Lakers Envision D’Angelo Russell, Jordan Clarkson Backcourt For 10-12 Years

D'Angelo Russell and Jordan Clarkson

The Los Angeles Lakers are currently building for what could be a very promising future in the post-Kobe Bryant era. Adding Jordan Clarkson, Julius Randle and D’Angelo Russell were steps forward in this process and general manager Mitch Kupchak hopes it’ll setup the team for years to come.

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During an appearance on SiriusXM NBA Radio, Kupchak said the following about the team’s vision with Clarkson and Russell:

Many Lakers fans were concerned after the team’s performance in the NBA Summer League earlier this month. Los Angeles finished with a 1-4 record and weren’t very impressive with Russell leading the way in the backcourt.

Although the team’s performance was disappointing to say the least, the five times the Lakers played in Las Vegas were only exhibition games. The four losses were meaningless, but many did expect more from a team filled with promising young talent.

If Russell and Clarkson develop as expected, the Lakers could be back in contention in the near future. There’s a long way to go before the team actually knows what they have with these two guards, but if all goes well, the team’s vision will come to fruition.


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I agree with Mitch. Clarkson & D-Russ will be one (if not the best) of the best backcourts in the NBA! Just wait and see, be patient Lakers Nation.

    1. Its kind of tough to figure what two guards playing together will do, but both of their BB IQ SEEM TO BE HIGH, I WOULD NEVER COUNT them out being the best, how many teams have two guards that stay together, its a wide open road for them, if they do stay together I would bet money on them.

    2. Re-reading your post being how you feel they will never be the best, then you must have some two guards playing together (ARE) who are the best ?

        1. Well klay thompson didnt show up in the finals… if any duo will challenge JC n DLo for back court supremesy which i dont think any one will, it would be wall and beal

        2. Bro I don’t know if you’re serious or not but They were in the finals and won an nba championship.
          Russell and Clarkson went 1 and 4 in the summer league.
          I think it’s a little bit premature to compare them to any backcourt currently.

        3. Klay was definitely a non-factor in the finals, whether it was the concussion or he just disappeared remains to be seen but that was exposed as a Kink in his Armour, will he do this again, if he ever gets there again.

        4. Why is everyone talking about Klay Thompson? Klay is an all star 2 guard who avg 20 on a 67 win team that one a championship.
          D’angelo russell led the summer league in TO and him and Clarkson went 1 and 4 against the summer league. There is currently no comparing them to klay or virtually any nba backcourt right now it’s pointless.
          When the Lakers make the playoffs than compare the backcourt of that time. Right now russell might not even start..which is probably why the Lakers were looking to get lawson or any PG….stop

        5. Finals is a short period of time. Klay was consistent all season Even the best have bad days sometime.

        6. Klay is a tad overrated IMO. Cant create his shot well enough to be considered a star in this league. Better than Kyle Korver but worse than every other legit star

        7. Klay is a catch and shoot guy. He does not create his shots because Steph controls the ball. However, he is a very good defender.

        8. He may be over rated but who’s out there that would have complemented Steph well?

        9. He CANNOT create his own shots. He never performs when defenders turn up the pressure. The Warriors will suffer once Iggy starts to slow down because he is the only one who can relieve pressure off Steph. You can tell he knows how to be the man in this league as he has been before

        10. Still the Lakers wish they would have drafted him. He was in our backyard. When Iggy slows down, I’m sure #44 will come up with someone.

        11. As of right now they are. That was a no brainer- we are talking about two guys that onlyone have been in the NBA 3/4 of a season and a ROOKIE, and if that is all you can come up with I stand a pretty good chance of countering that.

        12. Look, I’m not sure what your point is. You asked me to name a better backcourt. The reality of the situation is that there are a lot of back courts currently better. Rose Butler, Wall Beal, Lawson Harden, Dragic Wade to name just a few off the top of my head
          They weren’t even a great back court in summer league so I don’t know how your projecting them to be the best in the league at this point.
          I would actually bet money that they probably won’t even be on the same team in 10 years.

        13. I’m a Laker fan and listening to you guys are embarrassing. BReese is right and why all the negativity towards Klay Thompson? No one is asking him to create his own shots and be a Kobe Bryant, he plays his role for his team and they are the NBA champions….. Clarkson and Russell might be a great two guard in the future, but right now neither of them have done anything in this league and you guys argue that they are possibly the top two guards? Be realistic guys….

        14. Really?? Lol Russell might not proven anything yet but clarkson has, your talking about a 46th pick that made all rookie first team. A 46th pick who shot 49% FG and 30.5% from the three. His stats where 15.6 ppg, 4.8 rpg and 5.0 apg. Check your stats bro because so far he has proven something although they haven’t been wining he still a star in the making.

        15. steph curry-ish. he will never be steph curry but he can make his own mark on the NBA if he wants to. i don’t expect or want him to copy someone else lifestyle. If anyone i want him to be more like Magic Johnson the best PG of all time. the GOAT!

    3. No problem. They may not be the best, BUT as long as they play tough and win a ring or two in 10 – 12 years i’d take that anytime.

  1. I agree but first they have to try and get through this year without kobe taking 30 shots a night.

    1. No shit. Somebody needs to put their foot down and make Kobe play within the offense, such as it is. If Kobe doesn’t, Nick won’t either.

  2. To be one of the best or the best let’s examine who they can be better. Two guys in the Bay Area are pretty good. So are the two in DC. Can they be better than those guys. I am a Lakers fan since 1959 all I can say is I hope so.

    1. If only 2 teams in the NBA have better guard combo’s things are really good.

      — That means we win the guard battle almost every night…. and I like our chances on the other two nights just the same.

      1. Don’t be so sure. Ours are still wet behind the ears. It’ll take sometime. Hopefully not too long.

        1. since when is it bad to be optmistic about a players future? we want them to be great and do great things. so whats the problem with that?

        2. There is nothing wrong about being optimistic. I am all for them being successful, but don’t expect for them to be great overnight. All I’m trying to say is give them time, and don’t expect too much too soon . If they’re good, they will eventually be good.

  3. Of course Mitch is going to say what he said. He’s 1 of the ppl pulling the trigger on these moves. Jordan Clarkson stood out on a very bad Lakers team last season. There’s absolutely nothing impressive about that. Let’s not anoint him just yet. D’Angelo Russell has yet to play an NBA game. Need I say more? The only thing you said that made any kind of sense is “be patient Laker nation.”

        1. When you think of Magic’s contract, Dr. Buss had the foresight. One $1m/year in today’s market is what, the minimum for veterans?

    1. You have only posted 5 times and all ready your a hater, and know all about the LAKERS. What a sad case.

        1. Lol. Pathetic. You’re still butthurt?

          Thanks for showing me your intelligence last week or so. And now, I thank you for showing me your maturity level.

          You remind me of joshhh…But you know what, I’ve been reading his most recent posts, and they’re not bad. Not saying i agree with him, but his opinions are formulated better. He’s shown improvement. You on the other hand…keep taking steps back

          If you wanna take things personal…go ahead, But don’t tell me to leave as I’m happy. If you’re miserable, you can leave or click that “x” so you don’t see my posts, I could care less. Simple as that.

      1. Now Nick is the brick? What was he two years ago? How soon you forget. Give the man a chance.

        1. ?!, been saying this since last season. It’s the other way around tho, give him another chance? You were pulling hard for FO to sign him lol. 30 yrs old, how many more chances does he need? No real summer regimen in this chump, otherwise, he’d show progress as opposed to a below/mediocre player.

          1. Don’t be so hateful. It is bad for your blood pressure. If he does not play well after a few games then we can waive him or trade him. I think he has one strike against him already, Byron Scott.

          2. How? lol, no one wants him. The league knew that Young was available for a trade given FO made it known.

          3. Mitch knows how. If he can forgo in drafting someone that would have solved the club’s problem instead of someone with future possibility, I’m sure he can come up with something or someone.

          4. If he doesn’t play well, he gets benched.
            We’ve got Williams, Kobe, Clarkson, and a bunch of rookies to fill in the slack.

            Why are you worrying so much about an inconsequential player?

          5. Inconsequential? how bout the inept filling a roster spot for a more impact-ful player (SF or C) who actually plays on both ends of the floor.

          6. so you know his every move and his daily schedule and as far as mediocre well you could label the whole team as that last season, not just one player.

          7. And? 30 yr old who hasn’t improved his game much other than just shooting em up. The problem is he’s been here for 2 yrs already. If he played D wouldn’t care much but his bark is bigger than his bite. STFU given he can’t back up sht.

          8. Wrong again, Young has improved his defense, although not an elite defender he has improved (taking charges, applying more defensive pressure, etc. etc.), maybe if you paid more attention instead of running your mouth you could understand what is going on, if not then you can change the channel anytime you want, it’s not like your opinion is the only opinion that counts and I’m sure Young is not loosing sleep over your opinion, nor the Lakers for that matter, nor other Laker fans.

          9. Lol, say’s someone who’s opinion means shit. Haven’t changed my stance since 2013 with relation to the inept and they haven’t disappointed. Two more years and changes are coming tho you likely see different. Just the fact that no one wanted Young when he was made available recently (market) shows he has little value.

            Lou Williams will have a better season than Young given if he can’t play D at most he won’t get much playtime. Still waiting to be proven otherwise since 2013. gtfo LOL! Chump

          10. I see you neglected to listen to the truth about Young improving his D, the only inept one here is your sorry ass, like your opinion meant alot, at least my opinion is based on fact where as yours is based on stupidity going back to 2013, so it’s Young’s fault that the Lakers sucked, there was enough blame to go around but of course your so limited in brain matter you wouldn’t know the difference….CHUMP !!!!!

          11. Hey dolt,

            You’re more of a fool than anticipated. Who the F blames Young for the Lakers stinking it up? That’s on the inept FO fool, you need to take some JR. High School classes to help you with your reading comprehension (where does it state that Young’s to solely blame for the Lakers demise)? You’re hard riding on Young’s jock, at least you’ll be gone when he gets shipped out in the future. gtho BUM!

          12. Not only that. We need a couple guys that can fill it up like Nick did 2 years ago to stretch the floor. I wish Randle could shoot like Nick. And he’s not THAT bad on defense, either. Besides, he’s a lot funnier than you are.

          13. You are really an ignoramus and an ingrate. He was hurt all last year and the year before he was practically the only bright spot we had. This year I predict he will shine again now that Scott is done beating him up. It takes no brain power to just make junior high put-downs, so shut up.

          14. Wow for a putz you must have seriously banged your head hard to post such crap. Young was diagnosed with small knee cap fracture around mid/late March, still could’ve finished out the season but he chose otherwise. However, don’t care if he chose to sit out the remainder of the season.

            That just shows he’s of the weakest breed. How bout making excuses for his lack of consistency on the court? Rather than putting it on the coach or on other things (ex. rim wasn’t too kind) rather than on himself LOL?

            DGAD if you think or believe it’s on Scott. It’s not Scott’s fault that he can’t play defense consistently being that’s learned and played since his youth days. Always coming up with excuses for this guy LOL. Sometimes you say you could care less about him and other times it’s the opposite.

            Flip flopper for sure, haven’t changed my stance since he joined the team. Of course we don’t have a choice in rooting for him once the season begins but he won’t improve much aside of getting much out of him. His antics is the problem cause he can’t back up sht thus best to sthu.

          15. ALL you do is hack on players and other fans. What is your contribution around here? Do you write with any humor, wit or insight? No. You just don’t impress me. What you do is junior high kid stuff. Grow up. Or just shut up. As you point out, we have been hearing the same two cents worth from you for two years now. Enough. Find something else to say.
            I have had a cracked knee cap and it was horrible. Thank God I wasn’t trying to play sports on it.
            I also can’t imagine playing on a team of scrubs like the Lakers have had the last couple years. I did not understand the clown car routine Nick and Hill put on. Still, a lot of other people were amused and the media had something to write about. Let it go. Let others feel the way they do.
            Just because Nick could shoot the lights out on any given night, doesn’t mean he was particularly lousy on defense. You just parrot his detractors without offering any particular insight or observation. You are a one dimensional commenter. All you do is knock people. I have had enough of you. Please quit.
            Subject: Re: Comment on Lakers Envision D’ Angelo Russell, Jordan Clarkson Backcourt For 10-12 Years

          16. “ALL you do is hack on players and other fans”?! So not allowed to reply back to other bloggers who curse or who insult? LOL

            Aside of this FO (2 more yrs left) the only one I have issues with is Young. Yacks too much on and off the court for being less than mediocre. Not the one btchin about the youth aside of calling newbies busts. Impress you lol, don’t give a hoot about you. You don’t impress anyone with your posts, hardly read your posts to be serious. I think you’re female if correct, that has some connections or work revolves around the brand.

            Have my beliefs but keep them to myself, TO WHICH YOU”VE failed to impress. Just be grateful where you’re at b/c don’t think your overall experience/ideas/thinking have landed you where you’re at. It was reported back then too that Young could’ve played the final few weeks but end the end they likely chose otherwise. Cool, could care less but just sht the F up is all one asks. Amused?, I’d kept Hill and dished out Young. Couldn’t even managed to RE-ACQUIRE Davis too.

            It must get to you for not being impressed?… we’ll word of advice it’s called FREE WILL, no one’s forcing you to read this yet you do lol? Could’ve not replied and moved on but now we’re arguing about this? Waste of time. Uhh the coach has brought it up too right (Young’s lack of defense)? Everybody knows this too. Quit? could care less what you think. Word of advice, don’t reply back since you’re just wasting everyone’s time.

            Truth is everyone expects better from this FO, especially for all the gibberish they dish out about continuing Dr. Buss’s legacy. Could imagine what some of the more brand savvy fans would post (if they did) about this FO. But not here to impress, tho you seriously DO NOT. Just be grateful where you are at today.

          17. You heard what I said. All you did was hack on me like you do everyone else who disagrees with you. Try getting a different shtick for a change and pretend you made it out of junior high. It is a really tiresome thing you do on here.

          18. ?!, I don’t understand, we can have a serious convo without getting foul. I mostly respond to how one is responded. Re-read your first post to me “You are really an ignoramus… etc etc” That’s likely what hit a nerve there being talking about the FO right? Been mentioned since 2013. Truth, it’s not Young is it? That makes more sense tho. smh

          19. I think Young’s troubles are a function of two coaches in a row who never deserved to coach the Lakers—which in turn is a direct result of the Lakers being run like the Buss family pizzeria. We don’t go out and get the very best FO talent money can buy, we get the Buss kids as VP of this and Manager of that. Except for Mitch, I doubt there is a boss in the place that’s not related by blood. Nepotism is reviled everywhere. It is the antithesis of excellence. Jeannie knows this and why and what it can do to a company. They teach that at UCLA, too.

            Young is unfairly maligned for doing exactly what the coaches wanted the previous year. MDA was no defensive guru. Of all those guys they ran through there, they gave Young a contract. Nobody else. Mitch saw something in Nick. So do I.

            I think Scott is a very blunt instrument as a coach. I would never want to play for the guy.

          20. Very nice, agree Mitch has done what he needs to for now but GM’s don’t last forever. Best to recruit the Lakers future now with relation to the FO once changes are initiated b/c they won’t turn this around according to Jim’s objective in two seasons. Don’t see Scott coaching the Lakers after his first 3 yrs are up being the 4th’s a team option. By then changes would’ve likely been initiated, thus, new management be looking at a different direction.

          21. As far as ignoramus goes, I thought I was sugar coating it at the time…:-)

            I will go back and review my remarks. I remember that I watched the days go by and all I saw you do is hack on Young, hack on other commenters and hack on passers-by.

            Ignorance can be cured but not stupidity.

            We will talk again.

          22. Sheesh, like the saying goes ‘treat those as one like to be treated’ tho it applies differently on-line. But this site varies with relation to bloggers thus it is what it is. You get the good and bad.

          23. Well, you sound smart. There is no reason either of us needs to play at such a low level. How about a fresh start and a truce on Nick Young until the All Star break. That’s fair. Deal?

    2. Everybody talking about Sacre…but watch Sacre ends up shocking the world this season! Watch he comes out playing MAD defense, killing the rebounds, and even averaging about 1.5 blocks a game, on TOP of being the expert bench cheerleader! Lolol #Lakerfaith

      1. LMFAO No just stop, he had his chance just like that bust of a draft player Wesley Johnson.

        1. LOL! Just wishful thinking! And I’m glad I’m not the only one that thought Wesley Johnson was overrated! Lol

          1. God dam I love your sarcasm. No lie you got me, actually believe you were serious with all the bullshit I’ve seen recently.

    3. Why are you still focused on Sacre?

      I kinda “got it” when he was the starter, or #2 guy…… But now he’s the #4 guy, isn’t it time to move past things?

      – The front office felt the same way you did bro…. and went out and upgraded the position.

    4. He is the best. That’s why they got rid of Davis and Hill, traded for HIbbert as his backup. Lol

  • So far it hasn’t been good. But there were a couple of moments that have me hopeful for the future.

    1. What could you hope for they only had 3 days of practice with guys they had never played with before, not knowing very many plays and the coach wanting to see what they could all do and you don’t understand that they didn’t win more games, you guys are a JOKE. Real good Lakers fans.

      1. I said there were moments that have me hopeful. What do you want me to say? Lie and say they played well together. They had a few good moments but it was enough to make me hopeful.

        1. No what you said is great at least you watched the game, like you said they had their moments. I did not expect much more then what we saw, I was hoping RUSSELL would of had a better showing, but here again 19 yr old with that much pressure on him it took him all five games to really show that if nothing else he can shot, but his TO LOOKED bad for him. With training camp and practices & pre-season games he will look so much better , he will be under fire OCT 28 th when we play the ROCKETS AND THE THIRD GAME the Clippers on the 31 st.

      2. I understand they only had three days of practice. Weren’t the others in the same boat and yet played better? That guy Booker from KY looked good. I think he plays for the Suns. Norman Powell from UCLA looked great for Toronto. Of course he was a senior. However Looney from UCLA looked good too and a freshman. We’ll just have to be patient and wait to hopefully Angelo cut down his mistakes and improves. I have no problem with Clarkson as I think he will be a star. Randle is promising.

      3. Thank you! Summer league is simply to get their foot wet. Now that they know their pros and cons, they can start working thing in, and working things out. Everyone panics too much to call themselves Laker fans. Doubts too much as well. Smh

      1. my hype is the same for these young guys.
        the hate these other idiots are sayin means squat.
        come regular season they will be eating their words and a huge pile of sh*t.

    1. I think this is less pressure. If the FO is saying this could be a backcourt for 10-12 years, it shows this team will be willing to watch the two grow and hopefully make a solid name for themselves

  • The irony is that D’antoni’s offense would be much more effective with Russell and Clarkson than Scott’s princedumb offense. Not suggesting that we hire D’antoni. Just saying that the Lakers plan for the future should also involve hiring a coach that plays to the strength of the Lakers roster. More spacing and pick and roll action is a necessity.

      1. Have you looked at the roster? Russell. Clarkson. Randle. Williams. Young. Both Browns. Nance Jr. Kelly. ALL would exce in a dantoni offense

          1. sure. But this roster isnt 2012. Other than hibbert and kobe, the players we have are all uptempo. If we hired dantoni for the next 5 years we would be styling.

  • d russell needs to develop his body i would send him to the d league first..start matthew dellavedova at pg

        1. I’d cripple dellie before he can join the Lakers…figure him in an accident before he destroys the team.

  • Not true, but yes, they would both backup(at the moment), Curry and Thompson, but that’s not to say that will always be the case.

    1. Actually, at the moment they would back up the guys who are currently backing up Curry and Thompson. Or be on the W’s D League team.

      1. Wanna bet??? I’d bet you 10K that they can get to play 3-5 mins a game IF they were with GS.

        You probably won’t get to play even in your dreams…or nightmares.

      2. i bet you 1 if not both of them will start when we play the warriors. if both start play and trash ur team u owe me $10,000 dollars okay? i bet you!

    1. Yeah, they can be a real dynamic backcourt duo. Dual combo guards, it’ll be fun to watch them play off each other. Their strengths amd weaknesses seem to fit well together. All they need is time and chemistry. Gonna be fun to watch them develop.

  • one of them probably moving out for Westbrook. probably clarkson. OKC probably sells early if Durant leaves. Russel likely leave more than anyone on that roster.

    1. actually, i think the lakers are going to keep the back court of russell/clarkson and go hard after hassan whiteside next summer. he will be an unrestricted free agent.

          1. it’s a two-way street. the lakers have to want hibbert back, too. that remains to be seen.

          2. i didn’t say that. but whiteside is younger and is a free agent. he would have more years to grow along with the core of randle, clarkson and russell. it would be foolish not to offer him a deal.

          3. hibbert is here for the long hual buddy…when we play miami watch him dominate whiteside

          4. that is so not true. hibbert is in a ‘prove it’ year. the lakers are not obligated to keep him after this upcoming season.

          5. hibbert will be a hot commodity come next summer after having a terrific year with lakers

          6. we’ll see what happens. no one can predict the future. but we all do remember you saying that the lakers should max wade and dragic.. so everyone on here knows that you’re a joke.

          7. that’s just hype and assumption. Wait and see.

            Hell aren’t you one of those Lakers fans that claim Russel, Randle, and Clarkson would dominate the summer league?

          8. no hype i believe kobe will turn hibbert into a monster setting new career highs in LA..i see this happening

          9. Did you see the Lakers summer league team blow out 1-4?

            Nope. Again, just hype. Hibbert has to prove himself. This is a player that was booed out of Indiana for putting up 0pts and 0 rebounds

          10. hibbert was bored in indi had to play the whole previous season knowing it was his last..that wont be the case in LA you will see a whole new hibbert

          11. you know kobe is the first to call a player soft immediately when he sees it..he just wont tolerate it at his age you will see a tough well rounded hibbert in his best form

          12. Oh wow. Kobe calls someone soft, and that player magically turns into a god LMFAO. No it doesn’t work like that.

            What happen to Booz becoming an All-Star again and Lin bring back Linsanity? What Kobe didn’t say anything to them?

            Call Hibbert soft and chances are he’ll fight you instead of playing better…

          13. you saw a different lin second half of the season because of that speach also wayne ellington had a few good games..kobe dont play

          14. I didn’t see anything except for a 21-60 record by the end of the season. Again just stop, Kobe is not a magician that can spin a few words that turns players into studs.

          15. hes got that ability you a lie . hes done it with shaq and bynum turned them into champions and now hibbert just wait and see

          16. Shaq? Really? Shaq was leading the team LMFAO, Kobe was the 2nd superstar and Shaq was the first idiot. Yeah and that explains why Shaq went to the Heat LOL

            Bynum is a bum.

            I agree with one thing, “wait and see” right now you just making assumptions, if Hibbert under performs be sure to note that I will be here to call you out.

          17. Explain lol How am I losing? I think you the one losing because you don’t have an answer.

            Hibbert stats better be….

            12pts, 11 rebounds, and 2 blocks per game.

            Otherwise I will flame you. You know what? Link me your pay pal when the season is over.


          18. you just making your self look dumb lol thinking you know more about the lakers than me.your logical thinking is horrible

          19. I do know more than you. The proof is in the comments.
            Not only do you need to take a reading comprehension class but you need to take a philosophy/logic class, because you are just full of fallacies.

            So explain how my logic is wrong? Go ahead explain? I got my counter arguments lock and loaded.

          20. you think russell is going to start keep dreaming lmaoyou sound like one of those russell fan boys..that tells me your fu5ked up in head bro

          21. Do you want to know why I said you fail reading comprehension?


            Here’s my quote.

            ” I didn’t say he was going to ballout dumbass. I said at this point, let him start so he can DEVELOP.”

            Scroll back out.

            I don’t expect Russel to put down crazy numbers on the stat sheet. What I’m saying is that Scott AND Mitch both said Russel, Clarkson, and Kobe will start. Russel at the PG, Clarkson at the SG, and Kobe at the SF. THAT’S WHAT THEY SAID.

            Russel is going to start NOT because he is a elite PG. He’s going to start because Lakers want Russel to develop and build chemistry WITH Clarkson.


          22. lol stop it you cant predict that russell will start. i see im raising your blood pressure this debate is over ..take your inhaler kid

          23. Yeah talking to fucken idiots is exhasting. Feels like I’m talking to a brick wall.

            Mitch and Scott said that. I didn’t predict anything. Just letting you know what THEY SAID.

            “stop it you cant predict that russell will start.”

            how about you stop, you can’t predict that Deli is going to the Lakers

          24. See this is what I’m talking about. You say that I can’t predict Russel starting yet you can predict Deli is coming?

            Talk about double standard hypocrisy. Again you fail logic class and reading comprehension.

            Link me your fucken pay pal. You got till the start of the season for Deli to join the Lakers.

          25. you not me you dont bleed purple and gold like i do.most of my predictions become articles

          26. No, you’re bleeding stupidity. That’s all you’re doing lol. Anyone reading these comments knows you suck at arguing

          27. Explain how did I lose? You fail at reading comprehension and logic.

          28. Okay so that means you’re a pussy. HAHAHA you have no confidence in your prediction. All talk. Keep talking. You going to eat your own words.

          29. This isn’t a debate anymore. You lost already.

            1. You say Russel not starting.
            I said both Mitch and Scott confirmed they are starting

            2. You accuse me of making an assumption that Russel is starting. How is it an assumption if I’m just telling you what Mitch and Scott said.

            3. Accuse me of making an assumption when all you did is claim that Mathew will join the Lakers and Kobe is going to use some magic words to get his players going. So who is making assumptions again?

            4. You fail at reading comprehension, I never said Russel was going to be a stud on day one lol. You just putting words in my mouth

            5. I wanted to challenge you to a bet. But you pussy out

            Yeah I lost this debate battle LMFAO xD. Cute

          30. never that im waiting on the next article fool..i got you wide awake this morning i see smh

          31. So should I thank you for helping me get out of bed? LMFAO xD? What? LOL bro you try to hard, you already lost.

          32. Yeah it must be pathetic how someone like you can lose an argument with someone who is half asleep HAHAHA., I guess I only need to use a quarter of my brain to destroy you’re stupid ass xD

          33. im gonna make you think twice about responding to me you definitiely lost this debate hands down

          34. HAHAHA Cute. The stubborn 5 year old thinks he won. You remind me of my nephew. Let me copy and paste this.

            This isn’t a debate anymore. You lost already.

            1. You say Russel not starting.
            I said both Mitch and Scott confirmed they are starting

            2. You accuse me of making an assumption that Russel is starting. How is it an assumption if I’m just telling you what Mitch and Scott said.

            3. Accuse me of making an assumption when all you did is claim that Mathew will join the Lakers and Kobe is going to use some magic words to get his players going. So who is making assumptions again?

            4. You fail at reading comprehension, I never said Russel was going to be a stud on day one lol. You just putting words in my mouth

            5. I wanted to challenge you to a bet. But you pussy out

            Yeah I lost this debate battle LMFAO xD. Cute

          35. lol we will see who’s right you said russell will start im going to hold you to that .im not your nephew im the one you fear because i know more than you

          36. But that’s the funny thing.

            1. I never said Russel was going to start. I said that’s what Mitch and Scott said. I’m just telling you what Mitch and Scott said in their interviews.

            God dam you suck as reading LOL

            Oh how cute. “I know more than you” bla bla bla HAHAHA its okay little guy. You need to go to school, learn how to read, maybe take a logic class, then come back and talk with the grown ups lol

          37. lmao this convo is over im still holding to those words..look at you backind down you got it coming to you and your not going like me when its said and done

          38. Backing down from what lol oh like backing out of the pay pal bet HAHAHAHA xD

            You’re convo is so short you might as well not respond lol. Sorry I don’t see how I’m backing out when I average more words in my comments when you can barely write a paragraph yet alone fucken read LOL

            Copy and Paste

            This isn’t a debate anymore. You lost already.

            1. You say Russel not starting.
            I said both Mitch and Scott confirmed they are starting

            2. You accuse me of making an assumption that Russel is starting. How is it an assumption if I’m just telling you what Mitch and Scott said.

            3. Accuse me of making an assumption when all you did is claim that Mathew will join the Lakers and Kobe is going to use some magic words to get his players going. So who is making assumptions again?

            4. You fail at reading comprehension, I never said Russel was going to be a stud on day one lol. You just putting words in my mouth

            5. I wanted to challenge you to a bet. But you pussy out

            Yeah I lost this debate battle LMFAO xD. Cute

          39. im at work getting more gotta keep the convo short while i make my the same time i writing down everything you say you havent seen the last of me..its on truth you f’d with the wrong person

          40. Someone was dumb enough to higher you? LOL yeah go ahead and make excuse, you’re holding on to nothing but 6 words per comment. While I’m pushing out more than 25 words LOL.

          41. i got multiple screens up so im typing fast with no auto correct you on the other have plenty of time to respond to starting to like it make my day go by faster will ya

          42. Yeah that’s what a loser would say after he loses a debate, make fake excuses why his grammar sucks, shitty reading comprehension skills, and the ability to demonstrate logic of a 4 year old with ADHD. Now you’re butthurt that I’m exposing your stupid ass with every comment lol.

            No I don’t like you. I just enjoy making you look stupid. I won this argument and its over lol.

            COPY N PASTE
            This isn’t a debate anymore. You lost already.

            1. You say Russel not starting.
            I said both Mitch and Scott confirmed they are starting

            2. You accuse me of making an assumption that Russel is starting. How is it an assumption if I’m just telling you what Mitch and Scott said.

            3. Accuse me of making an assumption when all you did is claim that Mathew will join the Lakers and Kobe is going to use some magic words to get his players going. So who is making assumptions again?

            4. You fail at reading comprehension, I never said Russel was going to be a stud on day one lol. You just putting words in my mouth

            5. I wanted to challenge you to a bet. But you pussy out

            Yeah I lost this debate battle LMFAO xD. Cute

          43. Skimming this “argument” and lmao

            Russell will 100% start this whole thing is such a waste of time for the both of you

          44. never claimed that clarkson impressed me and randle looks beasty but needs work..i was not impressed with russell

          45. Well I’m just going to lump you with the numerous amount of Lakers fans that said we would rock the summer league. You seem like it.

          46. i saw them tank summer league as the games were meaning less but russell still needs to bulk up none the less

          47. Really? Is that what you REALLY said 4 weeks ago when summer league didn’t start yet? I’m sure you were one of the Lakers fans that was hyping up summer league.

          48. I was excited, but I didn’t set Russel up for disappointment. Most of you Lakers fans brought on the hype and then saw Russel put down 8 turnovers per game. Meanwhile the whole entire time, I never hyped Russel because I know he is a rookie. Some of you Lakers fan have the most unreasonable expectation, its just delusional.

          49. we have a lot of russell fan boys already like v dogg who will down play all of his weaknesses and thinks he will be starting pg come regular season

          50. At this point I’ll let Russel start just so he can develop and improve. After all he is our future.

          51. you must be on drugs then..hes a still a kid he’s not ready to start..mitch is bringing in delli to start for us read up

          52. You’re an idiot. I didn’t say he was going to ballout dumbass. I said at this point, let him start so he can DEVELOP. Just like we started Clarkson and now Clarkson has improved drastically with the mins given.

            FYI we DON’T have a starting PG as of NOW. So as of now Ruseel starts regardless how he performs because the point is to DEVELOP him. Get it?

          53. hes a rookie hes not ready to start cant even defend the othe pg dream on

          54. im tellin you now that russell will not be the starter come opening that

          55. delli,clarkson,lou will be our starters they will have to fight for the position in pre season camp

          56. Deli? I don’t see his name on the roster.

            You making assumptions AGAIN. Lebron already stated he wants Deli on his team, knowing that Deli has Dan Gilbert on a leash, he would honor Lebron’s wishes to keep Deli.

            Clarkson is just one PG, Lou is a SG for the most part. He would rather shoot the ball than pass the ball. If those are you’re “point guards” our assist numbers on this team will drop. Zero ball movement.

            But whatever. Its Scott’s decision and your not the head coach, and at this point Scott and Mitch want Russel and Clarkson to start.

          57. lebron aint getting deli he wanted mo williams and got him..lakers are getting delli read up

          58. where is Deli? I don’t see him. You need read up and stop relying on rumors. Also reports of the Blazers and Jazz wanting him too. So your point?

            Again you fail logic because your arguments are just random assumptions. You would fail as a lawyer. Nothing you say is factual.

          59. just wait you will be eating your own words like your used to doing.. hes coming

          60. When was the last time I eat my own words?

            I. I predicted Melo not coming and Pau Gasol leaving.
            2. Kobe was going to get injury because Scott doesn’t know how to manage Kobe’s mins
            3. Lakers were going to miss the playoffs.

            Nope from what I said in the past, shows I’m usually right.
            I’m simply asking you where Deli is.

            Link me your pay pal by the way, you seem so confident.

          61. The only reason why Hibbert had the last 2 down years was because Bird and Vogel wanted a faster team and their schemes didn’t match with 7’2″ “slow” Hibbert.

            At 26, how do you suddenly “forget” how to play defense?

          62. If Hibbert returns to All Star level,
            and Upshaw gets in shape, there is no need for Whiteside.

            Whiteside and Upshaw are the same, except Upshaw is 30lbs overweight.

        1. From Whiteside’s POV, Miami >>>> Lakers. He’s already said so. Miami will have $$ to keep their own FA.

          1. Every body will have more money, next year, and with the group of guys we have there are many that will stay, to full fill their hopes. For the coming years.

          2. that’s the point. whiteside due to make near max money, riles knows a thing or 2 about clearing cap and getting players for less. Miami will have $$.

          3. so will the lakers. and ANYONE can sign whiteside to a max deal. the heat will not be able to offer him any more than anyone else.

          4. given the same money why would he choose anybody else, especially one that kicked him to the curb like the Lakers have. Miami’s trust in him, and the only team to do so, has put him into max money slot. He’s not gonna to forget that. If anything he’ll take less money to be in miami (including tax reasons)
            Lakers FO has long thought everyone wants to be in LA. That myth should be busted by now.

          5. understood, but the lakers are not the only ones who passed on signing him. i’m not saying for sure that he will sign here, but it would be foolish to not at least offer him a deal. besides, wade is pretty much done and dragic is no spring chicken either.

          6. By year’s end, Whiteside will settle.

            I’m not sure he’s anything more than a $10-12M center.

            Teams will expose him this year and I’m not sure he has enough well rounded still to take a step up. To me, he’s what Upshaw should be if when he gets into shape. I’m not sure he’s close to Hibbert who is the same typoe of 1-dimensional player blocker.

      1. If Hibbert finds his old playing ways… Whiteside is irrelevant.
        If Upshaw can be anything close to his potential Whiteside is irrelevant.

        Are you so sure?

        1. whiteside is younger and more athletic than hibbert. and upshaw, while talented, is not even on the team at the moment and likely will not be when the real games get going in the fall.

    2. There’s no way in hell Russell survives playing with Westbrook. He’s a beast and a ball dominant guard which leaves Russell to run to the corner to allow Westbrook to operate. Clarkson will thrive in any system, so be careful for what you wish for, lol.

      1. yes and no. Summer league shows Clarkson being ball dominant. Russell didn’t thrive. Clarkson hasn’t shown much of being a “goto” guy, which is what FO ultimately wants. If OKC offered Russell for Clarkson – Mitch would go to OKC to pick up Westbrook himself with Clarkson’s contract in hand. Done deal. Bet on it. no need to be careful about that wish.

        Besides. I have zero qualms about the firm of Russell and Russell making a case for being an effective combo down the line. D’angelo said he has no problem playing SG.

        1. You are wrong, your response remind me of the people who say kobe have a horrible field goal percentage, when his team waste all the seconds and pass it to him to bail them out. The point of me writing this is because thats what Clarkson did, every time the offense did not run properly, they gave the ball to Clarkson to bail them out. He basically just lived kobe life for those 5 games, but with training camp and more star players around, he will be way more effective cause the veterans wont make as much mistake as the young ones. It was why he was able to thrive when he started with avg of 6 to 7 assist in April, 5 assist in March and etc, and I doubt Mitch do that not only Clarkson is cheaper, he gave westbrook some fits when Clarkson drop 30 points on him, and he block westbrook, its all on the highlights. Clarkson already a better shooter than Westbrook coming in, and judging by his starter numbers he a better player than westbrook, with more points, reb and assist and low turnovers, I am only comparing starter numbers with starter numbers. Clarkson just started learning to play Shooting Guard role, he never played it all his life, since he was a point guard all his life, a shoot first point guard like westbrook. He show in summer leagues glimpses of him getting down the Shooting Guard role, so I see a bright future for him, he will be a great overall player, he would know how to be a point guard and a shooting guard.

          1. how am i wrong. Clarkson can do the “kobe experience” thing but he’s far from kobe as a goto guy. Westbrook is much closer in that regards. Here’s what a writer said.

            “when the Grizzlies put Tony Allen on Clarkson, that he’s (clarkson) will never be a go-to scorer in this league”

            And that’s what happened in summer league, wayns shut Clarkson down in crunch time. What Clarkson tried to do was to speed things up, something Byron wanted him to stop doing and learn “how to slow it down and use his speed when he has to do so,” Against an elite defender he doesn’t and is prone to making mistakes.

            Westbrook, Kobe, the finishers, don’t care who’s on them. They’ve got Lebron in front of them, they’ll still score. Can Clarkson do that with an efficiency? That’s why they’re goto guys. Just because Lakers didn’t have a closer and Clarkson was the only guy who fit in the role, it doesn’t mean he’s the guy. Another combo guard Lou Williams in the same role as closer on last year’s team would get you 16/4 (Clarkson’s 2nd half numbers) easy.

            And speaking of wrong. Clarkson has always been thought of a combo guard (assuming you know what that term means) Clarkson himself thinks so. His high school coach thought so, his college coaches thought so, scouts who studied him thought so, Byron thought he was more of a SG but wanted to see how he’d “develop” as PG at the NBA level. So if you think he’s starting to learn the SG role and have never played it in his life, then you have no idea who clarkson is.

            If there’s any delusion/doubt that Mitch wouldn’t do a Clarkson for Westbrook trade, you can put that to rest. Mitch and all the rest of the GMs in the known universes would pull the trigger on that in 2 secs flat. Not an opinion. Fact. A polished product vs a future product with only some percentage upside of the polished product is as no brainer as it gets. And BTW Clarkson didn’t give Westbrook fits. A block from behind doesn’t qualify. And dropping 30 on Westbrook is completely false when they weren’t even matched agaisnt each other for much of that 30 points. Waiters and Augustine had alot to do with that. If anything, give Lin some credit in that game, too.

    3. If Durant stays, I am not sure that Westbrook leaves.

      He grew up in Long Beach, went to UCLA, so there is some “hometown” advantage with Westbrook. =-)

      Westbrook -> DLo all day!

      1. That’s really unfair to say at this point
        Westbrook> dlo is true rn but we don’t even know what this kid will be yet

  • what people dont understand is that Kobe is a high volume scorer so what you need to do with guys like that is surround him with players that compliment him. Not guys like Jordan Clarkson. Russel is a compliment cuz hes a pass first pg so its fine. Dorrell Wright would be a good player to put beside a Kobe Bryant because he compliments him on offense and helps him on defense.

    Russel – Clarkson – Buycks
    Kobe – Williams – Brown
    Wright – Young – Brown
    Bass – Randle – Larry Nance
    Hibbert – Black -Upshaw

          1. 11 assists i think in summer league? 😀 and that wasn’t even with Kobe haha!!!!

        1. Technically that’s impossible.

          Kobe, Clarkson, Randle and Russell are too good of shooters to think that they won’t give assists just by passing them the ball.

          With a high efficiency, assists aren’t as important as you think.

          You’ve got tunnel vision again bro. All you can see is “Kobe NOT at SF” and are trying every reason to disbelieve and disprove……

          Tunnel Vision, Just like with:
          Reggie Jackson,
          Stanley Johnson,
          K.A. Towns

    1. Great scenario but Russell will only become a proficient passer and his other skills will diminish for sure, if Kobe’s on the floor as you saw with Lin. Interesting comment though….

    2. You don’t understand this is not a season about “complimenting Kobe”. We are not going to sign people/take time away from young players to compliment a 37 year old in a losing season.

    3. a healthy delli is more the idea mitch is going with hes a pg that can guard the multiple positions can help kobe with the perimeter defense

    4. I stop reading after I realize you haven’t accepted that Kobe is the starting SF unless things go wrong.

      And unless you are trying to tank, starting Russell is the wrong idea. He’s already turnover prone in the Summer League… you want to make him staring PG?

      If the team goes 2-8 with him starting, there is little hope they can get an 8th seed. And if he’s 2-8 after 10, what is 11-20?
      — Sounds like a way to go 7-13 by Christmas.

  • Hmmm….So you are saying Livingston, a guy in the league for 10 yrs with a career average of 6.9ppg played in more than 5 games(length of games Russell played) along side Curry, Green, Barnes, Thompson…you know actual NBA vets…. in the playoffs and he looked better than Russell in all 5 of his whopping games alongside other rookies and people trying to make the team… you know….non-NBA vets? Fancy that?? ……Moron stop watching basketball.

  • Dude the Lakers have 16 championships they are the best organization along with Boston. Fucking dudes on the internet getting all cocky because their piece of shit organization made to the second round and got beat and never even won a championship. The Lakers are by far the most respected franchise in the NBA even when they are bad they are on TV Nationally more than any fucking team. Grow up and learn how to respect the greatest organization in the NBA the LA Lakers the 16 time champions. Stupid ass haters like you are damning to this and other Lakers websites. Leave the site forever you don’t belong!

    1. Wowo. You do know the Lakers’ FO was rated 26th in the league last year, right? Every managerial job is held by some Buss kid. They run it like a family pizzeria.

  • I don’t think this backcourt is going to work out, and most likely Clarkson will be the odd man out. Just like the situation in Golden State with Monta Ellis and Steph Curry.

      1. Devin Booker and Russell are really close, but obviously he’s in Phoenix for at least 3 years lol

        1. Yeah, I really like Booker. Phoenix might trade him though, Knight and Bled will take too many minutes

    1. Huh?
      Are you just negative just to be different?

      Clarkson is the starting PG or SG this season. He’s THAT good already. If the team doesn’t find a starting PG, Clarkson will probably get the nod. If they can find a starting PG he’ll get put into his natural position.

      Russell, will be benched until February at the soonest. He’s too raw, and I am quite sure that the team doesn’t want to throw him to the Lakers Media wolves until he’s ready. In a perfect world, the team would trade for B.Jennings and make Russell earn his staring position NEXT year. <- Remember it's a 10 year plan, not a 1-year fix.

  • Clarkson will have a mediocre season and won’t be resigned. The Lakers will look to get DeMar Derozan.

    1. Yeah your right the player who was putting up dame roy numbers is going to have a medicore season, nott o mention the best player in the summer rort he lakers. you get dermar derozan lakers will never get back to the playoffs.

  • I don’t think Clarkson will be here long term. He looks like a good asset for the Lakers to trade for a to-be-decided all star.

    1. Clarkson being traded would probably be best for his career. Kid has proven himself and still fans dog him out…… If he’s traded, guarantee he becomes an All-Star!

      1. No way.
        Clarkson needs a PG like Russell to make him better.
        And, Russell needs a SG like Clarkson to make HIM better.

        And if they can play a 2-ball handler system, there may be no other guard tandem in the league that can match them.

    2. I’m not sure I agree.
      Russell and Clarkson were built for each other as they are like chocolate and peanut butter skillwise.

      And while Clarkson may (or may not) be a perennial All-Star, replacing him isn’t easy. Really good, almost all star guys aren’t cheap, or readily available.

      I don’t think you realize how good Clarkson and Russell should be in about 3 years, and the 5-6 after.

  • Roy Hibbert / Robert Upshaw / Tarik Black / Robert Sacre

    Julius Randle / Brandon Bass / Larry Nance / Ryan Kelly

    Kobe Bryant / Nick Young / Anthony Brown

    Jordan Clarkson / Jabari Brown

    D’Angelo Russell / Lou Williams

    It’s pretty obvious what we don’t need, and what positions we need to improve on.

  • Roy Hibbert / Robert Upshaw / Tarik Black

    Julius Randle / Brandon Bass / Larry Nance

    Kobe Bryant / Dorell Wright / Anthony Brown

    Jordan Clarkson / Nick Young / Jabari Brown

    D’Angelo Russell / Lou Williams / Quinn Cook

        1. keeping Kelly and sacre would be best for the lakers because they need more big men. Clarkson and nance will be traded.

  • this is how you know that the lakers, beyond a shadow of a doubt, still run this town and always will : clippers “fans” (and i use that term in the loosest possible sense) can’t stay away from laker boards!!

  • This is why they should both start (Russell, Clarkson). At this moment, with this roster, in a season that winning is not the main objective, they are considered the future. We need to test these two and see what we have. If it doesn’t go well, we know what we need to do next off-season.

    1. If they are a 10 year plan and solution, why rush it?

      And contrary to your belief, WINNING is huge this year.

      1) The Lakers brand can’t keep taking hits.
      2) Jimmy’s gotta win or he’ll get fired.
      3) There is ZERO hope to lure Durant to LA if the team stinks.

      Winning matters this year.

  • This is why Brandon Bass should Start and Will Start over Randle for the better of the team

    1. Hes a better defender
    2. You dont need to run plays for him hes an energy guy who does everything.
    3. Hes the perfect veteran to put beside Kobe
    4. He can space the floor alot better than Randle can.
    5. Ball Movement and Chemistry will be better with Bass than with Randle.
    6. Randle will learn from Bass and teach Randle like Boozer was suppose to.

    1. 7. You know nothing about hoops.
      8. you’re an idiotic pistons fan on a lakers’ site.
      9. GTFOH and don’t come back. we’d all be better off.

    2. A contrasting opinion,

      RE: Bass is a better starter.
      Better Defender: —- Probably not true. You underestimate Randle’s quickness against stiff PF’s.

      Run plays: Randle doesn’t need plays to be run for him. If we can, that’s even better.

      Perfect Veteran: Randle plays a lot like Pau. A lot more than you realize.

      Space the Floor: Randle STARTS his offensive progression at the free point line…. Bass about 5′ closer.

      Ball Movement: One of Randle’s best attributes is his ball handling and passing.

      Chemistry: Technically, Randle has more playing time with Kobe.

      Learn from Bass: Dude’s a 30-year old career backup. I hope Randle doesn’t “learn” anything from Bass.

      * I have angered the dragon…. I am sure I will see fire soon.

  • Jordan Clarkson Rookie Season:

    11.9 ppg 3.2 rpg 3.5 apg 0.9 spg 0.2 bpg 44.8 fg% 31.4 3p% 82.9 ft%

    25.0 mpg 59 gp 38 gs

    Jordan Clarkson Second Season:

    15.5 ppg 3.8 rpg 4.4 apg 1.5 spg 0.3 bpg 46.3 fg% 35.9 3p% 79.6 ft%

    31.9 mpg 77 gp 69 gs

  • D’Angelo Russell Stats:

    14.6 ppg 4.4 rpg 6.5 apg 1.2 spg 0.2 bpg 42.5 fg% 38.9 3p% 76.4 ft%

    30.8 mpg 78 gp 72 gs

    Julius Randle Stats:

    13.5 ppg 7.7 rpg 2.6 apg 0.9 spg 0.7 bpg 48.0 fg% 22.7 3p% 75.5 ft%

    28.6 mpg 72 gp 72 gs

    Jordan Clarkson Stats:

    15.5 ppg 3.8 rpg 4.4 apg 1.5 spg 0.3 bpg 46.3 fg% 35.9 3p% 79.6 ft%

    31.9 mpg 77 gp 69 gs

      1. It is going to work alright. Bledsoe and Dragic were a killer combo. They almost single handedly made PHX a playoff team 2 seasons ago. Dragic’s ego stopped them from becoming special. Lets hope our boys are humble

  • Maybe. But this might be a Westbrook/Harden situation where you have two guys that thrive with the ball in their hands. I see Clarkson as a scoring point guard with passing skills like Westbrook and D’Angelo as a crafty shooting guard who dominates the ball and creates for others like Harden. I don’t really see either of them becoming a dead-eye spot-up shooter or a defensive stopper. Clarkson really thrives when he can slither into the lane, D’Angelo needs the pick and roll to create, neither of them really project as elite off-the-ball players…

    Not to be all doom and gloom about it. It definitely could work out. But it’s not the most natural fit.

  • It’s pretty rare for two guys to start in the backcourt for 10 or more years, especially in today’s NBA. Magic and Byron were just short of that, Michael Cooper was off the bench, Ginobili is off the bench with Parker. The only duo I can think of is Isiah Thomas and Joe Dumars.

      1. Totally forgot about Drexler and Porter. I didn’t include Kobe and Fish due to Fish’s hiatus. Those white boys didn’t play 10 years together though.

        1. I was just guessing off the top of my head, but yeah I checked and Hornacek was only in Utah from 94-2000.

          They retired his jersey, lol.

          Crazy that his is in the rafters but Fish and Cooper have 5 rings each in P&G and not retired.

          1. I think if the Lakers retired all the great one’s Jerseys, there’d be no numbers left for new players, they’d have to start using three digit numbers.

          2. The Clippers would have to get more selfies to cover all the extra jerseys.

            At some point they’d run out and have to put up pictures of Balmer, Billy Crystal, and Schaivo.

  • JC/DLoad,
    Look like a couple of nice combo guards and the sky’s the limit. Here’s some observation though;

    First let’s talk about DLoad:
    It’s extremely rare to see a guard (rookie) play at the pace that DLo played at and still be effective. Okay most would say that he wasn’t that effective. I wouldn’t be one of those folks that would say that. Usually, draft picks that picked that high come in and try to do everything at high speed. You can tell he’s a High IQ player.
    Needs to get a stronger lower body, with a little upper body work.
    Work on the timing on his J-shot.
    I can’t wait to see what type of playmaker this guy turns out to be.

    JC-Lakers fans are proud of the progress that you’ve shown so far. Keep up the good work and you could turn yourself into a Lakers favorite.
    Needs to continue to work on defensive rotation
    Needs to work on free throws. (I think with those FT mechanics your FT% could be in the high 80’s low 90’s)
    I think the 3pt line is just something you’re gonna have to keep putting up shots in practice to get it where you want it. Keep going hard we see ya!!

    1. The problem with curry & ellis was age, monta was too established in the league to change his game for a rookie. Clarkson has already realized how invested the lakers are in Lo, that’s why he’s working on playing off ball.

    2. Russell is nothing like Curry though. He is a pass-first pg while curry is more of a combo guard. I would say Russell is more similar to cp3 than curry.

  • I still have the strong feeling that all the summer moves are not over yet. We are coming together but it just feels like we are one player short and also have a couple we don’t need, being kelly and sacre. It’s not done yet… the pie needs a little more sugar.

    1. i should push this guy beasley is the missing piece for lakers right now, my post got deleted link to his instgram, he knocking out trey’s ezpz,

  • Roy Hibbert ~ 12 ppg 8 rpg 2bpg

    Julius Randle ~ 13 ppg 7 rpg 3 apg

    Kobe Bryant ~ 20 ppg 5 rpg 5 apg

    Jordan Clarkson ~ 16 ppg 3 rpg 4 apg

    D’Angelo Russell ~ 14 ppg 4 rpg 7 apg

        1. Check it. I like your math but say instead of 75 from the starters we get 70. I see our bench going
          Lou – 14
          Jabari – 7
          Young – 7 (I think his shot attempts will be limited)
          Bass – 9
          Black – 5
          That would mean our bench would be STOOPID!!! 110ppg seems very possible

      1. I think it’s very possible. The problem will be consistency and taking advantage of match-ups and maintaining the average.

        Scott has to coach freaking amazing this year and earn his millions.

        And sneaking into the 8th seed isnt far fetched and is an achievable goal.

    1. Have you how developed Randle is by mid season and I feel like that’s asking A lot of Russell but I get it, he’s the 2nd overall pick

  • If Demar Derozan opts out, I hope the FO try to max him out. Russell, Derozan, and Clarkson might be the best 3 guard rotation for a decade. We have to start Clarkson this year but I wouldn’t mind him coming off the bench if we got Demar.

  • Music to my ears. With Byrons track record of bettering guards, Nash potentially mentoring them and Kobe too
    This backcourt will be amazing

    1. Add Kobe teaching Randle to play in the post/elbow like Pau.

      Add Hibbert working with Kareem.

      Things are bright for the future.

    2. LOL. What is Byron Kobe Scott’s record on making his guards great who are not named Kidd and Paul? Byron’s not that good, man. He sucks actually. He doesn’t make great guards, he needs great guards. Nash’s PG plays like a general, Byron’s PG plays like Ronnie Price, Nash won’t be big help there. Kobrick? Since when Kobrick mentors players? He will only tell them how to complement his game, play his game. Don’t be silly.

      1. Try to spin it however you want…

        Scott helped Kidd turn the corner and become great.
        Cp3, was an erratic kid with potential before he met Scott.
        K.Irving took a step backward when Scott left.

        We get it, you just want to be negative to be different. The rest of us prefer to see the glass half full.

        If we followed your world, the Lakers would NEVER win another
        Championship, because they would never be “good enough” with skill or to attract free agents.

        Why are you a fan?

          1. I am a Lakers fan.
            I support the Lakers through good and bad times.

            I am a Lakers fan.

          2. No, you are not a fan. You are a fanatic Lakers can do no wrong type of fan. I support the Lakers and I speak up when I think the team is heading the wrong direction.

          3. For one calling one of the greatest players to grace a basketball court Kobrick.Hating on the guy who I’m 100% sure you were cheering for when he was dropping 30 night winning games. Trader mentality. THE MAN HAS BEEN INJURED!!! You obviously don’t know sh*t about Kobe and the player he is. Critical I can live with. You are a turncoat who abandons the team when they are down but quick to pull the shirts and hats out when they start winning again.

          4. Do you really think at his age a 100% Kobrick can still play like the Great Kobe? My issue with Kobrick is his arrogance of not adjusting his game to help the team forward, giving young guys chance to grow. See how Tim Duncan changed his role and you will know what I mean. BTW Tim has a few rings too.

          5. Uh yes he can. His shooting %s is low because he hasn’t played a lot. Duncan didn’t adjust nothing. The Spurs went out and got more talent around him. Duncan skills greatly diminished. The Spurs are a great organization who developed great players. Oh and Kobe didn’t have to sacrifice money for his 5rings the way Timmy did. Who the F in the Lakers was Kobe supposed to defer to and let grow?Wes Johnson? Xavier Henry? Lin? Not hard deferring to Parker Manu Kawhi and the oh constant 1 great coach he’s had his entire career.

          6. Get out of fantasy land once in a while, will you?
            (1) Kobrick’s shooting % was low because he took too many shots and missed a big majority of them. Playing less might actually improve his %.
            (2) Duncan adjusted from being the Superstar role in the team to just one of the key players in a team. And, he never complain about not taking the last shot.
            (3) Contrary to your claim, I did not ask for Kobrick to defer to anyone, I just asked for him to change from expecting the team to play for him to playing for the team.
            (4) I must agree with you about the great coach they have in Pop. Our coach sucks in comparison.

          7. Fantasy land? You think Kobe will average 11 pts a game this yr? You get out of fantasy land. He takes bad shots. he always has. I am very critical of Kobe’s shot selection. But who else out there had a better chance of improving the team? I’ll take Kobe’s shot over Wes Johnson’s wide open shot anyday. Kobe’s roster constantly changes. Duncan has had the SAME CORE SINCE 2002!!! Do you realize how fortunate Duncan is? I wish Kobe was able to play with Gasol and Odom when they were all 26 yrs old for the last 13 years of his career with Phil as coach. He’d be knocking on ring # 8-9. Kobe doesn’t embrace giving young guys a chance to grow. Now please list these guys we had on our roster who Kobe didn’t let grow? I’ll wait

          8. 1). Wonder why Duncan’s core stick together all these years?
            2). You are critical of Kobrick’s shot selection but you also think there is no one else you rather take those shots. That’s self contradition bro! Remember the stretch of games after Kobrick played more like PG? And took less shots? Those few games the Lakers actually played better. No?
            3). In Kobrick long Lakers career, can you name any prospects who make a breakthrough? I can’t. Anyway this point of contention may soon get some answers as the season progresses. We now have the designated future backcourt of the Lakers. Let’s see how Kobrick play mentor with them. Let’s resume our discussion again???

          9. 1) His name is R.C. Buford
            2) Sometimes his shot selection is bad. I love when he playmakes. But he’s always going to take bad shots. Just as Jordan did. He knows when he needs to stop forcing. He also needs someone worth not forcing shots to pass to.
            3)Again name the prospects we had?

            I’ll wait..

          10. 1) Kobrick has always been a ‘solo’ act. Accept that. R. C. Buford may be a big reason for Spurs but if one of his superstasr is Kobrick, he will have a much harder almost impossible task of keeping the ‘core’ together.
            2) Kobrick doesnt just take bad shots, he also takes the most shots. He did lead the league for 5 or 6 seasons in FGA. Now, that’s ok if he is making them like Kobe but if he shoots 37%, not so much.
            3) I am lazy to research on ‘prospects’ given Lakers hardly get high draft picks. BUT, do you really think Kobrick is the Mentor type player????? Let’s not waste time, this season – 3 good prospects – let’s see how it turns out. Mark it down.
            4) Kobrick is a legend, one of the greats, right there with MJ, Magic, Bird, Kareem. BUT, he is no leader, he is no mentor, he is all about him. AND, it’s not just me saying it, Phil Jackson said he is no leader when asked to compared him vs MJ. Let’s DONT MAKE KOBRICK someone he’s NOT. I believe Kobrick never ever deny or try to hide who he is. He hardly give a damn what critics like me think. You just gotta accept that your SUPERHERO is not perfect.

          11. 1) Solo acts don’t win titles. Which he has 5. So either he’s a Damn good solo act or he’s a team player. Can’t have it both ways but nice try.
            2) 1 yr he shot horrific coming off major injuries you win.
            3) Nobody to mentor. We’ve established that. But he can and will.
            4) Once again if he’s ALL ABOUT HIM HOW DOES HE WIN?Jordan was not a leader. Bird wasn’t a leader. I’ll give you magic. I accept he isn’t perfect. I am very critical of Kobe when need be. But you seem to be the type of guy who loves him when the shots are falling. Talk crap when they aren’t. Henceforth you are a Fairweather fan

          12. Let’s see how he mentors the three ‘future’ of the Lakers. Actually, I do hope that I am wrong.

            BTW I don’t hate Kobrick, I am just critical.

            Lastly, about the Kobrick and MJ comparison, I didnt say it, Phil Jackson did. And, since you are not a multiple championships winning coach, I would rather take it from Phil than you.

          13. KW, did you really enjoy watching Kobe play with blinders last year huckin’ up fall away 20 footers with two guys guarding him, to the tune of 37% pct.? There’s no hope, no future in that.

          14. Neck no I didn’t enjoy it. But let’s be honest we were doomed from the start of the season. We weren’t going anywhere. Yes playmaker Kobe is what we need. But I’m not going to knock him in a obvious tank yr. My beef with your boy Eric is him insulting Kobe albeit calling himself a Lakers fan. When the shots are falling Kobe is his boy. When they aren’t he’s Kobrick. Can’t have it both ways. Because all those leading bricks led to the tune of 5 rings. So don’t knock the man for doing the same thing he’s always done just last yr didn’t result in a ring.

          15. I’ve been saying the same things as you. The Kobe Superfans act like the Lakers owe him something. Imagine if he never was a Laker. His career would be similar to Iverson’s, rackin’ up stats and highlights but no rings.

          16. Where have you been? I am so boxed up by all these Kobrick fanatics here. HAHA

          17. I come around once in awhile. The Kobe Superfans are just amazing. The unwaivering devotion. It’s when Kobe doesn’t have good teammates that his faults are easy to see. When he has good teammates (Gasol, Odom, etc.) they make up for his inefficiencies. Laker fan first. I’m with you.

  • As a Lakers fan, I love the idea of having two dynamic players in the Lakers back court for years to come. But as an objective person, I will need this upcoming year to see if Russell and Clarkson are that dynamic duo. As a fan, definetely rooting for it.

    1. it might not happen that fast though. they can be really great together but it might take some time though

  • D’Angelo Russell = Magic Johnson
    Jordan Clarkson = Byron Scott

    Magic Johnson Career Stats:

    19.5 ppg 7.2 rpg 11.2 apg

    Byron Scott Career Stats:

    14.1 ppg 2.8 rpg 2.5 apg

  • Thats cool they envision them playing 10-12 years together, but how many rings do they envision throughout that 10-12.? I could care less whos on the team as long as were winning.

  • The Showtime brothers for 10 years.
    Sir Randle for 10 years.
    Hibbert for 5 years.
    Hopefully, Upshaw, Black, Nance, Jabari, and A Brown for 10 years.

    No body realized Mitch rebuilt the entire team this offseason.

    1. Stop getting ahead of yourself lol.

      Let’s see if Randle, Clarkson, and Russell pan out as good basketball players first.
      100% chance Hibbert is gone after this season.
      Upshaw isn’t even signed yet and there is no guarentee on him as a person or player yet either.

      1. There is no way Hibbert is gone after this year…..No way.
        if Nance, JBrown, ABrown, and the rest of the rookies can be 10 year guys, things will be good.

        Things are good looking forward, despite your negativity.


    2. Well, no wonder Lakers sell tickets so easily. It has a lot of overly optimistic cheerleading fans. Know the difference between facts and fantasy? Facts need evidence to back them up. Fantasy just need guys like you.

      1. What fact or fantasy are you talking about?

        Clarkson, Russell and Randle will be on the team for the next decade. It’s not a mistake that Mitch signed Hibbert. And all of the rookies look pretty good, already despite playing any NBA games.

        I’m just being realistic. If I were a fantasy guy, I’d bet my house that the team would win a Championship this year. — I’m just hoping to sneak into the 8th seed…

      2. The Team can’t win championships every year bro.

        If you don’t like what the team is doing, stop watching.
        Otherwise, stop bitching…. it’s all out of your control.
        — Accept things you cannot change.

        1. I don’t expect the Lakers to win championships every year but I do expect them to employ good coaching staff, bring in good players and at least be in contention for playoff till the end. Not like this. Wrong coach, a superstar Kobrick who still expects the team to play for him. I really believe Kobrick should learn from Tim Duncan, help the team wins, help the team builds when he is near retirement. Play for the team, not the team for his legacy. Kobrick is still about him. Even when he can no longer play like Kobe.
          Only a real Lakers fan think above specific sports personality. Only real fans stay supportive and be critical when things are not right.

          1. Kobe is not Tim Duncan. Their personalities are way too different. However, I’m more optimistic now because Kobe is in his last year so he should just pass the torch to younger players like MJ with the Wizards.

            Only real fans stay supportive and be critical when things are not right. – Agreed

    3. The ultimate dreamer right here, that line between optimism and delusion/denial/naivety has been well crossed.

  • Is it truth if I can’t read it?

    Thanks for proving that the US education system doesn’t work for everyone

  • That’s what Kobe said 4 yrs ago when everyone kept whopping their butts. The Curry/Thompson combo didn’t mesh (playoffs) well like during the regular season. It was more so Draymond Green and Curry (aside of other players on the roster) that made the magic happen.

    4+ yrs from now it’d be a different story. Mitch be gone as GM (IMO=VP), Jim Bust won’t be involved in calling the shots within basketball operations and Byron Scott won’t be coaching the Lakers. Scott has a few more season’s remaining, just hope Messina (Spurs) is still around two yrs from now.

    1. Come on those are promotion words for overly optimistic cheerleading fans. Don’t take it seriously.

      1. I’d rather live in a bubble of happiness, than miserable in my negativity.

        Just because the world shit on you because of your own actions, doesn’t mean you have to spread your unhappiness to the rest of us.

        Don’t you have any social manners or common courtesy?
        – I bet you are the same guy who blows up the bathroom at a big party.

        1. Oh ok you finally got me. What more can I say. Like arguing evolution, science and facts with a religious man.

  • Reality is the Lakers are developing Clarkson, Russell, Randle, Anthony Brown and Upshaw, and to some extent Lance Jr, although he is a niche roll player, all at the same time. If only two out of the five develop into something special, the Lakers are STILL way ahead of the game, because if the others aren’t total busts, they are trade material for other veteran players, or future draft picks. Any combination of Russell/Clarkson – Russell/ Randle – Clarkson/Randle – Russell/ Brown – Russell/ Upshaw – Clarkson/Upshaw etc. would attract free agents if there good.
    That’s why this season is exciting, not so much because their going to win so many games, but because were going to know by the end of the season, what we have and what we don’t. Anybody that says they KNOW, is lying, and if it’s negative, their a TROLL.

        1. Well, if you don’t know then how do you know this season is going to be ‘exciting’? How can it be ‘exciting’ to know if any of these prospects turn out to be? Will this season still be exciting if all of them turn out to be bust? IF No, how can you say this season is exciting?
          BTW please don’t critics trolls just because they don’t share your ‘excitement’.

  • That’s nice but Jimmy Buss can’t even guarantee HE will be here in three years, so 10 years is a bit of a stretch. In ten years, Mitch, Jim, & Jeanie could all be gone, and a new owner could be taking over, and talking about moving the Lakers to Seattle for all we know. let’s concentrate on 2015/16.

    1. Lakers will be exactly where they were last season and the season before. Losing, Tanking, and embracing it.

    1. Both are future journey role players at best. Russell will play for atleast 5 franchises before retiring. He may even be traded a quarter into his rookie season once the Lakers realize what a disaster he is averging over 7-10 Turnovers per game.

      1. ^^ hilarious how idiots like this claim that the lakers are worthless… but yet can’t stay away from a site dedicated to.. that’s right, the LAKERS.

  • Did you really just use “Kobrick” twice just to make a point,
    and then not make a point?


        1. Well, I am only one who has been contributing a different point of view of the discussion. No?

        1. Kobrick is my nickname for Kobe who shot 37% while taking most shots. You see … Kobe +Brick (which is term commonly used for a missed shot) give you kobrick. BTW kobrick is not a bad word, Kobrick happens to be surname some Americans. There is actually a Kobrick Cafe.

  • they’ll never last 10-12 years. One of them if not both will be traded in 5 years. West and Goodrich never lasted that long.

  • They both Will be so good that the Lakers will have to decide who they want more(because of ego) . One of them Will get a great offer from another team the Lakers won’t be able to afford both. Because Randle will be better than both of them. Randle will be a keeper. He’s going to dominate the league in a few years.

      1. It’s Joshhh’s new fantasy lineup on his video game.

        Or he’s started drinking early again.

  • Only thing I don’t like is the lack of defensive prowess on the team. Plus we have arguably the worst coaching staff in the league.

      1. The coaching staff’s poor performance record is not an assumption, it’s a fact. Don’t just talk, prove us wrong.

    1. Not sure about defense. New players, seen nothing yet. But worst coaching staff? Absolutely. If not worst, close.

      1. Not worst.
        Still better than D’antoni.
        better than Mike Brown.

        Out of courtesy, and intelligence, most would give Scott a benefit of the doubt since last year was a bit chaotic.

        Luckily for us, professional GM’s don’t have the same knee jerk responses as fans.

        1. Remember no 3s Byron when the whole league is raining 3s. Especially the top teams.
          Remember those managing Kobrick’s minutes bullshit?
          Remember those final plays? Especially the no foul Kobrick got mad plays?
          Remember those long twos?
          Remember those no P&R?
          Remember those just pass to Kobrick when he was shooting 37%?
          Now, why don’t you prove your points instead of just talk.

    2. Look at the warriors, besides Andre Iguodala and the stiff giant Bogut, there is no great individual defensive-minded player on that team. And yet they always seem to have an extra defensive player running around helping (it’s like them playing 6 vs 5 on defense).

  • umm i been gone for a lil while, seeing a lot of new bloggers.. either way i hope it works for they can be with us and dominate for the next generation, if not ” Trade Bait” but i have faith

  • With russell, clarkson, and randle who like the ball in their hands, i’d really like a three who is defensive minded and plays well off the ball.

    1. Doubt it. Roy Hibbert worked out in the gym already wearing Kobe’s shoes, so I don’t think there will be a problem. Unless, this team is competing for a playoff spot and Hibbert can’t live up to Kobe’s expectations will there be a struggle such as Hibbert going for 0 points and 0 rebounds again

  • 3 or 4 years from now when the warriors dynasty in the West is over, the Lakers will be contending for a championship title. Next year, it will be a learning year but I wouldn’t be surprised if the Lakers have a better record that the spurs. By the way the spurs are taking a page out of the 2012 lakers (a “re-loading” train wreck waiting to happen after losing in the first round the previous year).

    1. Not really. Spurs are just getting older. But they got super lucky with Kawhi. And now they have Aldridge to put next to him for the next 4 years. They are not only doing this with Duncan and Manu’s blessings, they actually took massive pay cuts to make it happen.

      1. Right on man. It is scary to be a Lakers fan here. Everything is so positive, unrealistic and dreamy. Like Wonderland!!!

    2. What is happening man??? Why are most Lakers fans here living in fantasy land??? Lakers beating Spurs??? We should ALL be damn surprised!!! BTW how is Spurs a train wreck? They almost beat Clippers, didn’t they? Please don’t forget, they don’t rely on Tin Duncan as much as Lakers 2012 relied on Kobe.

      1. The system they run and the players they bring in revolve around Duncan, of course they rely on him..? He had to carry the team in that first round they “almost” beat the clippers in….

        1. Stop, Tony. That’s ridiculous. Especially they have just signed LMA. Kept Kahwi and Green. If last season is a benchmark, Duncan can still play. Only Parker is a question mark.

          1. Bro you just totally danced around that, your rebuttal has nothing to do with what we were talking about….

          2. One thing you got it right, I am really lost at what guys were talking about!!! LOL

      2. Since 2000, head to head, the Lakers owned the spurs whenever they faced each other, especially during the Shaq/Kobe or Gasol/Kobe eras. The spurs might have sneaked in 1 series victory in the middle of those 2 eras when Kobe was by himself.

  • Realistic players I would like to get next offseason: michael kidd gilchrist or Batum (help at SF), greivis vasquez (compliments scorers off the bench Young/Williams), and jason smith (backup hibbert)

    1. Did MKG fall off? I never really watched him, but I thought he was a guy who was going to be make a name for himself in the league, but haven’t really heard much of him since he stepped foot in the NBA. Batum and Vasquez are whatevers to me, not bad players, but nothing over the top. As for the C spot, I think Black and Upshaw would be the guys to back Hibbert up. I was really impressed with Upshaw in Summer League stopping Towns and Okafor.

      1. MKG is a above average defender, we need that on the perimeter. I like batum also. Vasquez is a good role player off the bench to go with williams and young (as i said). As for the center position upshaw is a project and we haven’t even signed him yet. Black is short and Jason Smith is 7’1. Obviously this is if we cant pick up a star player.

  • faker tankers finally woke up to reality? fact of the matter here is, fakers wont win anything ever again except the lottery and that is a iffy.

          1. yet another rebuttal worthy of the fifth grade. LOL. don’t ever change, buddy.

  • When I repeat what I hear on ESPN and pretend I thought of it myself my Mom says I sound real smart.

  • Are the Lakers gonna make the Playoffs next season? No

    The New Orleans Pelicans and the Phoenix Suns are

    Book it. Euhhh lala lala vdogg 3….2.. 1.. lala 😀

  • Clippers “fans” can’t stay off the lakers’ website. No wonder the clips are less popular in Los Angeles than the LA Galaxy.

    1. You’re living proof that the lady in white isn’t always at her station, better run along before she comes back and catches you.

      1. right on cue, moron!! another lame response from the clipper “fan” (use that term in the loosest possible sense) who can’t stay off the lakers’ site.

  • Andre Drummond will get a max contract because the only thing he can do is rebound and shoot 30% from the FT line.

    Stanley Johnson isn’t even a poor man’s Artest.

    Reggie Jackson got a max deal for inflated stats on a shitty team in only 20 games.

    Brandon Jennings has never averaged more than 40% from the field, and all he does is jack up shots.

    1. Nah. Clippers fans are people who want to look cool by not supporting the Lakers, but in reality they look like clowns to me. Just my opinion.

  • this will ALWAYS be a lakers town. clips had better make sure the rent checks keep rolling in on time.

  • Stanley Johnson can’t dribble, shoot well, or create his own shot. The only thing he can do is drive the basketball but his finishing ability is trash with his really small hands. He’s a poor man’s MKG, even then he’s too fat and slow to guard smaller players

        1. LOL. wtf are you talking about now, moron? stop trying to use your pea brain and put your worthless face back in stanley’s bunghole.

  • My mom told me that when I walk around wearing my Lakers replica jersey and talk about how good Kobe is I really sound like an expert.

  • The only decent player Detroit had left for the Bucks, and even he can’t defend to save his life. The Pistons are almost as trash as the city of Detroit itself.

  • I met this girl at a bar in downtown, she told she was a clippers fan, so I asked if she was a good choker herself. Best head of my entire life!

  • Clarkson & Russell tank bros, turnover bros, brick bros.

    Randle and Hibbert can’t rebound, can’t defend, can’t shoot.

  • Glen Robinson III
    The athletic swingman didn’t get many chances in his rookie year. Proved himself in summer league.

      1. what banners? you mean there are banners behind the giant pictures of jj redick’s grandmother’s cat??

  • the clippers have a great team — and STILL no one in los angeles cares. blake griffin knows it…

    “Home-court advantage is just not there for us,” Griffin said after a game. “If that’s how it feels in the playoffs, it’s not looking good.”

    “I don’t know what we could do, but it would be great if it wasn’t that way,” Griffin said. “It’s kind of like when we play the Lakers. I don’t know, maybe worse. It’s one of those things where it would be great if it wasn’t like that.”

    GTFO of LA, clippers. even your own season ticket holders don’t like you.

  • Clipper fans talk about the present because they have no past. But their present is just as bad. Choking in the playoffs year after year with a good team is much worse than not making the playoffs all those years because they were bad teams.

    Clippers fans have nothing to brag about, the only thing they do is try to deminish the Lakers history and talk about the present, when just recently they gave up a 3-1 lead in the second round with two superstars and a borderline allstar.

  • Good thing about dating a Fakers fan is they will cheer for you even if you’re cheating on them.

    ”Why do faker fans cheer everytime the opposing team scores? I mean i get it and all but aren’t we supposed to be rivals” Doug Christie

        1. bro, the ‘lady in white’ thing wasn’t funny the first 359 times you posted it. take it out back and shoot it already.

  • Jordan / Aldrich
    Griffin / Smith
    Pierce / Stephenson
    Redick / Crawford
    Paul / Prigioni

  • try as they might, clippers “fans” can’t stop coming to the lakers’ website. not too hard to see who really runs this town.

  • Josh I’m going to cum all over your moms pussy and make you lick it off while your dad films the whole thing and fucks you in the ass.

  • Steph Curry basically embarrassed CP3 this year. CP3 brought Curry to State Farm and is the more popular player. Steph Curry crossed CP3 countless times this year. The Warriors beat the Clips in their regular season series. Curry won MVP, CP3 had tantrums. Curry won a ring, CP3… well we got Deandre back for another 2nd round exit

          1. yummy? really? I knew you were corny but damn….

            Besides, who you trying to fool? We all know you’d rather fuck D’Angelo Russell.

          2. says the moron who puts a pic of another guy next to his screen name. you like your men with facial hair, eh? you’re hilarious, kiddo.

        1. I always expect the stilletos on Jamie’s heels to snap from the weight caused by the downward pressure.

    1. Who would you rather fuck tho?
      Jaime thicker but Serena is a cutie. Man they both be good, but I might fuck Jaime first lol

  • User Actions FollowMatthew Moreno‏@MMoreno1015
    They announce at Dodger Stadium the Clippers were eliminated and the crowd applauds.

    LOL. the clips’ own city can’t stand them!

  • Mickael Pietrus

    18.0 ppg, 3.8 rpg

    Resurfaced in Puerto Rico after taking two years off. May get a look from some NBA team?


  • Kobe will be 5 times better than Tim Duncan next season because his salary is 5 times higher.

  • Shawne Williams
    Unrestricted / Small Forward / 6-9 / Last team: Milwaukee
    5.4 ppg, 2.6 rpg
    Has been in and out of the league for the last five years. Long-range shooting and defense is his calling card.

  • Roy Hibbert ~ 20 ppg 10 rpg
    Julius Randle ~ 18 ppg 12 rpg
    Kobe Bryant ~ 30 ppg 6 rpg 5 rpg
    Jordan Clarkson ~ 22 ppg 5 rpg 4 apg
    D’Angelo Russell ~ 19 ppg 7 rpg 12 apg

  • Just a reminder. When vdogg quits trolling here we will all know the lady in white caught him took him back to his cell.

    1. LOL. bro, seriously. the whole ‘lady in white’ thing is not funny in the least. try something else.. even a ‘knock knock’ joke would move the needle more than that drivel.

  • Russel is too raw to figure out how good he could be two to three years from now.
    As for JC, let’s see what he can do this season in competitive games.
    In other words, let’s remain cautious yet supportive when it comes to our rookie guards.

  • DeAndre Jordan ~ 21 ppg 20 rpg 5 bpg
    Blake Griffin ~ 30 ppg 10 rpg 5 apg
    Paul Pierce ~ 15 ppg 5 rpg 3 apg
    JJ Redick ~ 20 ppg 4 rpg 3 apg
    Chris Paul ~ 24 ppg 6 rpg 12 apg

    Josh Smith ~ 18 ppg 9 rpg 6 apg
    Lance Stephenson ~ 14 ppg 8 rpg 7 apg
    Jamal Crawford ~ 19 ppg 3 rpg 2 apg
    Austin Rivers ~ 12 ppg 4 rpg 4 apg

  • Jordan = Wilt 2.0
    Griffin = Malone 2.0
    Pierce = Top 5 All Time
    Redick = GOAT College Player
    Paul = Thomas 2.0

    Smith ~ Swiss Amry Knife
    Stephenson ~ Swiss Army Knife
    Crawford ~ 6th man of the Year
    Rivers ~ McGrady 2.0

  • Just so you guys know, Harry_Balczak is one of the clippers trolls multiple accounts. Go ahead and flag it when you see that name

  • no wonder clippers fans are always on a LAKERS site. they’re used to lakers fans comprising about 90% of their home crowd!!!!!

  • I can see Russell Fuckin Westbrook becoming the new face of the Lakers in 2017. Guess Clarkson will have to miss out. Westbrook-Russell backcourt: Money.

      1. listen man. i’m in a good mood. so i won’t even abuse u tonight. i rather give you a practical answer. by 2017, magic would be running basketball operations, kobe and jim buss would be gone. Therefore, things are going to be VERY different. kapish?

        2017 Starters

        Take it with a pinch of salt.

    1. Russell and KD are pretty close. They were at UCLA the other day practicing together, I’m really starting to doubt either leaves

          1. nahh hes a scrub ;D right?. ur a funny fire cracker aren’t you Nick M. so your calling an actual NBA pro who actually plays in the NBA a scrub but yet your praising guy who hasn’t even hit the hardwood yet as a PRO. interesting ….

          2. Not saying he will be a starter for us like you saying Fields will be I would just sign him to add depth for all I know I gurantee you he’s better than Sacre

  • D’arko 10 ppg 10 topg 33fg%
    Clarkson 13 ppg 36fg%
    KoMe 12 ppg 35fg%
    Randle 8 ppg 4 rpg
    Hibbert 6 ppg 4 rpg

    Record 10-72.

      1. be nice to the faggot. he’s got picked on enough for so many years. he comes to these boards to vent his frustrations. poor soul.

      1. ^^ more than half their fans are defectors/traitors. Even clipshow is a former Laker fan. What do you expect? it’s a big farce.

  • Jordan ~ Has no offensive game, 40% FT’s
    Griffin ~ No post up game, can’t even get 10rpg
    Pierce ~ Most overrated player in NBA history
    Redick ~ Not even relevant
    Paul ~ 10 years in, not even 1 trip to WCF’s

  • Sometimes I walk around outside Staples Center wearing my Lakers replica jersey after home games so everyone thinks I was inside. Then my mom picks me up and I go home.

      1. u know with all the plastic surgeries and all. lol a solid blow to kim’s face and her nose on the floor!

        1. laker loyalty replying to laker loyalty cuz david is taking to long to respond and hes getting annoyed.

          😀 classic low life teen

          1. I’m 21 punk, and I got hoes texting me, I ain’t got time for you bull shit night

          2. don’t sweat it, bro. anyone who calls that moron on his BS is going to get called a “kid” or a “teenager”. that’s all he can say.

          3. hey douchebag, i was merely elaborating on my earlier comment. i’m serious u make it difficult to visit these boards.u are such a low life.

  • LA Champions :


  • Expect South Park episodes on the following this season (starts in two months):
    1) One on Sterling/HulkHogan and all these white millionaires getting screwed for making racist comments on audio/video
    2) DeAndre Jordan the pussy
    3) Confederate Flag – Kid Rock

    1. joshhh is only scared when stanely starts to go soft… because then shhhit for brains joshhh might lose her minimum wage job as stanley’s #3 fluff girl.

    1. 11-71. But according to low IQ fundamentally impaired and insane faker tanker fans, that is a pretty good record.

      1. ^^ Clippers’ 45-year legacy: 0 Hall of Famers, 0 Rings, 0 trips to Conference Finals. Worst team in history of American sport.

      1. cant call a guy a scrub when the so called “scrub” never even plays 😀
        if a scrub than wouldn’t be in the NBA. PERIOD

          1. Exactly. 😀 cant call someone a scrub when he saw 0 minutes and than come to the conclusion he sucks. seek medical attention.

            Easy to call someone a scrub when the opportunity is never given #Kobe. Gotta wait for your moment. #everyone has one

          2. He had plenty of chances especially with the Knicks but then got paid and never was the same again and when people get 0 min that’s gotta mean something it’s like saying Sacre has a bunch of potential and you saying seek medical attention makes no sense cause I think everyone on this blog can agree that you need to see medical attention?

          3. he actually played well for the Knicks by the way. uhh as far as im concerned there were guys like demar derozan,terrence ross etc… in front of him. but nice try nick ;D

          4. Ross=SG
            He got beat by d league material in James Johnson who is the most inconsistent guy I have ever watched play