Kobe Bryant On Recent Injuries: ‘They Gave Me Perspective’
Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports
Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

Prior to the last three seasons, Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant had been relatively healthy throughout his career. There were some nagging injuries here and there, but for the most part, Kobe had avoided major injuries that would require months of rehab and recovery.

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Now Kobe has dealt with a season-ending injury in each of the last three seasons and entering his 20th year in the NBA, the end of his career is approaching. Even though it has been tough, Kobe told Chinese newspaper Sina that the injuries have given him perspective:

They gave me perspective. Prior to the injury I knew that the game wasn’t going to be there forever. I knew that, but I wasn’t expecting it. I told my kids, ‘My career could be over now’, so when that happened, it changed my perspective. I started reflecting on this journey,” Kobe continued ”It made me understand the finality of things and to appreciate them.”

It sounds as if Kobe knows that he doesn’t have much time left on the court, but going through this has helped him appreciate everything that he has done to this point. He will surely go down as one of the best to ever play the game, but it’s hard to appreciate that while a player is still active.

Going through these trials has allowed Kobe to embrace the fact that his career is almost over, but to appreciate everything he has done in the NBA. Though even Kobe himself isn’t sure exactly when that end will come, he seems at peace with walking away when the time arrives.


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The one thing we do know is Kobe can still play at a high level which is a great thing. But what we also know which is fine as well is Kobe can’t play at a high level for too long. So what helps the Lakers which is why i truly believe the Lakers will definitely make the playoffs is because Kobe will get tons of rest with Clarkson in the starting line up and getting more of the minutes at shooting guard, you seen what he can do last year and summer league. Also with Kobe at small forward this will also help him on defense guarding small forwards who are much slower then him but they won’t have the ball as often either. I would compare Kobe’s game to MJ in Washington if MJ played on the Wizards team now in 2015 they would be in the Eastern conference hands down. Nick Young can score and Lou can score this takes tons of minutes off Kobe and make us a playoff team for sure.

  • We CAN be a #8 playoff seed anytime

    We need to beat mavs,sac,and suns to be lock at top 8

    It’s Nola or Mem who will get 6th and 7th imo

    Gsw,okc,sas,hou and clip will round out top 5

    1. kings or phoenix suns buddy.
      the mavs have ABOSOLUTELY ZERO chance at the playoffs being they lost their center.
      now what are they gonna do? find a half ass replacement?
      thats what cuban gets for B*tchin about the cp3 trade to David Stern getting the Lakers trade plans foiled. That will forever stay in my mind. what a crooked commissioner David Stern was. Hype up MJ and Lebron while at the same time you make Kobe out to be the devil and the bad guy. Watching media attack him time after time. I hope Stern rots in hell alongside Cuban.
      now karma bit ur as*. how does it feel mark?

  • With the exception of about 5 players the rest are on multi year deals. There were at leat 12 games where it felt like the Lakers were tanking. Kobe may or may not retire, Hibbert should be resigned, Black’s play this year determines his future, Kelly & Sacre definitely gone next year. This look like a roster that will be together for at least 2-3 seasons. A competitive season increases the attractiveness for players like Derozan, Durant, and J. Green.

    1. I would still like to see Kelly blossom into a decent stretch 4. I root for all those guys to be their best. Why? Because then we have trade chips in addition to young players for the future. Even Sacre.

      1. so how many years do you want to shove minutes to the likes of Kelly and Sacre. After 3 years of giving out golden opportunities, shouldn’t you have an idea of what they can “blossom” to be?

        1. Kelly has been injured almost all his time with us since Mitch drafted him. He started to show promise, stretched his shot and got hurt again. If Upshaw sticks, Sacre is probably gone.

          There’s nobody else like Kelly, though: 6-11 with a corner 3. I have no time frame on these guys. That’s why there is competition. I was done with Wes Johnson just because, well, he wasn’t too smart.

  • I am the only one diying because this summer dog days? I´ve watched literally like 3 times 2008,2009,2010 finals, almost every meaningfull game of KB24, I even watched a game of Lakers Vs. Rockets (Kareem vs Young Dream Hakeem), Please, Training Camp Comee soooon…

    1. I’m so desperate I’ve actually taken to reading Yahoo’s series of Starting Fives for each franchise. THAT’s desperate.

      1. I have been going on the stats and videos, OF THE players on the LAKERS the other things we can do is watch NBA TV CLASSICS any thing to keep busy.

        1. someone advise me that make a NBA 2k season with the Lakers and play until the beginning of Training Camp. The stats thing is really intersting, I wil give a try..

  • Lakers should put Kobe in a position where he can actually succeed, like backup SF or something. Bring him off the bench and if he’s hot, great. If not, sit him back down. He’s not one of the team’s top players at this stage, and he needs to be coached by Scott and not calling the shots himself.

    1. yeah, like that going to play well with the Mamba. IMO Kobe will be back to a high percentage of pre-injury Kobe – something like 23/5/5. But that’s at a cost of youth development. I would let him do it early. He shows he’s backl, the kids are learning then you move him to a team with his blessing – and there’s only one – Knicks. Everyone he trusts are there. Getting porzingis would be ideal.

      1. But Kobe would only want to go where he has a good shot at another ring. And Knicks would never give up a great young prospect for a guy on his last legs. Lakers would have to throw in Clarkson or Randle.

        1. Kobe would feel he and Melo certainly has great shot a ring. The man has the ultimate confidence. He’s done with Pau, why not with melo. If anything, there’s only one coach one player he’s won those 5 rings with – Fish and the Zen. Trust. Where else would he go?

          You forget, it’s Dolan’s team. He’d jump on this in heart beat. immediate chance to go far in the playoffs. Clarkson is untouchable outside of Westbrook. NY needs to give up alot just to match salary – I’m confident they’d do it.even if Phil as an exec would weigh reward now vs reward future whereas Dolan only worries about now. Melo isn’t getting any younger.

          1. Well come springtime it will be six years since Kobe has led a team deep into the playoffs. I think the reality is that he probably won’t play in 50 games this year, given all the recent injuries. I doubt Phil mortgages any future hopes over that.
            And there are probably about 10 PGs the LAL would give Clarkson up for, though Lakers would have to throw in Randle and a #1 pick or two to get any of them for Clarkson.

  • The guy played half a season with a torn rotator cuff. And still averaged 22+ PPG. And broke Jordan’s record. Shot 2 FTs after an achilles tear. Who the hell does that?

    1. Yes, the two FTs that came after he wasn’t even touched. And he broke Jordan’s record in an inefficient way that actually hurt his team. I don’t understand how Bryant has failed to improve his poor shooting over the years.

      1. What poor shooting you talking about? The only poor shooting was last year with the rotator cuff injury. You follow basketball?

        1. Yes, but you clearly don’t. Jordan essentially shot 50% for his career, but Kobe has never even been able to do that for even one season. It’s almost bizarre. I know he has terrible shot selection, so to be fair that’s part of the issue too.

        2. Do you? Kobe has been the brick master for some time. He used to drive me crazy trying to shoot himself out of all his slumps.

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