Honorable Mentions

Kobe Bryant has had so many memorable dunks over his 20 year career that no list of 10 would truly do him justice. So here are three more epic “Honorable Mention” slams.

Fast Break Slam Over Chris Paul

A personal favorite of mine, and definitely one of his more recent classics. Chris Paul’s face as he is getting dunked on is priceless. Unfortunately, this barely missed the cut due to there being better facials in games the Lakers didn’t get killed in.

Slam Dunk Contest Through the Legs

This was the dunk that put Kobe on the map to the mainstream world. He was barely 18 at the time, but he stole the show at 1997 Slam Dunk Contest. This was a great dunk, but also more of a sentimental memory of Kobe, as he has had far more ferocious dunks during live games.

 Pre-season slam over Ben Wallace

Well before he was a multiple-time Defensive Player of the Year award winner, Ben Wallace was just another victim in Kobe Bryant’s highlight reel. This was the toughest to omit from the top-10 but the fact that it was a pre-season game gave others a slight edge.