Lakers News: Brandon Bass ‘Didn’t Expect’ Kobe Bryant To Welcome Him

LA Lakers introduce offseason additions

A lot was made of the awkward silence among the three veteran additions the Los Angeles Lakers introduced to the media a few weeks ago. Roy Hibbert, Lou Williams and Brandon Bass were asked whether Kobe Bryant had reached out to them and all three players didn’t know how or want to respond to the question and therefore said nothing while anxiously awaiting the next question.

What will Brandon Bass make this season? Find out here!

Bass was recently asked about the awkward moment during his introductory press conference and said the following about his thoughts on the situation, via Terrance Harris of

“We had a little crowd there and that’s how I started laughing because I was looking at everybody’s faces,” he said. “That reporter had to know Kobe wasn’t going to say nothing to the team.

“To be honest, I didn’t expect him to say welcome. I just expect on the first day of training camp to be on the court with him.”

As usual, anything involving Kobe and something controversial involving the superstar tends to get blown out of proportion. This situation with three of his newest teammates is no different. It was an awkward moment that will soon be forgotten once Williams, Hibbert and Bass get on the floor with Bryant during training camp in the near future.

Bass signed a two-year deal with the Lakers this summer and will add some depth to the frontcourt after Jordan Hill and Ed Davis headed elsewhere in free agency. Second-year forward Julius Randle is expected to be the starter at the four spot, but Bass could make things interesting during training camp and throughout the preseason.


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Too mush made out of nothing. Kobe recently stated that all these FA signings were positive for the Lakers. I get tired of the media Kobe bashing. Give the guy a little slack.

  1. Nothing much to be made out of it, as long as these players show effort and take advantage of their opportunities (more so on a consistent basis) they’ll be good.

    1. Because reporters have bills. And Kobe draws in haters, and supporters. You know better than I do where you fit in the equation.


        1. My apology for the snap rush to judgement. Kobe draws haters and supporters is a more appropriate comment.


  • Well you were a former Celtic…..jk but Kobe rarely greet role players anyway. Last time I saw Kobe greet new players were when Nash and Howard were joining the Lakers. Those guys aren’t role players.

    1. He also congratulated Young when he got a new contract too. So, Kobe was possibly just busy, I mean he did spend time overseas in the off season

  • BFD. Why did Kobe need to reach out to any of these dudes?
    He’ll shake hands and hug it out when they meet at training camp…They ain’t A-listers that he was courting to come to LA.

    This is a non-story that the media keeps bringing up because they hate Kobe.

    1. BleedPRPL&GOLD,

      They dont’ all hate Kobe. Many love Kobe because he is helping them put food on their tables. They need a topic of discussion.Who else keeps bringing it help or no help? Who keeps exceeding expectations at nearly 40? Yes, there are a good number of Kobe haters mixed in with the opportunist.

      Hopefully this season is a return to the top.


  • Theres no question about it that Brandon Bass should be starting over Julius Randle. If you want to get the most out of your team and the best possible chance at winning more games than you obviously go with Bass but if you go with the youngsters than your telling fans its developing time and ur letting these guys learn and absorb the NBA. Its up to you develop your young talent or go for the win with bass? I’ll let you decide that ;D.

    1. Orrrrrrr…you could develop Randle AND go for the win. It all depends on how well Randle does with the minutes given. I least, he’ll have earned them, which makes your point moot.

      BS has repeatedly said the 4 is Randle’s to lose. So if Randle busts his ass and plays hard and becomes a plus to the team then it’s all good. If he’s not ready, well hey, there’s Bass. But we got Randle to be part of our future and it doesn’t make any sense to compartmentalize “the future” with “the present” when you can have both, as long as they’re smart about it.

      1. Starting Randle means more developing and learning curves. do you not know how to read or are you just being a fool??? 😀 Bass means more shot at winning more games. Randle does not mean “go for the win” if it was why would i even post that in the 1st place ???:D!!

        1. Well, here’s the thing. I can read (quite well actually, my test scores for comprehension rank pretty high), thank you very much.

          What I was saying is why does it have to be an “either or situation?” Randle at the 4 doesn’t automatically mean many losses. There was this rookie named Magic Johnson. Guy stepped into some pretty big shoes and we got a Finals series win out of it.

          Just saying, unless you have a crystal ball, you have no idea how it’s going to shake for Randle. You have an idea, yes, but it’s not a given that things won’t click for the guy.

  • “Much to do about nothing.” Media, especially ESPN, has made no secret that they don’t like Kobe. Kobe is not the typical athlete …he is articulate, intelligent, gifted, perceptive and of course, a rich Afro-American. These are characteristics that media does not like. Kobe is not an “a** kisser;” they don’t like that either. And Kobe has publicly denounced ESPN thus they are not only always going to negatively attack Kobe, but the Laker organization as well. During FA, what other team had what was said or implied during those “private and confidential meetings made public?” Not one. Nevertheless, we thereafter heard that La Marcus did not like this or that. Really? These so-called private conversations or events were only made public about the Lakers. We did not hear what events, statements or the like that took place in all the other team with whom he( La Marcus) met. Only the Lakers…SAD!!!!

    1. Finally someone I can agree with. His first language was Italian (not slang) and he can speak articulately on many different subjects. The guy does not possess the hood-savvy that most NBA players have that come from the inner city. So, since he acts rather straight-laced aka boring and has sort of an immigrants mentality about accomplishing his goals and take nothing for granted career-wise, the media makes this as something to loathe about. He is too hard on his teammates like a scolding immigrant parent is with their child or children. He takes too many “bad” shots that have cost the Lakers many important games (this mention seems a bit unreasonable as he has been to the NBA Finals 7 times and won five championships). He’s introverted and supremely negative about other players habits instead of going along with the flow and embracing guys no matter how much they work at being a good basketball player. It’s all hogwash and over-hyped commentary on behalf of the media and hive-minded fans who all just take something, no matter how small or inconsequential, and run with it all the way around in a circle and back again to the starting point.

  • Like Ron “Metta World Peace” Artest said, “people try to find any way to mention Kobe’s name.” Even his biggest “Kobrick” critics can’t help but mention things about him as it pertains to the Lakers not being able to acquire any talented free agents, the salary cap, how many minutes he should play so that the younger guys the team drafted gets more experience, and the list goes on. i get it, Kobe’s career is coming to an end very soon and people need to speak on all that he did because when he’s gone the league will not be as fun to watch (even seeing the Lakers lose with him on the team is entertaining for some). Kobe Bryant just know that no matter what those who root for and against you will in the end miss seeing you play for the purple and gold on the court.

  • I just don’t see what the big deal is about Kobe not welcoming them. Kobe will see them in training camp, and to be honest them 3 are not going to make Kobe to pick up his phone and dial their numbers, unless it’s Aldridge or Marc Gasol.

  • Top of the pack. Top of the game. Top of the world. Top of the NBA. Top of the conference. Top of the mountain. Top of the division.

    Your choice because…………

    We’re coming from the bottom. There is no where to go but back up to the top.

    Go Lakers !


  • Some people’s opinions about sports, professional athletes, and world politics is so media-driven. I’m starting to wonder how some people graduated high school or got to be where they are at without actually thinking for themselves. The trolls make the most insane comments about Kobe because so many people actually like how he plays. Everyone in the NBA takes bad shots. Kobe’s career field goal average is 47%, the MVP Stephen Curry shot 47% from the field this past season. Case in point, nobody who shoots a high volume of shots is going to make every one of them or over 50 percent when they mostly come from outside of the painted area. As far as having the most missed shots all-time, Havelichek was a bench player and a champion who played around six or seven seasons less than Kobe did. At 36 years old, he’s just as good as Carmelo Anthony is right now and that’s what destroying father-time hype and media-driven commentary on guys fading after 30. We as Kobe fans get it, you guys are sick of seeing him playing and being in the NBA spotlight over these newer guys who join collectively on super-teams. Your day of a Kobe Bryant-less NBA is coming soon.

  • Lakers reporters ask the dumbest questions so I don’t blame them. We don’t care if Kobe called them or not. Brandons facial expressions were hilarious when they asked that question though. They really need better media members or screen their questions or something.

  • Who are you? The ignorance that I just read made my head hurt. Maybe you should take a nap or something. You seem grumpy. Or eat? Idk just do something and get the fuck out of this page. Just a thought.

    1. He’s was posting as rayg last season,the dude is a ranting delusional Kobe hating old old psycho.

  • Your thoughts are trash you punk bitch. Get a life already. I swear i would beat your ass in real life you loser. You’re on every lakers article spewing bullshit. Go away!

  • I wonder how many times you need to be banned or change your name before you realize you are pathetic.

  • Conformity is not for everybody. Just those who don’t know anything better.
    Just ask Bill Gates and Steve Jobs (R.I.P.). Two of the people that gave you an opportunity to be online expressing your free speech, intellect, stupidity, and hate.


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