Lakers, Clippers ‘Tentatively Scheduled’ To Face Off On Christmas Day
Lakers, Clippers ‘tentatively Scheduled’ To Face Off On Christmas Day

Over the past couple of seasons, the rivalry between the Los Angeles Lakers and Los Angeles Clippers has heated up tremendously. Even though the Lakers have historically dominated the Clippers, things have changed up recently with the Clippers winning seven of the eight meetings over the past two seasons.

The NBA will soon be releasing the schedule for the 2015-16 season and according to Mike Bresnahan of the Los Angeles Times, the Lakers and Clippers are tentatively scheduled to meet on Christmas Day:

If this does turn out to be the case, it will be a very exciting day for the city of Los Angeles. The Lakers and Clippers have really ramped up the intensity over the past couple of seasons and having a national Christmas Day stage will only bring more attention to the rivalry.

Fans have really gotten into it with many people taking issue with the Clippers covering up the Lakers championship banners with posters of their top players. While the Clippers have finished with a better record each of the last three seasons, Lakers fans counter with the fact that the Lakers have 16 championships while the Clippers have never made it out of the second round of the NBA playoffs.

Christmas Day is one of the biggest days of the NBA calendar and the Lakers being center stage on that day shows how important the franchise remains despite their recent struggles.

I hate the Clippers so the Lakers winning on Christmas day would definitely be a Xmas present for this guy!

      1. SMH delusional laker fan. Russell hasn’t even played a preseason game yet and he wasnt that good in the summer league. But this is no surprise coming from you.

    1. Lakers and Knicks will most likely always get a Christmas game since they are the two biggest franchises of the NBA, Forbes wouldn’t argue either. Spurs, OKC, and Rockets will probably get a game in there, so chill out.

      If the reported Christmas games are real, then so far we have
      Clippers vs Lakers
      Cavaliers vs Warriors

        1. Uh… the Knicks team that had a worse record than the Lakers and whose biggest FA signing was Robin Lopez? Oh right, and all-world superstar Aaron Afflalo. You think the Lakers will do better against the Clippers? #twistedlogic

          — Oh wait, it’s Joshhh. Ignore my comment.

          1. Considering how bad they were and knowing Melo is still there that doesn’t say much. Phil Jackson is still running the show and Derrick Fisher is still the coach. They will be back in the lottery

          2. they can make the playoffs with the roster that they have thats for sure. it aint the west buddy ๐Ÿ˜€

        2. Funny guy. The Knicks got destroyed by Swaggy P and Carlos Boozer the last time the Knicks played the Lakers LOL.

          1. funny u say that now that they have lopez porzngis seraphin and o’quin up front. its a different roster dumbo

          2. Who the hell are they?????? A bunch of non MF Factors LOL!!! You still have Phil Jackson, Derrick Fisher, and Carmelo (neverwonanythingnotevenascoringtitle)Anthony on your roster. Just have a seat man the Knicks haven’t won anything since the 70s

    2. The LAKERS play every XMAS I cant wait, we arrange the CHRISTMAS meal around the game, we don’t miss one moment, our whole family comes here for CHRISTMAS (GRAMA & GRAMPAS) HOME . 38 YEARS SAME HOME.

  • our bench is way better than thiers for sure..i would add jr smith to the starting line up though to give us the edge over the clippers

    JR smith

      1. he knows. everyone knows. he just wants attention. Fun fact: JJ Reddick 6th in 3 point %, JR 38th

      2. JR smith would out shoot jj reddick which would give us the advantage over the clippers thats why he makes the most sense

        1. Gotta win the lottery, looks like LA will end up with 7th or 8th worst record in the league.

          Cavs won it despite being the 9th worst team a couple years ago, so there’s hope.

    1. I was being nosey on Ben Simmons twitter, and found that a Laker fan tweeted him something about a future duo of “Simmons-Russell” and Ben Simmons favorited it.. Also, Ben Simmons did tweet before he’s been “wearing Purp and Gold since high school, now college”… potentially wanting it in the NBA?

      Anyways, I don’t know even if we tank this year that we could land Simmons. Remember it’s top 3 secured, meaning we’d have to land within the top 3 which is really difficult of landing in. We’re not as bad as last year and to get a pick that high, we’d definitely need a lot of injuries and D League caliber players to secure that spot.

    2. Your forgetting that one PG from Canada who looks amazing. Literally. i forget his name but he signed with Kentucky. The kid can do it all and hes 6’5.

    3. Forgot about Brandon Ingram too he will playing for Duke reminds a lot of Parker this draft will be similar to 2014 class Wiggins=Simmons Ingram=Parker lol!!

  • Lakers please win this game. This will be another nationally televised game and it hurts that this crap Clipper team beats us by like 40 every time we play them. The Clippers are a shitty team that thinks they are the team of LA, we all know they ain’t shit, ask the Western Conference Finals. Lakers please sweep the Clippers in the season series, please!

    1. The Clippers are way talented and to loaded for the Lakers to compete with. As long as they keep that big 3 together (especially Jordan) they will always be in the elite status out West. There supporting cast actually got better this year than last year which is hard to imagine since they had a good supporting cast last year ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Kobe vs Pierce……..Kobe wins
    JC vs CP3…………….Cp3
    SwagP vs Lance…….swagP
    Lou vs jamal…………..Lou
    Dlo vs redick……………redick

    We’ll have problems in the frontcourt……hibbert,randle,bass and tarik just womt cut it through blake and dj…….

    1. how can you say lou over jamal??? are u a fortune teller or something?? ๐Ÿ˜€ im sorry but ur wrong that one can go either way on any given night. i’ll actually take jamal over cuz of his size but like i said it can go either way. u fan boys are hilarious ๐Ÿ˜€

      1. News flash mush brains, Jamal isnt 6th man of the year caliber player anymore hes falling off. Lous in his prime right now and he already said hes pumped to be playing with KB so you know hes going hard. You think Crawford(35) can keep up with Lou(28) still…..Size has nothing to do with it Crawford has no strength, and its not like he can shoot over Lou contested. All that flopping and falling down isnt helping Crawfords body either.

  • So these games on 25 are

    Lal vs lac
    Gsw vs cavs
    Mia vs sac
    Nola vs (I forgot the team)

    Wonder whick teams would be added

    1. Kings vs Heat? Ugh… doesn’t make sense, there’s no history there. No great storyline…. Heat vs Knicks would be better

  • “The Lakers and Clippers have really ramped up the intensity over the past couple of seasons”

    I’m a Lakers fan but haven’t they been blown out by the Clippers in every game for those past couple of seasons? (A season-opener Laker win with Steve Blake and Xavier Henry leading the charge not withstanding). But I guess LN has to dress it up and make it seem important, facts are facts tho #justsaying

  • Euro League is only 34 games long, he can possibly last through the entire season, let’s not disregard the fact that he has his personal enterprise which will benefit from him continuing to play beyond the nba. My guess is if he can extract a respectable contract of around 10 million then he’ll possibly lean that way.

  • It ain’t going to be pretty for the Lakers I’ll tell you that much. It’s no rivalry, Lakers been getting blown out of Staples for the last few seasons already. I just hope Lakers at least make it more competitive.

    1. Don’t forget we are down for a short time , but the KLAPPERS have never won anything going on 41/42 years, we still own L.A. and always will.

  • This is NOT a RIVALRY!!!!!!!!!!! The Sacramento Queens are bigger rivals than CP0 rings and the rest of the Hair Clippers!!!!

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