Jordan Hill On Kobe Bryant: ‘A Lot Of People Can’t Handle’ Him
Mark L. Baer-USA TODAY Sports
Mark L. Baer-USA TODAY Sports

Jordan Hill’s time with the Los Angeles Lakers came to an end with the team deciding not to use their team option on the big man. During free agency, Hill elected to sign with the Indiana Pacers and met the media for the first time as a Pacer Tuesday afternoon.

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He spoke with Shane Young of HoopsHabit and discussed his time with the Lakers. When asked about how it was like playing with Kobe Bryant, Hill mentioned Bryant’s floor presence, his constant yelling, and how not everyone is suited for it:

When he’s on the floor, all you hear is Kobe’s mouth. On the floor, all you hear is Kobe’s mouth. During practice, it gets loud. A lot of people can’t handle that I guess.

Many view Bryant as a tough teammate and someone who is difficult to work with. He has earned a reputation of being one of the hardest workers in the league and expects others to put in similar effort on a consistent basis. Some see this as one of the reasons players don’t want to come to the Lakers as free agents while others, such as Lou Williams, see playing with Bryant as an opportunity to play alongside one of the greatest.

Whichever the case, Bryant will be entering the final year of his contract and faces an uncertain future. The Lakers have gotten much younger, but their young players have yet to impress as a whole during the team’s first three games in the Vegas Summer League. D’Angelo Russell and Julius Randle hope to have better performances in the remaining games.


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will MISS your great ENERGY JHILL, should be SACRE who left, NOT YOU..

    1. The cap increased 3 mil…plus not signing sacre would have been enough to retain hill..smh

      1. the thing that pisses me off is the guys who bad mouth jordan hill a guy who can shoot the lights out. although his defense is lacking he did a great job scoring the ball he didnt miss too many shots. where as robert sacre what has he even done? i mean they can pick on hill but say nothin about sacre. i dont get this shit!

        1. “…shoot the lights out!???”

          I cringed every time Hill caught the ball out at 15′. Not just a ball-stopper, he may have worked all last summer on his jumper, but it ruined his shooting because instead of taking it to the rim, he started throwing up those fifteen footers that seldom went in.

        2. Favoritism…you kiss that behind and the FO will keep you around.

          It’s obvious that at that price… they should have kept hill

        3. Where did you get that information, he could shoot the lights out I think you have him mixed up with some one else named J Hill, watch the games before you say stupid things like that.

        4. He became a steady shooter… 15 ft or less.

          He had a bad contract. Still shocked they gave him $9M.

        5. Lol just because he would chuck up jump shots like he knew what he was doing doesn’t mean he did. He shot 46% from the field as an inside player… An inside player like him who thrives off of getting offensive rebounds and putting it back should NEVER be shooting under 50%.

        6. Yea, Jhill’s only weakness was shot blocking… Otherwise, he is the perfect PF. Would have been a great mentor to Randle.

          He was a solid role player. A true building block. But he had a bad contract. If Bosh got hurt earlier last year, the Lakers could have traded J.hill to them for another pick.

        7. I know what you’re saying though. Some games he WAS lights out, especially early in the year. Dude just burns out. He’s not suited to being a primary scorer. And all that mid-range pulls him away from the rim, which is where he does his best work as an offensive rebounder.

  1. Difference between the old school and the current batch of players. Not too many true legit superstar players aside of Lebron, Curry (= consistency) and a few others.

  • There’s a reason Kobe would take hill aside and explain stuff to him. Rare to see him do that. He only did it to a handful of people last season…Never did I see him mentoring booze, sacre, Kelly, and others

    Hill got screwed waiting for the Lakers…but come on now, signing for $5 mil one year??? The Lakers couldn’t match that instead of bass or give him what’s left of the mid level exception?? Even hill haters know that’s a great deal

      1. Alright, so that’s why he had to mentor randle, Clarkson, gasol, Bynum, artest?? Don’t be a fool. It shows TRUST…when Kobe trusts someone, he shows it. How many times did hill set a screen for Kobe? How many times did hill pick n pop?

        Celebrating after a win is bad? One or two occasions of silliness is bad? You know sacre said that he had never been on a team that got along together so well. If hill n Nick young weren’t on that squad, you would have heard a bunch of locker room problems and depressed mofos out there. EVERY SINGLE TEAM has a funny guy or two…you need them. Did hill act like a goofball on court? No

        Nick young acts like he has confidence…but he’s a sensitive dude. Hill is the strongest (mentally) of the two…he kept the locker room up beat.

        Don’t get me started with 30 yr old bass. I mention his age because hill haters complained about his age…now, we have a starter who is older, wore a Celtics jersey (a reason rondo haters didn’t want rajon), and averaged bench type #s while being a starter. He’s a solid bench player at 10 & 5…but that’s it. You’re crazy if you think he’s better than hill.

        And…let’s not forget, hill haters complained about a PF shooting jumpers, WELL, now you have one that does the same

        Remember, mentoring means someone sees your ability. They believe in you. They trust you. They know you’re talented. Don’t be ignorant…because one day, you might need a mentor in your life.

        Y’all haters a bunch of hypocrites. End of story

        1. Calm down and stop being delusional…he didn’t mentor any of them except clarkson and the rest of them were vets that he talked strategy with them to get the best possible outcome on a play you fool… you’re defending a player that continued to shoot jumpers when he couldn’t even make them and a player that was scared to play defense you idiot

          1. I’m calm, it’s just difficult to understand stupidity like yours.

            The only one delusional here is you…it goes beyond hatred. At $5 mil who wouldn’t want a guy that gets 12 & 8???

            If he took the time to talk strategy or give pointers, which essentially is mentoring, to Kobe…Hill was worth the time. When Kobe doesn’t like you, it’ll be obvious

            Scared to play defense?? Such an ignorant bastard you are. His positional defense is good. His help defense isn’t. Just because a player doesn’t have athleticism and doesn’t get blocks…nvm. I can already tell you’re a Davis fanboy. Go cry about your loss pathetic loser

          2. I’ve made 0 assumptions.

            I see you start and end with lol. Reminds me of joshhh…and yes, that’s an insult not a compliment, idiot

          3. you do know the Lakers FO didnt want Hill back right? he was thought of as lazy and uninspired this past season. heck he even admitted he didnt give a **** . rather have passionate scrubs who try hard, rather than lazy, uninspired scrubs.

          4. You were in the meetings? It was reported the Lakers weren’t sure if they should pick up his option or let him go.

            When did he admit he didn’t care?

            Passionate scrubs says one. Lazy says the other. . He’s not good say the rest. He jokes too much says an idiot. All pathetic excuses by haters. These accusations have no damn substance.

            Never seen a player get so much hate for improving his game. He mentioned what he needed to improve on…he did it. We’ll see if he continues. First it was the contract…turns out hill is less greedy than Davis and everyone has to find new excuses to hate…you guys are running out. Stop hating so much hypocrites

            Nobody has said he’s an all star…but he’s a solid nba PF. Enough said

          5. you should get your facts straight. he was going to be retained ONLY for the purpose to help facilitate a trade. same with Lin.Good try though!

            FO/coaches said hes lazy, not me nor the media. thats why he got benched.

            and idk what Lakers team you watched last year but he was far less effective in an expanded role last year. yea his numbers look better but barely. he started taking all these stupid mid/long range jumpers and straying away from the basket. his FG% dropped nearly 100 points, FT attempts were down, as well as his Off Reb. his reb totals in more minutes were the same. hes not a stretch 4 so theres no reason for him to be playing so far from the basket.

            Hill is a solid PF i agree with you there, but not at $9 mil per year. maybe when the cap balloons to 100+ mil but not now. He was basically on a “prove it” deal and his performance and attitude this past season was fairly disappointing.

            i WAS a big fan of him and thought he would be a very good role player, but it just didnt quite work out.

            i will say our coaching staff and scheme is crap! idk if you watched the SL games but the Princeton offense is terrible. we have like 20 assist in 3 games half from DRuss.

          6. I’m fine with him not being picked up at 9 mil…but my whole point is based on his $5 mil deal with Indiana. Lakers could have easily kept him

            You’re taking your opinions as facts man. Him and Lin were brought in to help make the Lakers competitive. Once it wasn’t working, bs rumors started circulating that the Lakers could trade hill…but they didn’t. If trading him was their idea since the beginning…why not do it??

            I really doubt the training staff or coach called him lazy. He was battling a hip injury and was playing away from the basket…but nobody said, “hill is lazy”
            They may have said he needs to improve conditioning…and he admits it. But that’s not lazy. Hard to go from no mins to ten mins, to fifteen, to starter while eating bad food and drinking alcohol. He laid off the alcohol. He wanted to improve his diet this off season.

            His game has improved. I don’t want to hear one damn peep from you saying these laker players need to develop their game/jumper. Because apparently, you’re against development…or is it cuz it’s too late to develop at 27???

            Look at his numbers from November. 14/15 & 9/10 averages. Leading league in offensive rebounding. That’s when he was paired with boozer…boozer plays 10-15 ft out…this gave hill room to roam inside and 15-20 ft out. Then in December his averages got cut in half because he was paired with Davis…a player limited to 5 feet within the basket. This forced hill to play outside. Soon thereafter he got injured..he was out day to day for a while, even before all star break.

            So after the injury, he settled for jumpers. But it’s also a lack of conditioning. Once that’s fixed (easy), he’d be capable of mixing it up.

            I’m tired of repeating the same crap to people that have adhd. I’m done.

            He has no poor attitude. Stop with the lies. now you’re just attacking his person.

            I’m done. Got better things to do.

          7. first of all youre glorifying Hill far too much.

            you just gave us all, a 4 game sample size about his rebounding. not substantial amount of work to deserve any credit. heck even delly had some nice games in the playoffs doesnt mean much other than the fact that he help clev win a few games. not a reflection of his worth in the league by any means.

            please dont pin this on his injury. anyone who plays considerable minutes gets banged up. not being in condition due to a day to day hip injury is a horrible excuse. that just shows how hard he trained in the offseason where he sits a week and it affects his conditioning for the entire second half of the season. if he was hurt bad enough to where it took away from his strength (rebounding/putbacks) he was only hurting the team and his future ( clearly did by the $5 mil salary)

            i guess my point is the Lakers had multiple chances to lock hill up for the future in a variety of ways. ultimately they felt like he was not worth retaining, and was not part of their future plans.

          8. Do you understand English? Do you know the meaning of glorify?? You seem to be lost. When have I glorified him? I’m not in awe, but at 5 mil it’s a bargain

            Now it seems you lack the ability to do simple math. You know there was 15 games in November and 2 in late October. That’s a 17 game stretch BEFORE Davis addition into the starting line up. Then the injury in winter (longer healing time).

            I’m not pinning anything. I’m giving you many options as to why he shot more jumpers 1) injury, 2) conditioning, 3) Davis…you’re choosing to pin it how you want. You’re twisting and turning things to create a lie you don’t believe…But the lie is needed as your hatred for hill is deep. Truth is, him shooting jumpers is a mixture of the three things I mentioned. There’s cause n effect to things.

            His jumper shows he trained and improved. limiting drinking helps. But diet is everything…You can run all day but that won’t matter if you eat bad. Point is, he knows what he has to work on this off season. I’m sure you weren’t there with him sitting on the couch or shooting in the gym.

            Not everyone that is a starter plays banged up. Hustle guys, big physical guys, rebounders, and energy guys play banged up.

            The misconceptions and assumptions in your invalid and poorly developed argument is astonishing.

            It didn’t hurt his salary. What hurt his salary was waiting for the Lakers. Most teams had their cap space filled up and/or were only interested in signing their rookies at the time (free agency moved quick).

            You find a way to contradict everything I say with illogical points. You don’t even back up what you say. You’re just trying to drive my car and crash it…But you have no car to drive…meaning, you have no argument, no point, no reason. It’s like atheists arguing against Christians/Catholics…just driving the other person’s car into a wall because they have no car.

            You’ll find a way to twist anything because you’re the definition of a hater. I’m done wasting my time with an imbecile.

            All I said was $5 mil was a bargain…But Idi0t mofos can’t keep their mouths shut. It’s like an irresistible itch to b1tch, whine, complain, and hate on players (not just hill) who have done nothing wrong but TAKE MINS AWAY FROM THEIR FAVORITE PLAYERS, DEVELOP THEIR GAME, & EARN A LITTLE MORE MONEY THAN THEY’D LIKE.

          9. You have no passion for basketball If you say it’s just basketball. You have not been following the conversation…and if you have, I feel sorry for your poor lack of judgement. I do not resort to name calling nor do I turn it up a notch UNTIL I am insulted, attacked, not taken seriously, or have my intelligence degraded.

            Also, IF I receive a reply with no substance, just a bs contradicting statement…you’re in for one.

            I do not spend my time carefully posting a decent argument or my opinion to have it attacked by a simpletons reply “hills trash” “they suck” “jabari sucks” “they have no talent”
            If those are people’s replies…they gotta stay in their lane…elementary level. Shit, even joshhh backs up his opinion with substance…sketchy substance, but substance nonetheless

            So, thanks for siding with a simpleton judge Judy

        2. exactly man they act like bass is gonna fucking take over! or something? i mean the dude is what 6’8 or 6’9 shorter and older than hill? a worser shooter so he better have rebounding or shot blocking and some lockdown defense to be better than hill. and he better be at leats a better jumper. i agree tho with u 100 pct.

          1. You could have stopped with all that GRAVY and just said I agree.. That’s funny.

          2. Not surprised considering our FO makes very…VERY questionable moves.

            You’ll soon realize the people here are not real open to…other people. Even if your argument makes sense, they’ll hate cuz they hate the player. Hibbert n hill would have been a great combination. They talk about his defense but…we have hibbert. Remember?? The giant we traded for…smh

        3. Facts but 80% of the people who post here are delusional and less than smart. Every day I slowly start to realize why people have negative opinions of Lakers fans.

          1. The other guy said 50% and the other 50 % are young children trying to find friends, but don’t know how because they spend too much time on the PC (their MOTHERS,)

          2. Yea…unfortunately. I go on other sites here and there. All I read are posts bashing, criticizing, and making fun of the Lakers and their fans. Never understood why…until I came here a couple…maybe even three seasons ago. This place has gone downhill. you can tell the intelligence level has declined…which, I won’t accuse users of being dumb; but I will say that it’s due to their young age. They get into a certain mindset and develop these thoughts/ideas they strongly believe in. Essentially, narrow minded. They cannot grasp someone else’s point of view…even if it makes sense it gets labeled wrong.

            Not saying I’m always right, but I do feel my arguments, ideas, and opinions make logical sense. If you have a different opinion, that doesn’t make mine wrong. They’re just different opinions, but if backed up correctly…You may have a good argument

          1. People ain’t that dumb. 4 hrs in…You have 0 likes. That speaks for itself. Delete that comment…scratch that, delete yourself

          2. Judge Judy, gtfo. You’re late to the party. You’re just crashing not knowing what’s happening. Stop being nosey. Stop being a know it all.

            That was my response because he came in and interrupted something. Then he tried to be smart and start some lame vote

            His opinion counts, when backed up with points. Like I said, he’s trying to drive my car and crash it into a wall. But he’s not driving his car and backing it up. All…nvm. I’m tired of dealing with sheep like you. Ignorant hypocrite sons of *use your imagination* idi0ts

        4. Bass has never started and won’t here either unless Randle falls more on his face than he has in the first 3 summer games.

          1. Bass has started…and he’ll be starting until randle can make a basket

    1. The Lakers couldn’t even re-sign Hill over the cap with his bird rights, because they lost them when they had to renounce their rights to Hill in free agency to clear up that huge 9 million dollar cap hold he had, so they could attempt to sign Aldridge. It was stupid for them to offer him that contract to begin with, but he is certainly worth 5m.

      1. There’s still two options…what’s left of mid level exception (if he took 5 with Indy, it’s safe to assume he’d take a mil n a half less to stay with the Lakers n play the PF [less physically demanding position]) and signing him instead of bass. The money from bass with the 3 mil cap increase would have been enough. Let’s not forget signing sacre to a mil was a dumb move. That right is $4 mil…and I have no idea how much bass is making (under the table?)

        I’m fine with the Lakers not signing hill for 9 mil. But letting him go for 5 mil…pisses me off

          1. And another ignorant buffoon jumps into the wagon of idi0ts… how many days has it been? Let stuff go. Old news. Mind your business.

            Never speak for others, just yourself. Your intelligence is showing and shining quite dimly. Stay in your lane. Don’t be ignorant

            I’m a proud laker fan. I’m not gonna abandon ship Just because I’m not happy with the FO. I’m no bandwagoner. Everyone has an opinion, everyone is allowed to voice it…but careful how you do so.

            I’m not going to be an obedient dog and trust the system simply because I root for the Lakers. I will question every move because I will die before I become an ignorant, obedient media sponge follower. Whether that’s laker related issues, the gov, people, or general life crap.

            if you don’t question anything, you’re already dead.

            Keep making ignorant general statements as if you’re speaking for the masses, let’s see how far that gets you

  • Jordan Hill’s like, “Man, I would be trying to chill during practice, but Kobe be loud, barkin’ orders at my ass constantly. It’s like, yo, Kobe, relax man, me and Nick are tryin’ to get paid to goof off and have fun losing, why you gotta be harshin’ our mellow all the time?”

    1. Exactly. I like Hill allot but we need Wins.

      I hope the FO made the right decision with letting him go and picking up Bass.

          1. man clarkson is becoming kobe bryant what a treat for laker fans for years to come

          2. id like to see clarkson KOBE and nick young all try to outdo each other scoring. it would rack us up alot points and be fun in the process maybe building some chemistry and the team might mesh together more easily. they need to make it fun but at the same time stay alittle serious. when i play basketball i always do drills that are fun and wont get boring or old. like knockout a 3 point shooting game where dude shoots after you if you miss you gotta make a layup before he makes a 3. fun and silly at the same time your also doing hard work to try and make the 3 and the layups. who said you cant have fun when training hard!? KNOCKOUT!

          3. i know nick young can be good the thing the lakers fans wanna see is if he can play defense and concentrate on basketball mostly and not worry about off the court issues. im sure he can do it but he has to stay focused on basketball just like upshaw** the lakers are gonna be watching them two guys real closely. so if they screw up theyr gone and its nobody fault but their own.

    1. exactly and all these free agents who dont wanna come and sign here dont want to be exposed. Kobe exposed shaq someone you never though had any flaws. people still call shaq superman but do they know he dont give a rats ass about training like Kobe or staying in shape. do people know that shaq sat out playoffs bc of a hurt toe or something? do people know that shaq cried just l ike dwight howard when he didnt get the ball? Kobe exposes these guys and shows all there weakness bc they dont wanna put in the time to work on it. Kobe will always give 110 pct thats why i love the dude. whether he yells or screams i dont care hes doing it for a good reason folks!!!!

  • Not really surprising haha. Even though he is my favorite NBA player of all time I still don’t think I would like him if we met. Same with Jordan. Maybe being such polarizing personalities is part of what makes them great though.

  • This is Adam Morrison. I had a great time winning two championships with Kobe and he was a great teammate. He just expects you to play hard and have a winning mentality. If you do that, you won’t have a problem with him. I’m now doing porno flicks and fuckin some bad bitches in Brazil. My life is great!!!

  • The 1 problem I have vs Kobe…..He doesn’t speaks up for players on the Lakers that need to Stay a Laker…..Unlike MJ, Magic ,Lebron…Those players made sure the players that needed to stay….Stayed……He did not even speak up for D Fisher who he now says was his Best teammate along with Pau..Back Quite.

      1. Well you see where this FO have this Franchise…..Magic,MJ and even Lebron gets involved to a certain degree…..

        1. The verdict is still out on Lebron. MJ didn’t win anything after he left the bulls. Magic might be the only exception.

        2. We had help on “where this FO have this Franchise”

          Without that damned veto, we wouldn’t be in this mess.
          …We might have another banner or two instead.

    1. Actually Kobe has stuck up for players he wants or wants back. Pau Gasol the most famous player he ever defended. Lakers always in talks of moving Pau, Kobe was his biggest supporter. Look up older articles and you’ll find it. If you should have problems it should be with the FO, the FO never made the moves Kobe preferred like surrounding Kobe with talent in his prime years, not bringing back Phil or Pau or others, etc. Kobe really has no say or control of who’s on the team, please don’t get that misconception.

      1. The reason the emphasis I put on Fisher is that Kobe Never Won a Ring when Fish wasn’t there….He won without Shaq and Gasol but never without D,Fisher….Ala MJ & Scott Pippen.

  • Kobe’s the drill sergeant in Full Metal Jacket.

    “some people can’t handle it”

    …Notice Jordan didn’t name himself as one of those.

    Safe to say, Dwight counts as “some” since he bailed with his girl panties to H-town


  • If Jordan Hill thinks Larry Bird will be any less demanding than Kobe in Indiana, he’s in for a rude awakening,

  • If you tired of hearing Kobe’s name, don’t watch the Lakers because as long as he playing his name will be mentioned. Go listen to another team

    1. This is for every one include kobe choke fan like you. I can say . you go listen to other team.

  • Kobe can defend his attitude with his 5 rings, but it so easily countered… Cp3, wade, damian, lebron, curry can all won those 5 rings with Shaq, bynum/gasol/odom/ariza/metta on their team thats a fact!!!! Wade won with an older shaq, a comback win against mavs!
    Its a disgrace to basketball gods & humanity that to be able to win rings is to be a ballhogger, forgetting the spirit of team game & disrespecting your teammates.

    I blame phil’s triangle that contributes to kobes iso games a lot, for not having a poinguard. & I blame kupchack for drafting & getting guards-forwards that cant create their own shots, not athletic enough & average iq.

    Kobe is a sun virgo & moon taurus. Reserved & sarcastic bitter virgo. & hard headed stubborn taurus. Both cold earth signs!!!!


  • yea even after he retires they will always mention his name so pick another team. Kobe and Magic Johnson are our 2 best players then kareem wilt and jerry west. lakers have so many legends thats why i dont understand why free agents wont come here. we not only have good players but history to back up our franchise since the year 2000-2015 we competed in 7 NBA finals thats like 50 pct plus out of them 7 we have won 5 NBA titles thats like 30 pct!

  • Yet….here you are on a Laker site. He’s the face of the Lakers. Dont want to hear his name? Plenty of room over at the Sac Kings site I hear.

  • I hope nick young can join hill, glad he’s gone, guy isn’t a winner, neither is young out with then bring in some guys who care about winning and not going to club afterward

  • If I were a young player and was being yelled at and hounded by a ball hogging 38% shooting Kobe I’d wouldn’t like it either. Say all you want about ‘if they don’t want to play with Kobe then I don’t want him here”… this is why we have scrubs and no good FA’s..

  • This Laker team is not likely to win any more games than last year’s team. I would put their ceiling at 35 wins.

    1. Jordan Clarkson, Kobe Bryant, Julius Randle, Brandon Bass, Roy Hibbert. Lou Williams off the bench.
      Jeremy Lin, Jordan Clarkson, Wesley Johnson, Ed Davis, Tarik Black. Nick Young off the bench.

      You’re kidding, right? Almost every player is superior both offensively AND defensively.
      That rookie team may be struggling because of very poor coaching direction, but don’t forget that they have time to adapt to the NBA and that’s what they are missing, experience at NBA pace. The skills didn’t disappear overnight, so they’ll show and get better gradually as they properly learn to run the offense (that’s what they are missing right now), as part of the bench team.
      And once the rookies start to bloom that’s gonna be Utah 2.00.
      Maybe not a playoff team, but definitely in the mix for it.
      That’s way too easy to start spitting on the team like a lot of guys do over here out of frustration, but this is just summer league, since when did SL mean anything in terms of regular season performance OR player development? The only use for it is to find the right guys to invite to the training camp and possibly make the team. How many Greats were shit in their freshman SL? Andrew Wiggins, shooting 40% from the field with just 3 rebounds. And who was the best player? Glen Rice Jr. 16 NBA career game, logging less than 10 minutes per game for less than 3 points and 27% shooting.
      Summer League performance means nothing AT ALL.
      Guys here should chill out a bit about it.

      1. Your standards are really low. 38 wins max!
        Maybe a playoff team in the ‘D’ league. Hibbert will make you wish for Kwame Brown.

        1. Last years tank team got 21 wins. It was really a bad team. This team is far better. You can’t remove his size to Hibbert, and he had ONE bad year (still one the best rim protectors and shot deflectors in the league, but ONLY 11ppts and 7 rebounds for a bad year, and .85 for FT…) and everybody is lowering him to crap already. He’s not Cousins, that’s true, but he’s not Black or Sacre, right? We need a defensive anchor, and he does the job far better than anybody we had for the past years.
          I’m aware we won’t log 50 wins this season. But 40-45 should be reachable. And the rookies WILL bloom one day and bring their win share towards the end of the season.
          And 40-45 wins is within PO reach for the last seed.
          We’ll see. But unlike a lotta guys here I’m still wishing for the best and I don’t let my frustration (it’s there too, I’m human as well) get the best of me.

      2. Don’t fool yourself. This Laker team is going to be terrible. There are 12-14 teams better than them in the West. In fact, I predict they will finish dead last in the conference. Jordan Hill is a better scorer and rebounder than Roy Hibbert. Kobe Bryant was not a good player last year and he will be worse this year because he is 1 year older. Clarkson is likely to have a rougher time this year because teams will know what he is: an athletic volume shooter. Randle is effectively a rookie and will have his share of struggles. Bass is a good player but he’s a role player, not a star. Jeremy Lin is better than Russell and Lou Williams. Ed Davis is better at both ends than anyone on this year’s Laker front line. Nick Young is still on the roster. Wayne Ellington and Wes Johnson are more serviceable than the wings the Lakers currently have.

  • At least someone is yelling on the court, giving out direction. Byron Scott kind of just stands there with his arms crossed and his forehead shining like the Aurora Borealis.

  • I think Kobe will like Bass and Hibbert. As for everyone else on the team… I am not expecting a very fun year for Kobe.

  • As a Laker fan, I count the days til Bryant is gone. Nobody but the Lou William’s of the world will even think about signing with the Lakers until that overblown ego-maniac is GONE.

  • This is not news. Kareem did it. MJ used to do it. So did Isaiah Thomas and Larry Bird. They all yapped off to their teammates. I remember Isaiah & Laimbeer almost coming to blows. lol. And it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what they all have in common =)

    1. “And it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what they all have in common.”

      Ummmm, they like jewelry? 🙂

  • Honest simple question here:
    How many here would still believe if we offer Russell to the Sixers for Okafor and the Sixers would agree to that exchange straight up?
    This would never happen but the answer would indicate who is clearly more valuable projected up to 5 years from now.

    1. The shot clock would be at 5 seconds by the time Hibbert and Okafor made it to the paint.

      1. Did you watch the finals? The games always become half court and both teams average less than 100 ppg and Okafor would destroy Draymond Green in the post.

        1. I think Okafor is years away from that, he can’t even dominate guys like Larry Nance Jr or Porzingis yet. You just need to let go, Okafor would be a good fit if he were playing with a player like Draymond Green, who could do all the rim protecting. To pair Okafor with Randle would mean you’d likely be giving up close to 120 points a game in the finals. Of course pairing Okafor and Hibbert would be just ridiculous.

          1. “Draymond Green, who could do all the rim protecting”
            Answer this, who was doing the rim protecting when Draymond at 6’8′ playing center and Igoudala at 6’6″ also at center?
            There are two reasons for that, defenses clamp down in the playoffs and #2 analytics showed their versatility on defense was superior to a rim protector in the middle. So Okafor does not need to be a great rim protector, he just needs better defensive players surrounding him. His primary asset is low post offense and rebounding on both ends of the court.
            A good GM who understands that can build around an offensive juggernaut like Okafor.

          2. This was my argument before the draft…Rim protectors are overrated…and defense starts on the perimeter. I like Okafor..think he will be a solid player….but also feel the dynamic play of Russell and Clarkson can be lethal in this league.

          3. I wouldnt go as far as overrated, but i do agree our guard selection is deadly. 2 PGs at 6’5 with their skill is sick to think about.

          4. First of all, if you’ve been watching Okafor, you’d know he is most definitely not a good defensive rebounder, he can get them if they fall in his hands. Okafor is as advertised, you are going to get an offensive juggernaut as you say, but you are also going to get a very slow lack of effort guy on the other end.

            Okafor is not playing this 76ers summer league playoff game because he is instead attending the ESPY’s, even though he is not even nominated for an award. Is this really the guy you want on your team?

          5. I think you’re wrong, just like when his numbers were great before his ankle injury in college and he was dominating and his numbers will be great when he gets back into shape and playing a ton regular season nba games.
            Btw; except for a few what centers in the nba isn’t slow? Bogut,Mozgov,Asik, Hibbert,Duncan,Cousins,Kanter, Lopez.
            They’re all slow big men.

          6. The guy said in all his interviews he had lost weight, was he lying then? I’m talking about lateral quickness, Mozgov for example is slow, but he is not slow footed, and all those guys bar Kanter really hustle and give good effort under the rim, Okafor who is only 19 years old just kind of lumbers around there. He dominated college kids, was shooting a huge percentage, but now he is shooting under 450, for a center this is not great, especially one who doesn’t have an outside shot. He just looks like he doesn’t care, seems lethargic, like there is lead in his feet. He has had his shot blocked 13 times in 5 games. I don’t see the upside in him that I do with Russell. a better Enes Kanter is his ceiling. I think the FO saw all these things, and saw that he would not be a good fit paired with Randle

          7. “I don’t see the upside in him that I do with Russell.”

            I see a rookie of the year in Okafor, that’s a pretty good upside to start. With Russell I would put my money in Vegas and say he won’t be the ROY although he might have an outside chance if he didn’t have to learn to play the point.

          8. If you watched the last 3 games of this year final series, there was no rim protection for the warriors. Mosgov looked like a hall of famers in the paint. The warriors made up for it with better perimeter defense and better offensive ball movements.

    2. I haven’t seen enough to really make a distinction. I still think Russell’s game fits today’s NBA better. Summer League is such a hard place to judge talent.

      1. U a sucka nigga fa’real why do u only comment when it’s about Russell?? Fake ass laker fan. Called your hoe ass out already and u ain’t even reply lol. U probably have an emotional reason on why u don’t like Russ

          1. Nice reply softie. U have a reason why u hate my young nigga. His defense especially his on ball D has been lights out (opponents are shooting less than 17% against him), his rebounding has been great and his passing is too uncanny and complex for the buffoons he had around him (mainly because of the lame ass playbook). His shooting touch has been off but 33% is better than Derrick Rose’s and Steph curry’s summer league action. Within a few years he’ll be considered one of the best PGs in the game with commercials and Nike endorsements haha, the kid got the “IT” factor, Nash and Kobe will get that boy right only a HATER can’t see the potential this kid has. Anyways goodbye my fake ass laker fan nigga hahaha

  • Liked Hill a lot but he was too costly to keep. Didn’t like the fact that he went away from his strength as a player in being a hustle man like he was the previous season under MDA. Would still be a Laker if he stayed in that lane.

    1. Or he’d be broken… That’s just me guessing but seeing how he gradually went down during his season under MDA, right after his missed season for an injury, I’d say he can’t sustain one full season of hustling. Having a consistent mid-range jumper makes a lot of sense if you look at it that way, and given this season was bound to be a bust, why not try it as much as possible to improve it?
      This is just a guess, but it does sound plausible to me.

      1. Never turn away from what got you noticed. Hustle man is his bread and butter in this league. There’s nothing wrong with accepting that. His pockets took a hit from going away from his lane.

      1. Scoring had nothing to do with him changing his playing style. He didn’t score much more than he did the previous season anyway.

  • honestly whats the difference between russel and rondo? neither are very good defensively and offensively both are pass first guards but when it comes to creating their own shot they are both avg……….i still say we shuda got jahil and signed rondo

    1. You can “still say” that all you want. It ain’t what happened. Time to think about what is, rather than what could have been.

    2. 3Angelo can shoot…Rondo can’t.

      Seriously, we have one college season and a couple Summer league games to evaluate Russell…Give it a little time, lol

    3. Until recent years before the injuries, Rondo was one of the best (if not the best) point guard at creating shot for others and attacking the rim. Defensively, Rondo was the best defensive point guard as well until he was injured.

  • In other news, there will be changes to NBA playoff seeding starting next season. So more West teams in the playoffs!

  • I am so thankful to have been able to watch Kobe Bryant his whole career. What an amazing ride, what incredible sights! Yet, I’m now looking forward to a time when he is gone. He is yesterday’s news, and The Ghost of Kobe Bryant will not be riding to the rescue of the Lakers ever again. I’m looking forward to the next amazing player to watch. I hope it’s Russell or Randle.

    1. I like Russell a lot as a player and as a person but I don’t like him as a pg but as an Sg; remember what I’ve said about the FO picking point guards?
      You’ll see it’s going to be a painful learning lesson for our rookie PG next year; it’s why I’ve been harping about a veteran pg the past two months.
      Ty Lawson would be great starting if Nuggets waive him, Russell can learn as backup.

    2. I think kobe deserves to go out on his own terms. He has done a lot for the lakers and deserves a little more respect than, ‘well, you used to be good, but we got everything we needed from ya so gtfo.’ Just seems wrong to me. He’s a future hall of famer, show some respect.

      1. You’re not responding to my post, are you? Because what you wrote has nothing to do with what I wrote.

  • Jordan Hill was the most inconsistent players for the past 2 years…one game he will give you 14 boards and 20 points next game 6 points 5 boards as a starting center…he never posted up last year. Sub par on defense and chose to party more with swaggy p than focus on the game…let’s face it most of the team from last year was horrible….they would never give you a consistent game. I mean celebrating after a win …no problem…acting like your Billy bad ass after only winning your 22nd game….I’m glad most of em are gone…the ones I do miss that were consistent…ellington, davis, and price for hustle….that’s about it…

  • now i will agree with Hill, there are some players that can’t relate to all that bitching Kobe do.. but honestly. you have two 6 10 players in Hill and Davis. one of them actually know there role, and play it to the max, the other for some reason practice mid range during the off season, and thats all he took. lol point is, if Kobe telling your ass you our center and get rebs, put backs and hustle then thats what you suppose to do.. so if there is any one i will miss dearly, it will be my boy Ed Davis.

    1. Hoping for good things from Russell.. Please don’t let us down D’Angelo with your 8 to 1 turnover/assist ratio. Ughhh D’Angelo you are our #Future

      1. I like how you just can’t get enough of watching the Lakers, you really are just a Lakers fan, you just don’t realize it yet.

    2. Upshaw is the most rusty out of all 3(JR, Russ and Upshaw).. both Russ and Jr are timing issues, Upshaw need big man camp. but he’s very trainable. would love to get him in the Stu Lance big man camp.

  • for all you panicking Laker Fans, already clamming Russ is a bust, Stephen Curry avg 6.3 turnovers 2013. Harden had the most i ever seen in a game this past playoff. Allen Iverson led the league his rookie year in turnovers. I just read this from a tweet and its 100 percent true. its the Summer league with out any type of Training camp. Breathe easy . Calm down, lets root for them in this SL playoffs, get ready for football season, and before you know it, Oct will be here, it will be the start of NBA season, and then we can make a better assumption on the young man skills. Some shit im hearing now is he is too scared to attack the rim, not physical enough, like have you seen any Ohio St games.. He to me always played to score form long range. always had a nice shot beyond the arc Just give him time to adjust and learn. And once again this is coming from a Okafor fan. Just breathe. its going to be good.. trust

      1. man i see why us Laker fans get trash by the rest of the league now.. how are the Lakers fans attending the SL games booing Russ in a SL game? that’s more embarrassing then the Lakers pitch to LMA.. smh

    1. Some of turnovers in the summer league were the result of the other lakers not athletic enough around the rim. Throwing those same passes to athletic big in the NBA (such as Tyson Chandler or DeAndre Jordan) would result in highlight dunks.

      1. true.. i seen a few Black didnt even see go past him..Thats why i hate letting Ed DAvis go, but it is what it is.. gotta keep it pushing.. i hope Hibb can get those.. he’s 7 2 lol dont have to jump much

  • Poor Okafor. A winner all his life and now embracing tank. The season not even started yet and they are on losing streak.

  • Why Russell playing of the ball. He need to be handling the ball more. We need to fire those coaches.

    1. Good adj from Mark..i said it last game, move him off the ball.. His jumper not going no where.. let him get his jumper comfy, then let him handle the rock lil by lil .. got to gradually throw him in the fire.. he’s not like Towns or Okafor.. they have size .. He’s got to slow the pace down, for his style of play

  • russell is starting to understand that he’s a whole lot better than he’s been playing

  • Russell is strictly a left hand finisher. Randle could at least finish with his right hand sometimes. Needs to develop that right quick.

      1. Take much time to develop your right hand for slashers. Its easy for big man because they are mostly under the basket.

  • Love the shooting and getting around screens for a open shot from Anthony Brown. Making players chase him like Kyle Krover.

  • My mom says I look like a real basketball expert when I wear the Lakers replica jersey she gave me for my birthday.

  • These guys are playing much better individually, but still too much ISO crap. 2 assists to 7

    1. Nah ball movement is flowing just guys aren’t hitting their shots. A lot of good shot off a pass but guys can’t make them.

      1. REST? u got to be kiddin me if u aint givin it ur all like i am there is no spot for u on this team period.

  • The Lakers will be really good this year because the franchise has won 16 championships, beginning in 1949.

  • Anthony Brown has been our best consistent player so far this summer league. Hope he starts at SF instead of Kobe.

      1. He is doesn’t need to show fancy crossovers to get attention. He knows he is a 3 and D player and that is what he has been doing that consistently

  • This team sucks and Madsen refuses to play Upshaw and making them look even worse than they already are. Oh and I’m so glad we got a hater named Nance Jr instead of Justin Anderson….not.

  • Some of these fans act like none of these TO’s are Russell fault when he even said himself he is struggling.

      1. He needs to stop trying to get fancy and start just make the damn smart pass. He try’s to do fancy shit on every pass. Now I would ok with it if he was a experienced Vet like Rondo or CP3 but he’s not. Your a rookie! At least get 2 or 3 years under you belt first and get up into NBA speed.

    1. He only has a couple turnovers this game. And they were both 50/50 balls. The Clarkson one he didn’t really have any other good options.

  • Who the hell gives up 30 points in a 10 MINUTE quarter in a Summer League game? Our underachieving draft picks, that’s who.

  • WTF Madsen. The rotation is worst than ever you should’ve made the adjustments with the 2 days off. I think Nash will be a very good coach for DRussel. Madsen the worst coach ever to coach Lakers SL

  • That Randle step back looked so nice! Good to see. We are really struggling from the 3 point line but need to keep taking them if they are open.

    1. Didn’t I tell u give that boy some time now add him with Kobe, hibb and young on one unstoppable

      1. Loving his activity tonight. That is the Randle we love. No more threes for Randle though haha. Pass that!

  • Upshaw is a +4 so of course Madsen won’t play him but this Mitchell scrub missing 2 easy baskets at the rim gets minutes.

        1. I wouldnt go as far as “idiot” because that “idiot has gone to Finals couple times with Kidd. So he knows a thing or two about winning and PGs

  • I dont care if its only summer league, were sending a bad message to the rest of the league going into the season

  • 10 minute quarters & Randle can’t even get 20+ minutes. He’s balling, & I don’t wanna see Randle playing center anymore. Especially when Upshaw is on the team.

  • Clarkson was forcing all his shots. Madsen didn’t do his homework I see no plays being called. It’s a free for all ball whoever catches the ball the play stops. poor shot selection. It’s all about the coaching!

      1. Good shots for Mavs. ball rotation drive and kick out everything is in place for Mavs that’s why they have the lead

  • Madsen should’ve design 2 plays 1 for iso and 2 for pnr/pnp. Druss can do the pnp/pnr with Randle/JBrown pnr for Nance/Black. Iso plays for Clarkson/Randle/Upshaw. Kick out plays for ABrown/Jbrown/Clarkson. “F”the Coaching Staff for Lakers SL

  • Finally seeing the polished Randle. Last summer league he wasn’t yet polished, tonight he sure is

  • The Lakers may have only had 4 assists in the first half, but they’ve won 16 championships.

    1. Lotta people sleeping on Jabari…Clarkson knows what’s up…Teammates in college. Might be another weapon off the bench.

  • Randle has handles and speed. That first step is like Worthy. Blink and he can blow by.

    Once he learns to harness that speed…Meaning pick and choose when to turn it on, not just try to go a million miles an hour on every play, he’ll be dangerous.

    Nice to see him having a good game.

    1. Lmao do you see this poor display of basketball? Get ready for a 30 win season and that’s being generous.

  • Madsen is barking orders to players on the court and no one is looking at him or listening.

      1. Ciara fine and all, but you really care about her feelings lol? Plus Future been going hard since they broke up

          1. I listen to everything lol. I love trap music. I have heard from a lot of people that his new music is good though. I’ll check it out then.

  • In college Russell would almost always pull up for the 17 footer on the drive. Wonder why is probing so hard. Not his game.

    1. Defenders are playing more aggressive on him and not getting him room to for a pull-up jumper. They know he is strict left hand finisher so they know how to stop him from coming to that side. This is different from the college game

  • So. The boys started to follow a proper strategy and suddenly you get the spacing and the skills showing up. Russell playing simple. Clarkson playing along. Randle not bullheading into the traffic but rather going for clean drives.
    So much for the busts, heh.

  • They are scoring well by driving to the hoop with all the ready bigs to catch the drop pass. Please do not force your 3ball not today!

  • These are the worst announcers I have ever heard in my entire life.. They must be trying to get jobs too…

  • I’m still going back to Upshaw fouling like a football player… Man, I still laugh about it…

  • Black is terrible if he’s our back up center gl to this season getting destroyed by a no name and he’s on our team? Drop him and pick up Tyler smh

  • Wow nice play Madsen, no screens, a guard in bounding to a PF. Brilliant stuff. Fire this bum.

  • they could have won this one, Russell losing that ball, trying to dribble between two defender, with 23 seconds, left. use your head kid!!!

  • On the possitive note, I think it was the best game for the Lakers for Summer league. If they had played a little better defense, they should have won easily

      1. well, it is part of the learning curve. These kids are trying to play together, and adapt to NBA style and speed

  • Lost cause Russell is trying to always do too much my man this ain’t COLLEGE these guys are here to win had the highest percentage of being a bust coming into the league will just have to wait and see whatever smh and if I see Mark Madsen on our bench in gonna be super mad he better be sitting 4 rows behind our bench smh

  • And Madsen is an assistant coach with the real team along with Scott’s dumb son. It all makes sense now. I would take D’Antoni back in a heartbeat and hire Nash to be his assistant. What a joke. SL or not that was embarrassing.

  • Yes the lakers do that all time…they should’ve get okafor…than Russell…still can’t believe it…Russell suk.

    1. You can watch Okafor sitting at the ESPY awards, he bailed on his own team to go get himself on TV, he not even getting an award

    2. It’s obvious that the Lakers should have taken Okafor, but “we’ve won 16 rings” so it’s okay.

  • Still, Mitch, go do whatever’s needed to grab Justin Anderson from the Mavs. Whatever it takes. Threaten him to steal his favorite underwear, offer him to swap a banner in Staples for a shaming image of DJ, scare him by telling him Jim Buss wanna be GM in Dallas. I don’t care, we need this guy!

      1. To please me? And you never know what could happen with your favorite underwear being so faaar away… Could destroy one man’s life…

    1. Mich could’ve get Justin Anderson…he could’ve move up…he don’t know what to do…mich needed to go

      1. Nobody could have guessed he’d be taken so high. So even by trading up we’d just be on guy shorter and not more talented than we are. At least they followed their own convictions based on work outs and interviews we didn’t get to see. I wouldn’t have the arrogance to say I know better than Mitch in terms of basketball, general management, or draftee/FA recruitment.
        I like Justin Anderson from before the draft, which is why I’m fooling around with this message, but the only way we can say if Mitch did a piss poor job will be at the end of next season. For all we know we could be ecstatic next May. Don’t judge anyone on the roster too hastily, we don’t know anything about them yet.

  • If only Black had gotten that slam. That would have been game, but instead it gave Mavs momentum. Damn.

  • Kobe going to kick is butt…he better play better than summer league…him and freaking Larry Nance…

  • All the second round pick…is better than first round drafts pick…Lakers needed to fire micupcake..he get old time to go

  • At this point, Kobe just wants his fat paycheck. He couldn’t care less about the Lakers franchise.

  • I’m not sure we should get rid of Scare. If Black keeps playing like this we are going to need him

  • I don’t think Russ will play PG in college he was really effective at the SG he’s a incredible off ball shooter and Clarkson last year played amazing at PG and was getting everyone involved without turnovers and played against the best PG expect to see this lineup below..

    PF:Randle/Bass/Nance jr.

          1. I’m not talking about thy whole season free the all star break Clarkson really excelled at PG!

    1. Yeah, he uses his length well. On ball he is good, but off ball he tends to lose his man sometimes.

        1. With Russell, Clarkson, Kobe and Randle they can switch pretty much everything. They all have length.

  • Haha you crazy…okafor is go to much better…he’s best big man in draft…freaking micupcake

      1. He means the past games while adding up this game. 23 TO’s in 4 games is bad for a floor general PG.

          1. Like I mention anything about Okafor, that’s how I know your hater. GTFOH

  • BS should’ve take on the SL coaching for him to familiarize and work on this young players to their potential not Madsen.Just take a look at DFish he’s doing way better and leading the Knicks to somewhat contend this coming regular season. If BS is better than Madsen or they just have the same capacity, blame the players after losing a game

    1. BS is old school Rooks are crap They get no play time until they prove themselves. You really think someone who thinks that will coach them in the SL

      1. They better fire BS if that’s the case! Young players need mentoring if he chooses not to be with these young players he better pack his things and go coach different team

    1. Classless, arrogant, greedy and washed-up, who was once a quiet, talented super-star in the making.

  • Lakers will not attract great players if they continue hiring trash coaches like BS and Madsen! The system sucks not the players

    1. It’s that boring Priceston offense which relies on playing D and hittng shots. So far I’m seeing a lot of clanking. Who’s gonna step up and be an assassin from this young group…..up to now, it’s ugly.

  • Russell is a good rebounder too, 22 rebounds in 4 games, should have had 6 assists had Black not been retarded.

    1. I like Black but the dude has to work on keeping his hand off the shooter and my god learn how to catch a pass

  • If you look at the numbers of this last game alone, with the exception of Randle, you see that we do not have any presence or offense on the paint. Nance, Black, Upshaw and Mitchel combine for 16 points of 86 and 12 rebounds of a total of 40. That shows the picture of what we need. The presence of Hibbert and Bass can change the whole picture. Once you have some presence on the paint, guards have more room for themselves.
    Upshaw had a couple of nice highlights, but still months away from NBA caliber. He should spend a few months in D league getting a good conditioning and develop a few post moves. After the last couple of games, I am thinking that maybe Nance should do the same, at least to develop a jump shot.
    Antony Brown should be more aggressive on the offensive side.
    But this last game we finally saw a few bright spots on Russel, Jabari Brown, Randle and Clarkson.

  • jordan hill is such a good player he blossomed his game in lakers from bust to decent player he such a good contributor in this team so indiana got a player this is a productive player compare to sacre kelly

  • A once quiet, talented kid became the most arrogant and greedy man in sports. Oh how ugly he has become.

  • I’m liking very little after seeing four Summer League games so far. Clarkson, Randal, and Nance are awesome, but everyone else are kinda ‘not ready for prime time’.

    If Kobe can’t stuff his ego far up his ass and mentor these kids the Lakers are doomed. Kids don’t mind learning but not if someone is yelling at them all the time. I’ve heard Kobe talk about his role now that he’s older and slower, but can his ego allow it. Being a mentor takes lots of maturity and I’m doubting Kobe has it. If he doesn’t let go of “I brought L.A. 5 titles so get off my back” attitude then it’s time for him to Elgin Baylor it, and refuckingtire!

    Patients will be my motto this season. So far after watching every top pick, Okefor and Porzingis look ahead of schedule. Towns, Upshaw and Russell look like they should still be playing college ball. Gawd does it show. Okay I’m trying to understand picking Russell over Porzingis and my 2nd choice Okefor. I mean how often are there three “caliber” tall big men, and we got Russell….brilliant! I know focus on happy thoughts…oh I know, I’m not a season ticket holder. That’s a positive…..thank Gawd!

  • Please jeannie please fire micupcake this year…please..he pass an okafor….he pick Larry nance…we could’ve get him undrafted…he drafted brown…when we could’ve Joseph young are Harrell….we still could’ve sign josh smith…please please fire micupcake..