Kobe Bryant’s Weibo Q&A Session During Nike RISE Campaign
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Kobe Bryant was in China for the Nike RISE Campaign and held a Q&A session. The five-time champion spoke on former and present teammates, the upcoming season, and more. Kobe also launched his official China website, which you can take a look at here.

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Here is a recap of the RISE Q/A session as transcribed by Google:

Q: In your 19-year career, which coach is the greatest and what is his greatness?

Bryant: Phil Jackson was my best coach so far. The best in the business.

Q: If you go back in time, you would choose basketball?

Bryant: Basketball for sure, for sure.

Q: How can you continue to play for so many years, all the effort, what is the driving force behind it?

Bryant: I love what I do and want to do it as long as I can. If you love what you do, you never work a day in your life.

Q: Kobe Bryant, I know you like football. How are your football skills?

Bryant: I’m pretty good. Used to be better when I was kid playing in Italy! I can still juggle, though.

Q: After you retire, you will start a basketball school?

Bryant: Absolutely. I enjoy teaching and inspiring and helping others reach their full potential.

Q: 19 years, what have you encountered that has been the most difficult?

Bryant: The hardest part now is recovery. When I was younger, I didn’t have to do any of that. Dealing with injuries is the hardest part.

Q: Do you have plans to coach or not?

Bryant: No. Coaching isn’t for me. I just have no interest in doing it.

Q: You have two daughters, will we see a son?

Bryant: Haha! Maybe. We’ll see!

Q: In the game, who is your best teammate?

Bryant: Pau Gasol is phenomenal. Derek Fisher is like a brother to me.

Q: The last few seasons, the Lakers record has not been good, injuries have also occurred. Recently, Lakers management acquired Randle, Russell, Clarkson and other young talents. Your thoughts on next season and the Lakers prospects?

Bryant: We didn’t get some free agents, but we did great in the draft. We have a good mix and a good balance.

Q: When you meet someone that questions your ability, what do you do?

Bryant: So? It doesn’t matter. You have to move on and focus on doing something else. It doesn’t mean I still can’t be a great player. I accept what I can and can’t do.

Q: What do you think of Roy Hibbert?

Bryant: He has a certain skill set that’s hard to find. He has a great ability to pass the ball. He can score, and he can pass.


Q: You have two daughters, will we see a son?
Bryant: Haha! Maybe. We’ll see!

  1. How about Kobe + Candice Parker hooking up to make a son, how awsome would that be ????? just saying

  • Q: What do you think of Roy Hibbert?

    Bryant: He has a certain skill set that’s hard to find. He has a great ability to pass the ball. He can score, and he can pass.

    Hibbert will have a much brighter future in LA than most think.

    1. Thats definitely what i saw & more in hibbert when he was in pacers during his peak. That i wished then his wearing laker jersey. And now his in!! Hope we’ll not going to be disapointed..

    1. It’s the Kobe Bryant center for kids who can read good (and who wanna learn to do other stuff good too).

  • I would like to go to Kobe basketball school if only I had money….

    when I was a child, I dreamed of pursuing NBA and achieving the goal to be the GOAT…..but I know I dont have the talent(height,wingspan,athletecism) to do that…gotta go with another direction

    1. doesnt mean you cant play basketball im not the tallest or most athletic but i play smart. when i can shoot wide open i do. i just try to draw people to me then pass to others when then cut to the hoop. dont give up on basketball but having a backup never hurt anyone.

    2. Same here. I wanted to play basketball but I had no talent, so I became a fat, useless Fanboy instead.

        1. I kinda feel bad for the dude, yesterday he said that this is what he does for fun. Kinda sad

    1. he thinks Kobe likes KFC. thats magic johnson with michael jackson……
      when magic did the video remember the time………

      1. Lopez, DWilliams, Melo, Affalo, Calderon
        Bench: Seraphin/ Amundson, Porzingis/ Oquinn, Thomas, Grant, Shved
        not bad they need more shooters

        1. i dont think thats how its gonna go down. thats really going small ball with williams at the 4. it should be like this





          1. calderon/ afflalo/ carmelo/ porzingis/ lopez
            i know which starting 5 i like more!

        2. isnt shved the guy who was on shaqtin a fool? the layup that went over the shotclock and into the crowd. that guy?

  • upshaw will become a force in the nba and the lakers once again like the idiots that they are will regret not signing him just like they did with the force that is today hassan whiteside

    1. lets hope your wrong bro.
      i hope we sign upshaw and maybe a backup PG.
      either baron davis or kendall marshall or mario chalmers. anyone doesnt really matter just a back up for dangelo russell bc clarkson is going to be a SG.

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