Has Everybody Lost Their Minds?

As we blast forward into the future we begin to transform into a new generation that features new specialties and ideas. Many of the older techniques and traditions are forgotten and brushed aside to make way for the newest trends, even if these trends aren’t the most appealing. In the world of sports nothing is more evident then the loss of professionalism amongst today’s broadcast crews. There have always been announcers labeled as ‘homers,’ but never has it been more widespread or ridiculous then it is today. As media markets spread out and become more specialized, the network executives are going to look for a way to connect with a small percentage of listeners in that particular region. This results in some of the most horrendous, blasphemous broadcasting the sports world has ever seen, and it is we the fans who truly suffer.

Many of the younger generation doesn’t fully comprehend the lack of respectable broadcasting in today’s world, and why should they? Most of them have been fed nothing but the broadcasting equivalent of Dinty Moore beef stew for most of their lives. You cannot blame the pawns for following the networks obtrusive hiring decisions, but it does make it much harder to educate them. Too many fans are settling with their announcing crew, accepting two hours of incoherent babble on why their home players should receive every foul call, and when they don’t it’s time to declare the latest NBA conspiracy.

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