Kobe Bryant, Shaquille O’Neal Discuss Regrets Over The Years (Transcript)

Kobe Bryant is the next guest on Shaquille O’Neal’s podcast, “The Big Podcast With Shaq” with co-host John Kincade, set to release this upcoming Monday on Podcast One.

During Mason and Ireland’s radio show on ESPN in Los Angeles, John Ireland released a small tease of the podcast where Kincade asks both Shaq and Kobe if there is anything either would like to take back over the years. What follows is a transcript of their response:

John Kincade: Is there anything, Shaq, that you would like to take back in the give and take over the years?

Shaq: A lot of things, you just played the clip where I said I wanted to be traded. I definitely did not want to leave L.A., but you know that’s how you’ve got to talk when you’re in business, especially when you think you’re in control. Definitely didn’t want to leave L.A. A lot of stuff was said out of the heat of the moment. I guarantee I don’t remember a lot of stuff that they said because I changed my thought process of, you know what we won three out of four, what the hell are you all talking about, this is not really even a story.

Kincade: Anything you want to take back Kobe?

Kobe Bryant: Here’s the thing though, when you say it at the time you actually mean it and then when you get older you have more perspective and you’re like holy s—, I was an idiot when I was a kid. To me, the most important thing was really just keep your mouth shut. You don’t need to go to the press with stuff. You keep it internal and we have our arguments and our disagreements, but I think having our debates within the press was something I wish would’ve been avoided, but it did kind of create this whirlwind around us as a team with myself and Shaq and the press and the media that just put so much pressure on us as an organization.


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Shaq should have said “I want to take that slap back”

  1. Woulda coulda shoulda.

    If we would have kept Shaq and Kobe together, that would have been 3 more titles easily!

    1. try 5 brother….
      this is the saddest thing for Kobe in my eyes.
      because from 2004-2010 Kobe was in his prime and won 0 titles.
      if Shaq had stayed i think they could have won 3-5 more. 3 bare minumum bc noone could stop shaq under the rim.
      and if they did somehow find a guy to stop shaq you cant find a guy to also stop Kobe. its impossible to double team 2 different players.
      these guys could have won 6 straight titles and made the 90s bulls look pathetic. yes MJ was impressive but not as impressive as Kobe&shaq. 1 is the best SG of all time the other could be in the conversation as the most dominant center ever.
      i could only compare kareem to shaq bc of their dominance.
      wilt bill russell those guys played when they didnt have alot of competition.
      Shaq played thru alot of great centers and shotblockers.
      ewing olajuwon david robinson mutumbo alonzo mourning ect….
      Keep SHaq &Kobe from 1996-2009. =8-10 titles then Kobe wins 2 more with gasol&bynum.
      Kobe would have like 10-12 titles right now. lol
      isnt that crazy? to say this number you have to say no but just think about it 04-09 thats 5 NBA titles the Lakers could have won from SA and boston.

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  • Who would make the better coach, Kobe or Shaq? And why? “Neither” is also an appropriate answer.

    1. Neither, because Kobe would be too hard on every player and expect them to be a replica of him (he once said something of this nature). Shaq I just can’t really see him serious to be a coach, but still love the big fella. If I had to choose, I’d love to go to war with Kobe over any athlete any day.

      1. That is pretty much my take. But I wouldn’t say neither as coaches because I wouldn’t be surprised if Kobe did a little coaching. Not sure he would want to coach in the NBA…. but perhaps younger kids.


      2. Kobe wouldn’t want anyone to be a replica of him…..but he would ask the players to go all out when playing…..All out Effort.

        1. id like to see Kobe after he retires help the community with the NBA cares programs and also help the local homeless people out some more. it would not only help his image as a person but doing something good for someone who doesnt have money as he does.
          Kobe deserves all his money but at the same time id like to see him help others too. then he would be great ON and off the court…..
          Kobe can do anything he wants he has the fire and passion to get it done. i believe in him and back him up 100pct in whatever he decides to do.

      3. I personally feel that both would make for better “special instructors” during training camp than coaches in any capacity. What they had, you can’t really teach aside from the footwork and training regimen and all that. Shaq would be a little easy on his players, just intuitively. Then again, he might be the exact opposite, idk, but it seems just from his personality that he’d have a looser group. That can be just as bad as having someone too strict. Mellowed with age or not, Kobe’s still an @$$hole.

      4. me too how the heck can guys complain bc he wants you to work harder to get better?
        wouldnt you yourself as a person want to keep setting higher goals?
        should we just plateau. i think that alot of guys have average careers bc of this. if you wan to reach Kobe’s kind of greatness you can. Lebron could be 3x as good as Kobe if he only had his heart.
        Kobe has more than guys who are taller and jump higher.
        difference is in Kobe’s mind and inside his heart.
        he wont let his body tell him no. how many injuries has Kobe had in the last 20 years? anyone wanna start counting? lol.
        NEVER G IVE UP.
        has any1 ever heard of that b4?

    2. IMO it would depend on the type of coach you are looking for.

      We really don’t know much about either Shaq or Kobe as coaches. But this is how I am picturing it……..

      I would think Kobe would demand more from his players and then kind of do some of what PJ did and that is let the players have some wiggle room to figure things out, if they worked hard enough in practice and during games.Kobe would look for and then allow the leaders to lead. I personally think Kobe would not allow his stubborn ego to get in the way as much as PJ did. Because he would take the best things he learned from PJ and use them and not use what he didn’t like about PJ.

      As for Shaq I would think he would not be as intense of a coach. Shaq would probably not have as business like an environment as Kobe. I would think Shaq would look to mold at least one good center and build some of the franchise around the big guy. Shaq would probably encourage players to bring in their own character like he did with the superman image.

      I think it is fair to say Kobe would not be as tolerant under achieving or losing.


      1. I personally feel like Kobe would too quickly write his guys off when they weren’t performing. And you can “MF” them to death as a teammate, but you’ll lose them as a coach when there’s too much of that. I fall back on a football coaching philosophy from Bear Bryant, “coach ’em hard, but hug ’em later”. You kinda need to be personable enough to make players want to perform for you (which Shaq has) but before all that you need to show them who’s in charge (Kobe all day). Too much of either and you will lose control of the team. Phil had a “peace of mind” approach. He endeavored to make the game and the performance and the training and the practice and the comradarie a more “spiritual” experience for the players. Which they scoffed at and made fun of, of course, but only overtly. Phil reached those guys.

        That’s why I always felt, loaded teams or not, he’s the best coach the league has seen. You can say Pop’s done more with less, but sometimes getting a team of egos to work towards a common goal is a little more difficult than getting a less talented but selfless unit that fits together to perform. Phil’s only failure in this regard came against the Pistons, a far less talented team, but a well-oiled machine that was willing to step up for each other. But the players in question had problems with each other that went well beyond the basketball court, and that’s not just Shaq and Kobe.

        1. Wow! You actually topped your last best post. I agree with about 98% of that. And you actually had me thinking about one or two things I didn’t give enough attention to. The post is so good I can’t add anything negative or to the contrary to that even though there is a small thing with regards to coaching that I’d mention.

          Excellant points !


        2. I partially agree. If only because, master of managing personalities and egos that Phil is, I think Pop deals with the same it’s just not as publicized being in San Antonio.

          For that matter, I think Pop could’ve done what Jackson did with Kobe and Shaq but possibly slightly better as Pop’s no-nonsense approach would’ve chilled both of them out/put them in their place, something Phil failed at by taking to Shaq and dumping on Kobe early on. Pop would’ve had a time reigning in Kobe just as Phil did but on the other hand I think Pop would’ve strived to get them to put the LAKERS first above all and worked from there.

  • They were really the only two people on the planet who didn’t see what they had together on the court. Egos got in the way of sense.

    1. I’m just happy those two have made up. As much as I wish, Shaq and Kobe would stick together and dominate the NBA, it’s more of a heartfelt moment seeing Shaq and Kobe share some laughs and smiles today.

      Good things don’t last forever, but those two can always sit back one day and smile and reflect on the greatness they brought us Lakers fans.

      1. i recently watched the Lakers vs Miami game you could see shaq body Kobe and knock him to the ground. Kobe came over to block shaqs hook shot he went high to go get it too.
        it wasnt fun for me to watch that game live on tv.
        because as much as i love Kobe i wish him and shaq stayed together. 3 titles VS 6-9 titles.
        lebron is 2/5 in NBA finals
        Kobe is 5/7. 1996-2004 =4 finals 00,01,02,04. 3 titles 00,01,02
        2005-2010=3 finals 08, 09, 10. 2 titles 09 and 10.
        now imagine 05 06 07 08 09 nba finals. that’s 5 titles more they could have won. i think Kobe now being in his prime gives shaq less work to do,and Shaq also takes pressure off Kobe. really they should have shared 50/50. Shaq you shoot next Kobe shoots.
        No problems no love loss. these 2 are the most dominant players ever any era any team or player. forget bird magic and MJ.
        Kobe&Shaq are the best 2 players combined.
        the only 2 who might challenge them are fellow Lakers legends.
        Magic&Kareem VS kobe&shaq. that 2 on 2 game id pay to see!

    2. I agree and I blame them both. However since Shaq was a bit older I put a bit more on him. Not to mention Shaq was clowning around with that big body and superman bully type of personna. Kobe was then like he is now “all business” and wanted Shaq to stop clowning, lose the bully, and share the limelight and responsibilities. Kobe rightfully didn’t want to just play Batman and Robin. He knew he was far more capable than the average cookie.


      1. I agree. Anybody that knows basketball wouldn’t call Kobe “Robin”. It was more like Batman and Superman. Kobe put up identical #s while having to take on savy veterans at a young age. I’m glad they can be in the same room and not try to kill each other lol.

        1. Lisa that is true. But I think at the time Shaq considered Kobe his side kick not an equal. There in lies your problem. No pun intended because it was true.

          But I have lots of respect for Shaq today for being man enough to admit he was at least part of the blame. Kobe as well wants to re-kindle the good moments they shared.


          1. We should all give Shaq credit for being man enough to admit his part of the blame.

            Oh well.

      2. They way they used to describe their relationship, they took turns being Batman. Before games, they would decide between themselves who would be the man that night.

        1. interesting……I didn’t know that to be the case. The perception I had was it was big Shaq little Kobe. And it got to a point where both wanted to be the big dog. So one had to go and it turned out to be Shaq?


  • I remember how uncomfortable it was to watch them sometimes, especially around 2004… Always watching to see how they acted to each other, even checking if they would give each other high 5’s and stupid things like that. We all should’ve just been enjoying watching them play. Seemed like everyday their beef was all the media would talk about.

    1. And there are several others on this site who should also come along for the ass kicking they need too.


      1. I would love to have the opportunity to kick the following peoples ass:


        I would take on both those two idiots at the same time to teach their stupid ass a life lesson.

      2. How old are you? You must of been a little punk back then. Because the Lakers were never a one or two man show back then. Kobe ruin the best team we had since show time. And they got lucky to get Fisher and Pay to play for them.

        1. Hey. You’re an idiot. You claim to be a lifelong Laker fan but talk as much garbage as possible about one of, if not the greatest Laker of all time and anyone whose a fan of his (IMO it’s Magic, then Kobe, I wish they had both been the same age and played on the Lakers during their primes, they would have been unbeatable. Kobe is the more skilled of the two, but Magic had the higher IQ and was a more chsrismatic and capable leader)

          Kobe didn’t ruin the 2000 Lakers dynasty. Shaq was the one who demanded more money than he was worth, he also couldn’t handle being the #2 option on the Lakers because he felt that he was still in his prime (which he wasn’t, the numbers prove it over the following years) Shaq also never came into the season in shape, spent most of the off season partying, opted to gave surgery during a season because he “got hurt on company time and should recover on company time” and was the one who started the media feud. Kobe was immature, sure. He made mistakes, yes. Him calling Shaq out after the Colorado incident was very immature, but you got the quote wrong. Kobe didn’t say Shaq paid girls off that he raped, he said he paid them to not say anything about the affair, which is what Kobe wished he had done. As far as the alleged rape, Kobe didn’t rape that girl. She was the one who went to his room willingly, knowing full well what she was doing and what was going to happen. Afterwards she went our clubbing and bragged about sleeping with Kobe, one of her friends put the idea in her head to sue him to make quick money. It’s well documented that she was desperate to be rich and famous, she tried and failed for American Idol multiple times. She had several other guys DNA inside her when she has the rape kit done to her, and her story changed daily. Finally, she settled for 50 thousand dollars, and Kobe gladly paid it because it was having a very negative effect on not only his image, but his season and career. If she had truly been a victim, she wouldn’t have settled for 50 thousand, she wouldn’t have gone clubbing afterwards, she wouldn’t have shown up with multiple DNA inside her…all the evidence points to Kobe being innocent of rape but guilty of adultery, for which he apologized and paid for. Anyone who still tries to say he’s guilty is simply an ignorant and moronic hater. Now, go away and shut up with the Kobe hate, or talk real basketball.

  • No actually it’s what is wrong in the world today with young players and many young people. It’s called respect!

    Kobe has done wonders for the Lakers, the NBA, Nike, and basketball world-wide. He has earned the respect of many. So when busters, suckers, haters, bandwagon fans, fake fans, and bitches disrespect him, some of us won’t just stand by and keep our mouthes closed.

    It is better to keep your negative comment about a great player to yourself. Especially for a young up and coming player. So many of today’s players are too full of themselves to respect great veteran players and retired legend players. Kobe was different than say a Dwight Howard or a Lebron. Kobe had mad respect for Jordan, Magic, Kareem, West, Bird, Elgin, Dr. J, etc….

    Kobe showed respect, then he went out and earned his.

    He did not fear Jordan, but he respected him. That is all he deserves from young players and people in the media and everywhere else.


  • Why the fuck are you still on here you lame?? You ain’t a LaKers fan, idgaf if you sucked Dr.Buss dry!! No disrespect meant to Buss of course. Go kill yourself puto!!

    1. Buss was pure class. He stick up for Kobe and unfortunately for the Lakers the players refused to go along with it.
      Truth hurts!

  • What does any of that have to do with basketball?

    First, most of what you hear and heard is just “hear say ” it doesn’t stand up in court. Second……

    Most of us don’t know any players in the NBA, NFL, or any other professional sports.

    So most of us cheer for and respect the player” we could care less about the things that may or may not have happened outside of the sport. Because we know that no one is a perfect or sinless person.

    We also know how some use the media as a weapon to serve their own hateful or selfish purposes.

    So you and all other haters can keep acting like your perfect and keep knocking people who have accomplished more than you have. I’ll keep reserving judgement on the person, and keep respecting the player.

    I’m finished with our nonsense conversation. You can have the useless last word.


      1. You’re another goofy bastard I’d love a chance to straighten the hell up.

        Cowardly internet gangster!


  • whether u want to admit it or not the lakers were once on top of the world and now there the laughing stock of the league.

    1. Every dynasty goes through this. Not every team can stay great forever. The Lakers won 10 titles in 25 years. How many other teams can say that besides the Celtics? The Bulls haven’t won anything since Jordan retired the 2nd time, the Celtics haven’t won anything since 2008 and that was after 20 years of mediocrity, the Spurs won their first title in 1999 and dominated the 2000’s along with the Lakers. Hell, they won 5 championships in a row between the two of them from 1999-2003, and won 10 titles from 1999-2014. The Western Conference has won 11 of the past 15 championships starting in 1999. The only reason the Celtics won in 2008 was by pulling off a miracle off season, the reason the Heat won in 2006 was because the Mavs choked and Wade played out of his mind with Shaq also doing his thing (plus the Heat shot about 100 more free throws than the Mavs in those finals) The Pistons bear L.A. in 2004 because of key injuries to the Lakers (Malone, Fisher) and Payton couldn’t guard Billups so Kobe was basically guarding both Billups and Hamilton while also trying to play offense. The Pistons had the defenders capable of slowing down Shaq enough to basically neutralize him, and Kobe was simply exhausted from trying to do too much that his offense suffered. The only reason they didn’t get swept was because of Kobe winning them game 3. The Heat won 2 of 4 simply because they pulled off a heist and Wade, Bosh and LeBron planned to join forces on the Heat during the Olympics. Yet they still lost to the Mavs (while trash talking Dirk and making fun of him for being sick) LeBron had one of the biggest choke jobs in the history of the Finals. They beat the Thunder because they had more experience and also because the NBA and David Stern wanted LeBron to win a championship. It’s the same reason he stopped Chris Paul from going to the Lakers because Mark Cuban and Dan Gilbert threw temper tantrums and knew the Lakers would win more titles with CP3 and Kobe on the same team, yet they allowed CP3 to go to the Clippers…even though the Lakers offered the better trade, the trade was stopped because it was “unfair” to smaller market teams yet they still let him go to the same market for less of a return. That veto is what ruined the Lakers mini dynasty. Lamar Odom had a mental breakdown, Pau Gasol just mentally checked out because he felt like he wasn’t appreciated, and then we hired Mike and Mike Dumber instead of bringing back Phil Jackson which led to Kobe having his first career jeopardizing injury when Mike Dumbtoni was playing him 45 minutes a night. Everyone loves to blame Kobe for all the negative things that have happened to the Lakers lately, but the truth is that Dwight didn’t have what it takes to succeed in L.A. and we haven’t had a chance to get a worthy star who would succeed in L.A. (LeBron doesn’t want to come here, one because he wants his legacy to be greater than whatever team he’s on and two because he West is too damn good right now)

      The Heat barely beat the Spurs in 2013 thanks to a lucky rebound and a miracle 3 by Ray Allen and then got completely slaughtered by the Spurs the next year and ended the “Heat Dynasty”.

      People like to act like it’s been 20 years since the Lakers have been a contender, when they just won a championship less than 5 yeas ago after repeating and going to 3 consecutive championships in a much more competitive Western Conference.

      There’s a reason why LeBron will never play in the Western Conference, it’s too damn competitive for him.

  • Let’s recap:
    Shaq still had 2 yrs left on an 80 mil extention, he decided to disrespect Jerry Buss at an exhibition game, screaming for more money. After tanking the first half of the season prior by delaying surgery claiming he got hurt on company time he might as well heal on company time. That decision cost them a chance to 4-repeat and dedicate it to the great Chick Hearn. He got Karl and Gary to play for the minimum and at no point did they cry for more money. Kobe was coming up on free agency and it was time for him to be the man and get paid. He was willing to go else where, Lakers decided otherwise. Shaq being the older of the two should have swallowed his pride and let the Lakers reload while they were still on top. Yes Kobe F’d up and snitched but that wouldn’t have stopped them from winning at least 3 more titles.

    1. Thank you! Someone who actually knows how things actually happened instead of believing what the media tells them. The only thing I would add is that the Lakers lost to the Pistons because Karl Malone got injured as did Fisher and Payton was too old and slow to guard Billups. Kobe was trying to guard both those players while also trying to help Shaq carry the offense because by that point the Lakers were not a deeply talented team, just top heavy with Shaq, Kobe, Malone and Payton. The Pistons had a lot of big men who could slow Shaq down and also score on him and they also had a lot of long defenders to throw at Kobe when he wasn’t chasing Billups and Hamilton around the court on defense. The Pistons were too deep, the Lakers were too top heavy and lost one of their main players. It happens. But most people didn’t even watch that series, they just look at the stats and see Kobe shooting % and automatically blame him.

  • Like Kobe stressed out, they should have kept it internal. I mean, anybody can have an argument with anyone. And that is not an issue as long as you keep it internal and you sort it out “within the family”. But if you make it public before you even know how to solve it, then this is where you get into in trouble.

    With that being said, the Lakers were the center of attention because of their feud so it may have cost them rings but I’m not sure the organization came out as loser.

  • Can’t wait till the season starts so I can start laughing again on all the delusional fanboys in here being crushed by reality , ur laker stinks again ,hahaha

    1. I can’t wait till I get it in with this girl I’m talking to, is that really what you look fwd to?

  • Their egos ended a dynasty way too early.
    Who knows how many more rings they would have gotten had they stayed together. Young and dumb…Now older and regretful. Sad really.

  • If these divas didn’t let there egos get in the way us fans would have been able to attend more parades. I could care less how these selfish players feel about the situation. I want to hear how they feel about letting us fans down because of there diva ways. It us fans who give the team ability to offer max contracts to these players

  • I was very sad when they broke up but as crazy as it sounds they needed to break up. It allowed Shaq to get remotivated and get back in shape in MIA and it allowed Kobe to go through playing with bad teams and see he doesn’t have it as easy as he used to. It made them both better players. Had they stayed together Shaq would have just gotten even lazier and Kobe more stoneheaded. We got 3 rings and great memorable years and moments. But it was for the best they split.

  • This is the point where I became NOT a Kobe fan anymore and this is due to the fact that I can accept both players are at fault but where I am upset with is Kobe wasn’t acceptance of the structure/order Phil had implemented; a system that had them so much success with three straight titles. Kobe’s tendency to mutiny and cause a season of dissention that had Phil asking to have Kobe traded, eventually the rift cost us at least another potential title.
    Kobe should have just been patient and kept quiet and the world would become his oyster…eventually it did.

    1. See I don’t think it cost us a title. What title did it cost us? We loss to the Pistons because they allowed them to manhandle us all game but got credit for “great defense” but we couldn’t touch them. 134-78 FT differential in 5 games is insane. The rift never caused us to not win anything.

      1. Your statement shows you do not understand the cumulative effect of the rift between the two players and it’s consequences; despite that they still won three straight. Don’t forget they lost to spurs in 2003 WC and then to Detoit 2004.
        Again, if they had put aside and bite their own personal pride/ego who knows what they could have done in those two years they were bickering after winning 3 straight.

        1. I do understand. We loss in 2003 to the Spurs due to lack of talent. We literally by 2003 became just Shaq and Kobe. No way in the world that team was going to beat SAS with a out of shape Shaq and Kobe. Our starting lineup by 2003 was Shaq,Horry,Devean George Kobe and Fish. We had no bench. I think even if we had Malone healthy we would have beat the Pistons. Their egos and pride had nothing to do with losing those years.

          1. Wow! You can make up all kinds of excuses you want but any experts would admit they had enough talent to win a title in any of those two years but they lacked team unity because of the dissention between the two. Even if Karl Malone had been healthy verses Detroit It would have been extremely difficult to beat Detroit because there was little team cohesiveness due to Shaq vs Kobe IMO.

          2. Listen to what you are saying. The on court drama with Shaq and Kobe ended in 2002. They were good on court. we had no depth anymore. The guys who were on our bench were now starters and were not replaced by quality bench guys. 2003 Spurs retooled with some new guys named Parker and Ginobili and were just flat out a better team than us. Only issues after 2002 were Kobe being angry with Shaq for not having his back during his rape case. We lacked talent in 2003. We retooled 2004 and loss to a Pistons team who I won’t say was better than us but played better than us.

          3. “Listen to what you are saying. The on court drama with Shaq and Kobe ended in 2002”
            You’re absolutely wrong but I am not going to try to convince you; probably not even Shaq or Kobe himself with that statement.

  • Kobe and Shaq were the best duo EVER! My opinion. Their little feuds meant nothing when you consider they won a 3peat together. The feuds were overrated. They should have kept playing together because they were the BEST.

  • I wish that I had been old enough at the time and had a position on Lakers management to speak with Kobe and Shaq at the time. I would have told them this:

    Shaq- You’re one of the most dominant players to ever play the game. You know it, Kobe knows it, any casual fan knows it. However, you could be considered the greatest big man to ever play the game if you just dedicated yourself a little more to improving your conditioning during the off season and also your free throw shooting. If you did these things, you would go down as the greatest big man to ever play, and that’s a hell of an accomplishment. Having said all that, you have to know that one day soon you’re going to begin to age and slow down, it happens to everyone, including the greats. Look at Kareem. He was unstoppable for years, even when Magic joined the team, it was still Kareem who was the captain and leader for years. Only after he realized that he was no longer the player he once was and realized Magic had the potential to be an all time great did he pass the torch. This is the position you’re in now. You also need to ask yourself, what matters more, money or championships? If it’s money, you’re gonna have to play somewhere else because even though you’re still the most dominant big in the game, you are going to start slowing down in a year or two. If you let Kobe take the torch, not only would it prolong your career but it would also give you more chances at winning championships and becoming more of a legend. You will get your money from us, and it will be a lot, but you’ll make even more living in L.A. and being the star you know you are. A little financial sacrifice and we can build you the best team of all time.

    Kobe- I know that you believe you are the most talented player in today’s game. I respect that. I know that you’re not afraid to lead a team, win or lose, and I respect that as well, and I also know that you’re tired of hearing people in the background saying you’re only winning because you play with Shaq. You know the truth, we know the truth, and Laker fans know the truth. Without you, the Lakers wouldn’t have made 3 straight finals because we would have lost in the Western Finals. All I ask from you is a little patience. In a year or two, the torch will be yours and this team will be yours. In the meantime, just keep playing your game, use Shaq to your benefit, as he will you, and at the end of it all you’ll not only both have 6 or more champioships, but you’ll be considered one of, if not the greatest teams and dynasties of all time, and you’d be considered one of or the greatest perimeter player of all time. If both of you sacrifice a little glory, you’ll win the golden mountain and can claim it as your own. Now shake hands, embrace your destinies and go show the world how great you two can be when you’re on the same page 24/7.

    I believe if someone said that to them (Jerry Buss or Jerry West or even Magic and Kareem) they would have stayed together and won at least 6 rings.

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