott could see how bad a cancer his BFF really is.

  • I guess CLARKSON was playing like KOBE, but he did tell ever one, so he is not really like KOBE, The last two games KOBE HAS SHOT 6/34 & 3/16 3s, we cant win playing 4 against 6.

  • Would you guys rather keep Lou Williams or Nick Young off the bench? There’s a source that the Lakers are shopping Young, even though we’ve heard this before.

  • Team chemistry has fallen apart, most o f it them seeing KOBE blow all those shots, they are back starting to stand around when KOBE gets he ball, they know, there is no sense in running and getting free because KOBE IS going to shot. Its that simple.

  • It takes real maturity to recognize and admit to playing selfishly. There’s a player in the league 20 yrs who won’t even call himself out like that. Nice, JC.

  • I think JC is over-reacting it isn’t a big deal. put it behind you and focus on the next game. everybody has their struggles and errors nothing to sweat. Dangelo Kobe and Lou will have all struggled recently. Even Randle…
    Plus its the fans job to be harsh not yours. Just keep attacking and be that beast player you are. as ive said many times before the best Laker player right now is Jordan Clarkson.
    the #46 pick of last years NBA draft.

    1. I was gonna say the same thing. JC is being too hard on himself. It’s just a bad game, that’s all.

    1. He could never be close to Kobe no matter what he does, and that is no knock on JC. Kobe could actually beat teams all by himself.

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