Kobe Bryant ‘Would Love To Ride Off Into Sunset’ With Gold Medal

Olympics Day 6 - Basketball

The 2015-16 NBA season is looking more and more likely to be Kobe Bryant’s last in the NBA. The Los Angeles Lakers superstar hasn’t officially said he’ll retire after the upcoming season, but all indications point to that being the case for the five-time NBA champion.

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On Thursday, another hint was dropped about Kobe’s future. Jerry Colangelo, chairman of USA Basketball, claims to have had a discussion with Bryant about potentially playing in the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janerio for Team USA.

Apparently, Kobe is open to the prospect of suiting up for Team USA once again in an attempt to end his basketball career on a high note with another gold medal. Colangelo said the following about Bryant via ESPN’s Dave McMenamin:

“And so, he also mentioned to me in a private conversation that if he had his druthers, he would love to ride off into the sunset playing one more time and winning the gold medal. And that would be the end. But he was very quick to say, ‘But, I don’t want a spot. I need to earn the spot. I need to be capable of playing at that level to be considered.’ And I said, ‘You got that. That’s always there for you, Kobe.'”

A lot of factors will play into Kobe’s potential last ride with the Los Angeles Lakers and Team USA. The only way Bryant’s plan will come to fruition is if he’s able to stay relatively healthy over the course of another 82-game NBA. That may be a stretch at 37 coming off multiple season-ending injuries.

Even if Bryant is healthy once his 20th NBA season is officially in the books, there’s no guarantee he’ll be able to secure a roster spot. Although Kobe doesn’t want anything handed to him as Colangelo alluded to, it will be no easy task to prove he’s a better option then the younger stars he’ll be competing with.

It’ll be interesting to see how it all comes together next summer and whether Bryant will have something left in the tank to play on the international stage one last time. It still isn’t beyond the realm of possibility that Bryant extends his NBA career beyond next season, but it does seem fitting he’d seriously consider walking away from the game entirely with another gold medal in hand.


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ALLUDED to.. not “eluded” to. other than that, solid job here. knowing what kobe is like from following him all these years, he won’t just want a ‘token’ gold medal like mitch richmond got a token ring with the lakers during the three peat. he’d want to feel like he can really contribute.

  1. Veteran leadership and star power can mean a lot. And in some situations kobe might still dominate.

    But, I can only imagine the media storm if he got picked after playing like doo-doo.

    I will say however, if he does manage to play in the Olympics, I FULLY expect him to retire aftetwards. Anything else and I’d be disappointed.

    1. If Kobe makes it, he’ll be the greatest draw in Rio among the US stars as he has been all over the world. Classy of Colangelo to extend an invitation to the most, arguably, exciting player in the past twenty years.

  2. vdogg people be hatin on you.
    they say noone responds to you and you are just looking for attention.
    bunch of haters man. just wanna let ya know.

      1. most def bro. you know that your all my family here.
        love or hate we all need to get along to make the playoffs work.
        just like the players we need to gel and mesh too.
        i just never expected so much disrespect and fighting when i came to lakersnation a few weeks ago…
        im really disappointed..

  • Would love to see him finish the year healthy at least and join Team USA for gold for his final ride with all the other NBA stars.

  • 36( soon to be 37) with 2 gold medals, 5 rings, top 5 basketball resume’ ever with nothing else to prove…..and he wants to EARN a spot on the Olympic team. The dedication and drive he has will never be seen again. I’ve always said people won’t truly appreciate Kobe until he’s gone. Things like this is why.

    1. As long as he can play at a high level I’d be ok with him as one of the 12 roster selections, even ahead of someone else.

      Olympics are about Champions and winning for country glory. Kobe exemplifies champion and I can’t think of any player who would give more to win.

      1. J do you think Kobe can plqay 2 or 3 years more?
        i think so bc he was injured the last 3 and basically had alot of rest.
        his legs are probably not tired from missing 82 games 3 straight season he would definately wanna retire.

  • “But, I don’t want a spot. I need to earn the spot. I need to be capable of playing at that level to be considered.” listen to the GOAT!!

    And i dont know why many of the fans here so delusional not knowing the significance of earning a spot. Glory is not just handed down coz u hav talent, its a painstaking experience and you surely have to earn it. When you force it there will surely be consequences not just the good one. I dont know why people are extremely hyping when its not yet due. Just look above at your leader and how he reach the pinnacle.

    1. Ray,

      Many people recklessly throw around the word “great”. But that is why great is so rare. Many are falsely labeled it….. only a few truly understand it, and even fewer will ever reach it.

      Kobe is the last of a dying breed. You are right. Today’s spoiled athlete has a false sense of entitlement. They don’t see the significance in earning things. And the world has a problem separating good from great.


  • I’m sure he’d rather finish his career with a NBA Championship ring, but we all know that’s not happening.

          1. Fwiw, I could tell.

            They say, “imitation is the sincerest for of flattery.”

            Numb1 got fan boys!

          2. you simply want people to respond to you and you want to pick fights keep it real

          3. well they use my screen name to get responses since no one else will respond thier post i dont mind but they have horrible grammer smh … u da lol

  • Personally….He’s got Everything….Why chase after another Gold Medal….Magic,MJ and Bird probably Pass on returning to the Olympics…Nothing to Prove…Been There….Did That….

  • I would rather have young guys try to compete for metals, rather see guys like russell, Clarkson, Randle, Parker, okafor…. The Olympics is suppose to be for young athletes not for guys like Lebron, melo, Kobe….

      1. Exactly genius and they won all their games by like 50 points, what exactly “isn’t true”? I like how your comments always start with “you’re wrong” lol

      2. Not even close. Bird was 35 yrs old with a bad back and barely played. Magic was 34 yrs old and not even in the NBA. Bron and Melo are what 30 and 31 respectively with yrs left.

          1. You said they around the same age, which is far from the truth. Bird wasn’t even a factor in 92, and Magic wasn’t either. Bron would be the best player still and Melo has had his best times for Team U.S.A. If Kobe wants to extend his career, leave the Olympics alone.

  • A Gold medal would be easy. Just be named a team member.

    …Getting another NBA championship is another story.

    I’d rather he get the latter.

  • I would love to see Kobe win another gold medal that would be great for his legacy as well. Huge Kobe fan and I hope if the Lakers don’t resign him next year I would also love to see him go to the Chicago Bulls to surpass MJ.

  • As he said, if he can prove he can play at that level he should be there. But that is a big “if” so many injuries.

  • Prediction: Kobe wins 2016 Finals MVP gets his 6th ring then wins the Gold medal !!
    That would be awesome!! 😀

      1. Too many Kobe haters in the media and NBA for him to rightfully be awarded the MVP of the league. If not he would already have about 5 of those.

        But obviously piclo is being even more optimistic than myself (if that is even possible)smile, with that prediction. I do think anything is possible. However you have to set up a series of small goals before such a large stretch can become realistic.

        First step is to return healthy and playing at a high level once again. Then develop some team trust and chemistry. Take it a game at a time. Win the most winnable games and pull off an early upset or two to develop team confidence and media respect from those few who aren’t haters. Aim at reaching the playoffs healthy. Those are as lofty a goal that should be set at this point.

        Then if they can accomplish the small stepping stone goals the others won’t be so far fetched as they are now.

        Go Lakers !


  • I like how you come here and show us how affected you are by Kobe and Lakers success, keep it up I love watching laker haters in agony it’s not like you go post comments like this on a Timberwolves blog

  • If he retires than the new roster will be like this:
    Russell/ Lou will
    Clarkson/ J Brown
    Young / A Brown/ Holmes
    Randle/ Bass / Nance Jr / Kelly
    Hibbert/ Black/ Sacre

      1. Cole I’d at least consider. Chalmers benefited heavily from playing with ‘Bron, Wade and Bosh and honestly, I don’t think he has the game worth signing him here.

  • I think he’d be perfect on the us team, its a stacked roster and the international fans at the olympics wanna see Kobe at least one more time. They are a lock regardless, Kobe would be included because he’s still the most recognizable player on the planet and would help grow the game

  • Tim Duncan is the best PF to ever live and this includes the likes of the great hakeem the dream, karl malone,kevin mchale and dirk because of his longevity.

  • All those guys who play for the Republic on Congo will really want your autograph before the game. As for winning a Gold Medal for the USA BBall team, that’s a lot easier than NOT WINNING one.

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