Jordan Clarkson On 2015-16 Lakers Season: ‘Hopefully Make The Playoffs’


After earning All-Rookie First Team honors, Jordan Clarkson averaged 16.8 points, 3.6 rebounds and 2.0 assists at the Las Vegas Summer League. With Clarkson expected to start alongside D’Angelo Russell in the backcourt, he will have the opportunity to take the next step in his development.

What will Jordan Clarkson make this season? Find out here!

As Clarkson prepares for training camp, he recently appeared on SiriusXM NBA Radio to discuss numerous topics including his team goal for the 2015-16 NBA season:

The Lakers have a nice blend of veterans and prospects this upcoming season, but they have very little margin for error in the difficult Western Conference. While the Portland Trail Blazers and Dallas Mavericks are two playoff teams that lost key pieces this off-season, the Oklahoma City Thunder will likely earn one of those playoffs spots should Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook remain relatively healthy.

For the Lakers, the playoffs would be a nice accomplishment at this stage of the rebuilding process. However, the focus should be on the development of Russell, Clarkson and Julius Randle as the Lakers prepare for the post-Kobe Bryant era.

In his rookie season, Clarkson averaged 11.9 points, 3.2 rebounds and 3.5 assists.


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  • Playoffs do not seem realistic but it is a nice goal to have. The players goal no matter what should be to win. I think management has put in some very nice pieces for long term success, but short term it will be really rough.

    1. To me, the playoffs are a realistic goal.

      I think this team could get 45 wins if Scott has any coaching ability and Mitch helps with a mid-season trade.

      And falling 3-4 games short isn’t bad either. Getting 40 wins in the West is very respectable and show that the team is clearly in the right direction.
      — Even if they made the playoffs, are they getting out of the 1st round?

    2. I dont agree. This years team is much improved over last year, and last year we hovered around the 9th to 10th spot at times.

      1. RE: Hovered
        Until January when the team shifted focus, Kobe and Young went down, and the team decided a Lottery Pick was the best solution.

        I’m not saying it’s going to happen, but I think a playoff berth is “doable.”

        A championship, not so much, but sneaking into the #8 spot is a realistic and attainable goal. — We gotta start somewhere and we gotta have hope.

        1. I enjoy interacting with, and reading posts by genuine Lakers fans, like yourself, that are logical and support their team.

          1. I’m with you buddy playoffs!
            if we just make the 8th seed and nomore it won’t matter. If we turn it around from leagues worst getting #2 draft pick to a playoff contender.
            Championship or not i think people will start to take us seriously, also free agents will be more willing to take chances to come here.
            Seeing these rookies prove their worth and excel at what they do best.
            Especially these 3 Russell,JC, and Randle.
            Russell don’t have to do much just play solid defense and pass the ball and knock down a shot here or there….
            Clarkson will have alot more pressure on him to be that beast of a player he is turning into. His expectations will be higher for him.
            Randle will have to do what JC did last year attack the rim and don’t hold back….
            Let’s get motivated LA!!!!!!

        2. I’m with you, with the loaded West, when you look at the teams there are 7 teams who pretty much seem a lock to make it (barring significant injury such as what happened with OKC last year). Beyond that, it’s anyone’s 8th seed. Golden State, Houston, Clippers, Memphis, San Antonio and OKC are a virtual lock with 6 spots. I don’t see New Orleans regressing which would put them in at 7. Some are talking that Utah is a dark horse, but I don’t see it. Phoenix has a possibility too with the retooled lineup, but that 8th spot can be fought for and won. It’ll be against those 2 teams.

        3. I’m guessing it falls somewhere like this

          So eighth will be between: Suns, Timberwolves, Kings, and maybe Lakers

          1. Scary notion though. of the bottom tier, Lakers have the worst starting 5..

            Suns: Bledsoe/Knight/Tyson/Morris/Tucker
            Kings: WCS/Cousins/Gay/Collison/Rondo

            Wolves: Towns/Wiggins/KG/Martin/Rubio.

            Lakers: Kobe/Russell/JC/Bass/Hibbert. Suns lineup looks lottery bound but they have our head of the snake from last year in Ronnie price. Expect Byron to tell his players to lay down when Lakers plays Phoenix/

          2. See to me i like our starting 5 over all of the other teams fighting for the 8th seed barring an injury ecspecially if randle progresses as i believe he will, and crack the starting line up by allstar break. Plus imo i think we have a sneaky good bench if lou will and Nyoung can co-exist together on the court.

          3. 5, 6,and 7 are not guaranteed.
            8th agree with though.
            Having a much better starting 5 plus the addition of Hibbert and Lou Williams and Nick Young off the bench.

            I think were the favorite for the 8th seed maybe 7th if we can get into a good rhythym….

      2. Here is the thing. I think long term we got a lot better. However, short term we have way too many young guys. Basically we swapped Lin, Boozer, Hill, Davis for Hibbert, Bass, Lou.

        Is that an upgrade? Very small if any at all to be honest. Davis had the best PER of any of those guys.

        1. DAVIS just jumped to the first offer he got, it was just a money thing with him but we will miss him I was sorry to see him go.

          1. He was sorry too…
            But there was no way he’d turn down $20M after being a bench guy for years.

          2. the FO could of done a deal with Ed if they really wanted to but as usual Mitch and the FO were to concerned about players that weren’t going to sign with the Lakers and they drug their heals just like last summer and didn’t learn one thing from last season. If anything we should have signed Ed.

          3. Agreed… Wish they went hard after Butler… Offer the whole cap… And hope a big guy gem is found like Clarkson (maybe Upshaw)

            Then sign Bass….


            The core of Butler, Russell, Randle, and Clarkson would probably attract a top flight Free Agent…

          4. We did just fine with HIBBERT/LOU/BASS– UP GRADES yes, and all with great BB IQ, AND OUR YOUNG GUYS are only RUSSELL HI IQ. BROWN @ SF. & NANCE JR the bull dog, that’s the only young guys that need work, we did a great job, fitting in the young & veterans. This is much better then the last few years.

        2. thats more than a” very small upgrade”, if everyone stays healthy and the young guys contribute consistently throughout the year the playoffs are def attainable.

          1. How so? As I pointed out, Ed Davis is the most efficient player that moved either direction. Boozer and Bass are about a wash as far as efficiency. Boozer better on offense and Bass slightly better on defense. Lou is definitely an upgrade over Lin, but I don’t think that makes up for losing Davis and Hill who both performed at better rates than Hibbert.

            I am hoping Hibbert can change the team’s defense and really help us, but the reality is Indiana had a better defensive rating while Hibbert was on the bench.

            Basically we didn’t upgrade at all.

          2. Hibbert is much better then Hill, our game has now changed to the better with the RIM PROTECTER, & Bass over Boozer, Boozer did no D-FENCE , and we are much better there, & LOU over LIN with the 6 th man of the year to the # 3 PG and some times not even that good.

        3. I think it’s a better upgrade than you’re implying… Yet…

          The rookies are too inexperienced and unless KOBE stays healthy… No playoffs… But 30+ wins…

          1. That’s why they are called ROOKIES inexperience , but all players from the DRAFT HAVE THE SAME PROBLEM. That’s what training camp & pre-season games is to give them a start to become a good NBA player.

          1. They will be amazing additions in the future! Which is why I am happy and excited. But for this season, they will be young guys figuring out how the NBA works.

    1. Scott’s gotta pull rabbit out of his hat and coach his ass off.
      Mitch has given him enough tools…. but can he utilize them all.

      The team got 21 wins last year without Kobe, Randle, Williams, Young and Hibbert, all the while stealthfully tanking to make the Lottery.

      To me:
      Kobe adds 3-4 wins.
      Hibbert adds 4-5 wins.
      Randle adds 2-3 wins.
      Williams and Young add 3-4 wins.
      A SUPER deep bench adds 3-4 wins…..
      — That’s at least 15 more wins….

      I know it’s a hypothetical, but that’s already ~36 wins, just based on upgrades from last season. To me 41 wins (.500) is very realistic, and 9 more (@ 45) isn’t unfathomable…… I’m not suggesting we’re a 50 win ballclub however, just one that has a legitimate shot at 45 and being in the playoffs hunt in April.

        1. I heard Reggie Miller say if Kobe can trust his teammates and his Coach and the young guys step up they will make the playoffs DUH!
          but i see what he did there.
          Remember 08-09

      1. I just want to see all the regular rotation guys stay healthy all year. Haven’t seen that since 11-12.

        1. Our top-8 guys are pretty good.

          PG: Russell
          SG: Clarkson / Williams
          SF: Bryant / Young
          PF: Randle / Bass
          C: Hibbert

          They should have enough firepower to beat most teams in the league. Defense is a work in process, but from a pure offensive side, this team should rank well.

      2. You can justify being hopeful with numbers, but the Lakers have no identity yet. I see very little that is set in stone in terms of Offense, Defense or style of play. Maybe they can leave JC at the PG spot until Russell comes up to speed, just to get started where they left off last year.

        Training camp can get us started, but it is a big hill to climb. I do wish we could add Nash to our coaching staff, one way or another. This team has to gel and get some kind of chemistry more than anything else. Who believes in the “modified Princeton?” Anybody?

  • To me, the playoffs are a realistic goal.

    I think this team could get 45 wins if Scott has any coaching ability and Mitch helps with a mid-season trade. But to me, the most important thing is to stay above .500 as a ball club and get 41 wins.

    And falling 3-4 games short isn’t bad either. Getting 40 wins in the West is very respectable and shows that the team is clearly in the right direction.

    — Even if they made the playoffs, are they getting out of the 1st round in the West?

    1. I think it’s hugely optimistic. Did you see these guys in summer league? It’s going to take them half the season just to get their legs under them and get some semblance of game going. I don’t look for these new Lakers to start winning until after the All-Star break. That’s when I will judge this team. Until then, they are just trying to figure stuff out, and any wins they get are gravy.

      1. Why so negative?
        Every team in the league has hopes of winning a championship during the Summer.

        Why set expectations so low and be negative?

        Why not be a little bit optimistic and set low, but attainable goals?

        1. I don’t think I’m negative. I think you are setting unrealistic goals and putting unnecessary pressure on this brand new team. You’re claiming something that isn’t really possible, and then setting them up for being labeled a failure if they don’t meet those expectations (just like what happened in free agency, when the Lakers didn’t get free agents they had no chance of getting anyway). So, in that sense, I think my take is way more positive, as it allows for these kids to have time to learn and grow before we start putting big expectations on them.

          45 wins is certainly not a “low but attainable goal.” No way. It’s a hugely out of whack, pipe dream expectation to think that this brand new team with significant pieces who have never played in the NBA and others who are brand new to the team or are near retirement will more than double last year’s win total. I think you’re the one missing the boat here, not me.

          1. Fair enough….
            I don’t think that’s impossible. If Kobe, Randle, Young, Clarkson or Williams get a hot hand or the bench gets hot, they can carry a team. And beyond the hot hand, OVERALL, the team has decent talent from top-to-bottom.

            Every year a team like the Pelicans makes the Playoffs. Why can’t it be us this year?

          2. Don’t listen to them….
            We can get to playoffs man. Just have belief.
            No expectations but i wanna see us try to make it.
            That’s all.

      2. Clarkson and Black seemed to be in good shape. Just don’t know what happened (why we lost) in summer league

        1. total lack of effort my friend, i was disgust by the total lack of effort… just small bits by irrelevant to the team guys … but randle was lazy so was dangelo and the rest of the grp, no mater how unpolished ed davis game was i loved his energy and will to play. something I exclusively see probably only in JC’s game.. nevertheless high hopes for lakers hope they will have fruitful season.

      3. I agree. They’ll have a lot of growing pains this season. As long as they start to resemble a “team” with a future in the 2nd half of the season, I’ll be happy.

      4. And three (3) days of practice and never playing together, I think that is a little tough on them, to make a judgment like that.

      5. so your against the playoffs and are going for tanking.
        that’s real nice…….
        that is why people are calling us taker fans.
        GO LAKERS playoffs baby!!!!

        1. Don’t be a fucking idiot. That’s not how I feel at all. Try reading what I wrote rather than what you were thinking.

    2. Last year we didnt even have Kobe nor any type of real rim protection yet we kept losing many times by only a few points.

      Imagine what we can do this year.

      1. last year didnt we beat the spurs and warriors in the regular season? if we can do that with guys like wes johnson jeremy lin and boozer and sacre starting. who says we cant turn the corner this year and make a go for the playoffs?
        nothing is impossible just ask KOBE!

    3. Give me 42 wins Byron Scott and I’ll respect your coaching and your system. 21+21 double last year’s total and I’m happy

    4. I’d love to make the playoffs, but I don’t know we’ll see. Something you pointed out that I never took into account was winning over or near 41 games. That’s really important now that I think about it, since it will help the young guys see improvement and help motivate them. I’m not someone who believes we’ll land the top free agents like KD (like the FO or unrealistic fans), since we couldn’t land one person. The only way we could land a big name is if we’re in the WCF or Finals, since most of the big free agents are in better positions (standings), but winning a lot of games will help the young guys further development.

      1. these 3 young studs russell clarkson and randle will lure a big name over to the Lakers not the FO.
        the FO fails with every meeting with a player talking about hollywood ect not about basketball related things and the direction of the team going foward. cant blame the fans or Kobe for the management lack of skills. Kobe is a player not the FO.

  • Yes he’s right every team goal is to make the playoffs that is how you’re suppose to think like what should he say, ” Yeah I am just going to be realistic we just wanna win 21 games again this year like come on. This is about to be Jordan Clarkson’s team once Kobe is gone and i expect him to not shy away from it with how aggressive, the way he studies the game, the over time he puts in the gym and demanding he can be and the way he plays as well. J.C. is the second best player on the Laker team and i want to see him and Kobe go at it all year that only make us play better as a team.

      1. I like Russell but Clarkson wants it so bad and the players who want to be great so bad tend to take over the team. You seen it with Kobe who came off the bench. James Harden who came off the bench, Russell Westbrook wants it so bad i don’t think him and KD will last that much longer. JC has the killer mentality attitude and i just think Russell don’t want it as bad as JC does i could be wrong.

        1. I do agree that Clarkson’s mindset is that of being the man eventually. He’s relentless and has that dog in him.

          1. He is very relentless people forget how he barked at Jordan Hill for not defending and staying on his man and Barked at Dwight Bycks for holding on to the ball to long and waiting to throw him the alley oop. J.C. goes at players and thats what you need to separate you from the pack. Kobe will have his hands full because J.C. is the new big dog on the block.

          2. Kobe was not like that when he first started, CLARKSON HAS MORE BARK & BITE, and is willing to use it, not in just a nasty way but as a leader.

          3. And that’s exactly why I want JC on the floor with Kobe more than Russell. I just think Russell is going to be star struck the first few weeks thinking “Kobe is calling for the rock I have to give it to him.” Kobe needs to play with an aggressive PG and JC is it. JC will look Kobe off at times the same way Fish did. And little do people realize but that’s what Kobe wants. He wants to see that in somebody. Somebody that is aggressive and takes the bull by the horn sort of speak. Someone to ignore him calling for the ball and take it to the basket and get fouled or score. Kobe likes to see that. And JC brings that.

          4. Perfectly said and great example using D.Fisher, I agree that Russell is still young and will be quick to give Kobe the ball oppose to J.C. ignoring him and attacking the basket, which is why i think in the beginning J.C. will have to run the floor and to also guard those elite point guards. J.C. did great guarding those top PG last season, Russell still has to grow but i do think he can be a great player one day.

          5. 100% agree. Russell will be great eventually too. Just a little too giving into Kobe too much. You have to feed Kobe gradually. He’ll learn by Jan or Feb but by then it may too late lol. JC will be a better complement right now. But overall we have a great potential future with Russell and Clarkson.

          6. If nothing else, Kobe has shown that the guy who WANTS it most, and is willing to work at it, gets better results than the rest.

            Clarkson surely wants it most.
            And is willing to work at it.

          7. that’s not a bad thing man…..
            if and when Kobe retires who is gonna step up their game?
            JC is the answer! he wants and lives off the pressure he will succeed.

        2. I see what you see, but sometimes I also think that Russell may be one of those subtle baby faced assassins in the future.

          You might be right.

        3. I think this will be Russell and Randle’s team eventually.

          Russell is clearly a leader and wants to lead.
          And Randle seems to be a very no-nonsense, lead by example guy. — It’s funny how folks are sleepin’ on Randle so far this off season.

          Clarkson seems like every other upstart SG who gets a big ego because he can score 15ppg. — I’m not sure Clarkson has much MORE upside. I can’t imagine him being a 20ppg SG. For this season, I am hoping that he can maintain 14ppg (or better) for the entire 82 games.

          1. Idky, bt i see theres more that he could learn, that will pop comes the time and will left us stunned..

          2. I gues scott like him to prove as his game sumhow aligned w/ the formers gameplays. Pop aint an iso coach.

          3. Never. Were keeping all of our 3 rookies!
            too bad for spurs goodluck with tim duncan and ginobli old ass…tony parker is getting old too

          4. If Byron or FO low ball or mistreats him! Which they tend to have been rubbing players the wrong way. But i agree they know better with these 3 sky’s the limit

          5. I would have to disagree J.C. PPG kept going up after all star break and would have only increased if their we’re more games in the season because getting buckets started to come natural. Kobe still avg 20 + points with Shaq on the team, Remind you JC started mid season it got to the point where he was scorching Mike Conley and the grizzles so bad they had to put Tony Allen on him, even Zach Randolph was like who is that. Russell is no question a good leader but come on now he isn’t the bull and isn’t as aggressive as J.C., and don’t get me wrong Randle is a good player and Russell but it all comes down to who wants it more and Clarkson went 46th in the second round to getting all first team rookie with Wiggins he’s an animal.

          6. I aggree with you.. and thier back court dou in the making will be all credit for clarkson by doing all points. Clarksons motor is undeniable, that’s why kobe will play sf to save his legs and to play more mins in the game. Its like russels facilitate and clarksons movement. Idk if randle will be great. Clarkson didn’t look like a looser like randle is. I think byron will try to insert lou for that dou..20ppg is a piece of cake for jclark right now, i have no doubt about it. He is a beast.

          7. did you just call randle a loser?
            Seriously? Randle has potential to be more beast than JC is.

          8. I’m not discounting JC’s desire to be the leader.
            But Russell has already shown Leadership skills. He’s already taking the leadership role and he’s only been a Laker for a month.

            And, Randle has been reported as a very vocal member to practices and helping guys be in the right position…. They say he’s like having a coach on the floor.

            Also, I see JC’s meteoric rise as nothing more than an early bloomer. And of the 3, Clarkson is the be the least talented.

            Since are all basically rookies, we can say, that this is THEIR team for the next decade.

          9. ITS AMASING THE FOR SIGHT YOU HAVE- and the only one with it, to see so little of CLARKSON and so much of a 19 year old rookie to compare them two is all most imposable I would think.

        1. Randle is a bull and I love that, but do you think Randle has enough moves and talent for that?

          Randle definitely has the intelligence and desire but can he match that with other skills?

          1. Yea he does just think about a stronger version of Lamar Odom with more desire to be the best player…Desire is the key

          2. I could not agree with you more. You are 100% spot on.

            Did you ever read all the Randle hate posts last year when we stole him at the draft and then worse when he broke his leg.

            All I heard about Randle’s haters last year was he is too slow, hes too weak, hes not confident. SMH. Idiots!

          3. Yea I saw it…I was against picking him at first because he looked chubby until I saw him in summer league last year…I couldn’t believe Coach Cal was holding all of that talent back and now he has picked up muscle. If he gets his outside shot together he’s going to be scary

          4. And, now he’s closer to his NBA size, and has some understanding of the professional game, he seems to be a lot closer to Sir Charles than Lebron.

            I’m projecting, but I think Randle’s game will match where the game is going and be lethal in time. He’s a mobile big, with a stretch shot, post moves, and a lethal attack. Most team’s won’t know how to guard Randle this year, especially the way the Princeton moves and utilizes the read-react.

            To me, the brightest spot this year will be Randle.
            I think he’ll split time with Bass, but I think:

            Randle 2015/16:
            14ppg, 9rpg, 4apg.

            Sir Randle is born!

          5. I hope he develops soon so he can hold his own against the likes of Griffin, Aldridge, Ibaka, Draymond etc.

          6. I would be a little slower to pidgin-hole Randle as a PF. I think he could be ferocious at the 3 where he can use his handles more.

            I am a little less concerned about snagging 42 wins and more concerned about the team developing an identity. I don’t think the Lakers know who they are yet. I hope they use the Warriors as a template and really pass the ball instead of all the dribbling they’ve been doing.

            They’re just not a team yet. So nobody knows.

    1. Man you are a really big JC fan from all of your comments. I don’t know if JC is the go to guy once Kobe decides he’s done, but I do love that he made a name for himself and that he works hard. Don’t forget we still have Randle (a guy people compared to Shaq in college, should’ve been a top 3 pick, and is still getting his legs under him since injury), and Russell could turn out to be special

  • Of course making the playoffs would be great but it is a long shot. I’m optimistic they can if we stay fairly healthy. Success is dictated by health. The most talented team will miss the playoffs if the core is injured. If we can stay relatively healthy amongst Kobe Dlo Jordan Randle and Hibbert then we do have a shot.

    1. Agreed. Thats why i like them coaches picking wisely there starting moves, position, and minutes to go. Hoping BS will js uncork his secret Hybrid gameplays he keeps on hiding.

  • lol if wishes were horses beggars would ride. For this to happen one of Clarkson or Randle has got to play like an all star. D’Angelo would also have to be in the rookie of the year race not to mention a healthy Kobe. Too many if’s in my opinion

    1. I don’t get how “fans” can start the season negative and automatically put a ceiling on their team’s future success…..

      That’s like telling your kid, “You aren’t going to be anything more than a McDonald’s fry guy when you grow up.” <– No offense to the hard workers in fast food.

      1. I am not in the business of lying to myself. Truth is it would be a big surprise if we made the playoffs, but a welcome one. Being a fan means to have an affinity for a team and to wish the team well (which I do). It does not mean you should be delusional and be a puppet to the FO even when the moves are less than satisfactory.

    1. Seeing that Clarkson is a pretty big Drake fan, I think he likes the number 6 now since Drake often raps about 6 in his songs. 6 referencing to Toronto

      1. Let’s be realistic we can only have one. I’d choose tom because he has more overall experience as coach and an assistant whereas mark only has 2 years under his belt and couldn’t really take warriors to the next level. He’s only good at developing young players and that’s the same thing Byron Scott is good at. Tom actually took the bulls to the semi finals but his teams were always injury plaged therefore they never advanced to the finals.

        1. Be realistic you sound dumb! Why can’t tom be an assistant to mark Jackson and dantoni and steve nash. It’s called a COACHING STAFF smart ass!

          1. You can get Nash and maybe D’antoni but the others will think they are too good to be assistants

        2. Ok switch em around then!
          But don’t act like i don’t know what I’m talking about. Coaches team up just to have a job.

          1. Not if they are under contract like Thibs. He can afford to wait a year or two.

    1. I’m hoping Scott does well enough to get 1 more year.

      The coaching search will be a lot easier in 2017 when Randle, Russell, and Clarkson grow a bit.

      1. If we fire Scott next season I think a lot of coaches would be wary to work for us seeing that it’s a toxic environment. I don’t think he’s a great coach but not a terrible one either. Hopefully his trend of developing PGs continues.

  • This will be Clarkson’s team but on any given night will be randles or Russell’s in the future.
    Ultimately this year tho we have some decent weapons so it’s anybody’s game.
    Kobe’s team by default but he won’t dominate every night. Swaggy, Lou, Clarkson or randle get hot and take over game

    1. Please.
      The Lakers will be the very bottom fish at West #14, if indeed this is a Clarkson’ team.

        1. Was Lakers the #14 West last season?
          Is Lakers head coach still the clueless tanking expert Byron Scott?
          Is Kobe one year older?
          Is Russell a TO machine?
          Is Clarkson a Kobe Jr, ISO expert?
          Is there ONLY 1 ball on court? Kobe 20 shots, Clarkson 16 shots, Lou Williams 16 shots, wait we need another ball!

          To you dumb troll, Truth hurts!

  • Spurs, Warriors, Thunder, Clippers, Rockets, Grizzlies, Pelicans, Jazz, Suns, Kings, Mavs

    11 Teams are better than the Lakers right now

    1. How many will be better than us in April?
      You are projecting what you believe, as of today, and making it reality 9 months from now…. And if your belief is right, then we should just give up and forfeit the entire season.

      Do you see the logic error?

      Any given Sunday.
      Any given Night.
      And, “That’s why we play the game.”

        1. We haven’t played a game yet.
          All 30 teams in the league are tied at 0-0.

          So, what point are you trying to make?

          And FWIW, I think you are WAY off base about the Pelicans, Jazz, Mavericks, Kings and Suns.

    1. Its computer day at the looney bin. He gets to use the internet for good behavior and not wetting his bed.

  • I believe there is 1 realistic spot open for the taking this year
    Pretty unlikely tho I see the Jazz taking it but you never know
    2. THUNDER

    1. 1.SPURS

      1. Thats what i have with the bottom 2 as well, pels and suns. the rest who cares where there seated cuz there making it to the playoffs no matter what.

  • The Kings have a better roster than the Lakers
    Don’t count out the Mavs either
    Not to mention the Pelicans, Jazz, and Suns too.

  • I would rather have the Lakers sign Dorell Wright or Landry Fields than Kevin Seraphin. Although Serpahin would be a really nice pickup and would definitely be the backup to hibbert no doubt but they already have enough bigs and are thin at SF position. Although Kobe can play for spurts at the 3 during games hes not someone you can rely on to play their the entire game due to his age.

      1. wright is an above average and is very tall and fields is really good as well better than anyone the lakers have BY FAR so ur point???

        1. Neither is above average. Wright is maybe average, Landry is below average. Brown has more upside on defense than either guy, in fact Brown will probably be a better defender than either of those guys on day 1.

          1. no way. brown will not be starting he’s just a rookie and putting him in such a big role would be disastrous this early. ur wrong about fields and wright, there both respectable defenders although i do think fields is better than what you think he is. the pont is both are literally 10x better than anyone the lakers have at sf kobe,young or brown. just a fact. brown sucks ass on defense and it showed in SL. at best this defense is chandler parsons or wesley johnson which is garbage. wright and fields are better than that im sure of it. if you like defense so much than luc richard is a defensive specialist and is still available. hes a beast and beats everyone on the list on defense

          2. It has already been established that Kobe is starting. Brown and Young will be his backup at the 3. There is no need to waste money and space on bad free agents lol

          3. ur so wrong. kobe can play the 3 in spurts but no way can he hold it down for the whole game. its important to have some perimeter defense on the wing or else ur gonna suck on defense. they have no depth at the 3 spot. they have 2.8 mill left to go get one of these guys who are alll 3 and D players which you need. Wright or landry or Luc would solve all the Lakers problems on the wings. Both offensively and most importantly defensively. Plus hes the ideal perfect fit next to Kobe Bryant since hes not a ball dominate type player and isn’t a high usage rate player meaning hes an off the ball layer which means he does not need the ball in his hands to look good which you need in your starting lineup it to be effective and work in full effect. Lakers dont have any of that in the starting lineup with all these rooks except for roy Hibbert.

          4. “its important to have some perimeter defense on the wing or else ur gonna suck on defense” Then why pick up bad defenders lol.

  • How are they going to defend the Small Forward position and if Clarkson starts who will be the backup PG?
    The Lakers need to just start Swaggy P and Kobe which is terrible or they could sign Wright or Landry and start one of them with Kobe which is better.

    1. The SF battle is easy…..
      Kobe and Young score 28 points a night, against guys like Ariza and Sam Decker. And defensively hold Ariza to 12 points…… They do this same thing on MOST nights.

      Clarkson will start at SG.

      Russell gets a very short leash, told not to be fancy and just move the ball, and starts at PG.

  • Sign M Beasley, stretch 4, backup to randle. Give him 3 yr vet min deal. He’s got too much game maybe Kobe can bring it out. Former 2 overall. Can’t be any worse than ol Wes. 14 th man. No risk. Sign Norris cole backup pg.. Championship pedigree to push D Russell. Sign Robert ups haw let him learn bumping with Hibbert. Kobe’s last yr he’s gonna play H ARD. Let’s salute 20 yrs of two laker dynasty teams with the mamba as a primary weapon. Top 10 easy. Only man in NBA history 30000 pts 5000 reb 5000 asst. shoulda had at least 4 mvps. Hating ass media!!! Kobe’s most talented roster ever. Let’s cheer for the future and support our beast of randle. Get you a right hand son. Taller C Barkley people! J clarkson, quickest/explosive 2 guard since in his prime D wade. D Russell, a shooting magic! a brown a kawhi Leonard possibility. Bright future ppl. Coming sooner than you think.

  • So was Lamar odom and Beasley is same game as odom. Weed ain’t nothing. He can beat that habit. Give him structure, a role. m Beasley still only 26 years old. 14th man. Low risk hi reward

    1. He didn’t have “structure” and a “role” in Miami (3 times), Minnesota or Phoenix? He’s a dope fiend. Move on.

    2. Absolutely. No need to give him structure cuz Weed ain’t nothing. LO on weed was fine basketball player. LO on hard drugs pissed away his career. As far as Beasley is concerned, no reports has ever surfaced that he does anything else other than MJ. The dude can play. His last game in Miami he posted a stat line of 34 pts/8 assts/ 11 rebs/ 2 blocks/2 steals. He was on some kind of drug because those are Lebron numbers. If anything, Beasley needs more of what he took that night.

      Imagine if this kid ever realize how much money he can make? On a team that requires defense, he’ll get lost from the demands. Beasley in Sacramento with Karl might be an awakening for him. With Byron, he’ll be just another whipping boy and old habits will revert.

  • “Hopefully make the playoffs.” Translation: “Hopefully suck a little bit less than last year.”

  • Best Lineup To Start

    Russel – Clarkson – Buycks
    Kobe – Williams – Brown
    Wright – Young – Brown
    Bass – Randle – Nance
    Hibbert – Black – Upshaw

    Let Russel Play with the Vets. More Vets way More Wins, More Rooks way more developing your youth but more Losses

  • Clarkson is dreaming if he thinks the Lakers can make the playoffs with the kind of ball he and the rest of the team showed us during summer league. The entire team played iso while everybody else played watch me clank this shit.

    Now it could be everyone just wanted to show their own skills and damn the team concept, but if that mentality continues into the season they will go nowhere.

    As far as that softball question, “can the Lakers get a superstar with this team”…I doubt it. Not many will come till Kobe is gone. Everyone knows that so why does LN bother asking. How bout reporting on the high school showing of how to play ballhog b-ball at summer league and how unimpressive it really was. Maybe ask the players why they ignored their coaches and played that crap. There was a reason, and those players need to man up and explain what their thinking is and if it’s better than the coach.

    1. Agree with your first paragraph, everyone seemed more inclined in trying to do their own thing rather than play team ball (SL). Lakers will have to play better as a unit (team play) to have any shot in making one of the last playoff spots. Nah, (no one wanting to play w/24), if a star player (not many superstar’s out there) can’t pick at Kobe’s brain for a season or two then it shows they’re not confident in their own game to endure a yr or 2.

      FO’s showed that they can’t built sht to appeal to top tier talent. Two more seasons left before the biggest/most impactful change to improve the future outlook of the brand takes place = changes at the FO. Another issue (to SL ISO plays) could be that some of these players believe they’d be the next torch bearers (no time soon) of the brand once Kobe hangs em up. Thus, trying to do more than they’re currently capable of, being an EGO thing.

      It’ll take the youth a few years IMO for this team to mesh tho FO’s more interested in landing a star player in FA than waiting 5+ years for one of them to possibly evolve with this young squad. It wasn’t like the mid 90’s when Shaq joined the Lakers (already a star) and Kobe was acquired while showing his true potential a few years later.

      Kobe’s getting ready to retire and the inept have done a lousy/miserable job in assembling a solid starting roster to appeal to top star players. FO can’t even ink a player when they have AVAILABLE CAP $$ given the weak starting roster. The masses will need to be patient for the next few seasons being this is a young roster that will need to learn hands on. But, can Scott teach this young squad to adapt sooner being all signs point to Russ and JC starting and possibly Randle? IMO, not happening w/3 young starters.

      1. I completely agree with you Jim213. I’m digging the youth development and I can wait. A well rounded core of youth and vet is fine. What I don’t want is the F.O. paying millions on guys who should have retired, or cancers like Rondo to upset the apple cart for a couple of more presumed wins. You notice that no one is complaining about B. Scott and the worst season ever? “Real” Laker fan gets it.

        Develope these young players and that should keep us happy for now. But let’s keep it real too, and don’t sugar coat that crap we saw in Summer League. For a player like Clarkson to profitalize on the playoffs after I just watched him and 95% of that team play shoot first pass…maybe never, will never work. I hate it when Kobe does it. I find it unwatchable b-ball. Maybe these guys need to watch the entire Golden State season and playoffs to get a sense of how to crush the competition. Besides their type of ball is a blast to watch.

        The thing about Kobe and Superstars is, I think most don’t want to share in Kobe’s universe and be judge by him. Kobe’s not known for sharing, and it will be interesting to see what he’s willing to give.

  • Jordan Hill / Ed Davis / Robert Sacre
    Carlos Boozer / Julius Randle / Ryan Kelly
    Wesley Johnson / Nick Young / Xavier Henry
    Kobe Bryant / Wayne Ellington /Jordan Clarkson
    Steve Nash / Jeremy Lin / Ronnie Price

    ??? 8th Seed here we come

  • We’ll surely have ups and downs this season but, unlike like year, I expect this team (which is not a player patchwork…) to meet much more success!
    Although it has yet to build chemistry, I believe that the team can make the playoffs. In fact, finishing with a record of less than 40 wins would prove a real failure IMO.

    1. Well our Summer Team had over half our roster on it and they were the worst in the league. So there is definitely some hope.

      1. Starters did not play the SL, right? Only Clarkson, Russel & Randle will get massive minutes and Clarkson looked great, Russel is learning and Randle was restricted to 20 minutes and instructed not to push his body too much.
        I really like the pairing of Bass/Randle and Hibbert/Black. Hopefully Young and Kobe are healthy. Plus like I said, I see a solid roster here, not a patchwork of one-year contract guys.

        1. I guess we will find out. My expectations are very low. As much as I dislike Boozer, he is more productive than Bass. And Ed Davis had a better PER than any guy we acquired.

          I am hopeful for the future since we have so much young talent, but for the near future.. I don’t see much winning. The top 3 pick is probably what we will be playing for come February.

          1. Boozer played zero defense last year (and the year before that when Thibodeau did not play him in the fourth quarter with the Bulls). Bass is a better defender and has a decent jump shot. His pairing with Hibbert should work fine. And by the way, Hibbert, at 7’2, is the kind of player who is dissuasive (but stats don’t show that). Plus, last year was one of his worst so unless you believe that he is already washed up (at 28), there’s no reason to believe that he cannot get back to his all-star form. Then we’ll have true punching power from the bench with Williams and Young (who was injured most part of last season). All in all, this team should be much better than last season (offensively AND defensively).

  • Lakers, Dal, Sac

    these teams will battle for 8th spot….I will keep on HOPING!

    Sac is high risk(Rondo,DMC,Karl in 1 team) high reward(best C in DMC, trip doub in rondo, good coach in Karl)

    Dal- they lack C spot…Dwill is declining,WMath coming from injury, Dirk wont play 30+min, Parsons aint an all star….unless those 3 guys rediscovers themselves…

    Lakers- Healthy Kobe AND team, better coaching from BS, maturity of the “future”, all star form hibbert, Lou being consistent 6th man, swaggy improving his game, bench production will be the key…

    1. well, you got 2 out of the 3. Lakers, playing more for the 12th seed. All depends on the rooks. Can’t rely on Bass/Hibbert to take you to promise land. And between making the playoffs and better coaching from Byron, I think the latter might require you to get down on your knees and beg for more from the B-Ball Almighty (no not you Rival)

  • There no f***ing way…
    Lakers will have 35 victories. 40 at most. Not enough to #8 seed… Maybe at 16-17 season…
    This is a season to develop the young talents, build a roster good enough to atract some free agents next offseason and say good bye to a legend (kobe).
    And that’s ok for me.

      1. It’s never ok to miss the playoffs! Our mission for this year and every year after is to win NBA championship! PERIOD!!16& counting!

  • This years team will definitely win more games than last season, but still not enough for an 8th seed. 35-40 wins at best if everyone is healthy.

  • 1. Spurs
    2. Warriors
    3. Clippers
    4. Rockets
    5. Thunder
    6. Grizzlies
    7. Pelicans
    8. Jazz
    9. Suns
    10. Kings
    11. Mavericks
    12. Lakers
    13. Trailblazers
    14. Timberwolves
    15. Nuggets

  • The sad bunch won 21 games. There weren’t that many blow outs or wire to wire loses. This year’s talent should at least add 15 more victories, that’s 36 wins. All they have to do is steal 6 wins to get to 42. With the drop off from the Blazers and Mavs that should be in the hunt for the 8th seed.

  • Playoff as it stands right now is a myth, but that can be changed, all it takes is these kids playing out of their minds and let the vets tag along. Can JC go full blast to the basket like Westbrook? Can DR take control like Lillard? Can Randle dominate the paint like ZoBo? Can Nance be versatile like Draymond? Can Upshaw give us a glimpse of Whiteside? Unfortunately the answer is a no to all?

    This is a growth year. The vets on the roster are just filling a temporary void. And the top gap players are no where near what a team in the West needs to be in the picture.

    Interesting to note. Basically all our stat leaders from last year are gone.
    Pts: Hill 861.
    Assts: lin 339
    Rebs: Davis 600
    Blocks: Davis 98
    Steals: Lin 82
    Wes/Eliington: 3pt 90/91

    – Russel if he doesn’t screw up badly out of the gate should overtake Lin’s total.
    – Kobe if heatlhy will be the Lakers points leaders . I see over 1400 pts.
    – Rebs will be the biggest problem. Neither Bass nor Hibbert grab that many rebounds. That leaves Randle with his durability question mark.
    – hibbert easily erases Davis’ blocks total.
    – Steals – I think Clarkson takes this one.
    – Three point shooting. Kobe will jack up an infinite amount, so Wes’ high mark could technically be jeopardy.

    Unfortunately Kobe is the x-factor. And if he goes down, getting an offense will be difficult. Lou Williams should help though.

  • I think Lakers will be able to take Houston if our backcourt plays the proper defense. We beat them last year with James Harden, although without Dwight. OKC is in question…they have no bench, and a college coach? Huge question mark. I love Memphis, but for the last two years, EVERY game has been close…but I think we ink out wins against them this year. Trailblazers and Dallas…I think we beat them in most of our meetings this year. Golden State, Spurs, and probably the hair Clippers will be our greatest threats. Kings are a question mark, although a negative one, because I think their team will experience what the Lakers experienced with D’Antoni: Players that don’t fit Karl’s system. Nuggets and Timberwolves will be demolished. Eastern teams? We beat all of them in at least ONE meeting last year with the exception of I think Cleveland and Miami, and the Knicks maybe? About three or four teams in the east swept us last year. GOTTA find a way to beat the Suns tho. They have been killing us. If our team comes to play every night…without major injuries…I believe we can land 8-6th seed.

  • JC keep up that explosiveness and we might just make it. Don’t ever forget they drafted you #46.
    You keep playing like you do and Russel Westbrook is going to be retiring sooner than later….

  • It’s going to be a tale of two half seasons. The first half will kind of suck, but if they can stay healthy and figure out how to compliment each other’s play and begin to gel as a team, I think they can at play above .500 after the all-star break. We’ll see.

    1. The danger is this. If the Lakers get on a massive losing streak, Byron will revert to changing the lineup to see who’s “deserving” of time. Then we have a situation where Kelly and Sacre are starting together and “showing” what they have for the 3rd straight year. That’s all fine for 2 lotto tickets, but no favors for Philly, please.

      Only good news is, Kelly will never outhustle Nance.

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