Lakers News: D’Angelo Russell, Julius Randle To Come Off Bench Next 5-10 Games

Head coach Byron Scott has made a drastic change to the starting lineup for the Los Angeles Lakers heading into the matchup against the Toronto Raptors.

Coach Scott has made plenty of questionable moves with the rotation, but has kept the starting lineup relatively the same all season long until now. After a 3-17 start to the season, Coach Scott is ready to shake things up in hopes of turning things around.

For the next five to 10 games, rookie D’Angelo Russell and forward Julius Randle will be coming off the bench for the Lakers via Mike Bresnahan of the Los Angeles Times:

With Randle and Russell set to come off the bench for the next five to 10 games, the Lakers will turn to rookie Larry Nance Jr. and veteran Lou Williams.

Coach Scott believes Nance Jr. and Williams could give the Lakers a boost of energy to start gamee via Bresnahan:

Changing the starting lineup during a long road trip is an interesting move by Scott. Although it will be viewed as a drastic measure, the Lakers have only won three games thus far, and the team is in desperate need of getting back on the right track.

Coach Scott will likely continue to be criticized for his coaching decisions. One of the main reasons for concern over the course of this season has been the minutes for the team’s talented young players. Sending Russell and Randle to the bench could have the fans in an uproar once again with many still wondering what Scott’s plan is to develop these young players moving forward.

The youngsters are the only reason I tune in at this point, now this season will be as boring as last season.



    People are going to criticize and throw tantrums but in the end they will see we are headed in the right direction.

    1. Best post of the discussion.

      This move is meant to send a message and be a learning experience for the young kids.

      1. man, the disadvantage is that Randle-bass or Randle-kelly- Randle -tarik or Randle- sacre paint defense smh

    2. What would they be playing for at this point? They can’t make the playoffs. All they are doing is ruining their chances to get a better draft pick.

  2. Showtime, I am right there with you. I tune in to watch Russell, Randle, Clarkson and Nance play. I could not care less for Bryant’s farewell tour. I am not joking, I think BS is trying to get himself fired. If BS wants to shake up the line up, why not bench Kobe then who is shooting an abysmal 29 percent from the floor? Rhetorical question of course, you cannot bench a 25 million dollar a year man. SMH.

    *Laker fan since 1983

    1. Well if he sits KOBE we may win a few games, and that is almost un heard of with BS as the COACH.

    2. Everyone would be upset with Scott if he benched Kobe. Kobe would retire and act like he was mistreated. Everyone will say that Jim Buss forced Kobe out.

  • At this point Scott is more deserving of the the Staples Center booing treatment than Kwame was and this time I’m not sure if I’d feel any empathy.

  • Message from Byron to youth: “The better you play the more pine your azz will taste. Can I get a holla fo’ my taaa-haaaank?”

  • wtf is byron doing? at 3-17 in the ultra competitive west, the season is a bust already. why not play the kids against NBA starters??? that’s how you develop them. oh, and they’ve been getting better! this is beyond stupid. FIRE BYRON NOW

      1. These are the players that the Lakers decided to use picks on. Either the Lakers made a bad choice or they didn’t develop them. Either way somebody needs to be held accountable.

          1. They grow by getting experience out on the court playing against starters. Not by watching.

  • They are the only two players that had respectable games against the pistons, and you bench them in the 4th quarter and now for 10 games? I’m done with this guy his arrogance is unbelievable.

    Mike Bresnahan ‏@Mike_Bresnahan 16m minutes ago

    D’Angelo: “I was starting to figure it out and then this happened….I’ve never been in the (back-up) position.”
    Mitch it’s time to step in and do what needs to be done.

    1. Don’t blame him for the 4th last night, that game was over with the 30pt deficit. But benching them now when they were both showing much improvement over the last several games – Scott’s an idiot. How bout bringing Kobe off the bench since he always starts 1 – 10. There’s your slow start.

    2. Cry little baby.
      I hope they sgn Rondo this off season and serve this kid some humble pie. He’s got a lot of growing up to do.

  • this is totally ridiculous, BS dont know squat about coaching and developing young players. How about you bring kobe off the bench he is the one holding this team back. let these young men run with the best of the other teams, so next year they will be ready. this is stupid on all levels.

    1. Maybe they will learn urgency. This is a learning experience for them. They were handed the starting job and now it’s being taken away.

  • why would randle, russell and clarkson want to be lakers long term with a coach like byron?

      1. the real question is why would ANY player(not named kobe) want to be lakers long term? with this coach and this front office we’re lucky if sacre takes an extension.

  • I don’t agree with benching Russell or Randle…but I did say that Nance would be starting soon. Didn’t think it would be when Randle is playing solid basketball. Oh well. We’ll see how this works.

        1. I agree , its ridiculous. Reading news around the league , were a complete joke. Honestly I never thought we would stoop this low and for what? Great odds at the draft which is certainly not a lock. I really thought they wouldn’t mess with our young players development. It is sad how it has come to this.

  • Either this is a deliberate tank move (young guys start playing better, so bench ’em before they start winning games), or further evidence of B. Scott’s incompetence as a coach.

    Sorry Byron…loved you with Showtime, but as a coach you kinda suck.

    1. I wonder if it occurred to Byron that the reason for the “lack of energy” among the starters is because the starters are mostly stuck standing around watching Kobe’s “2-19 Farewell Tour”?

      1. Maybe if the young guys would play like they should, they would pass to (and rely on) an old man.

  • horrendous. Russ has seen improvement and you bench him. Randle is the best finisher at the rim, has been getting rebounds, and a tough matchup for most defenses.

  • I know they’ll never do it because they’re not real basketball fans, but the Staples center fans should be booing the heck out of Byron when the starters are announced next Tuesday if DLo and Julius aren’t in it.

  • the fans deserve much better than B.S. (meaning byron scott or bull sh**.. they’re synonymous!)!!!!!!!

    1. i wouldnt bench either. as much as i love nance jr.
      i like to have Randle as a starter…..
      our starters Dangelo-JC-Kobe-Randle-Hibbert
      our bench lou will /nick young /MWP /Nance /T Black. or Bass.
      backups huertas/ kelly/ sacre/ a brown.
      what do ya think?

  • Maybe Scott can’t bench kobe. So the only way Russ and Randle can play without Kobe on the court is coming off the bench. That way the can actually run some offense and get some better minutes? idk

    1. Hmm. Food for thought. It sounds reasonable, but I doubt Scott has any idea of what he is doing.

  • should have also benched kobe for swaggy. if they want to trade swaggy they need to play him to raise hi value. maybe we can get durant for him(not!)

  • Not sure how to feel about this as Russell has improved with each game. Would have really preferred to have JC start but Byron doesn’t think he is good enough as PG. Smh. Clarkson is much faster and more aggressive so he pushes the offense to flow quicker. He proved he could handle it yet this bozo trusts Lou Williams over him. Lou SUCKS at PG.

    Randle had a double double but I haven’t been impressed with him. Nance should bring more energy to the starting unit.

  • lol how is this guy still the coach??? man D’Angelo has been improving over the last few games as each game came and went. Byron needs to go!

  • I really think Scott is trying to get fired. Why else would he do something this ridiculous? He trying to get fired get paid his full contract without doing any work. He’s a horrible coach

  • Come on guys think about the big picture, we need to be in a position to have highest chance at Ben Simmons. I am 100% sure Mitch knows exactly what he is doing when he hired someone as incompetent as Byron Scott.

    1. ben simmons is not a great fit for this team, provided we are building with russell/randle/clarkson.

  • If BS is truly desperate for a win, he’d reduce KBs time drastically until his play improves. Yeah, like that will ever happen….

  • Really getting frustrated. Hopefully Mitch and Jim will just fire Scott. I am at my end with this whole thing.

    1. Not gonna happen since they’re jockeying for top 3 draft pick. Scott is the perfect tank commander, by design or just incompetence.

  • Didn’t mind letting Scott ride it out for the rest of this season because I thought it would lead to Simmons or Igram, but this is just unbelievable. Randle and Russell were really starting to play well and develop and they’re benched. I guess I’m now on the #FireScott bandwagon

  • Man wtf fire this motherfu**er today!! If we are not winning and we are not developing the core of our young future then what in the world are we doing?? Nothing except wasting time….GTFOH Byron Scott I supported you at first, but now I see you are not the coach for this team…Or maybe any others. Cant wait til this year is over already. No optimism for me to even tune in now. Good fu**in luck!!

  • I’m fully convinced Byron is doing this to troll us. Idk some kinda F U to those who have been calling for his head….I can’t find any other explanation for this madness.

    1. I knew our defense would be better but the Raptors are missing Demare Carroll. I think Valaciunas is out… i think.

      1. I don’t think it has to with the players, because the whole team is at least defending unlike previous games. Although I love Randle, I thought Nance maybe a better defender. but I still much rather have Randle and Russell start.

    2. Could be a reaction to the shake-up. Will have to see if it continues over the next 5 games or so.

  • Keys to tonights game: Bench productive players. Sacre will be a good matchup against Biyombo. Nick Young good percentage on both ends on the floor isn’t good enough.

  • Give the most minutes to the least efficient player, check. Start a career 6th man, check. Bench and alienate core pieces of the franchises future, check, check and check. It’s national crazy coaching year guys!

  • I like what Metta brings but it’s time to start playing AB. I really feel bad for Nick. He worked hard on changing his game and being consistent…only to be benched.

    1. t black should be getting more playing time.
      sacre shouldnt play 2 mins….
      what the heck is wrong with coach scott???

      1. He’s dumb. Maybe a trade is in the works? That’s the only thing I can think of. I’d take a bean burrito for Sacre. We have to get rid of him.

  • Scott decided to pair Russell and Randle with Huertas, Metta and Sacre to make sure they struggle.

  • People act like they are stinking up the gym lol They are paying competitive basketball just let them play.

  • Let’s put 5 guys on the court who have never played together a single time. That will definitely work.

  • Just when you thought Lakers didn’t have someone that shoots worse than Huertas or Sacre they could possibly add to this mix, they add the brickmaster himself.

  • Never thought I’d see the Lakers chillin at the bottom of the league like this, actually extending the contract of a bum like Sacre smh

  • Gotta be kidding, wtf is wrong with Byron. He calls this coaching or some kind of experiment does Byron know exhibition games are OVER. F@CK

        1. Their much more competitive tonight. And the rookies are still getting their playing time. You internet coaches need to calm down.

          1. Ok but there playing better with the line up change. You guys kept crying about how Kobe was taking shots from the young guys. So now they can get their shots playing with the bench.

        2. Valuable minutes?
          The statement was that they won’t start the game, it had nothing to do with minutes.

          And do you really think shaving a few minutes off of 2400 really makes a difference?

          These kids need SEASONS, not minutes or touches.

          1. What he means is that these kids are going to get their development time. Their going to average the most minutes of their lives this season.

          2. Russell with 9 minutes so far. On schedule to have less than 20 minutes. Absolute BS

          3. So what. He’s going to play over 30 more games this season. Than he’s ever played in a single season. By seasons end he wont want to touch a basket ball for a month.

          4. That is such crap. These guys play all year since they were very young. What they need is NBA minutes that cannot be replicated. It is what experience is.

          5. So playing in 30 more NBA games, wont get them NBA minutes? No matter what your talking about the Rookies are going to get more than their share of NBA minutes. They’ve never played more than 40 games in a single season. You do realize the Lakers have 62 more games to go.

  • Randle with 50% shooting percentage for 10pts , 5 rebounds on his way to another double double. Way to go JR.

  • You know what – I’d rather see DRuss and Randle on the floor without Kobe. And since at this point Byron has decided to mortgage the season to appease Kobe’s ego then fine. Let watch Kobe jack contested 3s from the bench and then come onto the court when they might be able to run something.

        1. were tanking remember.
          someone gets hot scott immediately pulls em out the game.
          good job shooting now sit the he11 down boy!
          watcha think ur doin out there?!?! ruining our top 3 pick?
          the nerve……

  • Down by 10. Only complaint I have is that Kobe shouldn’t run point. Also Clsrkson needs to stay on Lowry. Don’t help off of Lowry. Russell needs to run more PnR role with the lineup he’s playing with.

  • One good thing is Nance is getting minutes. Wish it wasn’t at the expense of Randle though. Start Randle and Nance together.

    1. One good thing out of this experiment is we know Randle will still produce inspight moving over to the 2nd unit. JR is Solid , now lets work on those outside shots.

  • Funny enough, at half time the score is the same.
    Randle is on his way to his regular double-double despite only 12 minutes and Russell has all zeros on the box score. Randle got more efficient while Russell pouts in the corner. – seems like a very interesting learning experience to me.

  • JC been getting burned all season. He needs to work on his defense. & not gambling on stealing a pass & his man gets wide open shots. & I want Nance to attack the rim.

    1. He’s helping on defense since Kobe and Lou aren’t. Problem is, he’s guarding Lowry. He’s also having to guard the opposing teams’ best wing player. Give him time.

        1. He keeps getting beat on the picks. He’s going to have to pick it up on D. Because next season he’s going to get paid like one of the top guys.

        2. It’s his 2nd yr and he’s the 46th pick of last yrs draft. He has exceeded expectations. Now he has more on his shoulders this yr. He has to work harder to improve. Last yr he was a surprise, not anymore. Who would’ve thought JC would be defended by the opposing teams’ best defender? Nobody lol

          1. He’s 23. He’s already in my eyes one of the better offensive 2s in the league. But he can’t be letting his man shoot wide open 3s.

          2. right now JC is the best Laker player.
            Kobe and Randle are 2nd or 3rd best if they are lucky.
            and Kobe is my fav player. But Kobe is struggling right now Clarkson has stepped up and been a leader so far.
            I would call him our best guy the top dog as of now….
            Randle could steal it but he hasnt so far.

  • You complained that Kobe was stunting their growth and that they should play with a scrub at S.F just to get more touches.

    You’re wish is granted and you are still complaining. Does it ever end?

    1. it never ends man…or woman. lol
      we are only 3-18 so far alot more losses to go…..
      nothing to look foward to,and with the rookies progress at a crawl pace.
      and with Kobe gone sooner than later. Now we have nothing to be happy about whether your a Kobe fan, a Russell fan, or a Randle fan, or a Clarkson fan….
      And if someone is a Laker only fan and has no favorite player.
      They still lose bc we suck. tanking is our only option now we have no other plan B or C or D or E! Bad news!

    1. if we do come in last place losing Kobe.
      the only good thing to come from that would be ben simmons…..
      what else do we look foward to?
      20 wins and no draft picks?

  • Plot Twist: Lakers will fire Scott after new year, MWP will takeover as a coach and the lakers will start playing defense

  • D’angelo where you at boy?? Goose eggs aren’t looking good. Here comes the bust comments, it’s not a tumor

    1. He’s to busy pouting while Randle is proving he belongs on the floor. I wont call Russell a Bust…….Yet. But he doesn’t handle adversity well.

      1. Couldn’t agree more. Might I add I’m holding my breath (he’s not a bust) and feeling a little dizzy.

    1. You see what I was saying about Clarkson. He’s not a catch and shoot player. Lou and Nick are. Kobe is running point so that limits his 3pt attempts but that keeps JC out of rhythm. Russell should be in the game.

      1. He is shooting around 45% from 3 this season. Very good catch and shoot ë point shooter. 10th in entire league

          1. Ben will figure it out. His form is ok, just needs to work on it. They can work in the long term

          2. julius working on his Js, Ben will surely improve his shooting(just ask Kobe for this)

          1. if we do get ben what position will he play?
            what are our chances of landing a top 3 pick?
            do we have be dead last or 2nd at least to even have a 50 pct chance?

          2. Ben is a SF/PF
            Lakers with worst record will have 64% to keep the pick, 25% 1st overall
            If lakers finishes 2nd worst record, 56% to keep top 3 pick,20% 1st overall
            if 3rd worst, 57% chance lakers keep the top 3 pick, 16% on 1st overall

          1. Grienke = 195M, Kuma = 45M, now they have $150M left to buy more players if needed..

          2. both Grienke and Price are making more money than LeBron, and both aren’t the top stars in MLB by any means.. crazy

          3. That is what happens when there is no cap haha. I love it. Let the competitive juices from owners do the talking

          4. chapman is going to recruit fernandez and cespedes. we’re stacked with cubans

      1. missed the game tonight. spent too much time on Dodgers board, looks like Lin has a good night on boxscore..

      1. Russell is starting to turn the corner. If he wasn’t being a baby he would’ve played better in the 1st half.

  • Problem tonight isn’t the offense. Kobe finally shoots above 50% for the first time, but this team is constantly getting blown on the defensive end and turnovers.

  • nance jr plays defense what lakers need in these possessions but randle is rebounding monster hibbert cant rebound cmon coach

    let Dlo Randle play not lOu nance jr

    1. He should put in Sacre, Kelly, MWP, Lou and Huertas for maximum efficiency! *hardcore sarcasm*

  • these turnovers and rebounding would ve been solved IF scott didnt bench Randle and Dlo in favor of Louu and Nance jr

    1. We had a chance to win that game until BS sat down Russell, and Randle, and put in KOBE, ITS a total disarray , maybe next year, but this one is done stick a fork in it so KOBE and BS CAN PLAY THEIR LITTLE GAME.

  • Im actually expecting a win this time, the players and the lineup changes looks good but Scott just dont know who to play

          1. yeah had a feeling something bad will happen when coach benched Randle and Dlo in favor of Lou and nance jr

            lakers needs nance jr defense but it makes no sense since lakers are in the penalty, should just let Randle grab the rebounds on both ends, I can see it clearly lakers hibbert,nancr jr wont do well in rebounding

          1. The good news is you aren’t allow to pay a player $30M in basketball, at least for now, lol

          2. both Harper and Trout will make more than $40M per year once they hit FA market

    1. he also has the second best +/- on the team, he must be done something right in his 17 minutes, tough D?

  • BREAKING NEWS: Scott to retire as a coach, wants to see Kobe and the young players have fun and joy under COACH MWP!!!

  • What sense does it make KOBE IN THE 4 TH AND SHOT TWO AIR BALL WITH 3.5 MINUTES TO GO and smiling about it, this is not a team its the Harlem Glob BB, I fell sorry for the YOUNG GUYS, not being able to learn the right way to have a team

    1. wont settle with those shots if Dlo in the floor making plays and Randle grabbing rebounds this aint Kobe’s fault stop hating on the man

      1. QUIT using the word HATE is not hate but disappoint in the way he is playing and willing to disgrace his self, he has to know he just does not have it any longer, I fell sorry for the man, that’s just not the KOBE that should be out there, and if I need anything from you I will let you know, I really don’t care what you think your not that bright .

  • I gotta be honest. These loses don’t make me mad. Ben Simmons is a talent worth tanking for and SKal or Jaylen are great consolation prizes. Obviously BS has job security. What coach would come in now and make a difference? Or would you rather be good enough to lose the draft pick.

      1. if tanking, just take a gamble with MWP as HC, will use the remaining games to learn the ropes in coaching

    1. Hey fool, we wont get Ben. Our geniuses will probably pick another Russ. Dont hope too much.

  • as a fan, I thought randle,dlo will get benched BUT will still play starter’s minutes…scott baffling just aint savage as a coach smh

  • I HAVE BEEN WATCHING BB for over 20 ears and I have never seen any COACH AS BAD as BS- he has no CLUE no knowledge him and KOBE just smile and lose game after game, its a disgrace to the LAKERS who seem not to CARE.

  • Kobe, MWP, Sacre, Kelly, Bass, Huertas, Hibbert, Black gone. 8 roster spots and a ton of cap space to start 2016 season. A real rebuild with JC, D’Russ, Randle, Nance, Brown, and possibly Simmons. Looks good to me.

    1. tariq black should be more mad than anybody else.
      coach scott plays bob sacre before he puts black in the game.
      its real sad bc tariq can play and his defense isnt bad.
      i wish we would figure this out already. are we tanking or trying to win?
      some games it looks like we want to win other games we look like were trying to tank when he benches guys who are getting hot.
      does anyone understand his reasoning? i really would like to know….

  • Lol, Byron Scott back to evaluating mode again for the Lakers. If you was going to bench someone it should’ve been Kobe. What’s Kobe gonna do? Not play good? Oh wait…


  • I dont get it with Randle but Russ is about right. OH NO … There will be a pool of tears from Russ fan boys. Their idol is now a back up.

  • BScott is the most clueless coach in pro sports at this point. Obviously at 3-17, your coaching is not working lol.

  • That is a good decision, because Russel and Randle will develop more playing without Kobe Bryant. He plays lots of isolations, demands the ball too much. Everyone are just standing and watching Kobe shooting. They will be better off the bench.

  • So what Laker Fans. Were not going anywhere except the very bottom which in the end will be good for us. Whether there’s. Kobe or not. Whether there is Byron Scott or not were not going anywhere except the bottom of the hole. So Laker fans there’s nothing we can do, there’s nothing Mitch Kupchak or Jeannie Buss can do.. Maybe this coach wants to develop larry Nance this time. It’s all about re building and player development boys and girls for this season.This is the way they develop their players. I think Kobe is the one who should go to the bench based on his age and performance this year. Are we doing this just out of respect. If it is, then it is what it is then. Randle and Russell should just have to seat tight and see what’s up next. Even there are rumors to trade Clarkson and Russell( I hope it’s true) This is the kind of team this franchise has become. and I for one is terribly disappointed. Folks this looks like were looking for 5 years maybe even more to see the light at the end of the tunnel. God forbid we may not even see that light.

  • why cant i post comments on lakersnation?
    only on some pages anybody know whats going on? help

  • i dont agree with you often as your a Kobe hater.
    But your making alot of sense right now……
    Nothing but the truth.

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