Great Western Forum: Where Championships Happened

Earlier this week the Los Angeles Lakers announced that they are adding another game to the preseason schedule.  While normally this would be about as newsworthy as the DVD release of Knowing, this seemingly meaningless exhibition brings with it an added bit of nostalgia for Lakers fans.  The game will take place October 9 against the Golden State Warriors, but it will be played at the Great Western Forum, the arena that was the home of the Lakers for 32 years.

Tickets for the game will go on sale at 10:00 am on Wednesday, August 12. Tickets will be sold at Ticketmaster outlets, online at, and available by phone at 1-800-4-NBA-TIXS. Tickets are priced at $13, $24, $34, $40, $58, $85.50, $103 and $133.

While the game will mostly involve back-ups and stars from the developmental league, most of  the attention will be on the

Magic and Kareem in the Forum.
Magic and Kareem in the Forum.

Forum itself. The arena was home to the Lakers from 1967 until 1999 and saw six Lakers championships.  It started traditions that still carry on today, from Jack sitting courtside to the fabulous Laker Girls, the Forum will always be a wonderful piece in the Lakers historic puzzle.

From West and Baylor to Magic and Kareem the Great Western Forum has seen many stars and many fantastic plays.  When it was retired in 1999 there were mixed feelings as people were excited for the new arena, Staples Center, but also sad to see another icon swallowed into the pages of history.  However for one more night history will spit it back out and give us one more glimpse at the stadium that is so dear to the Lakers fans hearts.

For the older fans who were able to experience the rushing the floor after a championship, the unveiling of the Laker Girls Dance Squad to the NBA, the fans counting down to another Boston beatdown.