Lakers Nation Countdown: Kobe Bryant’s Top-10 Dunks

Lakers Nation Countdown: Kobe Bryant’s Top-10 Dunks


9. Kobe Turns Back The Clock vs. Hawks
Crime Date: March 3, 2013
Scene of the Crime: Staples Center, Los Angeles, CA
Victim(s): Josh Smith aka J-Smooth
Accomplice(s): None
Eyewitness Statement:

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The 2013 season was not in any way going the way the Lakers intended it to. Expected to be a title contender, the Lakers were struggling just to make the playoffs, but Kobe was determined to ensure the Lakers see the postseason.

Late in this game against the Hawks, the Lakers trailed by a point, and badly needed a win to get back to .500. Kobe found himself matched up with Josh Smith, one of the best, most athletic defenders in the NBA.

Kobe would drive to the basket as Smith was right on his shoulder. But Kobe would not be stopped as he rose up and despite the 6’9 Smith’s best attempts, throw down a ferocious dunk to send the Staples Center crowd into a frenzy.

This dunk gets extra points because Kobe wasn’t supposed to be able to do something like this at his age, especially over someone like Smith who owns a 7’0 wingspan. But Kobe has conquered something even taller than this…

8: Lakers Nation Countdown: Kobe Bryant’s Top-10 Dunks