Lakers Nation Roundtable: Which Acquisition Will Make The Biggest Impact?

Roy Hibbert Lou Williams Brandon Bass

The Los Angeles Lakers introduced their three big off-season acquisitions this week as Roy Hibbert, Lou Williams, and Brandon Bass all made their first official appearances as members of the Lakers. While none of the three were the big names the Lakers (and fans) were hoping for, all three should play big roles for the team this season.

Roy Hibbert will immediately step in as the starting center and be the team’s best defensive presence in years. He has spoken about focusing strictly on defense and that will surely be his calling card. Brandon Bass could start or come off the bench, but regardless of his role, he is the perfect insurance policy in case Julius Randle struggles.

Lou Williams will bring the scoring off the bench the Lakers expected from Nick Young last season, but rarely got. With an extremely young backcourt, Williams brings a veteran presence and is also capable of making plays from time to time if need be.

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The Lakers didn’t get their top targets, but the players they did bring in will all make an impact this season. The question is, who will have the biggest impact? We asked our panel of experts which of the three Lakers off-season acquisitions will make the biggest impact this season. This is what they had to say:

Kevin Chan (@kevin_cruiser): I think Roy Hibbert will make the biggest impact for the Lakers this season.

It’s pretty clear that the Lakers don’t have a starting caliber center on their roster and Hibbert fills that void. Tarik Black has shown flashes of potential but realistically he’s probably two to three years away from being ready to start. Hibbert can come in immediately and hold down the five spot with his size and skills.

Hibbert is just two years removed from his All-Star campaign and hopefully he can play more like the 2013-14 Hibbert rather than the 2014-15 version. He will have the minutes to prove himself with the Lakers and he should be good for at least ten points, seven rebounds and two blocks per game. His main contributions will be on the defensive end of the floor and hopefully he’ll help shore up the Lakers defense which ranked near the bottom of the league last season.

Furthermore, Hibbert is in a contract year and his stock took a big hit last season. He will be hungry to show the league that he’s still one of the top big men in the league.

Corey Hansford (@TheeCoreyH): I am very happy with all three of the off-season additions the Los Angeles Lakers made. Brandon Bass is a great forward capable of starting or coming off the bench, and Roy Hibbert will be the defensive force the Lakers have long needed.

I am most excited, however, about the addition of Lou Williams and what he will bring to the team.

First and foremost, Williams is an explosive scorer off the bench. He will provide a much-needed scoring boost for the team, and help take the burden off of Kobe Bryant. In fact, it is pretty safe to say he is probably the Lakers’ second-best scoring option.

Just as important, however, is the veteran leadership he will bring to the backcourt. D’Angelo Russell and Jordan Clarkson will likely be the starters, but as first and second-year players respectively, expecting consistency from both of them isn’t wise. Williams’ presence, however, takes pressure off of them as he can easily step in when either is struggling that game.

He is a better playmaker than he is given credit for and will fit well with whatever lineup the Lakers choose to trot out on any given night. All three guys will make an impact, but Williams’ will be felt the most in my opinion.

Ryan Ward (@Lakers_Examiner): All three of the additions the Lakers brought in this summer, along with picks made in the NBA Draft, were solid. Lou Williams will provide even more offensive firepower off the bench and more depth in the backcourt. Los Angeles may have lost Jordan Hill and Ed Davis in free agency, but bringing in Brandon Bass will help lessen the blow while potentially being a better option than both of the players that left a void in the front court.

Although I believe all the moves made are upgrades to the roster, trading for Roy Hibbert is potentially a game-changer. Hibbert provides a kind of defensive presence in the paint that hasn’t been seen since Andrew Bynum was in his prime during his stint in Los Angeles.

Hibbert is among the best rim protectors in the league and that will become apparent immediately at the start of next season. The seven-footer is fully concentrated on being the defensive force in the paint that has been sorely lacking in Los Angeles the last few years.

The veteran center may have suffered a bit of a decline last season with the Indiana Pacers, but he’s clearly motivated to turn over a new leaf with the Lakers. Hibbert has dropped 16 pounds so far and already put in some work with six-time NBA champion Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

A motivated veteran on the last year of his deal in new surroundings could prove to be highly beneficial for the Lakers. Hibbert could be the key to make the storied franchise a defensive force while also helping the squad take a step closer to being back in playoff contention.


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Hibbert, with his D @ the RIM, to me that is the most important, thing that we needed this season & if UPSHAW gets his self together, we will have a constant RIM protection.

  1. Upshaw will be fine. I realized that he’s been out of basketball activities for almost 9 months as of today. — IIRC, his last game was in Mid-October.

    He’s gotta get into basketball shape before he can be offered a contract.

  • Lou Williams. I’ve never actually seen him play live but I’ve watched a lot of film on him recently. I REALLY like what I see. Just a gut feeling he’ll thrive in the Lakers offense.

    1. This morning I looked up LOU & YOUNGS stats believe it or not Young has better stats shooting % but watching taps LOU has better feel for the game and higher points per games, that’s shooting % young is like 1 % better.

  • Roy Hibbert can dominate a game on defense if he becomes a better rebounder the Lakers might have found the answer at center for the next 4-5 years and knowing what they gave up to acquire him it could potentially be a historically good move

    1. And let’s keep in mind that Hibbert is only 27!

      With that being said, Hibbert needs to be in shape, something he was not last year. But yes, he could be the rim protector we’ve been missing over the last two horrible seasons. He and Bass could be two superb additions to back up our offensive forces (Bryant, Clarkson, Williams, Young, Randle and Russel!!). Once again team chemistry will be a key element although this time I find our team much more balanced than last season.

      1. Hibbert during introduction had a big grin on his face when talking about being a Laker, I think this will be a great step for him and the LAKERS and I think he wants to stay a LAKER.

        1. One sure thing: he’ll learn from one of the greatest centers of all time and will have to compete against the best centers in the league.

      2. From Slam: “Roy Hibbert Lost 16 Pounds and Aims to Become an All-Star Defender”

        Yeah, he’ll be in shape

    2. Randle is a very good rebounder and compliments Hibbert very well.

      Hibbert won’t play above the rim much, but Randle can.

    3. Agreed. This is the thing I really need to see from the FO. Enough with the transitional free agent additions! The players we now bring in need to be thought of as players who are gonna stick around for a few season’s, as we start cultivating a core group of players and the culture they envision for the team. There’s way too much emphasis on keeping flexibility for chasing the stars. Let’s groom a star or two…

  • Roy Hibbert because of his defense. Im not a huge fan of Hibbert, hes kind of a clumsy giant. I used to watch him get the ball and be like watch hes gonna mess up and sure enough he would lol. Hes able to score, but more often than not gets lost on the offensive end. Still, his defense is solid and hes a a strong last line. As long as he works hard on that side of the court he’ll make an impact.

    1. When I watched his games tapes the one thing I thought was in his advantage was his foot work I watched tapes over an hour but of course they only show you the best, I am JUST hoping he is as good as his tapes. WOW

      1. Yeah you cant really make a full assessment off a highlight reel. Trust me hes clumsy. He has decent footwork hes just sluggish and a bit error prone. Ive watched him quite a bit over the years. Had a few laughs at his expense. I was always a good defender and im a coach, im able to quickly read a person’s offensive tendencies. Hes a solid defender though. We need that. Just expect to have a few cringe worthy plays from him on the offensive end.

          1. As long as he plays D he’ll earn his pay check. He won’t need to score with our guard oriented offense. Im just saying he’s a solid defender, fail factory on offense. Temper your expectations a bit. Still as long as he guards the rim and is vocal on D he’ll make the biggest impact overall. A solid defender can make more of an impact than a 20 pt per game scorer, it’s not as flashy but there’s pride in that. I want him to succeed at that but Im not dellusional. Defensive players who want to be an offensive force when they dont have the skill necessary to be one is detrimental, ahem.. dwight howard.. Hibbert will help on D this year. Not sure hes the long term answer but we needed a center, he’ll help this year. Beyond that who knows. Just keeping it real, theres a reason the pacers gave him up for a 2nd round pick, i know why.

          2. Like, Hibbert is Alonzo Mourning on D.. Kwame Brown on Offense. 4real. It’s that bad. Im not hating. Wish it wasn’t so. But hey, we need a defensive center so it might work. Let’s sit back and see how this season unfolds. As a coach i know sometimes you make do with the pieces you got and sometimes it works out better than expected. He ended up being a weak spot on the minus paul george offensively anemic at times pacers. If he accepts his role here maybe he’ll be a better fit. Time will tell. My expectations of him are realustic though. Go Lakers!

          3. Where did you say you COACH, you seem to want everyone to know that, but I have other feelings about you SO where and when do you COACH, I have a problem to believe a real COACH would not be hanging around LAKERS NATION, correct ?

  • I take this offseason as a huge trade. Essentially we traded Hill, Davis, Boozer, Wesley and Lin for Hibbert, Bass, Randle, Kobe, D’Angelo and Lou. I added Kobe and Randle because they both missed the entire last season. Yeah we didn’t land any big names……but this “trade” seems pretty legit. Now to the subject, I think Lou will have the biggest impact, for the simple fact that no bench defender can guard him.

    1. I like LOU also but the question was who will be the most valuable which I believe HIBBERT at the RIM will make a very big improvement this season.

      1. Theres no doubt that Roy will be valuable, but I think the best player from our bench will be valued most. The starting 5 usually is a good blend of Offense and Defense, while most benches rely on strictly offense……..this is why I say Lou, between him and Swaggy, they will light the defending teams players up. Lou will sustain our offense…….and the last time I checked, whoever has the most points at the end wins.

        1. There is only two ways a team gets the ball, they SCORE and hand it to you or you take it away from them, and score, and I believe D-FENCE WINS GAMES, IN MOST GAMES BOTH team WILL HAVE THE BALL 100 TIMES IN A GAME NOW THE ONES THAT PLAY D better then the other team has more chances = more points.

          1. The best defense is a good offense. The best offense is a good defense. You need both to win. And Bass plays both ways and doesn’t miss games and is a great positive locker room presence. Like a Derek Fisher in the locker room. He will be the Most Valuable piece. Though his numbers may not show it

          2. Most of your team locker room talkers are not the main scorers they are also your talker on the floor, that’s where the glue come together. Like you said FISHER, he was the one keeping the peace, that everyone listens too.

  • Lou WILLIAMS = we have lots of scorers on this team but he will be the most consistent and reliable scorer we have. You can make the argument he is the second best player on this team. Definitely away from Kobe he is the most proven.

  • Lou Williams. with him and nick young on the bench it could give team’s secondaries some trouble.

      1. jabari brown is not in the rotation dumbass. thats only in ur deranged head. bryon scott would have to have a brain tumor to play jabari,Williams and young all together off the bench. seek help. all 3 are pure SG’s πŸ˜€

        1. Play semantics much?

          Did you really think Scott would play all 3?
          When has ANY coach outside of Calipari used a platoon system.

        2. This is where you go off the deep end. Williams, Brown and Young would be great off the bench. Williams is a combo guard who can give you 4-5 assists off the bench, if put in that role. Brown is good at catch and shoot and so is Young. All three can slash to the basket and can get very hot from downtown. Both Williams and Brown are scrappy defenders. Black and Randle would be a great mix as our bench mob with them. Bass and Hibbert would solidify out starters defensively. Kobe Clarkson and Russell would be the offense.

          1. great? ya sure if you wanna play hero ball 24/7 hahah!!!!. the ball will stick more than maple syrup :D. Williams and young is already more than enough. Brown isn’t even close of a PG “D

          2. no Williams and brown a pure SG’s. i dont think you know what the word combo is :D. jordan clarkson is what yo call a combo guard. nick young could play the 2 or the 3 because of his size. but the other 2 are pure SG’s

          3. Williams is a combo guard. Do some homework son. He even said he’s played PG in the past and has no problem being a playmaker.

          4. Dude you sound like a nutjob, and beyond that you’re just wrong. Jabari is definitely in the rotation, if anyone is going to not play it’s nick young (scott has basically said he has to improve to get minutes)

          5. You have to excuse jjoosshhhh he is a TROLL, AND JUST does not understand I AGREE with you those were my thought also, it would send another bench crazy because they can all score.


    Lou Williams can give you 11 pts 4 ast or 16 pts 1 ast. He can score and he can create for others, he average more than 4 ast per game if asked to distribute more. He can give us CLARKSON type numbers.

    Roy HIBBERT 9 pts , 6 rbs , 2 blks
    Brandon BASS 10 pts, 7 rbs

      1. Byron Scott , has already told him not to worry about scoring. Only worry about defense, rim protecting and rebounding. He average 10.6 pts lasr year, so his scoring average will go down.

        1. not true this team is a better offensive team and a bettyer passing team so he should get easy shots to add to his point total. + hes going to play more this season

        1. It depends how good Upshaw gets and don’t forget we still have BLACK he will bang with the best of them and will be great on small ball,

  • Hibbert. His defensive presence will definitely be felt. Much like when Dwight played for the Lakers. He’ll also be a good mentor for Upshaw. Excited for Lou, Staples gon’ be lit when he’s on the court.

  • The Lakers scenario will improve if:

    1) Kobe Bryant gets his shooting proficiency over 42%. If it is under 40% the opposing team will love for him to keep shooting to make the Lakers lose by missing so many shots.
    2) The new roster spreads the floor when Kobe is on the court so team mates can take pick and pop or off the dribble shots. When Kobe is not on court, the new guards need to slash to the basket and dump it to the power forwards since the Lakers have so many of these guys.
    3) If the coaching staff is not involved, the Lakers will go 8 wins and 12 losses the first 20 games then hopefully they will improve to a 50/50 split down the rest of the season getting to a very respectable 35 win season.
    4) If the coaching staff is involved then I see more trades before the end of the season and the Lakers will be lucky to even make 30 wins.
    5) Roy Hibbert will get more touches with the ball but will not effect the overall win rate for the team. Bass and Williams will under perform when Kobe Bryant is on the court and must make up for their scoring when he is off the court. I do not see any veteran free agent players on the roster getting career high scoring only respectable numbers because of the lack of chemistry and strategy by the coaching staff.

    6) Watch for unlikely trades that could see Clarkson and at least 2 other rookies leave the team before the season is over.

    1. Unless Clarkson is traded for a Superstar, Clarkson is going to be a Laker for a long time.

      Mitch hand picked his rookies in this draft, I doubt he’s looking to trade them…..

      1. Yes – I would like to see Clarkson progress with the Lakers for a few years but if it depends on if Mitch is still employed with the Lakers or if the Lakers will have a sound strategy then it becomes who is really in control as far as coaching and the front office moves. I would love to see the young players develop for at least three years and not so much care about whether they make the playoffs.

        1. Great players get better every year, and adjust to any new problems that show up over the years.

          1. I hope your view point is correct but I must disagree. Great players come from great mentors and average players do not stand a chance when no one tells them what to do with the assets they have. Anyway this is a philosophy type of question so not going to sway your view just giving my perspective as to how to progress.

          1. i think ahead of you because im smarter than it stupid no its called speculating

          2. LOL. how are you smarter than me? i’m far more intelligent than you will ever be and it’s not close. your “speculating” is complete idiocy.

          3. ha dream on i clearly have a higher iq than you and it get called an idiot just about every single day me on the other hand i get praised for everything i post because i know lakers up and down better than anyone else

          4. you are completely delusional. and yes, you’re a HUGE idiot. scroll up to the list of your predictions that i posted. NONE of them came even close to coming true. you don’t know shit about the lakers. and your IQ is a joke.

          5. ive been off a little i will admit that but my sources are highly creditable

          6. a little? you’re WAY off, always.

            randle is going to be a SF — nope

            the lakers are going to draft kaminsky — nice try

            the lakers are going to max wade — swing and a miss

            the lakers are going to max dragic — negative

            shall i go on?

          7. proceed those all became great articles for discussion i do pretty well with predicting the lakers next moves

          8. you haven’t predicted ONE of the lakers’ moves, idiot. meanwhile, i told everyone that randle will be the lakers’ future at the PF position (and he is). i also predicted that the lakers would pass on ‘no defense’ okafor and take russell (which they did).

          9. hes no match andy hes tries to out debate me but always ends up falling on his face smh

    1. Just a joke but you need to change your name to 1dumblakerfan, what do you think, like I say just kidding. But it does fit.

  • Each has a great opportunity to have an impact. However, Hibbert having a good year might be fool’s gold. He’s in a contract year, so he’ll be motivated to be engaged and focused at all times. If the other guys accept that the young guys are the future and don’t get their feelings hurt that they don’t start, they could be key rotational players. Bringing the young guys along slowly (easing them into starting roles) would probably be a good idea. It’d be ideal that the young guys are all starters by March. But, we’ll have to see.

  • The biggest impact is obviously gonna be Roy Hibbert since hes a Defensive center something the Lakers haven’t had since Dwight Howard that they desperately need to be competitive in games so thats a breath of fresh air. Bass would be 2nd and Willams would be last since im guessing hes gonna struggle a bit and will not win 6th man of the year again.

  • Young is a better scorer than Williams. Williams is a combo guard. That is the number one reason it was foolish to peruse Lawson by way of trading Young. The team is already short at the SF position and we have a ton of combo guards. Trading Young for Lawson would have made that even worse and could have stumped the development of Russell.

    IMO, Lou should get reps at PG off the bench…

    PG Williams
    SG J. Brown or A. Brown
    SF Young or A. Brown
    PF Randle, Kelly
    C Black, Upshaw

    We need to get Upshaw locked up. I’d waive Sacre and add a PG for depth. Our bench is solid set like this. I’d want Bass to start over Randle as I think he would fit better next to Hibbert in making us a better defensive first team. Offensively Kobe and Clarkson will do most of the heavy lifting with the starters…

    PG Russell
    SG Clarkson

    SF Kobe
    PF Bass
    C Hibbert

    This eases the burden of having such a young back court. Three vets paired with Russell and JC. Same goes for the bench. Williams and Young as the veteran presence working with Randle and the Brown’s. Of course the second unit is suspect defensively, tho Lou Williams is better defensively than advertised. The second unit will bring a ton of scoring power 1-4!

    I really wanna see this kind of rotation develop chemistry. I think they will surprise us in the win loss column if we don’t suffer more injuries.

    1. Lawson was focused on to be the starting PG and take the pressure off of Russell in his first year. It also helps Kobe move to the SF position.

      Clarkson can be the starting PG until Russell gets up to speed. And Williams is a capable starting SG until then.

      1. Flawed idea. As you know we don’t see eye to eye on this. You don’t draft Russell #2 overall and then go get a player like Lawson to start in front of him as a rental. That is a complete waste. Russell is the PG of the future and should start training on the job right away. With Clarkson and Kobe on the floor with him there is no pressure. You have two players who can help him.

        1. Throwing Russell into a situation where he is clearly “over his head” isn’t good for developing young stars. Even though I say he’s not ready, I do expect he WILL be ready by the All Star game.

          Can he handle the pressure of the entire team, it’s success, and handle the failure that he will almost certainly see as a rookie ball handling PG?

          How many times can a rookie look at the Lakers Media and say, “Yes, I lost that game and we need every win possible for a Playoffs spot.”

          How long will it take for the media sharks and tough LA Lakers fans to start turning on him because he’s a rookie costing games?

          Can he handle the media asking, “Don’t you think Scott should bench you to help the team win?”

          You didn’t see how “not-ready” he was in the Summer League….. And, in the NBA he won’t be facing 3rd tier scrubs, and DLeague stars…..

          He’s absolutely not ready bro.

          Mitch and Scott sent a pretty clear message about Russell by trying to get Lawson and broadcasting that they are looking for a PG. It’s too bad Lin left, as he would be the perfect guy to be a 3 month starter, and then Russell’s backup for the next 2 years.

          1. Your so stupid, u say Russell isn’t ready but yet what makes you think Clarkson is? What exactly has Clarkson proved that’s so note worthy? Putting up numbers on a full tank mode team and putting up numbers on a summer league team does not qualify as “being ready”. As far as im concerned dumbass hes in the same situation Russel is as of right now, no different, they both have to prove themselves. Clarkson has played on a real roster yet and hasn’t showed yet that hes capable of putting up numbers on a real team. As far as im concerned Clarkson is essentially still a rookie. ur so dumb J fatass πŸ˜€

          2. Did you miss Clarkson’s play since the All Star game?

            I’m not thrilled with Clarkson starting, but I accept he might be the best solution the team has at the moment AND there is a high likelihood that it will work out favorably.

          3. ….. umm Clarksons definitely a lot more proven than Russell given he put up ROY numbers and held his own against Lillard, CP3, and Derick Rose and other elite guards

          4. You got it right, pipol js still sleeping on clarkson eventhough theyre bashful posted comments during the breaks were plainly humiliated during his sl appearance. Might aswell make him start as pg so to shutdfukup their fluke garbage demeanors..

          5. I bet you will be glad when grade school starts again, you sure missed out last year.

          6. he may have put up numbers on those guys but to me that means nothing since the team was playing for a pick and didn’t give a shit. To me Clarkson is still a rookie. Hes coming into the season still needing to prove hes able to produce on a real roster looking to win games and not lose. Everything hes done before the season so far is just “butter” meaning its just preparation. Don’t be assuming and coming to the conclusion hes ready just because of what hes been doing so far cuz nobody cares what you’ve done on a summer league team and what you’ve done in the last 30 games of a tank team. Nobody will even remember that. People care what you can do on a real NBA roster

          7. Every year every player has to prove his worth, this is a fact not a night mare that you think things are only an IDIOT would think different.

          8. Hey IDIOT you just must be playing STUPID no one with any brains would be as dumb as you are. if you like TROLL as much as you do, you should see a DOCTOR even then I dought he could help .

          9. What makes him more ready in Feb. ? He’s gonna get PT before then anyway. Every player drafted is the unknown till proven. Again, we are a lotto team and like it or not, that plays a big factor into his immediate development status. And starting right away is the right thing to do.

            JC was held back by Scott in his development. JC actually played well in the summer league and preseason. It was absolutely stupid to sit JC as Scott did when Nash and Young were lost from the jump. Price over JC? For what? How many games did Price affect the win loss column? Then Kobe was ran to death in the process.

            There is no one on this years team better suited to play in front of Russell and it would have been redundant to pick up Lawson to start in front of DR given how many combo guards we presently have.

            I liked Lin’s potential. I even wanted Rondo but once they chose Russell, it was clear the PG position was set. Passing Okafor meant Russell was the guy. Mitch and Jimmy are reaching for stars in a desperate flawed manner. The Rockets saved us from a bad move. Lawson would not be content coming to the Lakers as a mentor for his eventual replacement. He told us that when the Nuggets drafted Mudiay… “I’m going to Sacramento”

            The FO needs to embrace the youth movement like the 94-95 Lakers did, as the Late Show was born. Van Exel and Jones did just fine as young bucks in the immediate post Showtime era. Keep in mind Russell and JC are not dealing with the Lakeshow pressure given we are two lotto season’s removed from that.

          10. I agree that’s possible. The same way the Late Show young bucks got the Lakers in the playoffs in a very stacked western conference. Eddie Jones and Van Exel were freshman and sophomore also.

          11. very true but if healthy(big if) and if our vets mesh together(another big if) this team has the makings of being a gsw vs mav’s or a mem vs spurs type feel were they could upset a team they should have lost to

          12. BTW, why are you talking like Kobe is not on this season’s roster? This is still Kobe’s team. Kobe is the leader and will burden the pressure till he retires. I scratch my head on the whole pressure theme. What pressure? Are we expected to be a championship contender? Again, Russell will be playing along side of two players in JC and Kobe who can help him run the team. What pressure?!?

          13. I agree with you on this but he has to be the bench PG he will have more then enough help where the starters have enough to do trying to keep things running and In time slowly brake him in as the starter, after ALL STAR BREAK.

          14. I agreed with Daryl here. Russell is the #2 pick so TRAIN him. Start him in training camp and then let him play in the preseason. Our vets should give him more confidence and he’ll learn it quickly. It’s a bold and risky move but since he is the best player in the draft (according to Mitch), you’ve got to give him some “actual experience”. He is competitive and willing to learn. I’m not too worried about losing games with Russell, we’ve the 6th man Lou Williams and JC.

          15. let russell start, but the closing lineup will prob be lou, clarkson, kobe, bass, hibert.

      2. seek help. “It also helps Kobe move to the SF position” :D!!

        seek help “Clarkson can be the starting PG until Russell gets up to speed”

      3. Agreed. This is more sound. Until mid season maybe when his able to contol his tempo more to nba tune. Though i nod of him start approximately that time, so to have his chances for roy..

      4. No disrespect man, but this coddle mentality many have concerning Russell really bothers me. When you draft a player that high, he’s got to be put into the fire right away, and be allowed to swim or sink. Better to find that out right away. Who’s to say he will have a better supporting cast than Kobe and JC next season? Nash likely at his disposal, as a practice mentor. Nash might not be available after this season. Take advantage of all these resources on the fly while he has them. Then hopefully we have a much more polished player next season who’s ready for the shine post Kobe.

        1. Do you think letting him fail and face the pressure of the media and hollywood is a good thing for the future starting guard at 19?

          If he weren’t a #2 pick you’d clearly agree that he’s not ready to start. You want to force the issue in hopes of accelerating his growth process. He’s a 10 year solution, not a 1-year fix.

          If he struggles and the team goes 2-8 because of bad plays by Russell and the team is out of the playoffs by November, is that a smart way to “develop” a future superstar?

          Why not let him earn his starting position. Which should be February anyway?

          1. Magic was 19 and he did not crumble. He ushered in the Showtime era. Kyrie Irving had less college experience than Russell at the same age and he did not falter as the starter from day one under Scott.

            You like many seem to forget we are a lotto team that won only 21 games last season and only 27 the previous year. Expectations are not that high where we need to be thinking slow play development on Russell. YES. #2 is drafted to play right away. Jabari Parker was the starter day one. Muiday will be the starter day one. Top 5 picks on lotto teams start.

            Why are we expecting him to so drastically struggle from the jump based on 5 summer league games? LeBron James struggled in his summer league. Many recent all-stars that started day one as rookies struggled in the summer. Again, IMO the coddle mentality is flawed. No better time to deal with the growing pains than right away given our status. Why delay those growing pains? They will happen whether he starts day one or not.

            Russell does not strike me as a mental midget who will let a few early struggles destroy him.

          2. Please this is way to early in his career to compare him to anyone, that gives him no justice at all, we should all stay off his A$$ and let him find his self, and he will show us what he can do as RUSSELL not MAGIC or any one else. And let the FO figure where he should play and how.

          3. It’s not about comparing Magic’s career to Russell, it the beginning. I’m not on his ass, I’m on these coddle minded Lakers fans. Russell was the #2 overall pick and lotto teams draft those players to start right away. period. Swim or sink is up to DeAngelo.

          4. That’s what I have been saying, but if this was back east we could try the starter thing but on the west 8/10 games down to start your season will be over before it started

    2. what i dont get is you want bass to start of randle but your fully against russ coming off the bench both need to start form day 1

      1. Bass will be given the chance to beat Randle out for the starters gig. I think he would be a better fit with Hibbert as a defender.

          1. Hibbert is our center. Randle and Bass will battle it out for the starting PF position. What are you talking about?!?

        1. randle and bass will fight it out.

          clark russ young williams, brown and brown will figh for the last two stating small spot

          the only spots that we know for a fact is kobe and hibbert

          1. no they are not. both will need to earn it. i would agree one of the two will start with out question but if come training camp it does not look like its working it wont happen

          2. That’s how you personally feel about it but Scott has already stated they will be the starters. Kobe’s willingness to play SF is validation of that. Not only that, who on roster will start in front of them? Come on man.

          3. he has not said they will be our starters. he has said he sees kobe at the three alot but he has not named any starters.

          4. Scott said PF (Bass and Randle) is the only position up in the air in his mind. You do the math.

          5. which does not say who is starting at the 1 or the two or the three.

            the only thing we can say for sure is kobe hibbert and at least 1 of the two young guards will start

          6. You are grossly in denial mayne. There’s no way (barring injury) Russell and Clarkson are not starting day one. Again, Kobe moving to the three is further proof. IDK what more you need to understand the coming reality.

          7. the fact that its not true. we have plenty of guards that could start depending on match ups and chemisty. there is no 100% fact that russ and clark will start.

          8. You don’t draft Russell at #2 passing on Okafor to have him ride the pine. Please don’t have me go into this with you like I have with others. There are some many players who were thrust into the starting role as young rookies also on lotto teams, and we are a lotto team.

          9. 5 Summer league games says he’s not ready? Bottom line, a number 2 overall draft pick on a lotto team starts. Look at the last ten years as an example. You’ll be hard pressed to find one who didn’t. Sorry brah, the ideology you wish to be true is no more.

          10. i did not say 5 summer league games says hes not ready. he very likely could be ready idk.
            if come training camp he looks like hes going to need time you bench him behind clark.
            if he looks better then clark you start him.
            if he and clark look like they work together right away start them both.

            idgaf who starts but you dont just start some one because you pickjed them second in the draft. people made the same argument last season about randle and i still stand by the starting of boozer.

            let the youth prove they can start

          11. Time will tell and my money is on Russell starting. There is less and less earn it anymore under the lotto team parameters. You may not like this but that is the reality.

          12. if we were a lotto team i would agree but we are not trying to be a lotto team again meaning our coaching staf is truing to win. kinda why we were looking at ty lawson.

            being the 2nd pick does not mean hes starting just like being the 7th pick does not mean randle is starting

          13. Not trying to be a lotto team and actually being one. That’s the mentality quandary. We are a lotto team.

          14. no were not. we are not trying to lose agaion or let the team grow from with in the basics of a lotto team. we went out and added nba lvl talent to try to win.

            that proves if russel or rande are not randy they wont be starting reguardless of draft position

          15. It don’t matter if we are not trying to lose again. We just selected in the lotto two years in a row therefore we are a lotto team. We are rebuilding and that is why the big fish have spurned us.

            Philly added talented vets last season. Boston, Phoenix, Sacramento, ETC…

            Russell and Clarkson are starting. How much cash you wanna put on it? I’m that confident given what’s coming out of the Lakers camp.

          16. they very well could start and i would have no issue with it. or only one of them starts. the only two that are a 100% with out a doubt starters are hibbert and kobe

          17. why thats stupid. theres really no betting at this point we have not even reached training camp

          18. Mike Bresnahan ‏@Mike_Bresnahan 9h9 hours ago

            Laker trainer Gary Vitti talked to Kobe about moving to small forward to make room for the backcourt kids. “I can do that,” Kobe said.

            This is proof of what you are denying.

          19. that is not proof that russel or clarkson is starting i can come up with around ten lineups with kobe and one of the back court kids with out both of them.

          1. i think he should be a spot up shooter like klay thompson he doesnt have an inside game yet due to his size

  • Hibbert will have the biggest impact of the FA but I believe Russell will have the biggest impact form all of the new players. Now, it might be negative but if he is a bust that would b a huge impact on the Franchise. If he turns out to be really good, that will also be a huge impact that will lead to future FA coming to LA. Hopefully Upshaw will get into shape and shake off the rust by all-star break and avg. 15-20 min. a game . He doesn’t have to focus on offense so this should speed up his ability to get on the court. With a combination of Hibbert, Upshaw, and black the lakers could avg. 4-5 blocks a game from the center position. That would be great and lead to more fast breaks for the young horses. I think the lakers could shock some folks this season.

    1. If his shot falls for him when he attacks the rim and his mid range jumper. He will have the biggest impact because he will be unguardable for a power forward.

    2. Im concerned with his undue assertiveness in banging downlane, might cause an early uncalled for damage on him or later. He needs to control his horses, learn more the angles and posts, and so make a calculated impact downlow.. He can only mend to this by talking to himself inside, whether he wanted an early acknowledgement or a long years of adorations. He need to strike the balance..

      1. That’s just the way he has always played we can’t change players games or why did we draft him in the first place, he will see what he can do and change his game his self.

  • I rather the Lakers start a bunch of Veterans than a bunch of Rookies (expect for Russel). Let the rookies develop with each other off the bench(Clarkson,Randle,Black/Upshaw) with Young and Williams instead of making them start with Kobe Bryant. Its whats best for the team.


  • Joshhh,
    Do you not understand that teams don’t sub in 5 guys at a time. There is usually a mix of staters and bench players on the floor when the whole starting line up is not together. So when you make statements about letting the young guys play together but off of the bench. It doesn’t make sense. Starting them together will allow for more minutes together. Not trying to be rude. But subbing 5 at a time is Jr. high/peewee coaching

    1. still you get the point. that everyone should have a sub coming off the bench for them whenever that is. they may play together but for the hole time until some starterr is subbed off

      1. The point I get is what i said. In order to play the most together, they need to start. Watch any game or ask any coach and the starters play to most together.

  • Lakers are looking to add Matthew Dellavedova as part of their young core of
    players.The Lakers are already full in its frontcourt position, but none of the likes of
    Jordan Clarkson and rookie D’Angelo Russell can defend as well as β€œDelly.


        1. Well that’s crazy. They’re reportedly offering 3-5mil a year. He’s seriously turning that down to sign with Lakers for 2.8mil?

          1. i know but he will have a bigger role in LA as cavs hired mo williams for back up..delly can earn a starting role in lakers in pre season camp

      1. agreed he’s a defensive monster and good 3 point shooter something we need at the pg position..i would start him

        1. He is not a defensive monster, he has the experience as a guard in the finals, which is good enough, and he should not have start over Russell unless you want Delli to be the main PG in the future which on talent alone, he is not capable of.

  • Lakers purposely didn’t sign a SF because they wanted to force Scott to play Russell early on. With no SF Lakers have no choice but to play Clarkson Russel and Kobe.

    1. Jim buss knows his job is on the line and he purposely doesn’t get the player he thinks he needs just so Russell gets more playing time. I don’t think so. I think they want Kobe to get most of his shots in the post hi/low and sf fits that mold better than the guard position. Clarkson can cut and Russell can spot up at 3 point line. This scenario makes more sense to me.

      1. makes no sense. you need a stopper on the wing if you want to be compete unless your playing zone 24/7 and daring guys to shoot all the time :D. Cuz there perimeter defense is as bad as it gets in the league. bunch of 1 dimensional scorers but no stopper

        1. There is a reason why we picked 2nd. Hopefully it starts to change with hibbert. He will give guys more confidence to be aggressive. This will lead to steals and fast break opportunities

          1. hibbert will get in foul trouble every game knowing hes got no one on the wings to help him stop penetration to the rim. At least in indana hibbert had help on the wings with paul george, lance, hill etc.. and had way more better defenders on the wings than the lakers have

          2. true. but he is still going to play 25 min game and he is still 7’2” that will change many shots at the rim that we didn’t have last yr. Upshaw will provide 15 min. a game after the all-star break that will give us another rim protector. black is just going to have to hold down the fort until upshaw gets into shape. I am not saying lakers defense is going to be as good as Indiana but they won’t be dfl anymore in defense.

        2. russell, clarkson, kobe on the perimeter may not be elite defenders but are long and able to swich 1-3 so shouldn’t be that bad with hibert protecting the rim if guards/wings get penetration , Bass is good help side defender and decent on the boards. Hibert is pretty great at using the rule of verticality , contest without fouling. The overal D will be better this season.

    2. russ, kobe, young
      russ, kobe brown
      russ, williams, kobe
      russ, brown, kobe
      russ, kobe, randle

      clark, kobe young,
      clark, kobe brown
      clack, willaims, kobe
      clark, brown, kobe
      clark, kobe, randle

      that is ten possible combos that does not include russ and clark

  • Hibbert will be the most hungry, he will be out there to prove Pacers made a mistake in throwing him. And yet it will be a blessing in disguise for him since he can exploit his best as the rim protector LA missing link for several years. Though Williams and Bass are awesome addition since they will bring their veteran experiences to the team. Wishing all the best Roy, Lou and Brandon. Welcome to the team……….

  • Roy Hibbert easily. The whole focus is on his defense cause we sorely need it. But, people forget he played in the Princeton offense for 4 years at Georgetown. He will get his buckets, especially with Russell at the point. That impacts his D cause now he will have pep in his step. This year I see more contested jumpers because of Hibbert’s presence. I watched alot of Hibbert and Jeff Green when they were in college together. He should be another priority next summer. Derozan and Green would be difference making additions.
    2016/17 hopeful starters:
    PG Russell
    SG Derozan
    SF Green
    PF Randle
    C Hibbert
    A. Brown
    Nance jr
    4 open spots

    1. That is not a bad line up. I would rather go for durant and Noah. Dream Big. This is only if the youngsters turn out to be good. All of the Centers are defensive minded and 2 of them have been defensive player of the year. Durant is also a bad ass on defense. This could and should bring rings to the lakers. What do you think.


  • People say that the plan was to play Kobe at the 3 all a long. But your completely wrong about that thiefneck. If that were the plan than the Lakers wouldn’t have expressed interest in so many SF’s in the 1st place this summer (Middleton,Carrol,Aminu,Harris,Butler etc..). Its only when all these guys decided to go some place else that The dysfunctional Jim Buss decided to say “Fuck it” just play Kobe at the 3. This shows that the Front office is lazy as fuck to go look for a SF that they decided to put Kobe there once everything fell threw, but what they don’t realize is that you still haven’t solved the problem at the 3 your just putting a patch over it, a patch that will eventually break. You cant argue that the 3 spot coming into the summer was one of the most glaring needs the Lakers had and were always linked to SF’s looking for a replacement for horrible Wesley Johnson. Its shows the front office is lazy and gives up easily

    1. I try and read multiple sites and I never heard the rumors or meetings with those sf. You might have wanted the lakers to get those guys but they weren’t on the lakers radar.

      I agree with you that sf is a glaring need and we should have picked a sf instead of Nance Jr. We might have had to trade up but they missed that opportunity. The 2nd rd pick brown won’t be ready until next yr. if he makes it. That is a big if. I don’t think they are lazy but just didn’t find the right guy or path to get a solid sf.

      1. u cant make a meeting when there already gone before you have a chance to meet them. the lakers once again were to occupied on the “Big Fish”

  • I gotta go with the big guy, a post presence who can defend the rim is going to make the most immediate impact. Second will be Lou, Instant offense off the bench, and then Bass who will just be the guy who does all the little things including mentoring Randle.

  • Was just checking out next year”s free agency. What do you think about this:

    Russel / Brooks
    Clarkson / Williams
    Durant / Brown
    Randle / Hickson
    Whiteside / Black

    1. I think it’s ridiculous, how long will it take for people to realize that in reality, you need to build a team instead of just get players with good stats. Players need to mesh and build chemistry, know their role as part of the team then thrive in that role, that’s the way to build a team, stick with the players and see how this team do, then make necessary changes to make the team stronger.

      1. I think you’re the one being ridiculous here as my team includes 6 players that will be on the rotation this year. Maybe I could have Bass stay on the team, especially if he gives us satisfaction this season. Other than that, the landing of Durant and Whiteside (a younger version of Hibbert) would be the two major moves (both are unrestricted free agents). I see two balanced units who can compete and hopefully contend depending on how our young guns develop.

  • Glen Robinson iii a good young small forward signed a 3 year deal with the Pacers. Also Portland signed Cliff Alexander. So some talented young players off the list i had for top unsigned prospects are now under contracts. My next guy for small forward is journeyman Dorell Wright if the Lakers want a tall small forward that makes 3 pointers then he is the right guy. JaVale McGee is my top unsigned player out there but he will sign with someone very soon, he is a shot blocker and a rim protector that is athletic. BTW i think Roy Hibbert will have the biggest impact of the Lakers new players.

    1. lakers lose out on every team. whether its an nba team,europe team etc…. πŸ˜€ the fact that he got 3 years already is impressive. lakers dumb

      1. The 3 years on his contract tells me he is worth a investment and he was valued by the Pacers FO. I really like Glen Robinson iii he will make it in the rotation and be fun to watch. The Lakers FO might let Robert Upshaw slips right through their hands, he is also unsigned and a good prospect and that’s a player they had at Summer League. My only big concern with Upshaw is his substance abuse issues otherwise he would have been in my top 10 unsigned player, no doubt.

        1. they should of signed upshaw by the now . dont know what there waiting for. are they really considering sacre is a better player than sacre to have??? dysfunctional front office. Sacre and Kelly need to be traded or just waived.

          1. I would say Robert Upshaw is way better than Sacre. The Lakers need real talent and if they would have signed Glen Robinson iii and JaVale McGee they would have added depth and also Glen can develop into a excellent player, JaVale has the talent and he is a rim protector that should be a consideration for any team. Robert Upshaw is also a good choice if they sign him. Dorell Wright and JaVale would be nice additions for the Lakers.

          2. no need for a big. the Lakers already have a bunch

            Randle – Bass – Larry – Hibbert – Black – Upshaw

            technically they have 8 since sacre and kelly are still on the roster

  • Roy Hibbert / Tarik Black / Robert Upshaw / Robert Sacre
    Julius Randle / Brandon Bass / Larry Nance
    Nick Young / Anthony Brown / Ryan Kelly
    Kobe Bryant / Jordan Clarkson / Jabari Brown
    D’Angelo Russell / Lou Williams

    1. How do you not get it that Kobe is playing the 3. The Coach has said it. Are you some sort of Jedi?

        1. I think you will some of that line up. I am sure kobe is going to play the 2 but start at the 3. According to the “coach” for next year.

  • hibbert looks genuinely happy.
    Lou looks pissed his jersey is oversized.
    Bass still wondering how and how much he’s gonna get paid

  • Hibbert – 12 ppg 8 rpg 2 bpg
    Randle – 13 ppg 7 rpg 2 apg
    Bryant – 20 ppg 5 rpg 4 apg
    Clarkson – 16 ppg 4 rpg 4 apg
    Russell – 14 ppg 4 rpg 7 apg

    1. kinda like you. I think he will make it in the NBA and make a few millions. If that is a fluke fuck it I want to be a fluke.


    1. clarkson and lou don’t think so. everybody else yeah. Kobe in his good years, you want him to be a ball hog. do you want 2 and 3 options to shoot. Don’t think so. You must not know basketball.

    2. you are mostly right. Most of those guys are ball hogs if not all. There Lakers are lacking off the ball players. Offense will be very stiff



    1. Dumb ass Paul want to play but NBA rejected the trade because they knew multiple tittle would have followed. Your such a little jv fan. such a joke

  • All Staples Center tenants have Championships except Clippers:
    Lakers 5
    Sparks 2
    Kings 2
    Clippers 0

    YAY CLIPPERS!!!!!!!
    WAY TO RUN LA!!!!

  • I met this female Clippers fan at the bar last week, she told me she wasn’t expecting a ring from any guy. I also asked her if she’s a choker just like her favorite team, best head of my life!

  • PG Damian Lillard/Phil Pressey Blazers

    PG CP3/Rivers Clippers

    PG D’Angelo Russell/Jordan Clarkson

    1. that’s what a Logical Coach should do instead of tiring out the players by doing a 3-guard rotation

    2. Clarkson is definitely starting Russell might not start right away but he will eventually

    1. a much-needed change of scenery, contract year, possibly working more with kareem… it’s all pointing toward roy having a great season.

  • I need help with a question. Can anybody name the small forwards that killed us last year? I just want to know why the panic at small foward.

        1. killed us? πŸ˜€ pretty much every 3 the Lakers went up against last year 2 years was better than Wesley Johnson :D. Imagine with a 37 year old instead of Wesley? :D. hes gonna obviously put up better numbers since hes not an off the ball Player which by the way most SF’s are now and days :D.

          1. don’t forget hibbert..He is going to make a huge difference on points in the paint.

          2. So no small forward killed because of Wes or because the position itself is not a major threat other than open three’s set up by PG?

          3. He can’t name any he just saids stupid shit and has zero stats or facts to back up his points he’s a fucking moron just ignore his comments

          4. u iin love with me stalker? ignore? πŸ˜€ more like stalk is what you do πŸ˜€

          5. Basically it’s the poor defense from Young and Wes. Young is having trouble to keeps up with aggressive SFs and “Brain Fart (according to James Worthy)” plays from Wes. I’d call that nonchalant attitude.

            Nick Young gets the blame because he looks like a careless person. However, he is a pure scorer and can be effective in a right system. The real issue is our coaching staff. The whole team defense has too many flaws.

  • Lakers Career High Averages:

    Roy Hibbert – 12.8 ppg 8.8 rpg 2.0 apg 0.5 spg 2.6 bpg

    Brandon Bass – 12.5 ppg 6.2 rpg 1.3 apg 0.6 spg 0.9 bpg

    Nick Young – 17.9 ppg 2.7 rpg 1.5 apg 0.8 spg 0.3 bpg

    Kobe Bryant – 35.4 ppg 6.9 rpg 6.3 apg 2.2 spg 1.0 bpg

    Lou Williams – 15.5 ppg 2.9 rpg 4.2 apg 1.3 spg 0.3 bpg

  • Jordan, Kobe, LeBron’s Career stats in each category:

    Michael Jordan: 37.1 PPG 8.0 RPG 8.0 APG 3.2 SPG 1.6 BPG 40.4 MPG

    Kobe Bryant: 35.4 PPG 6.9 RPG 6.3 APG 2.2 SPG 1.0 BPG 41.5 MPG

    LeBron James: 31.4 PPG 8.0 RPG 8.6 APG 2.2 SPG 1.1 BPG 42.5 MPG

    1. i dont know why u keep bring up numbers lol. it doesn’t matter what you bring up. kobe is 37 now and is old. pointless numbers to bring up

      1. I’m just doing it for fun. There is not point to be proven here, I have no idea what you are talking about lol.

  • Even at 37 6’6 215, Kobe can guard any Wing Player out there. Maybe not for 35-40 minutes a night, but even till this day Kobe is a better defender than 95% of the players out there.

    1. 95%? he’s not horrible but he’s 37, he’s probably one of the slower wing players in the league

  • Larry Bird: 24.3 PPG 10.0 RPG 6.3 APG 49.6 FG% 37.6 3P% 88.6 FT%
    3 Championships / 2 Finals MVP’s / 3 MVP’s / 12x NBA All Star

    LeBron James: 27.3 PPG 7.1 RPG 6.9 APG 49.6 FG% 34.2 3P% 74.5 FT%
    2 Championships / 2 Finals MVP’s / 4 MVP’s / 11x NBA All Star

  • I think the Lakers will NOT sign JaVale McGee because of the relationship he had with Nick Young in Washington they goofed off together and acted like idiot clowns. They were on a terrible team and always featured on Shaqtin A Fool. Also Dorrel Wright is friends with Nick Young so nix that idea also, they won’t bring in anymore knuckleheads after seeing what Nick Young is really like.

    1. Nick Young won’t influence the signings of any player lol, he will probably be gone himself soon.

  • Anyone want the Lakers to sign Dorrell Wright as their starting SF and move Kobe back to where he belongs the 2 spot?


          1. Actually most arguments have one answer. It’s the number of opinions that makes it an argument. I disagree with yours.

        1. what a great pickup by the blazers. im more concerned about the lakers SF gig than the PG position

          1. I think since we are most likely gonna play Kobe at the 3 were gonna need a backup PG I’m really not trying to see Williams play backup Pg

  • Los Angeles Lakers: 3 Challenges To Overcome At Small Forward For Kobe Bryant
    Hoops habit

    so many articles saying kobe at the 3 is not a good thing and is what ive been saying the whole time. the media s agreeing with me and so does every other logical person

    1. Article’s 3 Challenges:
      1. Age (he wouldn’t be any younger if he played the two. The words “small-forward” wasn’t even mentioned in regards to kobe)
      2. Great SF’s (True. But the coaching staff will have kobe match-up on defense with who they want whether he is 2 or 3.)
      3. Injuries (thats a problem whatever position he plays. The words “small-forward” wasn’t even mentioned in this whole part of the article.)

      Overall dumb article. They listed Kobe problems NOT problems with Kobe playing the SF position.

    2. You THIEF! If you’re going to jack articles do it correctly. I give you half credit this time cause you admitted it. Next time tell the truth about the article.

      1. seek medical attention. u have trouble reading. all i did was point out an article. seek medical attention a soon as possible kid

        1. You didn’t do it correctly. I gave you credit for admitting the article. But you tried to mislead those who didn’t read that article.

  • PG:Russell/Dellavedova
    PF:Randle/Bass/Nance jr.

    This lineup if healthy could contend for a playoff spot and against the superstar 3’s we will need to play a zone since Kobe can’t guard them for the whole game!

  • When I post my “here’s next season’s Lakers roster,” my mom tells me I look real smart and I feel really special.

  • Lakers should try and trade for a young SF or a defensive minded vet that can play the 3. Thabo Sefolosha or Wilson Chandler is perfect. Which in turn will help the Lakers when Kobe needs to be put at the 2. We can also always trade Nick Young for Maurice Harkless since the magic already have a better offensive player at the same position and at the same age. The Lakers have options it’s just the Lakers are looking to high instead towards the middle. Harkless is great on the defensive end. Those are the two trades Lakers should seriously look into and i’ll throw in Ryan kelly and Robert sacre or a future second rd pick to sweeten the deal.

    1. Are you having a love affair with small forwards? Give it a rest. No one is interested in your list of scrub small forwards. You are trying your hardest to be right. Look up the meaning of INSANITY!

        1. Just tired of reading your crap about some scrub small forward. Who’s next Tracy McGrady? Vince Carter?

    2. I was against mamba at SF but im over it. Bass, Randle and Nance are versatile bigs that can rotate to SF if need be. KB, Young and Brown can hold it down for now. Big line up, small ball, offensive/defensive line up well pretty much have it covered. You need to focus on getting a veteran PG to clean up Russells mess.

      1. I think that will the next move; Lakers will go for Miller, Cole, or Dellavedova as well as Javale Mcgee or Upshaw

  • Apparently according to the great 16 year old FabulousForum Thabo Selfolosha, Wislon Chandler and Maurce Harkless are scrubs

  • Roy Hibbert

    1. Protects the rim.
    2. Kareem and the coaching staff will teach him. He will shoots higher % from the restricted area.

  • Hey Jo! Shhh. Be quiet. You dont know that much about basketball. It’s not Fantasy Basketball. Kobe will be the starting SF, Nick Young will be his back up. Got it?

    1. ok 16 year old boy ;D. you dont know basketball since u think playing kobe at the 3 is good but yet 95% of the league doesn’t have a 37 year old starting for them at the 3 so i guess ur the dumbass

      1. Or the 2. You do know that there’s more dangerous SG than SF. If he can’t guard small forwards, which he does anyway, how will he guard shooting guards? Shooting guards are more aggressive smart guy.

          1. You’re complaining about age right? So how does an old guy chase SG through screens and iso’s compared to SF that stand out by the 3 point line? SF = 3& D. I forgot how smart you are.

      2. Youre right about the age and the league thing, but id bet money 99% of the league would take that 37yr old in a heart beat. As for FabForum, to say the SG is more dangerous than the SF is ignorant, you have the #1 and #2 players in the world at the SF position bro.

          1. nahh just 2. to old and warn out to play the 3. hes not a two way player anymore hes just offense now that hes old.

        1. Ignorant? Boy you got a brain on you. Take out LeBron and KD, name SG vs SF. What position is more dangerous genius?

          1. I will say it slow and loud for you. Shooting Guard……..IS…….HARDER TO GUARD………..THAN……SMALL FORWARD. That’s why the idea of Kobe at small foward is out there genius.

          2. How the fuck is it harder to guard SG when you got KEVIN DURANT AND LEBRON JAMES AT SF??? Yes there is more but im just gonna name them two…. Give me a name of a SG thats gonna be a threat to Kobe.

          3. Every game is against LeBron and KD? Use what’s left of your brain. There’s 29 SF not name LeBron or KD!

          4. ???Youre an idiot i said theres more but im just gonna name them two. THEY ARE NUMBER 1 AND 2 IN THE WORLD! what other names do i have to give you?? You didnt even reply to my question..just stop now bro.

          5. Let’s make a deal you come up with a list of dangerous SF. I come up with the SG. Let’s see which one is tougher.

          6. Leonard, Melo, Ariza, George, Iggy, Barnes, Chandler, Parsons, Carroll, Gay, Harris, Hayward, KD and Lebron….Not just name either, they all got the stats to back it up.

          7. You must don’t understand. Kobe will not get abused as the Lakers starting SF. That’s the whole point. You haven’t supported why Kobe can’t play small forward.

          8. Were talking about most dangerous POSITION, not matchups or anything else, JUST POSITION. Three you named alone are the most dangerous in the game. Dont try and change this subject bro. You think those three just stand and shoot 3’s, you think the guys i named just stand and shoot 3’s…NO! They either attack the basket, play lock down d(which will wear him out) or they do both.

          9. You’re late to the party. It’s not about best position. The whole point was why Kobe can play the 3 without worrying. It’s easier for him to play SF versus SG. I stated that clearly. Make your case why Kobe can’t play SF?

          10. Don’t disappear when Kobe plays the 3 and play it effectively for this team. I’m out.

          11. Never said he couldnt bro, just trying to teach you and let you know its going to be harder this time around…

          12. Teach? Far from it. How about improving your comprehension levels first. Understand the subject before jumping all across the board. Looking for unemployed SF to start instead of Kobe is not a demonstration of smartness. Just saying.

          13. Really….I never said anything about another small forward bro, thats the other guy Joshhh, ive been talking about KB at SF and why hes going to have a hard time. Youre worried about him getting beat up right? Running around screens and shit….every position runs, sets screens so dont give me that bs. SFs are bigger stronger hell get beat up every game, hell still have to run around regardless. Im trying to teach you it would be better if he did it to someone his own size….

          14. dude it doesn’t matter what list he comes up with. just the size differential alone is already a “n no” in my book

          15. You have no insight. You obviously don’t watch games just highlights and box scores.

          16. Harden is soft, Wade just as old as him, Beal and Derozan are not on his level, Thompson is no match defensively. Butler may be they only one to match up with him… that all you got

          17. It’s not about level. It’s about next season. Kobe will have a hard time stopping them vs the SF on their team. You really are smart. LOL!

          18. Harden, Wade, Butler, Beal, Derozan, and Thompson of the top my head. Not to mention the one that run off alot a screens. SF stand at the three point line mostly.

  • Mitch should go get a Legit SF and sign him. Just to name a few

    Shawne Williams
    Dorell Wright
    Rashard Lewis
    James Jones
    Mikael Peitrus

    Wouldn’t Mind getting Williams,Jones,Wright or Lewis at all

    1. I agree man. I would love to see Shawne Williams back in a Lakers uniform. I thought he was a solid player. Dorrell Wright would be great too. Id love to see.



      Two very solid lines.

      1. thank you man someone with actual logic in their brain unlike most people here who want a 37 year old broken down player at the 3.

        1. are you really using the bench as an excuse??? πŸ˜€ priceless. just admit it you hate having a real SF and you rather suck on D just so clarkson can start with russel in the backcourt. lol and by the way who even looks at D in bench lol :D. wh gives a shit its the bench :D. no one cares as long as the bench is producing and keeping up with the starters on offense. no one examines a bench like you just did :D. and ur excuse lame attempt was even wrong πŸ˜€ u said weak D? Bass and black are good defense how s that weak ? πŸ˜€ too funny. really ur complaining about a bench? lol man ur really running out of excuses man πŸ˜€

          1. Bro he said TWO solid lines, im just saying hes wrong about the second, i dont care if their the bench or starters im talking about that line up…..

          2. And im not talking about individual players, you pointed out 2 players, what about the rest of them…SMH it takes 5. Yes Bass can hold his on but Black got eaten up by rookies in the summer league, stupid for even bringing him up. Yes you do have to worry about the bench, are 5 starters gonna carry us all 82 plus post season..? Maybe in your fantasy world were its your starting line up, no injuries and nobody gets tired right.?.SMH. We would literally be the Clippers if you were running things.

          3. did i get in your head a little there? ;D by the looks of it ya i did since you replied twice to my same comment cuz didn’t reply the 1st time:D

          4. no but it looks like i got in your since there was nothing about basketball in your reply just now………

      1. dont mind wright. but he did have a pretty bad season in Portland. shot 40% from the field is a bit worrisome to me. shawne i like. may not be an offensive player besides a 3 pt threat but i love his toughness on D and scrappiness. kobe would love that. its unfortunate he played for us when kobe was injured. jones pretty much the same i feel like he needs bigger role in his career but not as big and tough as shawne. lewis would be awesome since hes a really good vet with alot of experience. his age concerns me

        1. Another love affair. Hey guys our starting SF is unemployed right now. So this genius thinks it’s smart to pluck some BUM off the street and insert him in the starting line up. See how smart he is?

  • Hibbert was our best realistic option to pair along Julius Randle. The man has a great work ethic and is always putting in the work. Randle being a tad small for the PF possession and not being able to supply rim protection is just what Hibbert is amazing at. One of the top 3 best defensive centers in the league. Im beyond excited for this season. We most likely wont make the playoffs but im extremly happy to watch Kobe again, Russell, Clarkson, and Randle progress, and having two of the best Sixth Men off the bench in Young and Williams. No matter what this season should be atleast fun! Injuries just need to go away.

  • Definitely Hibbert will have the biggest impact. He provides the rim protection and rebounding the Lakers desperately needs and lacked for the last 2 seasons. With Hibbert’s presence alone will make opponents think twice about driving in to the hole, but other than Hibbert, I don’t see anyone on this roster that plays defense, maybe Bass, and we will still get killed when Hibbert takes a rest.

  • Alas I have to go Defense, Hibbert has the skills and along with Bass they both bring solid Defense. And I know that Hibbert being in a contract year will cause him the necessary “Hustle”. Along with the Draftee’s this will not be such a long season!

    1. Too late it’s Thabo the small forward. Kobe not going to chase Korver off of screens. Too much energy. Next.

  • Kobe will guard, Thabo, E Turner, Bogdanovic, MKG, Dunleavy, Shumpert, Matthews, Gallinari, Morris, H Barnes, Ariza, P George, Pierce, T Allen, Deng, Giannis, K Martin, Pondexter, Afflalo, Waiters, T Harris, J Grant, PJ Tucker, Aminu, Danny Green, B McLemore, Carroll, Hood, Porter Jr. Regardless of if he plays the 2 or the 3. Nine of the 29 players will be playing the 2

  • Sign Dellavedova the Cavs won’t need him cause Kyrie will be back and they also signed Mo Williams (former Cavs starter). Sign Byuicks and sign Upshaw
    trade Sacre, Kelly + Young for Sefalosha

    If not possible then trade Sacre and Kelly for a 2nd rounder somewhere and Young stays

    Line up:
    Russell/Dellavedova/ Byuicks
    Clarkson/Williams / JBrown
    Bryant /Sef or Nick/ ABrown
    Bass/ Randle/ Nance jr.
    Hibbert/ Black/ Upshaw

    1. lol. getting thabo would be a dream come true. but no way should he not start. hes ur perfect SF start cuz he can match up with other SF’s on D. no point in gettng a pg

          1. nahh people are to in love with clarkson starting that there willng to put a guy like thabo off the bench πŸ˜€ which is crazy by the way

          2. clarkson is best suited off the bench. nothing against him but having kobe and thabo is better for the team

          3. Show me what ur thinking??
            Kobe will play small forward if lakers sign another guard which is what they’re planning to do. Lou is not a third option so he isn’t playing PG. If Clarkson and Lou come off the bench for Kobe at 2 one of them is going to be a third option. If you can’t show me a line up you know where your credibility stands but you won’t admit it.

          4. aight.

            im thinking of having a natural 3 play the 3 that could defend. (Thabo,shawne,wright,jones etc..) and having bass start over randle which is better for the guards (russel,kobe) since he can play off the ball.

            Russel / Clark
            Kobe / Lou
            One of those guys / Young
            Bass / Randle
            Hibbert / Black

          5. not bad, in that case, there’s no need to go after a guard like Dellovadova or Norris Cole and the SF would have to be Thabo otherwise its best to put Kobe at 3, Jones signed with the Cavs by the way

          6. with this many guards Kobe will play at 3 and It’s gonna be hard to trade for Sefalosha because the Hawks have already lost Carroll anyways. . .

      1. I disagree. The man is a decent shooter and defender. Since Mitch is looking to add another guard, I don’t see why he would not go for Della; this dude plays hard every night and he can pass

        1. Pushed him self till he ended up in the hospital, Curry was a non factor because of him in the first couple games. Ill take him as a back up.

        2. delli is NOT a decent shooter, he missed many open shots in the playoffs very inconsistent player.

  • larry bird already addressed why he moved Hibbert, you ignorant fool. Oops, didn’t realize yor are a troll.

  • Think about Rondo, Rodman, and Worldpeace. These guys can play but attitude matters. The biggest concern with Hibbert is his potential attitude problems, but at least Hibbert is way better than Sacre. Hibbert is not going to make us worse than last season.

    Yeah, our team sucks and our management sucks. So what? Basketball is entertainment; it ain’t got nothing to do with my life.

    You gotta a problem. You don’t even have guts to express your thoughts with your favorite teams or players. Clipper fans and/or other fans are willing to challenge/debates or at least talk some trash. I can even give that repect to Lin fans. You’re hiding behind a computer and give criticisms like an arrogant troll.

    Matthew 7:2 – For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again.

    – Please think about this quote.

  • Whatever troll, you dont know shit. No one said anything about working on his weaknesses, i said as long as he works hard on defense as the last line he’ll make an impact. Do you really have nothing better to do than troll on a team you hates website, you’re too salty. Did the Lakers steal your girl or something? Take your candy as a kid? Or just kick your team’s ass so often over the last few decades that you’ve been waiting for a chance to talk shit? Lol you’re lame.

    1. the best thing you can do is to ignore the ignorant bastard, do what everyone else does and just skip his posts, you’ll be alot happier.

      1. Gotcha. I usually do but i wanted to let him know he sounds like someone kicked his puppy lol hating too hard for basketball. Fucking lame. Its just basketball, get a life ray sapiens. Salty ass bastard lol. But hey, to each their own.

  • Dear Raie du Cul, you may still have noticed but teams in the same conference play versus one another more often…

  • i hope the lakers can get shawne williams back. at least he would be giving the lakers some hope on the wing on defense

    1. Bro you stay talking about the same crap…. Go to youtube watch those crazy asshole Barnes, Artest and Odom in the purple and gold, remember when we had them at SF..? Blow your load on one of those videos since you have a SF fetish..

  • the Lakers are literally running out of options at SF. James Jones has been resigned by the cavs. Glenn Robinson got a surprising 3 year deal by the pacers. Jeffery Taylor signed with real Madrid. Gee signed with the Pelicans. Earl clark is with the nets. Landry has serious injuries. KJ resigned

    The only real SF’s left i would say are Shawne Williams, Dorell Wright and Travis Wear

    Ofcourse You can add in guys like Prince,Beasley, Austin Daye,Delfino,Garcia,Hummell and turkoglu but those guys are not really the kind of SF’s the lakers want or need. there more just spot up 1 dimensional SF’s

  • Dorell Wright
    Shawne Williams
    Travis Wear
    Mikael Pietrus
    Rashard Lewis

    Those are the only SF’s left they can get, Unless they trade for one of course

    1. Here’s some more garbage SFs for you to fawn over Rasual Butler, Dahntay Jones, Danny Granger, Tayshaun Prince, Jason Richardson, John Salmons

  • Hey Ray Sapiens, could you be more of a hater. You need to get lost. Go get on your loser teams blog. Your hate is almost comical. Maybe seek some mental help. You clearly need it.

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