Lakers News: Grant Hill Says Kobe Hit More ‘Tough Shots’ Than Jordan

Lakers News: Grant Hill Says Kobe Hit More ‘Tough Shots’ Than Jordan


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The comparisons between Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan have been going on for years and will likely continue until long after Bryant hangs it up for good.

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Many former players and coaches have weighed in on the subject, and the latest to do so is Grant Hill who had the opportunity to play with both Jordan and Kobe. Hill had an interesting take that he shared on the Dan Patrick Show:

Kobe is one of the best tough shot makers in the history of the NBA. Whether he is forced into tough positions or taking on the best defenders in the league, Bryant consistently bails himself out of difficult situations with amazing shots.

The star treatment quote is an interesting one. Jordan undoubtedly got his fair share of favorable calls throughout his career, but he also played in a different era where a much more physical style was the norm.

Bryant has also worked to develop his mid-range game in the latter part of his career, much like Jordan did. As Bryant’s athleticism has begun to die down, he has been able to remain dominant thanks to his elite mid-range abilities.

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Many fans are undoubtedly tired of hearing comparisons between the two legends, but the fact that so many continue to compare them only shows how close they really are.
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