Has Everybody Lost Their Minds?

At the rate the play by play world is spiraling into oblivion intelligent sports fans are facing an epidemic. Do we really want to limp into the next generation alongside fans who believe that every bad play was the result of a Joey Crawford connivance? And even worse than the constant condemnation of the officials, do we want to face an era where being an abhorrent homer is respected? Does Portland head coach Nate McMillan truly believe that Steve Blake is one of the top point guards in the league? Of course not, so why do broadcasters such as Rice feel they must tell the world that he is? Announcers like this are nothing more then glorified fans with a suit and tie on, providing nothing to the broadcast except idiocy and madness.

What we all need is to step away from these analysts who don’t analyze, only scrutinize. We need to raise the awareness that the level of fan intelligence is dropping more rapidly than Jay Leno’s reputation. As a collective body, sports fans lack the ability to stand up against oppressors and declare they are tired of being served the same, dismal meal night after night. If the outrage is severe, and the feelings are passionate and demanding then we can make clowns such as Rice disappear. Year after year you pour your heart and soul into the teams you love, shouldn’t you be rewarded with the best possible product? We would never tolerate the poor level of performance these announcers emit from our favorite teams players, so why do we continue to sit by when the broadcasting booth is just as futile? Stand up sports fans, and let us fix the sinking ship that is our sports knowledge and become a better educated, and all-around more-liked group. In the spirit of the upcoming holiday, I have a dream.

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