Lakers Nation Debate: D’Angelo Russell’s Statistical Expectations

D'Angelo Russell

Topic: We wonder what rookie point guard D’Angelo Russell needs to average in order for his first season to be a successful year?

Context: The Los Angeles Lakers were fortunate enough to move up to the second overall pick and used it to take Ohio State point guard D’Angelo Russell. Even though many expected the Lakers to take Jahlil Okafor, the front office and coaching staff ultimately felt that Russell had more upside and was more likely to become a superstar.

Russell struggled during his Summer League run, averaging more turnovers than assists and struggling with his jumper, but his potential remains outstanding. With head coach Byron Scott saying that Kobe Bryant will play mostly small forward this season, it would seem as if Russell will be starting in the backcourt next to Jordan Clarkson, which means Russell will be seeing plenty of minutes and have the opportunity to put up some solid numbers.

As a rookie point guard, especially with the Lakers, all eyes will be on Russell from Day 1 and the pressure will be on for him to produce immediately. However, rookies rarely look great from the beginning and it tends to be worse with point guards.

The talent is clearly there with Russell as well as the opportunity and he is arguably the most important piece of the Lakers rebuild. His success is paramount to the team turning things around as quickly as possible. But what would be considered a successful season for the rookie?

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Verdict: We went to Twitter to ask the loyal Lakers Nation followers what D’Angelo Russell would need to average in order for this year to be a successful season? These are some of the responses:

The fans have spoken and overall, the statistical hopes for D’Angelo Russell may be a little high in my opinion. It seems that most want Russell around 14 points, five rebounds, seven assists range and that could be a little high for his rookie year.

Since 1990, only one guard has averaged 14-5-7 in his rookie season. That player is Chris Paul. In other words, it might be best for fans to lower their expectations on what Russell will provide in his first year.

If Russell can average around 11 points, three rebounds, and five assists while improving his play throughout the season, that should be more than adequate as a rookie and enough to show that Russell can eventually fulfill his potential with the Lakers.


did any of these dudes watch the summer league? he didn’t even average those numbers in the summer league but he’s gong to do it during the season? i know russell will be great one day but i see him struggling in his rookie year as he learns how to run the point. hope I’m wrong but i see maybe about 10-3-3

  1. There’s no reason why he couldn’t average that. With more experienced veterans he’ll get his assists, he’s a great rebounder..and his shot will follow

    1. i didn’t think about that you’re right he might average more assists because during the summer league many guys were missing their shots and lay ups

      1. if he could average more assists than points i think everyone would be suprised.
        Something like 10ppg 4rpg 11apg.
        How would you feel about that?

        1. I still think on a team with guys like Kobe, Young and Williams, it’s best to temper the assists per game. Those are guys that get passed the ball, then will survey, dribble and create their own unless they actually have open space or an open path to the bucket. Look for any stagnation by those guys to be what keeps Russell’s assists down.

        2. russell can get assists off alot of guys. if they go iso like clarkson maybe no assist but i see him feeding other guys too. keeping everyone involved and not fighting over the ball.
          kind of like a peace maker on the team.
          remember we have alot of scorers on this team bro.

        3. Oh I know we have scorers, but the scorers we have though are also the type that like to massage the ball a bit. Not the catch and shoot types typically. It’s why I pointed to those 3 specifically. I know Scott wants Young to become more catch and shoot. If he can do this and not feel the need to stop the ball while looking to “create” his own shot, I can see Russell’s assists being higher. But between the 3 guys… this mentality needs to change.

        4. our team is full of scorers like clarkson randle kobe bass hibbert lou will j brown anthony brown a 3 poiint shooter.
          if they go iso no assist but if they catch and shoot count up 1 assist!!!

        5. Magic Johnson as a rookie did not average that much and he had BS, JW, and Kareem who were already on top of their game. I don’t even remember Magic averaging double figure, and he is probably the greatest pg in history. I am hoping for a miracle that you are right.

        6. i know 11 apg is a huge expectation on my part, but i see him about 6-9.
          but some games he can do it like 10 or 11.
          hey just look last year Kobe had how many triple double games? 1 game with like 17 assists if Kobe can do that as a pure shooter.
          why cant Russell?

        7. Because Russell is not Kobe. Kobe can excel in any facet of basketball if he specializes on it. When you average 11apg, you’ll have to come up with something like 17 in one game to cover for the 5 in one game or 14 and 8. 8 is a lot of assists. It is not that easy

      2. Also, a lot of his turnovers came when he was thinking faster than the other guys and expected them to cut, roll off the screen, etc. and the y ended up just standing in their spot. Plus, they had so little time to gel and learn the ins and outs of a complicated offense before Summer League started.

    2. On this team he’d be the #5 shooting option and he’ll be kept on a very short leash. He won’t get enough minutes, shots, or situational use to get the points….. I HIGHLY doubt Scott will let Russell do much on the offense outside of passing the ball and being a spot-up shooter until he shows that he can handle the responsibility, and NOT jack up a shot and turn the ball over.

      This team needs to make the playoffs, or get close.
      Russell is not in a situation like MCW on the 76’ers, CP3 on the Hornets, or any other situation where a rookie is told to score points at the expense of the team.

      1. To be honest I get the feeling this is a developmental year
        I mean they’ll try to make the playoffs but with KD In FA and the draft having good SFs (the last piece to our puzzle) I think this will be the last year we don’t make the playoffs most likely.
        Not to say it will happen of course But I’ll still be rooting for them

        1. How are they going to get into this weak draft with 1-2 good SF’s?

          The draft is kinda off the table bro. And, the team spend LAST season in developmental mode, this year is about winning games. There is no purpose to tank and absorb the damage to the brand, reputation, and free agency perception.

          Russell won’t be given enough of a leash to be anything more than a role player. Overall, his job will be just to move the ball.

        2. for now yes JT but if we start the season freakin 1-10 ben simmons here we come!!!!! I’m not a “tanker” nor do i believe we tanked last season more like we sucked but ben simmons is totally worth tanking for…………….im just saying

        3. Russell could lead us to 1-10 with turnovers himself.

          I think Simmons IS a good player, but it’s a very big gamble to get to the top-3. The damage to the team, the brand, and future might not be worth the effort, especially if they miss.

        4. The Lakers is one of the most prestigious brands in the NBA, everybody knows about the past and our legendary hall of fame players. The Lakers brand is and will always be respected but with the current CBA and the lack of superstar talent on this roster a KD won’t be looking at this team especially when OKC will probably finish in the top 4 in the West this year.

        5. i don’t think OKC is getting top 4 in the west.
          but ask me again in Jan or Feb.

        6. okc is def gonna be top 7 but top 4 i would say no.
          warriors spurs rockets and 1 other team maybe clippers. i hate the clips!

        7. The only teams that I see better them is the Warriors and the Spurs but the Rockets/Clippers might be capable of beating them for 3rd.

        8. All I want next season is for everyone to be healthy and to be at least competitive in the games we play. Having Hibbert will definitely help on the defensive end and Bass is a good locker room presence. Williams is a spark plug off the bench. I’d be happy with 36 wins but if we can get 41 I’d be elated.

        9. 6-10 SF/PF he’s a lefty who use to be teammates with Russell in high school, he can finish well with both hands, is a great playmaker (considered the best passer in the class), and a great defender. His biggest weakness is that he can be a little inconsistent with his jumpshot and a little to unselfish at times. His play style is similar to LeBron if you want a better idea.

        10. He definitely can become a great player it would be nice if the Lakers can get him next year along with Noel (RFA) from the 6ers.

        11. can we tank again? lol im kidding….
          but man whoever gets him is gonna be a force to rekon with for years to come. I think Okafor will be good in the future too. But more teams are going with small centers 6’9 6’10. not every team has a 7ft center.

        12. Okafor isn’t exactly the ideal big men in today;s NBA since he can’t spread the floor (at least not yet) and isn’t a great rim protector (can always improve) but he will still be capable of putting up numbers in my opinion. Simmons will be an interesting player, he considers himself a point forward so he might see some time at the 1 and be like a modern Magic he’s also capable of guarding the 1-4 maybe even the 5 if a team plays small.

        13. i dont know anything about that guy. is he like a dirk nowtizki or a lemarcus alridge? a PF shooter? like kevin durant? KD is a SF i know but i always think PF bc his size.

        14. He isn’t as great as a shooter as KD at this age but I guess you can say KD would be a better comparison over Dirk/Lemarcus.

        15. Top 3 protected and if we don’t make a significant improvement from last season there’s a chance that we finish at the bottom of the west specially if we get rattled by injuries……………again

        16. We need to do the work and do the process.

          It all depends on camp, but I would be happy if Clarkson started the year at the point and let Russell come in off the bench behind him until his game comes together—or let Russell play the 2 until his confidence improves. No need to rush if we’re just going to play lousy.

        17. Other than Clarkson, we didn’t develop shit last year, Randle was injured, Kelly was a bust, who did we develop?
          This year we have Clarkson, Russell, Anthony Brown, Randle, Larry Nance Jr, and possibly Robert Upshaw.
          THIS IS our development year.

        18. Here are the teams we need to beat to make the playoffs: Dallas, Phoenix, Utah, and Kings. Beating those teams will guarantee the 8th seed.

        19. dallas is doomed bro. id worry about the kings or phoenix i dont see utah doing too much really.
          kings or suns is gonna be our rivals this year.

      2. Won’t get enough mins? He’ll average 30-38 mins. That’s enough time to put up 12 and 6. His leash won’t be that short unless he just plays horrible like he did in the SL.

        1. Why did mitch broadcast that they are looking for a pg if Russell will get 36 minutes?

      3. Byron Scott has a knack for letting point guards develop and helping to develop them. Seeing how Jordan Clarkson did last year, how he helped develop Chris Paul further and some of the other points he’s had, he’ll let Russell be Russell.

        1. But keep in mind that Clarkson was brought up slow and missed almost the entire first half of the season

    1. He shot .411 in 3-point land in college. If he can re-establish this basis and learn both spot-up shooting, off the ball shooting, and a bit more aggression on his attacking, he could EASILY surpass those numbers.

  2. To start off with I don’t think he should worry to much about PT and worry more on his ast, per game I was hoping for 7/10 ppg 4 rbpg 6/8 ast. per game, working his way up to the ALL STAR game and the, start adding a few more ptpg and stay about the same on rbpg and he will be getting more ast. as the season goes on…

    1. There’s too many other offensive options for Russell to get ten points a game (tho’ in theory he should have quite a few open looks as they’re going to double both Kobe and HIbbert a lot…really, if the lineup is going to be–possibly–Hibbert, Randle/Bass, Kobe, Clarkson, and Russell, Russell, CLarkson and Randle should have some open looks consistently as long as they’re on the floor with Kobe and HIbbert). But 8 assists a game is definetly doable along with some rebounds.

    2. There are standard abbreviations for that stuff, Al. PPG, RPG APG, etc.. No need to reinvent the wheel here.

  3. Turnovers are also a result of unfamiliarity with players and the playbook. Now he’s got a bit of familiarity with the playbook, has training camp for more practice, more familiarity with the regular guys followed by 8 games of preseason to get it all tuned up before the season. There is plenty of time to be had before the season starts. Let’s not forget about training camp and preseason.

    1. Russell definitely has time to win that starting job but until preseason comes and he proves that he can be that starter we need I wouldn’t just hand it to him as of now like many people think we should do which is why the FO is still looking for a veteran pg

      1. Considering the low expectations, he could be handed it. No one is going into this season expecting championship. If this was a Shaq/Kobe team with Fisher of that era capable of starting and we got Russell, I’d agree he’d need to be benched and earn his spot. But this is a young team, a team being rebuilt from the ground up. Randle, Clarkson and Russell will be starting. They will be in a position of getting used to starting, getting used to each other. Everyone puts so much emphasis and importance on what it means to start though that really it’s not always about who starts, but who finishes. Who are your best 5 at the end of the game. If you’re not starting Russell, you’re wasting opportunity for he, Clarkson and Randle to adjust to playing together all the time. They’re going to for years to come, so long as none of them are traded.

        1. if we trade russell clarkson or randle the Lakers are stupid.
          that is retarded!

        2. Why force it? Clarkson did a fair job last year, he should start on the point. Russell can either come in off the bench or play the 2. Clarkson is the better choice for right now.

  4. You forgot to factor in the fact that it was summer league. D-Lo and the rest of the Lakers SL team had barely played with each other. It’s like playing a pick up game. D-Lo actually had quite a few good passes to his teammates. They just couldn’t finish. With actual professionals and veterans playing during the regular season, you have to expect something different. I have no doubt that AFTER training camp, Russell will be fine. He’ll get his shot down and his teammates will be better at expecting his passes.

  5. I’m not one who thinks Russell will come in and be amazing just yet (as in reach his height), but I mean when I look at this team he may have a better stat line since guys will have to pay more attention to Kobe, Clarkson, Young, and Williams. Remember part of Clarkson’s success was do to the little scouting teams did on Clarkson, a lot of one on one or not respecting the kid on offense. It’s possible that due to the scouting more on Kobe, Clarkson, Young, and Williams this season, it could help Russell and maybe even Randle’s game. I guarantee teams will double Kobe, Clarkson, Young, or Williams on a day to day basis, so it’s possible to create space for guys to get comfortable and hitting shots and gaining confidence in other areas on the floor. I think Russell will average 11-13 ppg, 4 reb, 5 ass, 1 steal, 1 block, 3 turnovers

  6. You also have to consider these things:

    1. It is incredibly hard to establish any rhythm in summer league because you only play 4-5 games with guys who will most likely never be a solid rotation player, aside from a few. These games are also pre-training camp, and they are essentially pick-up games. This is a big disadvantage for a point guard because he quarterbacks an offense and has no idea what his teammates will do, and vice-versa; his teammates have no idea what he will do either. Compare that to Jahlil Okafor, whose game is mainly a post isolation game. His game isn’t as dependent on rhythm as a unit because he does the same thing every play; gets to his spot on the block, catches the pass, and goes to work. Much different compared to Russell who runs an entire offense.

    2. I’m surprised many people don’t see this, but while summer league defenders aren’t as skilled or intelligent, they arguably play harder and more physical because of the crazy 10-foul limit in a 40 minute game. Thats why a lot of point guards actually saw more open lanes once the regular season started, like derrick rose, mcw, steph curry. The high foul limit and desperation of players trying to make a team leads to rougher and more physical defense… and also, the lack of true skill shooters leads to a more packed paint. I agree Russell will see more skilled defenders, especially one-on-one defense (of course, its the nba), but he will also see more space and more driving lanes.

  • I’d be happy with a 2/1 turnover ratio, 45% from the field and 30% from 3. Needs to play 30-35 minutes per game too

    1. i was thinking 20-25 minutes, i dont think the lakers are going to start the season thinking “player development”

      1. I fully agree…
        I think he might start, but told to move the ball and get other guys shots. But do so very carefully.

        Keep in mind, this kid HAS a shot, but it is still raw. So thinking he’s a “natural shooter” and attacker with killer instincts and ability is a bit short sighted.

      2. give him 25-30 mins and some freedom to get in a good rhythym he is going to make turnovers people need to stop making a big deal out of nothing.
        I think given enough minutes and no “leash” he will become a better player. Same with Randle.

          1. why does he need a leash and restricted minutes?
            You like everyone else making a big deal out of summer league games? he made a few bad passes because his teamates didn’t even know the passes were coming.
            Others got good passes just couldn’t make the shot how is that Russell fault?

            He is the #2 pick not some 2nd rounder.
            I expect him to do well just like everyone else and playing 20 minutes a game is not that. 30 minutes would be more his need.

            Exactly how is he going to learn if you just stick him on the bench?

          2. i didn’t say anything about a leash but i did say to moderate his minutes specially because the mentality in the beginning of the season is to make the playoffs not to develope russell, the kid is 19yo kobe at 19 didn’t even see starting minutes i still dont see what the big deal is no body gets handed a starting job to them you have to earn it

          3. And unlike a lot of situations, I think 25-30 minutes is a very good time threshold.

            First, Russell is a rookie, and over 82 games a lower minute count will help him maintain consistency and stave off fatigue. This is true with ANY player, and even more so for a rookie still trying to learn how to PHYSICALLY play an entire NBA season.

            Second, while we need to give him minutes, we don’t need to put the pressure on him for the entire game. With a proper rotation and supporting bench, Russell can be put into situations where he succeeds best.

            Third, minutes balance benefits every player and team. Even the best players usually top out around 32-34 minutes.

            To me, this year is a balance between player development and wins. To me, Russell at 36 minutes is a SURE way to lose as he is going to be an inconsistent rookie and we need to find EVERY way to steal a few extra wins and not give them away.

          4. Have you ever lost at something?
            When a player loses like Jeremy Lin did getting benched it motivated him to UP his game. =linsanity
            Did you guys see JC last year? Because he got drafted #46 he got motivated.
            my point is they had struggles.
            If Russell comes in like steph curry did struggles, but then finds his hard work ethic can make him into an Elite type of player he will play harder work out more and get more muscle. He is young yes 19 and skinny. But give him time he needs to learn the hard way and to struggle in order to succeed. to go up first you must go down.

          5. would jahlil okafor have started if we drafted him? please tell me?
            i expect Russell to be starting PG from day 1.
            No excuses no bust no this or that.
            Just bring it come October and be ready to play ball.
            All he is expected to do is play team defense and pass the ball. spot shooting is a bonus like 3s or Js.

          6. It would depend on the depth of the position but okafor IS more “NBA ready” than Russell. You answer me this, if your Mitch and your job is on the line, the pressure to make the playoffs is there and your trying to put a winning team together in Kobe’s possible last season, are you really going to go into the season with Russell as your starting pg who’s going to run the team during 90% of the game? Or are you going to find a more experienced pg while Russell developes and in case Russell doesn’t pann out as soon as we would all like?

          7. Isn’t everything a risk? If russell fails and they dont make the playoffs i am not going to be pissed i can tell you that now.
            But unlike everyone else i show loyalty to my team and i am not gonna point fingers.
            We have 4 great players right now Kobe Russell JC and randle.
            Being 3 of them are rookies how can anyone be disappointed.
            Does anyone expect us to win the NBA championship this year? if we tank and get a good pick i wouldnt be against it thats all im saying.

          8. plus i think people are blaming buss and jeanie bus and also byron scott. i havent heard a single person say mitch isnt doing his job.

          9. The leash is just to control the damage that he can do.

            This team isn’t like the 76’ers or the New Orleans team that CP3 started on. They don’t need good entertainment and to let some 20 year old kid put on a show for 36 minutes despite poor overall play and a crappy losing team. THEY NEED WINS.

            Player development at the expense of wins was a good idea last year, but a bad one this year.

          10. trust me when i tell you this okay.
            this team will get more wins than last year.
            nobody knows how many were not god.
            but trust in the rookies. i am not starting anyone over russell or randle they both need to learn and they require minutes to do this.

        1. He will need the minutes just to get the feeling of the guys he will be playing with, but not enough to burn him out, but it will take minutes for him to learn.

          1. everybody new is going to make mistakes from russell to randle to nance jr. i dont see the big picture of benching russell or limiting randle’s minutes. am i missing something here? we need these guys for our future unless were gonna win a championship before Kobe retires? what am i missing? were trying to build for the future no?

        2. The “leash” is that Scott will be watching him very carefully, and if he starts being out of control, “forcing things”, causing turnovers, or crossing the line of being a liability and costing the game, he gets pulled.

          He’s going to be an inconsistent rookie. Some days he’ll shine, others he’ll struggle. Some days he will be total garbage. And Scott has to help him through this and help the team win in the process.

          1. I understand that part of the process but benching him?
            He will make mistakes and taking him out of the game doesn’t help a thing.

            He needs to learn on his own and he may struggle yes but to call him garbage? this is our team bro you do know that right? if Kobe goes 5/30 FG and misses 25 shots and only makes 5 do i call him garbage? no? what do you call that? being a Lakers fan?

        3. I’m closer to the 28-32 mpg myself. There are plenty of minutes to go around and with having Lou Williams there and a season under Clarkson’s belt, they don’t have to stretch Russell too hard. I do think there needs to be a bit of a limitation minutes wise. I know people are under the need for no restriction, but rookies come in and hit the proverbial “rookie wall” most of the way into the season. They aren’t used to the grind because of how much shorter college seasons are and how fewer minutes they play. I do believe the Lakers need to drop Sacre and Kelly and bring in another guard, sign Upshaw and maybe bring in Seraphim.

          1. i th ink his biggest struggle will be the stronger PG but the main thing will be the 24 second shot clock.
            see people worry about his turnovers bc guys werent ready for the ball or in the right place. If im a point guard and i see you you better be ready for the rock!
            i blame his teamates for “most” of them.
            but i feel the 24 second clock will be an adjustment he needs to work on. by the time you dribble the ball up court you have 17-21 seconds left to make your plays happen.
            guys need to react quikly and know what to do and where to go. they should be working on this at training camp and different plays to take pressure off Russell if they try to press him. Being a PG before myself i saw alot of half court press and going up against better PG than myself i struggled by my teamates were always there to help me out.
            Passing to another guy is not a bad thing i love the game of basketball. an assist to me is more important than the point scored itself. the team as in the Lakers is kinda like your family. Hope i make sense here….

  • More poor and reckless reporting.
    This writer asks his Twitter friends for numbers but doesn’t add any himself. Why can’t he do any research?

    And based on his “Twitter Poll” he can determine that:
    14ppg, 7ast, 5rpg

    That’s a bit lofty. That’s not a debate. And it sets expectations a bit high for a rookie. It also perpetuates an unfair expectation to the Lakers World and puts undue pressure on Russell as a rookie. The power of the media voice should not be underestimated.

    Let’s set the bar a bit lower:
    12ppg, 7ast, 5rpg.

    1. 10ppg/4rpg/11apg more assists then points!
      since that’s all he will be focused on is passing the ball….
      doesn’t really have to score alot of points just make good solid passes.
      i hate when people start saying bust and restrict his minutes and put him on a leash. this guy will make the Lakers much better with his passing skills. Period!

    2. Those were CLARKSONS STATS last year you could take 1/2 ast off that, and he was getting better game after game, that will be the same with RUSSELL, better game by game. And he has better team mates to work with.

    3. lol all you did was deduct 2pts. I say 12pts, 4 rebs, and 4 assist is more reasonable, with maybe two turnovers per game.

      1. I’m criticizing the reckless reporting.
        And then saying the stats were lofty.

        I can poll my 5 friends, none of which know anything tangible about basketball, and then post it as a news article.

        And in the process, because it’s LakersNation, it will be spread across the internet and be cemented. And all the other people who read the article who don’t know much, accept them as truth and set THEIR expectation to these bogus levels.

        Is that really fair to Russell? To recklessly pick random numbers and then broadcast them to the world and set them as expectations?

        Isn’t that setting him up to fail and BOTH reckless and irresponsible reporting?

        Sadly, wanna see the power of LakersNation and it’s poor reporting, Google: “Lakers Rumors”, and it will show up as the top 3 item.

        1. Okay but that’s not what I was getting at was it?

          You also have lofty expectation for the young man.

          “12ppg, 7ast, 5rpg.” is just too good, in realty you didn’t really change the author’s prediction except deduct 2pts from Russel’s stats.

  • unfortunately for russell the expectations are different for the top 3 picks, he might have to mature on the court sooner than later but the good thing is that he is mature off the court and his confidence will help him with all the pressure of being the 2nd pick

    1. This is true…

      Russell’s College stats were:
      He played 33.2 minutes, shot .479 and got 19.3 points (5.9 ast).
      He had .411 3-point shooting! But this is college…… and he won’t get 33 minutes.

      Let’s take CP3 in his rookie year.
      He played 36 minutes, shot .430% and only got 16.1 points (7.8ast).

      Let’s take MCW 2 years ago:
      He played 34.6 minutes, shot .405% and got 16.7 points (6.3ast).

      Curry as a Rookie:
      Played 36.2 minutes, shot .462% and got 17.5 points (5.9ast).

      But, in this case, unlike the aforementioned 3, Russell’s not on a bad team trying to develop guys.

      Let’s look at 25 minutes for Russell and a bit less freedom:
      25 minutes, 13ppg, 7ast.

      How is it that I, some random comment writer, just did a better analysis than the article? sad indeed.

      1. Good analysis. ( And better than the article )

        Let’s take it a step further and add a rebounding stat.
        start, I checked a few statistical sites and came to the conclusion
        that the total number of rebounds available in a game is usually 80 to
        90. Let’s give Russell the best chance and choose the high end at 90.
        There are 2 teams with 5 positions each out there. 90/10 =9. That
        would be an average of 9 apiece – if he played 48 minutes.
        But he will probably play something around half that, so figure it is 4.5 rebounds per player.
        let’s note that most of the people on the court will be taller than he,
        and a handful are usually closer to the basket, so his number will be
        less than 4.5.

        I think we should be happy if he does 3 rebounds per game.

        1. Also, to boot, he’s the point guy closest to the other basket, and he’s a bit slower. I would guess that Scott and his team will have Russell push toward defense as early as possible rather than sit “in traffic” and try to grab rebounds.

          1. The idea for 2-3 rpg for a guy like him is usually those long rebounds off guys jacking up 3’s and long 2’s. That’s where he’ll get most of his.

    1. I think this is a very fair expectation in his first year.

      IF he can polish his 3-point shooting and become a true deep weapon, it could go up however.

    2. 5 rpg and 6 apg? all he is going to be doing is passing why do you put 6apg?
      that’s a very low number for a PG. Especially a #2 draft pick and someone who is expected to have a “court vision”
      They will want at least 8-11 apg from Russell.
      Pass first, shoot second remember?

        1. i would rather see 10ppg and 3rpg if he can do 11 apg.
          All we need from Russell is spot up shooting here or there 10ppg is fine
          some defense on the perimeter on the other teams PG or SG. (not lockdown defense) team def.
          3rpg beacause it isnt a big deal if he gets a low # wont mean squat.
          the number i look at and really need from him is the assists.
          why does noone else in this room see he is there to (pass). not to score or grab rebounds.

        2. i expect 20ppg out of Kobe and 10rpg out of hibbert.
          nick young 10-15PPG lou williams same number.
          clarkson and randle numbers will be 10-20PPG somewhere in that range.
          we dont have anyone that needs a high assist average besides Dangelo Russell he is our starting PG and a pass first shoot second kind of guy.
          10/4/11 is fine with me.
          Low expectations right?

      1. I think it has more to do with Williams, Kobe and Young. 3 guys who typically need the ball in their hands and generally create their own, not always catch and shooting off the ball. I think it’s more in context when you think about the players. Likely, most of his assists will come from dishing off to bigs and probably Jordan.

        1. its smarter to catch and shoot and gives the defense zero to little time to react let alone alter your shot. i would do alot of pick and rolls and screens. iso ball can be stopped. the only 2 guys who will thrive off ISO will be clarkson and randle they are both beasts and will feed off defensive pressure. the others like Kobe Russell N Young Willaims J Brown should be moving and spot up shooters. let randle and clarkson drive in and the rest shoot 3s or Js.

          1. Oh it is smarter to catch and shoot. No argument here. But, what is smarter and what certain players like to do are 2 different things. That’s my concern. That’s why the 3 names I pointed out.

    1. name the last time a player averaged 6 turnovers.

      name the last time a player averaged more turnovers then assists.

      you sir are a hater

          1. Kobe averaged more TO’s than Assists his rookie season. Sure there are many more cases though. I imagine Nick Young had done it multiple times.

          2. where his assists anywere near the 5 pergame mark.

            no player in nba history has ever averaged over 4 assists pergame and averaged more turnovers

      1. no he is just guessing i wont judge so much…..
        or take it seriously. we are all guessing here….
        nothing is a right or wrong answer at this point.

        1. this is asking for realistic expectations. putting 6 turnovers is in no way realistic. its just taking a shot at russel

  • Better question-

    Lakers Nation, would bringing Russell off the bench, hurt or help his development this year?

    1. Not sure that it matters, but I do think he would benefit from playing with veterans, especially Bass who will play the right way and also set really good picks.

    2. Yes and No.

      Russell needs to play with the starters and against the other starting squads in the league. He needs to build a rapport with Clarkson and Randle for the long term. And he needs to play against the “best defense” an opposing team can put against him. If he’s going to be a starter and elite, he needs to learn what that means from day 1.

      But, having said that, it DOESN’T mean that we throw him to the wolves and expect him to be a starter for his entire 25-30 minutes.

      He’s a rookie, and to some extent he just needs minutes and floor time. And while it’s good to let him struggle, be frustrated and learn, it’s potentially bad for the team and his own ego if things get out of hand. If he single-handedly loses too many games, the LA fans, media and Lakers pressure will eat him alive and be negative for his development.

      Also, i think that when Russell is a starter, he’s a ball mover, the #5 offensive option, and too low on the totem pole to develop HIS offense. But as a bench guy, he will be in a position to “do more” and develop the rest of his game. — It’s a double edged sword.

      So to me, he needs to be on the floor for the STARTING 7 minutes, and then in rotation for the rest of the game. And depending on how he plays, may (or may not) be on the floor at the end of the game.

      1. Considering that Russel, Clarkson and Randle are here for the next decade or so, I see no rush in having those three sharing the floor with massive minutes this season. So yes, Russel should be on the rotation but play an average 20 minutes per game until he takes it to the next level.

        1. He can’t take it to the next level until he gets enough experience playing on the next level and against the next level.

          I don’t think Russell is too much of a liability at PG if he just plays safe, tries not to be an offensive force and just moves the ball. To me, he’s no different than Rondo, Price, or any other low scoring non-contributing PG at this point. And as long as we limit his potential to hurt the team with turnovers then there is no major issue.

      1. How?
        Your words suggest:

        PG: Clarkson / Russell
        SG: Bryant / Williams
        SF: YOUNG / ABrown
        PF:Randle / Bass
        C: Hibbert

        Doesn’t that make the SF a major liability, and violate the basic premise of “the best 5 guys”need to be on the floor at all times? And, if the future is a Clarkson/Russell combo, why do you want to stall the inevitable? Especially IF Kobe/Clarkson/Russell is a good solution?

        In my eyes, your lineup is WORSE for the team’s chances of winning as it forces Kobe and Clarkson to be a guard tandem (2 ISO guys), forces Clarkson to be a PG, and leaves a MAJOR hole at SF. Putting Kobe at the 3, makes the SF position a strength, keeps Clarkson on the floor, and lets Russel contribute.

        I don’t get it… I think you are so worried about Russell starting that it’s clouding your vision.

        1. What can Russel’s assignments be if he plays alongside Clarkson and Kobe? Push the ball over midcourt and pass it to either one of them the way he did it in his first games of the SL?

          As for Kobe, a lot of his athleticism is gone now (37 – three season-ending injuries) so how can he face the elite SFs of the league?

          1. I believe you are underestimating Russell as a scorer. In SL he differed to a fault the first 4 games, in the final game you saw his potential as lead guard. But yes, the big question is can Kobe stay healthy at this point in his career.

          2. i don’t think half of these guys are true Lakers fans like myself.

            i mean summer league wasnt that important to me just a chance for them to get ready for the NBA season coming up.
            I didnt make much of it we saw glimpses of what guys can do and can improve on.
            what more should we make of it? when ppl start calling players(randle+russell) a bust it really bothers me though….

          3. Agreed, you can’t take too much from SL and the idea of russell and randle being bust is ridiculous.

    3. better to start. he needs the experience and confidence knowing he is the man in LA. He will be given to the keys to the team and our future is in his hands. He will have the ball alot and be passing to clarkson randle ect…
      Bench him and you put a dud on it all. Game over….

  • I think some of the assist numbers are a bit too high. There are a lot of ISO ball dominant gunners on this Lakers roster and not of the spot up variety. It’s not going to be conducive to big assist numbers. I can see his rebound numbers being higher than his assist numbers.

    Obviously it all depends on how early he will be given the keys to the team and also how long before Kobe relinquishes them. You need only look at Clarkson’s numbers pre and post Kobe to see the difference that can make.

  • Instead of asking fans on Twitter, wouldn’t it make more sense to ask GM’s and front office personnel folks around the league, or does that make too much sense? Why don’t we just ask the Kardashian family? After all, silly articles like this are only about maintaining your ratings during the slow off-season is it not?

    The real answer to your question about Russell may be answered by looking at the final roster that the Lakers put around him. The better his veteran teammates are, the more likely he will have a significant impact. If he is surrounded by other rookie players, the more likely his numbers will suffer. Right now it looks like Clarkson, Kobe, Randle, and Hibbert will join Russell in the first unit. But if you replace Clarkson & Randle with veterans (like Williams and Bass), then Russell’s numbers likely improve. Having an all veteran first first unit to work with will make Russell’s work load significantly easier and his learning curve must faster.

    It’s still likely that Kupchak is looking at other potential players to complete the roster. If they sign Seraphin and he replaces Sacre, that is an improvement. Seraphin can also play PF, as can Black. But they also clearly need a veteran backup PG and some veteran help at SF. Norris Cole and Dorell Wright appear to be the two best f/a’s at those respective positions, but not sure that the Lakers have shown any interest. Perhaps Kupchak has eyes on some other solutions. Plus the Upshaw situation is perplexing. .

    1. Hence going:

      Clarkson / Russel
      Bryant / Williams
      Young / Brown
      Randle / Bass
      Hibbert / Black

      1. I envision:

        PG: Russell /
        SG: Clarkson / Williams
        SF: Bryant / Young
        PF: Randle / Bass
        C: Hibbert /

  • Not really a lineup I love for Russell available. Russell needs cutters and shooters. Kobe is too old to cut and his shot has become very inconsistent, Brown needs to get stronger to be able to finish at the rim, Young is not smart enough to read a play.

    Clarkson and Bass are probably the two best options but neither are good finishers at the basket.

    Randle could develop into that guy if he wanted to, but he is in love with ISO’s and for good reason, he dominates in that situation.

    Lakers are kind of a terrible fit for Russell to be honest. At least this year.

  • I think 13/7/7. I think in Summer League his assist total was terrible because of who he was passing to. His rebounding looked great, his shooting not so much. I think eventually he’ll be an 18-9-9 guy who busts out a 20 triple doubles a year and is the face of the team. He just needs to work on his conditioning and the rest should fall into place.

    1. true. I see him and Scott not getting along at all. Which probably means he will end up on the DLeague team. Although hopefully management will get smart and fire Byron first.

      1. Firing Scott would mean pressing reset all over again. I’m not too crazy about Scott but he needs a fair shake before pressing reset. If Scott does have a terrible season however I do see us replacing him and Kobe probably retires

        1. We just pressed reset. Need an analytical minded staff that can put these young guys in positions to succeed. Keeping Scott will set us back years.

          1. I’m not a huge fan of BS either but let’s see what he does with a roster that’s healthy and has more talent. If we fire him now then a lot of coaches will think the Lakers FO has a toxic environment.

          2. True, but I imagine most coaches would see that he is still using the Princeton offense and understand.

    2. The alternative was Okafor with his 4-13 ft shooting. I’d take intelligence and work ethic over that any day of the week.

      1. I personally had Mudiay and Winslow ahead of both Russell and Okafor. Mostly because at 19 I don’t think you can really see who these guys are yet, but their physical gifts give them such high ceilings. I did have Russell ahead of Okafor though, I just think Okafor’s game is too old school to succeed in the modern NBA.

        1. Daneglo is a smarter player than both. Give russell Mudiay athleticism and what do you got? You can learn to be a better jumper and faster. But you cant teach smart.

          1. Mudiay and Winslow are both high IQ players. Knock on Mud is his outside shot, but that can be developed. Knock on Winslow is jack of all trades but master of none. But same thing, all those aspects can be developed.

          2. i am not sad we didnt draft mudiay or winslow.
            1 person got drafted karl anthony towns.
            Every other person was available and we chose Dangelo Russell for a reason…..
            I dont know why yall are even questioning his passing abilities. He has a good jump shot too.
            Have some faith in Russell.we are Laker fans aren’t we?
            Even if we suck i will still cheer them on not boo them….

          3. I like Russell. I am not hating on him. Just saying there were a lot of other guys we could have taken. My biggest worry with Russell is his athleticism and also his fit with this roster. Russell needs cutters and shooters, we don’t have really have a roster that suits him at all.

          4. no your hating on him by saying he will average the most turnovers per game in nba history

          5. If he plays starting minutes he will have a ton of turnovers. He said himself he is a high risk player.

  • Russell needs to start, period. Throw him in the fire.

    1st season:
    PPG: 15
    Rebs: 6
    Ast: 8

    Season 2 will be all-star caliber stats.
    Season 3 will be top 10 player in the league.


    1. “Johnny • a minute ago
      Nobodies stats will look good until Kobe desapears!”

      Just had to paste what you typed before you edit your post (if you are smart enough).

    2. Where does the hostility come from about a man who done so many great things for the city and this franchise?

    3. so jordan hills career year next to kobe did not happen?

      nither did davis’s career year next to kobe???????

  • Highly unlikely he’ll average what those fans are hoping for the whole year. Lowering those expectations is warranted. However, it’d great if for the last month of the season those were his averages.

  • Mike Bresnahan ‏@Mike_Bresnahan 1 min ago
    According to my source close to Kobe, he is mulling retirement. He has been recovering slow after that shoulder surgery. Story up soon.

    1. I do wonder what he has to gain from this season. He has done his job and we will forever be grateful, but this team isn’t going to win and he isn’t really close to many milestones. He is a legend, he has nothing left to prove.

        1. Lakers will take care of Kobe for the rest of his life. I am sure he isn’t worried about that. And I am also sure he will be successful at whatever he does next.

        2. First, we don’t know if Kobe’s contract is fully guaranteed in case of retirement…..
          He can start broadcasting….
          and he could unretire in February…

          To me,
          This is more about fear of another season ending injury and damaging his legacy.

          Is it really worth the pain, struggles, and effort to help a team that probably won’t make the playoffs?

          And, if he does play, it’s *somewhat* a commitment to 2-3 more years in a rotational role.

          It would make a lot of sense for Kobe to walk away.

          1. As soon as Kobe read that, it would only channel his energy into proving you wrong. He plays for the challenge.

        3. If anything Kobe might not start the season if he really isn’t ready but I doubt he retires joshhh just needs attention

          1. It isn’t even a real tweet. He made it up. But I do still wonder what Kobe has to gain from this season. I hope he continues for selfish reasons though, I enjoy watching him compete.

        4. I believe he could retire right now and would still be paid the remaining money on his contract. But the Lakers could move him to a retired status-like Nash was. and it would help the current cap numbers. The team could also spread his salary over several years. The team does have options.

          1. if he retired right now because he wants to and not because of medical issues his money would be gone

      1. He doesn’t want to end his career as a shell of himself. He wanted to ride out high. But seems not anymore.

        1. I don’t think that is true. He has talked in length about how he isn’t the same player anymore. It is the injuries that keep piling up that are the issue. No need for him to keep battling through them on a team that isn’t ready to win.

    2. **** BOGUS TWEET POSTING ****

      This IS NOT on Bresnahan’s Twitter Page when I checked.

      Making things up Is trolling.

      This is a new low, even for Joshhh….


      Let’s not make an issue out of this.
      Either he plays or not.

      Stirring up the media storm just to see him play next year doesn’t help.
      But, if he does retire, it opens up $25M for trades and acquisitions……. a bit too late however.

  • To the idiot: Kobe’s words in yesterday’s video, ” there’s still kids that look up to me, I need to get out there and play “.

    1. shhhit for brains joshhh is as immature and dumb as ever. as we all know, that’s anything BUT news…

    2. Flagged.
      Another bogus statement.

      Are you so sad and starved for attention that you have to make up rumors?

      Ur out of control bro.

      truly sad.

  • A good rookie year for him would be to average about 13 points and 6 assists. He’ll have his ups and downs like any other rookie.

  • 11-3-5 seems very reasonable. As a point guard, I expect to see around 5 assists when starting in general. This should be achievable with the roster the Lakers have. 3 rebounds is attainable for a guy who is 6’5″ and with the number of minutes, should be in the mix on a rebound or 2 here and there as well as a long rebound here and there too.

      1. Not when you look at the makeup of the team.

        11ppg for him
        20-25ppg for Kobe
        12-15ppg for Clarkson
        10-12ppg for Young
        10-12ppg for Williams
        12-15ppg for Randle

        On the low end, that’s 75 points for all those guys. Hibbert will get his few points, since he averages 11 per game, Bass will see his between 9 and 11 as well. Tarik Black averaged 6 last year and then you have half point, point, 2 point guys who won’t see much burn. You do the math and you’re already looking at around 100ppg which is about what’s to be expected from the team anyway.

          1. And who are you taking points from to get that 14-17ppg? Unless the Lakers have a high potent offense that scores 110ppg it’s not going to happen. Too many scorers on the team already.

      1. That’s not disrespectful. A guy who is expected to pass the ball plenty, I expect to see some assists. I also see a team with 3 guys who like to massage the ball a bit before they take shots and actually like to create their own shots in Williams, Kobe and Young. You also have Jordan Clarkson who will be running the offense some too. Now, the 3 rebounds, he’s one of the smaller guys on the court. He’s going to get the long rebounds sure, but his primary job isn’t rebounding. As far as the points, look at the roster again. Look at the scorers on the team.


        5 guys on the team who are going to get between 10 and 20 ppg. 11ppg is very reasonsable on a team with plenty of guys to put the rock in the bucket. Think about the team, think about the team concept and stop thinking about the player for a moment. Besides, his numbers are going to be lower at the start of the season and will get better as the season goes by. You have to temper his best numbers at the end of the season against games with bad numbers at the start.

  • We fired Mike Brown because of the Princeton Offense. We hired Bryon Scott to run the Princeton Offense. Am I the only one completely confused by what our Front Office is doing.

    1. I actually thought Brown wasn’t bad in his first season. He lost his mind when we got Nash and Howard though.

      1. He didn’t run the Princeton the first season. He implemented in the second season. No idea why haha.

    2. Scott doesn’t run a full Princeton, he just utilizes many of the principles and a few plays from it.

  • I think Russell will be brought up slowly just like Clarkson who started the season with a dleague assignment, I don’t think Russell will be sent to the dleague but he definitely will not get thrown into the water to sink or swim IMO

    1. Will be interesting to see how it plays out. There was no real pressure to play Clarkson who was a second round pick. With 2nd overall draft picks the expectations are really high. They are already marketing him and selling merchandise etc.

  • As long as Kobe stays healthy, and Randle, Clarkson stay in the lineup, I think Russell won’t have as much pressure on him. He should be able to relax a bit more than other rookies carrying the load.

    1. Towns might actually have it the easiest. Everyone is so high on Wiggins that he is sort of an afterthought. God that team could be scary good in a few years.

      1. Yep a backcourt of Wiggins and Lavine will be tough to stop. If Lavine can become a better defender watch out.

        1. Was really impressed with him in Summer League. Not just his confidence but he looked a lot stronger. He was toothpicks last year and now he looks like a serious athlete.

          1. I also think that rookie the Magic drafted (can’t remember his name) will be special too. The Magic have a lot of good young pieces too.

  • If he starts from day one, he will put up modest numbers that will show great progress with his passing instincts and his ability to score in various manners…..
    ppg.11.5 apg.5.5 rpg.5.5 spg.1.5
    And an explosion across the board in year 2
    ppg.17.5 apg.7.5 rpg.6.5 spg.1.75

    1. I can see that with year 2 since Kobe will be gone. Everyone has this expectation of points for him and such, but don’t think about how many points Kobe, Clarkson and some of the others will be scoring too. Only so many shots can be put up in 48 minutes and only so many minutes to go around.

      1. Yeah I think since the upcoming season is most likely Kobe’s farewell tour more attention will be on him than Russell. That can make Russell feel more relaxed.

  • I would take 11ppg 4apg and at least 38% from 3. That would be a very successful season for him. I see Randle becoming the superstar on the team though. I expect at least 14 ppg and 6 rpg from him

  • Starting Russell and having him play 35 min+ is not just about him running the point he would also have to defend top pgs which at this point we have no clue how he would do. if he gets destroyed defensively then Scott would have to pull him and I don’t think it’s a confidence booster. I would rather start from the bottom up then the other way around, Russell has a lot to prove this preseason that’s where Scott will decide Russell’s role

    1. You’ll likely see Clarkson on the PG’s if Russell struggles. Russell being 6’5″ like Clarkson, will then shift to shooting guards who are slower and won’t be able to torch past him. Russell has that benefit of size for a guard.

      1. We all know Russel will struggle big time against guards no matter which. he’s probably the slowest guard in the NBA and no one will have a hard time going up against him. But it doesn’t change the fact that Bryon must start him because of his pass first mindset which the lakers desperately need in the starting lineup. They already have way too many ball dominate scorers on thier team adding clarkson is going too make it even worse. Thats why you have to start him even though he will get destroyed against opposing guards on D. thats why we need to sign dorell wright. hes more of just a spot up shooter which is something you need in your starting lineup for it to work effectively

        1. You are correct about there being too many “offensive” players on the roster. A few more 2-way players with a defensive mindset would be a helpful balance. That’s probably another reason why Okafor was not chosen.
          I don’t see any SF that’s better than Wright at the moment.
          But they do need another veteran PG, as well.

          1. what about tony mitchell he was on our summer league roster. he looks pretty athletic and can be a good defender to help Hibbert or Randle.

          2. tony mitchell would be nice but you cant take him over a proven nbaa vet is what im saying

          3. i get you josh but get what im saying first.
            these rookies even if they are not proven they are more athletic and have more potential than the vets do.
            the vets we already know what they are gonna give us small numbers and only certain things. some of these rookies could be like clarkson and come out shining. if they dont we trade them next year no problem. but i like the idea of a half rookie/half vet team. lots of youth and athleticism and willing to work on defense not just offense. these rookies have alot to prove what does a vet have to prove to us right now? just score buckets? ill take a rookie anyday his hustle and motivation are way more than any vet player worth only 1-2.8 mil

      2. Yes, we could see Clarkson continuing to start at PG & Russell getting major minutes behind him. That puts less pressure on Russell and allows him to increase his skill level initially against 2nd unit PG”s. However, that would require depth at SG & SF which the Lakers don’t currently have. The roster still needs some more improvement, so lets see who Kupchak can find to help. We should be able to see early in the season (perhaps in training camp) whether Kobe still has anything left. More questions than answers right now until the front office can improve the roster. Williams, Bass & Hibbert were decent ackquisitions. And Seraphin would be a good replacment for Sacre. But they still need another veteran PG & SF. Cole and Wright appear to be the two best available. We are now into August which is the vacation month for the NBA. Perhaps Kupchak will wait and assess the team in training camp before making any further roster moves. But more improvement is clearly needed.

        1. compare this season roster right now as it sits to last years roster.
          which needs improvement more?
          tell me last year starting 5 and bench?
          tell me this year starting 5 and bench?
          last years wins?
          this years wins?

          1. That is probably a good question to ask after the first month of the season when we finally see who made the team and how they are playing. Kobe’s health is still a big question.

          2. Hard to compare injury laden seasons to the up and coming. Esp with too many rooks and sophs in the line. Also, chemistry will play so much more, not just players with Kobe but also the coaching and styles of play. As far as we are concern, we hit the rock bottom the last few years and were on the way up. How high, that we don’t know yet. It will all depends on 1, team being healthy, 2, chemistry, 3, coaching, players positioning, subs and styles of play. Then everything will be in order to have a team. How good, only time can tell.

        2. also what about mitchell we saw him in the summer league games? isnt he a SF? can we sign him and maybe a backup PG or keep Ronnie Price. If we didnt lose price yet start russell 1st 6 mins of the quarter let price have the last 6 mins of playtime. 6×4=24 mins that would be decent mins for Russell although in the 2nd or 3rd quarter play 7 or 8 mins instead of 6. Ronnie Price is a great defensive PG.

          1. If Mitchell is invited to camp, we will have a chance to see him. But, IMO this team needs more veteran help. They have a huge number of young players now–more than I have seen on a Lakers team in the last 30 years. It would not be too surprising to see Kupchak try to turn some of his young pieces in trade for some veteran help. In order to move players like Sacre, Kelly or Young, sometimes you have to sweeten the deal by adding a pick or a player. Without a doubt Kupchak has more work to do to balance this roster.

          2. trade who? im not willing to trade larry nance jr or anthony brown sorry dude……..we get a vet who is good for only 2 years and watch some team benefit with our rookies? no way.

        3. You could still start Russell and not pressure the kid. It’s pressure if there are expectations of playoffs and championships now. Let’s be realistic, that pressure isn’t there. Right now, this is a season of learning and building. This is a season to let Russell, Clarkson and Randle play together. That’s the expected starting lineup.

    2. Scott has got to play Clarkson, Russell, Jabari Brown and Julius Randle heavy minutes in pre-season and in the early part of the season so we get the huge losses out of the way. They will start to improve after so many poor performances just like Clarkson last season. We need that during the business end of the season for a (hopefully) playoff run

  • Highly doubt his numbers will be that low. And please try using the phrase “bust” correctly.

    1. You guys call yourself Lakers fans and yet your knowledge on basketball is so pitiful. If you really think The Bust will have higher #s especially in the ast category, well shame on you Dr. Buss is rolling in his grave right now.

  • Russell will certainly get a good look in training camp. But it is rare for a rookie to start in the NBA. A lot will depend on the makeup of the rest of the team. Even a player as good as Kobe, did not start until his 3rd season because he was on a veteran team. As an example, if the front office were to pick up a veteran PG like Brandon Jennings, or a few other veterans to make a serious run at the 8th seed, then that would suggest Russell leading the second unit–definitely an easier place for him to gain experience–and confidence.

  • The Lakers are already somewhat delusional. Whether they start Russell or not will only show how deep the psychosis is. They were a terrible team last season and are going to be -not so terrible but still bad this season. If the number 2 overall pick can’t get the start on a horrible team than they are a lot worse off than we all realized.

    1. agreed. russel was overrated coming out of college. i knew his game was not gonna translate to the nba

      1. I think Russell will be every bit as good as they expect him to be. In just saying that this notion that the Lakers are in a position to bring him along slowly or not start him is ridiculous.

        1. hes pretty much an old and taller version of a poor mans steve nash. not the young steve nash. the young nash was able to collapse defenses and get by his opponent whenever. obviously now he cant since hes old thats why i say an old version of nash minus the shooting ofcourse. if you really want a more identical comparison its gotta be kendall marshall. there both magicians with the ball but dont have any intangibles and are streaky shooters. russel is just taller than him thats all and takes more illidvised shots but overall there pretty much identical

    1. not if Russel proves himself not ready in camp. Should be interesting to see his progress in October.

  • I know everybody loves to bash Joshhh for his comments… But we really do need a SF and I think Wright is the best available option. Unless we’re tanking this year, we really need to make a push towards getting a SF to be competitive in this Western Conference. I know Kobe can play it, but we need him at the 2. It’ll make our bench more balanced with either Clarkson or Russell coming off the bench with Lou, Swaggy P, Bass/Randle, and Black.

    1. they love to bash me cuz there jealous of my intellect. Its just obvious thats its. that they need one. I agree our bench will have alot of fire power but its either gonna be a really bad bench or a really good bench depending on consistency . Kobe should be playing the 2 and have a nice 3 and D SF next to kobe to compete out west.

      1. if you say something stupid i will bash you no matter if ur my best friend. but if your smart and say something that makes sense or is a good idea i might roll with it. i dont show favoritism to my friends or family a complete stranger is same as anyone else i know. everyone is treated equal to me and i dont hold grudges.

      1. and brown, young and kobe are at the 3 ?? lol. hes the best option out there and would erase the memory of Wesley johnson. im not saying hes the lakers future SF all im saying is hes a need and hes a rental for 1 year like hibbert is and see how he does.

        1. Is it because of his career playoff average of 3 points and 2 rebounds? Don’t see how Kobe can compete with that.

          1. ur and idiot period plain annd simple. your eyes will only see what they want. cant help youu there ggood bye and eat ur vegetables

    2. i agree with some of what he has said lately.
      before he didnt make much sense at all whatsoever.
      but lately i think he changed i dont know what happened maybe his life changed?
      joshhhh is looking like a real lakers fan lately…..

    3. mbah is the guy we need considering Kobe will need help chasing the wing players around. On the bench, starting, for vet min he’s worth it.

  • rival is a creepy little stalker. he sits there watching every move i make. i see him upvote people who are replying to me i see him reply when someone disagrees with me. he is one creepy little mofo 0_o

    1. I’ve seen you post that comment about 10 different people all you do is change the name

  • I think Mitch sees that theres a glaring need at the 3. Anyone with 2 eyes can see it. I just think hes trying to package kelly and sacre in a trade for a SF. Thats the only logical explanation as to why he hasn’t signed wright yet. Or he really believes in anthony brown lol

  • If Russell averages 13+ ppg, 3+rpg, 3+ast in his first season, I will personally suck his dick and swallow his cum.

    But I don’t think it will happen.

  • “If Russell can average around 11 points, three rebounds, and five assists while improving his play throughout the season”
    He can definitely average more points than that and a little less assists “5” playing off the ball like he did in his very last summer league game going for 10/21 for 21 points. He looked instantly better with more energy reserve to score, I’ve been saying this for a long time he is a true shooting guard and not a true pg.
    My prediction if he plays SG: 14 5 5
    My prediction if he plays PG: 11 4 6 4TO per game.
    Let’s be realistic.

    1. he is a Point Guard not a shooting guard.
      why dont you guys get that?
      we have enough shooters at SG position why do you think Kobe is moving to SF? just because?
      We need Russell at PG period.
      Nothing else.

    2. I’ve been saying this for 2 months but somehow everyone here has been brainwashed that he’s a tru pg.

      He’s not a pass first guy but he makes beautifully exceptional passes. He plays better off the ball, and sense he makes those passes they want to mold him solely to the position in hopes that he becomes great at it.

      If he was a true pg he would’ve had better stats in summer league from a pg perspective. He can’t even handle ball pressure when bringing it up.

      I wish clarkson had russ court vision and pass ability and russ had Clarksons athleticism.

      I think he will work hard and practice and become a beast at pg tho, imho Steph Curry not a true pg.
      Russ reminds me of James harden.
      But watch how i get jumped and attacked for this comment.

  • The true question is not about his stats average, it’s about the deviation from the average, i.e. how consistent he is. What is the point of any NBA guy producing 20ppg avg in wins and 10 or less in losses? That’d just directly designate his lack of consistency as one of the main reasons for not winning more regularly.
    So I’d rather we lower our expectations, and also stage them throughout the year. When people talk about Clarkson’s last year they put all the stats together, but there’s nothing less justified than that since he very clearly stepped up past February.
    I see the same thing happening here, first 3 months with a high discrepancy, possibly 15-20 minutes, 6-15 points, 3-7 rebounds, 2-6 assists.
    And then gradually going to very regular statlines of 25 minutes, 12-18 points, 5 rebounds, 5 assists, with some games lowering the scoring in favor of the assists.
    That’d be realistic imo.

    1. Okafor and Towns seem they’re ready to do their thing from the get go. Just like Parker and Wiggins. IMO Porzingis will have a Mirotic type season. Russell has more on his plate it’ll take him more time. Plus they have Clarkson at that position to be able to be patient. As far as expectations, Byron has already lowered it by calling out the rook for having his lunch taken away in summer league.

      1. It’s all normal, you bring up 2 SF and 2 C, with all the respect I have for the positions, those are jobs where athleticism can bring in stats immediately. Unrefined but already producing. A PG is much more complex to shape up, he’s the man who runs it all, so he needs to learn to dictate the tempo, needs to know all the strategic variations and learn what to chose to play, when and how to do it, he is the key to ball movement and he is heavily depending on the off the ball activity of his partners (that showed very clearly during summer league, on the bad side of it). Thousands of small details to stick together to make a brilliant and complete PG.
        Of course, if you refer to a motion-offense type PG every small and fast ball handler can shine since you don’t need a high IQ for that. But here we need a guy who can run a traditional Princeton and then incorporate or switch to elements of the triangle, motion ball, run and gun, pick and roll/pop, small ball 3-and-D… a bit of everything. First you need the very highly versatile cast around you to be able to produce, and then you need to be extremely sharp AND gain experience. That will take its time…

  • What you genius’s fail to realize is not how many games the Lakers win or lose, it’s how or if Russell, Clarkson, and Randle SHINE. If they look promising, the free agents next year will take notice and wonder if they’ll fit in and help carry these young guys. The draft proved that the top three free agents showed that they all wanted to come to L.A. Free agents didn’t want to come here because they had nothing to gain. Let’s hope these guys show PROMISE

    1. How did we fail to realize that? That’s been said here about a million times, you must be new here

    2. when we picked russell and not okafor he looked pretty upset about it.
      he thought for sure we were gonna pick him. i think he is angry now and will play hard anytime he plays VS Lakers. watch out….

  • Not expecting much. If he does 10ppg, 6apg 4rpg & 1.5Spg. That would be awesome. But he needs to earn minutes first. I hope Coach Scott will give him the freedom just like he did with CP3 when he was a rookie back in the day.

    1. freedom yes i agree there. but your assist numbers need a boost dude…….6 assists for a PG who has court vision and he is a pass 1st shoot 2nd type of guy……

      1. My 6 Assist is already a well descent one hehehe! Clarkson and Randle will have their ball dominant, not to mention Kobe Bryant. IF and that’s a big IF, Coach Scott will let his Rookie Russell be ball dominant in almost all possession, YES, he’ll have more than that. But he should earn the respect, prove himself he can take care of the ball, improve his Turnover/Assist Ratio.

  • 11, 3, 5 would certainly be great #’s for Russell, he most certainly has the teammates to score. That and decent “D” will satisfy even Scott,

  • i completely agree George. Lakers will regret not drafting Norman Powell. i was one of those Norman fans praising him and i wanted Mitch to pick him up if he was still there. He has all the tools of being a lockdown defender. he is a little undersized but the guy is an amazing athlete and is built rock solid.

  • I know he is 19 but he is a Laker now. How come you don’t have Kobe, Magic or
    Kareem in your starting 5. Wow…you will learn what to say and what not to say in due course.

    1. Yea i didn’t like that either i think he’s an under cover celtic fan…
      No kobe or magic tho!

    1. i expect this lakersnation staff to ban you soon.
      whats up with your name dude? kinda disgusting

      1. Why? It could be half true. Clarkson was basically 5/2/1 before he got the starts in December. We all know Russell needs a lot of work. Question is does Byron start him right away? numbers will be affected.

        If the Lakers run the pick n roll, He’ll do just fine. Seems to be his strength. ISO plays where he has to break down a defender, he’s not so good at.

        1. he just has to adjust his game to iso kind of ball.
          i think clarkson can be put as PG.
          also Kobe can run PG or SF for us this season.
          if he struggles (Russell).
          Byron Scott can use Kobe as backup point guard or throw russel as PG.
          and move the other guards into SG like: lou williams, jabari brown.
          then nick young or anthony brown, these guys can take over SF if Kobe goes to PG.
          we have a good rotation of players and we can go with 10 different lineups and still be competitive with “most” teams.

  • Steve Nash averaged 3 pts and 2 assists his rookie season and John Stockton averaged 5 pts and about 5 assists his first season. Interesting stuff.

    1. True, but the expectations for them weren’t that high. Neither guy was a top 5 pick. That is the problem with being picked so high, everyone expects results, fair or not.

  • In predicting how Russell will fare we’ll need to see what does down in camp. Basically you’ll have the full team there and that’s when he’ll get a chance to show if he’s ready to run a team. If he’s slow to pick it up, it’ll be bench time where he’ll share duties with Nick and Lou. Clarkson will be the PG. We’ll need to pick up a SF. I hope it’s Mbah to take over the Wes role.

    Numbers for Russell – bench 5/3/2. Starting 12/6/5.

    Kobe/Clarkson/Bass/Mbah/Hibbert. Mbah will guard whichever star Kobe is suppose to guard.

  • russell can beat superstars like chris paul,westbook,kyle iriving and etc point guards in nba and russell can grow a superstar pg and make a impact ???

    1. that’s always a concern. People say superstar for Russell but he has to make the all-star first. With guards like Westbrook/Curry/Thompson/Harden/Paul/Lillard/Conley/Parker in the mix as well as the up and comers like his own team mate Clarkson, Lavine – it’s gonna be a daunting task.

    2. yes i think russell will be guarding the shooting guards, while J Clarkson gets on whoever the other teams PG is. Spending some of his energy towards defense and not all of it towards offense…..
      If they do this it will help both players JC and Dlo.
      Improve PG defense and Clarkson playing more defense equal to his offense.

  • He’s going to at least have to put up better numbers than Jeremy lin which should be about 12ppg and 5app…..It’ll be interesting to see whether that’s even possible with Kobe who will still demand 20 shots per game.

    1. The Lakers will average around 85 shots per game. There’s really no problem with Kobe taking 20 of those shots, I believe the efficiency issues occur when he gets to that 25 to 30 shot range.

      1. If Kobe does what he did last year no forcing the issue he will shoot only high pct shots and have a lot more assists due to the fact every single time he touches the ball, he gets double teamed!
        hence why i call him the GOAT.
        seldom i ever saw MJ get double team as much as Kobe does today even at 37….

  • He needs to at least out play Okafor. Otherwise he will get called a bust all next summer. The biggest mistake in Lakers history.

    1. Russell is not a bust.
      His job coming is to pass the ball and rack up assists.
      His turnovers in summer league is blown up.
      its Summer league who cares?
      i didn’t even watch the finals game of SL.
      AGAIN nobody cares…….

  • Well it’s time for more L.A. Futile FAKER TANKER fan predictions,propaganda and dumbed down delusions. Listen closely, it will all change very quickly, like their draft predictions. Totally amateur fantasy FAKERLAND Delusion as usual then it’s back to L.A.Futile FAKER TANKER fan Whine cellars and sipping some ZOMBIE JUICE ans a sing along to “””WHINE me a river”, while all the dumbed down predictions are just another season of PROPAGANDA TANKERS and LOSSES, as usual…..Just a Thought!!! .

    1. not just a thought, a very stupid one as usual. are you under the impression that people actually read the same bullshit you’ve been posting for the last year? wow we sure get some stupid mofos around here starting with this little snatch. i wonder how much talking dudes like this would do in person.

  • Realistically he’s not gonna have the ball in his hands all that much if he’s starting. So I wanna see him higher on rebounds and fast break outlet situations. You know on the half court it’s still Kobe’s ball.And with Clarkson coming up plus Williams he’s gonna have to be Steph-like to be trusted to run the offence. Don’t see that happening rookie year. I say 8ppg 5rpg 4apg

  • 9 PPG
    4 Assists
    5 Rebounds
    3 Turnovers

    45% FG
    29% 3 Pt

    He will be coming off the bench getting 20 Minutes per game

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