Lakers Nation Kicks Of The Week: Reebok Shaq Attaq LSU

Lakers Nation Kicks Of The Week: Reebok Shaq Attaq LSU


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Nike and Adidas have dominated the basketball sneaker market as of late, but Reebok is not far behind. Retro sneakers continue to be incredibly popular and profitable and Reebok plans to capitalize on the popularity of retro shoes.

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Just before the start of the All-Star weekend in New Orleans, Reebok released the Shaq Attaq LSU colorway. According to, this colorway could be popular with two completely different fan bases:

“This colorway speaks for itself, the LSU colors are very obvious. Although some Laker fans might want to argue that these kicks were also made because of Shaq’s time with the Lakers. However, this shoe takes us down memory lane. Shaq first exploded on to the scene during his time at LSU and had a very successful college career.”

The LSU Tiigers and Lakers have the same team colors, which is why fans from each fan base can enjoy this colorway. However, the heel is covered with Tiger print, which pays homage to the university mascot. Purple and gold cover most of the shoe, but the best part might be the “The Pump” on the tongue.

When Shaquille O’Neal first entered the NBA, he signed with Reebok. He would eventually leave Reebok during his playing career and opted to start his own line of sneakers. Years after retiring from the NBA, O’Neal went back to Reebok and both of them are working together to bring Reebok back to prominence.
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