Has Everybody Lost Their Minds?

This certainly is not an exclusive NBA problem, as other professional sports are facing the same disastrous predicament every time they go on the air. However, it seems that the announcing crews of the NBA have all gone completely bananas. The King of the obnoxious sportscaster sits on a throne of ignorance and malfeasance in Portland, Oregon. The Portland Trail Blazers are a respectable franchise that is almost always acompetitive threat in the NBA and has one of the most respected and devoted fan bases of any NBA team, period. However, sitting behind their broadcast booth is a menace with a microphone, who is turning respectable sports fans into referee bashing puppets with very little NBA knowledge.

Broadcaster Mike Rice has been the Blazers color commentator since 1991, and holds the distinct privilege of being the only announcer ever ejected from an NBA game. You stay classy Portland. Every night he takes his seat and begins to poison the minds of listeners with his forked tongue, spewing toxic sludge into the minds of the unfortunate, impressionable fans who cannot escape his path of destruction. Rice will never take responsibility for a Trail Blazers mishap, instead looking anywhere else to place the blame. What ever happened to acknowledging a good call, or taking the time to analyze a replay before tossing the officials to the wolves? Too many broadcasters take extreme offense every time the whistle blows, and they let their lack of professionalism ooze into the minds of the listeners. While Rice is certainly not the only outrageous television analyst he is certainly a barometer on which to measure absurdity. He has become the blueprint for over the top senselessness behind the microphone, and it is the overall fan IQ level that is beginning to suffer.

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