Kobe Bryant Shoes: A Kobe 9 Colorway Inspired By Air Jordan III


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    Kobe Bryant has been battling injuries for quite some time now, but his signature shoe is more popular than ever. The Kobe 9 “Masterpiece” was released on February 8, but leading up to that date Nike also released the Kobe Prelude Pack, which included all of his signature shoes while he has been with Nike.

    Yesterday, after the Lakers lost to Chicago Bulls, Bryant stopped by the Nike Vault and met with six of the eight designers of the Kobe Prelude Pack for an exclusive Q&A session. Bryant admitted that he has been able to achieve high levels of success because he draws inspiration from his muses.

    According to Kicksologists.com, a new colorway of the Kobe 9 will be inspired by Michael Jordan:

    When asked by the host, Jacques Slade aka @Kustoo what to expect for the upcoming colorways, Kobe hesitated, not knowing if he was allowed to tell, but with a “all hell . . . .it’s my shoe, I can do whatever I want,” he let the small crowd of invited media and special guests know that one of the upcoming colorways is inspired by his all time favorite pair of Jordans – the Air Jordan IIIs – which special emphasis on the elephant print.

    Bryant admitted that Air Jordans were his favorite shoes growing up and it is easy to tell. Since joining Nike in 2003, other than wearing his signature shoe, he also wore Air Jordans. Nike could customize any Air Jordan to fit the Lakers team colors. The Air Jordan III is his favorite, wearing it multiple times on and off the court.

    Given the popularity of the Kobe 9, combined with the fact that the Air Jordan line is the most popular in the world, this special colorway might be one of the most anticipated releases of the year.
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