INSTAGRAM: Lou Williams Drops 51 At Wallace Prather Pro-Am In Atlanta


Reigning Sixth Man of the Year Lou Williams put his incredible scoring ability on display recently with veteran guard exploding for 51 points during the Wallace Prather Pro-Am. Williams provided a glimpse of what the Los Angeles Lakers may get off the bench next season with the scoring machine lighting up the scoreboard in Atlanta.

What will Lou Williams make this season? Find out here!

Williams was getting it done inside and outside offensively as can be seen in this video on Instagram of some of his highlights from the 51-point performance:

This isn’t the first time Williams has gone off for 51 points this summer with the 28-year-old putting up the same point total two weeks ago for his team Uptown Sounds in a different league in Atlanta, via AEBL Hoops Instagram:

It seems as though Williams hasn’t missed a beat since signing with the Lakers in NBA free agency last month. The veteran guard may be more motivated than ever to prove his worth while getting a fresh start in Los Angeles.

The Toronto Raptors didn’t even make an effort to re-sign Williams this summer after a breakout season in which he won the NBA’s Sixth Man of the Year award. This clearly bothered the journeyman and seems to have him ready to make an impression in his first season with the Lakers.


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        1. you get one or two copy and paste articles a day you have to make the best of it

  • pro-am stats mean very little, but if lou and nick learn to play well together.. the bench could be really, really potent.

    1. Very true.
      But it shows the guy can score and is a baller.

      To me, he’s a very capable SG and gives the team some options with rotations. While I expect that Russell will get a lot of minutes at PG, it could see a situation where Clarkson is the PG and Williams is the SG.

      With Kobe, Young, Williams, and Clarkson, the team won’t be called weak offensively.

        1. people always overlook jabari brown he score 50 in d league last year. thats why the Lakers gave him a 10 day contract

          1. I don’t think anyone has overlooked him. He seems to be a pretty solid piece for the Lakers and they have him locked up now.

          2. J Brown & Clarkson played together in college so they know each others moves the two of them had the same shooting % last yr.

          3. The guy can play, he was a team mate of CLARKSON PG & J BROWN SG in college.

    1. Best to stay away from a vet like Grainger. Kobe’s got the 3 with Young as his back up. I hope Scott can find some minutes for Brown in development.

      1. Nah, I’d sign/experiment with Granger (6’8″) for a year. Two mil (out of MLE), then ink Upshaw with the remainder (MLE) and trade Kelly for an unguaranteed contract (waive). Kobe’s been injured for the past 3 yrs, not gambling on him alone. Lakers be in a bad position if he happens to get injured for another season leaving Young to start.

        1. Granger couldn’t crack the starting or bench rotation of the Clippers. Young played very well with the Clips. At this point of their careers, Young > Granger, hands down. We don’t need Danny. Better off rolling with what we have allowing A. Brown some development PT. Enough of the rental experiments. The only way this rebuild will truly take off is if they fully commit to grooming youth.

          We have more than enough veteran presence. I think you are confused like the FO? This a complete rebuild, not a reload. Kobe is on his way out. The Lakeshow era is over. It’s up to our youth to forge what’s next…

          If we fail at grooming them properly, they will be wasted potential assets and this rebuild will absolutely be looonnnggg term.

          1. Confused, check yo self. Signing a player like Granger who’d give you a better defense effort than Young is a better insurance policy than just a 3 pt shooter. Experimentation’s? Read the news lately with Scott’s future experiments? Lakers start 3 rookies/1 yr players = no playoff hopes in landing 7th/8th. Aside of the most important issue being playing defense.

            Hibbert will hold his own but he won’t be the only one rebounding being Kobe and Russell be inside trying to grab some rebounds. Aside of someone posting this a year back ‘ Young couldn’t guard his on shadow.’ Unless Scott is really hands on with this youthful roster with relation to system implementation then they’d be fortunate in finishing 500.

            Groom properly? wth… talking about rookies and one year players. They’ll get plenty of minutes but should be coming off the bench if they’re having issues adapting to the league’s type of pace from the start, by the time mid season comes then they’d be more well versed and likely starting if Scott likes what he see’s.

          2. Touched a nerve I see? Yes, I’d say you’re really confused. Again, this a full rebuild. OKC, Wizards, Golden state, ETC… youth movement examples.

            The writing has been on the wall for two seasons now. There’s no need to fake the funk anymore. We’ve been spurned by the big fish two years in a row. Enough of that! The commitment to a youth movement is way overdue. When they chose to completely disconnect from the triangle culture, a youth movement was in order. No team can truly rebuild with deteriorating parts of the previous culture. The remnant of the old will always be a hinderance for the future. Brown, MDA & Scott were and are hard pressed in trying to create a new culture. They had the triangle residue in conflict with their vision. This is why we’ve been rudderless since 2011. Nothing but fond memories of the triangle culture but it’s time to move on…

          3. Touched a nerve? Nah, more so a ‘told ya so’ rant. FO’s modo of thinking started after DH’s departure which today (as we can see) has gotten them nowhere. It is what it is… but they’ll sure as hell be gone in their remaining two years. just hope it’s sooner than later to save themselves face (whatever’s left of it).

          4. I can agree up to a point, there has to be proper balance btw, vets and youth, there has never been a team to win the Chip with just youth but I can see where your coming from.

          5. Agreed on the balance but this Lakers team is at the beginning of the reconstruction process. I’m sure you understand the foundation must start with the youth. Championship is always the goal but as we’ve seen the past two years, you cannot skip past the build up. The big fish are not coming when there’s no foundation. Give Russell and JC a chance to show their worthy and the fish will start biting…

          6. I think we are talking the same results, it’s just the ingredients are the issue, yes we need to develop the youth but it is hard to develop youth without the vets leading the way, that’s why I say we need a perfect balance, just like making that perfect cake, you need the right amount and the right ingredients and I’m with you, GO Lakers !!!!!

          7. Our impasse is the current veteran presence it seems? Kobe, Young, Hibbert, Bass and Williams are enough for this group IMO. We’re not expecting title contention this season. The ingredients are just fine for this time and place in the reconstruction of what may be…

          8. I can agree with that, we will have to wait and see what develops, hopefully Scott will be a positive force with all the players, not just a few !!!

          9. Run and Gun is not going to last, if that is what you trying to say, that will be burnt out in a few years that’s like burning your candles at both end, look at the older teams with older players the MAVS, SPURS etc constant winners way of playing.

          10. Run and Gun has been around since the 70’s. It started in the old ABA. Showtime was run and gun. Run and gun has a more concrete foundation than that of the triangle. The only difference in today’s run and gun is the full implementation of the three point shot. Old School conventionalists (the likes of Byron Scott) also thought it was a gimmick brought over from the ABA. Sorry but it’s here to stay. Advanced analytics is also.

            When did the Mavs become consistent winners? The one year they won it all, was due of Dirk and a bunch of on fire three point shooters. I vividly recall that three point barrage sweeping our Lakers in 2011 as Bynum showed big man frustration in trying to defend small ball.

            After David Robinson, Pop assimilated his system in the MDA fashion. He’s gone on record saying so. The creator of the Heat’s Pace & Space offense is a former D’Antoni assistant who’s now joining Alvin Gentry in New Orleans. LeBron and Spoelstra went on record crediting MDA for their offense. Kerr gave MDA credit for his teams offense. Again, small ball is here to stay. It has influenced several generations of young basketball players. Again, it predates MDA but D’Antoni just added the three point shot and analytics to it.

          11. “If we fail at grooming them properly, they will be wasted potential assets and this rebuild will absolutely be looonnnggg term.”

            ?!?!?!?!?!… there’s this player (Jordan Clarkson) who ended up starting at close to the half-way point of the season and turned out GREAT right? Clarkson likely averaged close to 15 minutes a game from the start of the season (on the bench) to when Scott decided to place him in the starting rotation.

            Off course, he was a second rounder but he was a ROOKIE who took advantage of his opportunity. I’m more for letting the rookies come off the bench if they have issues from the start tho playing them over 20 minutes a night from game 1 until they accommodate themselves better to the starting rotation rather than starting them after the halfway point of the season.

            The question I should be asking is if you see the Lakers buying for one of the last (few) playoff spots? If so, then what starting lineup do see getting close to that objective?

          12. Jabari Parker, Anthony Davis, Russell Westbrook, Tony Parker, Wiggins, Lavine, Wade, LeBron, Melo, Bosh, CP3, Deron Williams, Durrant, Griffin, John Wall, Bradley Beal, ETC.. all of these kids were thrown into the fire right away. Kyrie Irving only played 11 gamrs in college, was injured but Scott threw him into the fire right after rehab. Irving was a beast!! This coddle the rookies mentality kills me?

          13. Coddle?, no, more so let them earn it WHILE throwing them in the lions den from the start being giving them 20+ minutes as opposed to waiting until half the season to start molding them like Scott did with JC last season. No playoff hopes for you I see. lol Starting 3 rookies will guarantee that (no playoffs) unless they end up well versed to Scott’s system.

          14. Again, see 90% of the aforementioned. You seem to be stuck onthis notion young teams cannot compete for a playoff spot?

            Again, See OKC, GS and the Late Show.

          15. Not with this roster, especially given Scott’s experiments. The WC has 6 legit playoff teams already leaving sloppy seconds for the remaining mediocre teams. It’s a no win situation for Scott anyhow, he’ll get the blame for everything.

          16. The same thing was said of the 94-95 Lakers, who faced the daunting task of trying to forge there way in a western conference that was tougher IMO…

            Rockets; the Champs, Sonics a 60 win team, the Adrimal’s Spurs, Drexler’s Blazers, Stockton/Malone Jazz, Kevin Johnson and Barkley’s Suns, the Run TMC Warriors, Mount Mutumbo’s Nuggets and even Jason Kidd and Jamal Mashburn’s Mavs. The Late Show had no player over 26 playing more than 22 MPG. They had just drafted Eddie Jones in the lotto, coming off two consecutive losing seasons. They were not expected or supposed to make the playoffs yet that inexperienced group found a way to win 48, procuring the 5th seed in a stacked western conference that was at least 9 deep with contenders, oh and BTW, they knocked off a very talented and much more experienced Sonics team at the height of the Payton Kemp era, in the first round of those playoffs.

            I’m sure you’ll try to dismiss the comparison but it’s very similar, and possible this team could gel like that just as OKC did out of no where in 09-10, after only winning 24 games the previous season.

            Bottom line, it’s past time for a youth movement in Lakers land.

          17. ?!, smh, why bring up Lakers youth movement since FO’s ineptness force them to this scenario? It is what it is, tho YES the youth movement is here to stay but that doesn’t mean that they should start as opposed to more polished players given they’ll (youth) have plenty of minutes on the court to which for myself shouldn’t mean starting a game (for now). Let’s see what develops down the road cause seems we’re arguing different points. Off course they have to develop the youth but it doesn’t necessarily = possibly starting 3 players. SMH

          18. What more polished players? Are they currently on our roster? If not then lose that mindset. Again, enough of the experimental rental period! They have not established any culture here under Scott with the Lakers. This is what you don’t seem to understand? When Shaq joined the Lakers in 96, Del Harris had established an actual Lakers culture with the youth movement. It was called the Late Show and Rookie Eddie Jones with second year mate Nick the Quick set the tone. OKC and GS built their young teams the same way. The Wizards also. You are so blind with you FO, IRE you cannot even take a second too see the truth in what’s needed without crying over previous spilled milk. Enough of that also. We are where we are “it is what it is” so let the youth movement have their chance.

            Where did I ever say all three need to start? And if they did, I have no problem with that. JC and Russell should absolutely START! There’s no PG or SG on roster who should be in front of either and this is the same as it was in 94-95, and that’s why I keep bringing it up.

          19. We agree to disagree, tho cool with Russell, JC, Kobe, Bass along with Hibbert starting. The only three players I’d consider off the bat be JC, Kobe and Hibbert. The past is the past man, especially with a different style of play. If Russ earns the starting gig cool, otherwise start JC at the 1 and Lou at the 2 (for now). Let’s see who Scott decides to start b/c IMO it’s not etched in stone (given his experimentations).

          20. History repeats itself all the time. Style of play actually benefits youth starting right off the bat now. PNR heavy guard play is what these kids have been groomed on since AAU. Kids are being thrown in the fire earlier and earlier. The days of Lotto teams sitting high draft pic rookies is over. Again, OKC is an example in the modern era. We’ll agree to disagree indeed but it is you who’s stuck in the past in your thinking when it comes to slowly bringing draft picks along.

            JC was a second round after thought. There was no plan to give him minutes at any point from the jump. He was behind Nash, Lin, Price, Kobe, Young, Ellington and X. Injury is the only reason he even sniffed the court last season. This year is totally different. Scott is gonna give the young bucks major burn! I’d rather have Bass start also but if Randle beats him out, Randle will start. Russell and JC are locks for starting at PG & SG…

            “He was asking about our young kids, and I said, ‘You cannot believe how quick and athletic Jordan Clarkson is. He looks fantastic,’” Vitti said. “I said I personally thought D’Angelo Russell is going to be a star. He makes hard things look easy when he has the ball in his hands.

            “Then Kobe said to me, ‘Well, then who’s going to play [small forward]?’ I looked at him and I said, ‘You.’ And with absolute, 100% confidence, he said, ‘I can do that.’”

            JC and Dloading, starting back court, BOOK IT.

          21. Let’s hope so (1 & 2), but if they have issues picking up Scott’s system (it’s on Scott tho) it’ll likely end up being a trial and error season as opposed to buying for one of the last playoff seeds.

          22. I wont conceded a season lost due to grooming youth. That outlook is way too pessimistic for me. Again, there are plenty of examples of young teams finding their swerve and surprising. Let’s also keep in mind we have a nice amount of vets on roster already. Again, this group is more seasoned 1-13 than the 94-95 Lakers who won 48 games. Its’ more seasoned than the 09-10 Thunder who won 50+ games.

          23. Smh, forget the past sheesh. Yes, hx repeats itself but this roster isn’t halfway assembled. The only two sure players I can see playing 10+ yrs from now are JC and Russell. Although, other current players have a legitimate shot in being around down the road but they’ll have to work for it like everyone else. I’m more inclined to believe that a trade to acquire a potential star player (start of prime) be made to improve the overall outlook given they have better assets than the past 2 off seasons.

          24. You all over the place in displaced negative thought processes. Of course Russell and Clarkson are the possible long term future. That’s even more reason for them to get going now!

            What young team had all of it’s players in place at this early stage of a rebuild process? WTH are you talking about and why even go there at this point? For all we know, Hibbert could become our mainstay at center for the next 5-6 years. Williams and Young could be the bench mob for the next three years. Bass could be that Rick Fox glue guy for three to four years. Who knows if Randle, the Brown’s, Nance or Upshaw may stick around like Fisher? There will be tons of change over the next 5-6 years. Again, why go there at this point? Were just at the beginning of the vetting process. Calm down, and focus on 15-16!

            This group has yet to practice together as a whole let alone play several games where we could formulate that kind of who will or won’t stick opinion. And again, they may surprise us in how they gel as a unit.

          25. Only GS has won anything, lets just see what happens this year, run and gun does not last year after year.

          26. The Spurs, the Heat and GS. Every NBA champ sine 2011 has been small ball influenced. 90% of the top contenders are playing that style of ball. Even traditionalists like Larry Bird are adapting. I’m not saying a true big man is obsolete nor have I said these Lakers should go strictly small ball. Not sure where you get that?!? My thing is, we need to let these fresh young legs carry the load. They need to start, as the future is now. Kobe is on his way out so there’s no need to hang on and hinder their growth.

          27. As a fan, there’s nothing more exciting than watching the home grown journey to contention. This is why I keep throwing the Late Show at you. Those were exciting times watching Nick, Eddie and them grow up and gel in a very tough western conference.

          28. I don’t entirely disagree with you, but Granger is awful at this point. Signing him won’t solve our inexperience problem. Give more minutes to Nick if we need to. I would rather have us look at Dorrell Wright or the newly waived Jordan Hamilton.

          29. Anybody sounds good about now but signing your preferred choice would leave out Upshaw, being the 15 player max be reached tho I’d still trade Kelly for a cheap unguaranteed contract tho times short on that too.

          30. Funny enough, Mitch did a full rebuild… In 3 weeks from June 25 to July 10.

            And no one noticed.

          31. No one wants to acknowledged the true state of this team. We are a two time lotto team that has purged aging stars, since the failed super team gamble of 12-13.

            What pisses me off is the fact that Mitch does not seem to want to fully embrace the much needef youth movement/rebuild.

    2. I’m keeping an eye on Jennings. He’s in the last year of his contract and Mitch has looked into him before. To me, he’s the perfect vet to compliment Russell this year and in the future.

      The Achilles thing is a big question mark however.

      1. Pass, Jennings be a worst pickup than taking a shot on Ty Lawson. Too much off the court drama. Playing in LA only increase those odds.

        1. For all the years I have been watching the LAKERS there has not been to much of the off COURT problems and I believe it just the opposite, that they would rather be there, and clean up their act, look a YOUNG , the LAKERS were not going to play games with him and he seems to have cleaned up his act.

          1. IMO, may have a lot to do with FO deciding to not pursue those type of players (in the past). With relation to Young, don’t care what he does during the off season but he enjoys sucking up the limelight more than improving his game. Gym rats are what the Lakers need.

            If Kobe gets injured (which odds are high), don’t think Young’s defensive presence (smh) would hold up against your Draymond Green’s, Iguadola’s, Paul Pirce’s (lol), Josh Smith, Lance Stephenson’s, PJ Tucker’s, Rudy Gay, and Caron Butler’s. That’s just in the Pacific Division.

            Don’t care what players do during the off season but sht like this as an ex. won’t help the brand’s long-term outcome.

            https://www. youtube. com/watch?v=ayQFFU3fcAo

          2. Oh I am sorry I thought you were the one talking about off court DRAMA (from the mouths of BABES)

          3. Since no one knows how hard Nick has worked on his game this summer, it’s to soon to throw him under the bus, I think Young would hold his own against most of those you mentioned above, although he is not an elite defender and those you mentioned aren’t dominant elite players, I think Swaggy could slow them down or bother them enough to either force a pass or force up a bad shot, plus those you mentioned would also have to slow up Swaggy on offense and I don’t really see anyone on that list that can shut down Swaggy, so it works both ways but I would advise before kicking Swaggy before he goes down, let us see what he has done to improve his defensive game, I believe he deserves that.

          4. He’s 30 yrs old what has he been doing the past 10+ yrs to improve his all around game? Defense is EFFORT. Don’t see a dramatic 180 turnaround (all around game) but best to argue that when the time comes being the regular season.

          5. Is that why every team has one player they use to lock up the others team top gun, I think this year will be NANCES job when push comes to shove. Young did play D last year not great but enough to slow his man down, in one game I saw him take 2 charges at the RIM.

          6. The only time I seen him take a charge was during the year that Jordan Farmar was around. Best effort placed defensively, per Farmar’s statement.

      2. I thought Andre Miller would have been the best mentor for D Russ. He also would have been really cheap.

    3. Granger was a really good player in Indiana. He was a 2 time all-star there I think. Injuries really slowed him down. I don’t think he can be as productive as he used to be.

      1. Something’s better than nothing (for a season) rather than having Young start but if Papanikolau’s available then he’s worth a look now.

        1. One of the mistakes we made this offseason was focusing only on elite players. We could have signed guys like Demarre Carroll, Omri Casspi, or Al Faroq Aminu.

          1. No surprise, that’s what the inept been doing since DH went to Houston. But doubt many 2nd/3rd tier players would’ve considered the Lakers with this less than lackluster starting roster (lack of depth). Even Greg Monroe chose the Bucks over the Knicks and Pistons.

    1. He’s more than a pure scorer at least. He’s a combo guard who can run the point and initiate the offense when he’s asked. Wouldn’t be surprised he plays 28-30 mpg if Russell is struggling, given Byron’s proclivity for vets.

          1. Thats not really the reason it just that you are not bright enough to talk BB, that’s your only way to cover it up.

      1. Well LA needs a SF, and kostas is available, he’s only 25, can score and has potential. Just throwing names out there.

          1. lets be honest tho, LA is not going to be a defensive juggernaut so might as well stash talent at the 3 for insurance.

          2. if they can get a defense minded wing, add that with a new hibbert up front than they could be a good defensive team. and if upshaw get minutes and turn into a beast on defense than the defense can be monstrous. but the system plays a big part of that as well. bad system is not a good thing

          3. Everyone or anyone can be defensive minded but not everyone can guard the elites out there. I know your refering to Wright and i’d be happy w/ LA if they pick em up. I agree it’s about the team and the system. Just hope LA finds another body at the 3. Kobe and young are good but not not good enough in the west.

          4. Kostas plays defense. You really need to watch film and games. Anyways, i don’t think Nuggets will waive him; if I’m wrong and Nuggets do waive him, he’ll be automatically the best SF available (my opinion). I would sign him to come off the bench, or I would sign Wright to start, but Kobe is starting at SF so Kostas is the best option.
            Dump Sacre
            Trade Kelly for future late 2nd rounder or Cash
            Send Upshaw to Dleague (why??) – GM Mitch Kupchak said the team is not expecting him to be a contributor this season.
            Sign Kostas Papanikoloau, Kevin Seraphin and Dwight Buycks
            No need for vet PG; Clark and Russ can practice with Nash + we have Sweet Lou

            Russell/ Williams/ Buycks
            Clarkson/ Young/ JBrown
            Bryant/ Papanikoloau/ ABrown
            Randle/ Bass /Nance Jr
            Hibbert/ Seraphin/ Black

      2. that’s where you’re wrong, he’s a better defender and passer than Landry Fields or Wright. He has less experience but has high bball IQ

        1. I wasn’t aware he was playing against 5 year old children with no arms or legs. I was thinking he dropped 51 on grown men that probably been playing ball every since they could walk……but hey, u need that challenge though, btw…..will u be entering the NBA draft soon? I’m dying to see what team u will make better……matter of fact, are u even in college?

          1. 1st of All….The YMCA have different Age Groups…..2nd the YMCA isn’t Comprised of Handicapped Kids….3rd YMCA stands for Young Men Christian Association…..4 .I only Lace them up for Christ..Back Quite.

          2. Well by ur original comment, you’d think they were handicapped. Dropping 51 on any team is impressive. I’m sure he didn’t take 51 free throws…….even though his skill level is obviously above theirs, he still had to make his shots. Either way u look at it, 51 is impressive…….posting comments downgrading it………….not so much.

      1. He was just waived. Before Corey Brewer came to the Rockets he was a productive player. Him and Anthony Brown can be a nice pairing.

        1. Thought the Nuggets were considering waiving him but if he’s been waived already then even better.

          1. Chris Dempsey@dempseypost
            Right now, no one. Kostas Papanikolaou is not being waived by the #Nuggets at this time.

          2. I still don’t understand why the Nuggets are considering waiving him and not Nick Johnson.

          3. Not complaining if they do, another man’s trash is anothers treasure (in a way).

  • This is about Lou Williams.

    And in a weak attempt to fight a misguided battle you bring in Nance?
    – Take your meds bro, you’re going OCD.

    Don Quiote Lives.

    1. shouldn’t you know by now that every time you reply to one of my comments it makes look sadder and desperate by the minute

  • I think we all need to start flagging joshhh cause he is becoming more rampantly stupid than ever before.

  • just focus signing both dorrell wright and jordan hamilton and just need waive sacre plan A or plan B signing both landry fields and austin daye and waive sacre C trade nick young and sacre with kelly and sign both dorrell wright and jordan hamilton with added kevin seraphin

          1. ryan kelly is worth something to somebody somewhere.
            just what team needs him?
            sacre i agree ZERO!!!



    *Fields, Wright & Prince back-up SF

    *Young can be a starter if he shows improvement on D. Russel & Young can be like Fisher & Ariza but with better playmaking & scoring skills. It will open up the post for Randle & Kobe

    *Trade Sacre or Kelly to 76ers or to any team for 2nd round picks or stashed foreign players. To make room for a back up SF.

    1. you must of missed the memo, the starters are D’Angelo, Clarkson, Kobe, Randle/Bass and Hibbert. I prefer the regular list of starters, young needs to come off the bench

      1. That’s the plan but it might be too early to pencil in Russell and Clarkson as our starting back court without even seeing them in preseason

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