Lakers Looking For Fresh Talent Post-Trade Deadline?

Rumor has it the Los Angeles Lakers still might add a new piece to their rotation despite the fact that they were quiet during yesterday’s trade deadline. The Lakers front office has stated they have interest in multiple players that are on the market in an attempt to bolster their line-up for a third consecutive title run.

Currently the Lakers have stated their interest in Troy Murphy, Jason Kapono, and Leon Powe. The team only has 14 players on the active roster, so they could add a new player without being forced to release a current one.

Murphy was recently traded from the New Jersey Nets to the Golden State Warriors, but will reportedly be bought out by Golden State before next Thursday’s deadline. Kapono, who played his college ball at UCLA, is in a similar situation, and will be reportedly bought out by the Philadelphia 76ers.

The third choice, Leon Powe, is someone that many Laker fans are familiar with. Powe played for the Boston Celtics in 2008 and gave the Lakers fits in Game 1 of the NBA Finals.

Whether the Lakers will make a new addition or not is yet to be seen, but it appears they are still looking to improve their roster in any way possible while they still have the opportunity to do so.

Powe: yes. Kapono: Possibly Troy Murphy: Doesn’t fit at all.

  1. Troy Murphy fits in perfectly. A big man that rebounds and can shoot the 3. He is a perfect player for the triangle. He would be a nice change from what Gasol and Bynum bring off the bench.

  • I totally agree with Powe and Murphy—great frontline players that will add more depth especially since OKC went and got themselves some size. I like Murphy because he’s got a more all-around game than Powe and is more established. Kapono, although a great shooter that would seem ideally suited for the Triangle, would be a liability defensively and won’t get minutes anyway playing behind Ron, Matt, and Luke.

  • I like the idea of adding another player to the roster and I think that could be a pure shot of energy going into the stretch. Would love to see Powe if not then, if not then Kapono. Either one I think would be a good fit. Go Mitch

  • One way the LAKERS can increase the offensive effectiveness without spending a penny, is to start Shannon Brown! As much as I like & appreciate everything that Fisher has done for the team, it’s now time for him to come off the bench. Brown give the Lakers more options on offense and the opposition has to stay home on Brown, rather than Fisher’s man helping out on another player. Because of Brown’s quickness and athleticism, they can run weakside lobs, pick and rolls, and on the fast breaks Brown has more moves. All of these items ultimately puts more preasure on the opposing team as a whole. Fisher is definitely valuable but with the amount of faster and more athletic guards in the league, it’s time for the Lakers to match that and off-set it’s affect.

    1. I agree that Fish needs to be replaced in the starting lineup but Shannon Brown has one of the lowest basketball IQs in the league and he’s definitely NOT a PG.

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