Has Jordan Farmar Earned His Place?

Jordan Farmar may not be the next Chauncey Billups, but like Billups, he has shown flashes. He plays with intensity and he plays with heart. He has yet to earn the trust of Phil Jackson during crunch time (and who can argue with Jackson, given how Fisher rewarded Jackson’s faith in him last year against the Magic?), but hopefully he can once his opportunities increase. Besides, Jordan doesn’t have to be an All-Star, or even carry much weight on the offensive end. The Lakers roster has so much talent on it, all they require of their point guard is hard defense, hitting open shots, and making smart decisions.

Farmar is capable of all those things. He has succeeded on every level. He has proven that he has NBA talent. He has been mentored by a crafty sage at his position, and all that is lacking is the Lakers showing the confidence in him by giving him the keys to the kingdom.

Whether they like it or not, the future of the point guard position for the Los Angeles Lakers is Jordan Farmar. They are going to have to let him grow (that means taking the highs with the lows) and hope he is up to the challenge. They are going to have to extend them (as they should).

Besides, what other options do they have?