Gasol has surgery on injured finger

Lakers forward Pau Gasol had surgery today on his left index finger after injuring it during a practice with the Spanish national team.  While it seems the surgery was minor and will not have a major impact on the Lakers repeat hopes, any surgery is reason to at least watch the news and hope for the best.  It appears Gasol will only miss about three weeks of basketball activity but it will certainly take a few more weeks after that for the big forward to get comfortable and back into his usually smooth rhythm.

While surgery is always a concern no matter who the player, it appears as if it could have been much worse, and right now all signs are pointing towards Gasol being able bodied and ready to suit up when the season hits in October. Gasol will obviously take some time off to rest his finger but it is still unclear whether or not he will return to play for the Spanish team this summer.[phpbay]Pau Gasol, 6, “”, “”[/phpbay]