Ed Davis: Staying With Lakers Was ‘First Choice’ In Free Agency

Ed Davis

Arguably the most consistent player for the Los Angeles Lakers last season was big man Ed Davis. No one knew what to expect from Davis as he had very little playing time in his previous years with Memphis, but he turned in an impressive season posting career-highs in points, rebounds, blocks and field goal percentage.

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Davis would opt-out of his contract and ultimately sign with the Portland Trail Blazers this off-season. In an interview with Alex Kennedy of Basketball Insiders, Davis said the Lakers were his first choice going in to free agency:

I wasn’t really surprised [to leave the Lakers],” Davis said. “Nothing in the NBA is going to surprise me at this point. But obviously they were my first choice going into free agency. We couldn’t get a deal worked out so I just moved on, but I enjoyed my time there. The fans there really supported me and they really wanted me back. They had my back the whole year and most of them still do now, so I enjoyed my time there.

Many fans hoped that Davis would remain with the Lakers, but the team was focused on bringing in top targets such as LaMarcus Aldridge or DeAndre Jordan. Wanting to keep their cap space available, the Lakers chose to wait before really pursuing Davis and missed out.

Even though he is gone, Davis did have an excellent year with the Lakers and was extremely professional throughout his time in Los Angeles. The fans will likely give Davis a nice ovation when he makes his return to the Staples Center and he certainly earned it.


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Who cares? He’s gone. Move on from this guy.

    1. Okay… But he’s gone get over it. I wanted him to stay but he’s gone and he’s not coming back

      1. “…he’s not coming back.”

        You’d never know in this era of free agency. I bet plenty of Laker fans didn’t expect Scott, Green, Rambis, Divac, etc., to return to the Lakers for their twilight years, but they did. And Green even started and picked up another ring.

        1. Davis spent one year. He can’t be compared to those guys. Add Fisher to the list. But Davis treated the Lakers like business…it was a good opportunity for him to play well…then cash in and stay in the nba. If he sucked last year, that’d be the end of slim Jim. It worked just as he planned. Can’t blame him…but you can’t believe there was an emotional attachment to the Lakers. The guys you mentioned are emotionally attached to the Lakers

  • Davis couldn’t even make the roster in Memphis and comes to LA to blow the season. Hill was actually better than Davis. Too bad Hill is 28 and getting up there in bball years.

    1. He was playing behind guys named Zach Randolph and Marc Gasol. There wasn’t a whole lot of minutes there for the guy to shine. He plays his best in extended minutes, not spot minutes. Hill is still on the right side of 30, his problem is, he’s as good as he’s ever going to get.

      1. #1 you sure hill is a center?
        #2 worst?…not worth it
        #3 defense is measured in blocks?
        #4 his help defense was lacking focus
        #5 his position defense was solid as he went up against the top big men. Pretty sure held most to their averages
        #6 his offense is way superior to Davis

        1. 1) Hill played center last season.
          2) One of the worst
          3) Defense isn’t measured by block, it’s how he defended opposing center and protected the paint we are one of the fking worst at protecting the paint because of he is fking 6’10 can’t do shit
          4) Yes he is a bum glad u know it
          5) no he is terrible
          6) i agree with his offense being better than Davis but his defense is way, way, way, way, way worse

          1. Honestly, no longer worth my time. You have a strong personal opinion against him that prevents a sane conversation or argument.

            I defended hill while he was here…but he’s gone now. so there’s no point. Just like there’s no point insulting a player who worked hard to get mins and stay in the nba. A player who essentially developed on his on with the Lakers.

            Whether his intensity isn’t the same doesn’t matter. Every single person knows this; work your a55 off now so you can take it easier later. No different than working hard, then eventually reaching a position you no longer have to do that much OR you hire others to do your work. That doesn’t make one lazy…because you worked your tail off to get there. You earned it.

            Star players play for greatness and accomplishments. Role players like hill have to think about lengthening their career and making $. Because let’s face it, 10 yrs from now…nobody will know who hill, davis, ellington, etc are

          2. ok true anyway I don’t blame Hill for not bringing the same intensity last season no one gives 100% if they know they will lose for sure (not making the playoffs)

          3. unless its a rookie trying to prove themselves or something similar to that.

            i really changed my mind a bit about hill after u told me how he worked for his position (although the main reason is because dwight left) thank u

  • Yeah Right First Choice So why didn’t he wait to see how things worked out. He wanted his money. Good luck in Portland where 4 of the starters bailed on the team.

  • Just because he didn’t think the Lakers were offering what he deserved, doesn’t mean the Lakers weren’t his first choice.

  • Ed is as good as he’s ever gonna be, a serviceable backup. We didn’t lose on anything with dude. Can always find another “Ed Davis”

      1. I dont think its as easy as people make it seem to replace Ed Davis. You can replace his ability, and scoring, but its hard to replace his hustle, and his heart. Too bad.

      2. could say randle is better than him.
        bass is kinda good too maybe not better.
        davis is 6’10 225lbs. agile a good jumper and very defensive minded player. he had some good dunks too last year.
        i would have kept him and kicked kelly&sacre out.
        offer him about 3-5mil not 7 but something to stay around.

  • Ed Davis must be on crack to think that the Lakers would pay him nearly 7 million a year. He was a solid player on a horrible team, 3……MAYBE 4 million.

  • No knock on Ed but his game was too limited for me. Tarik Black can do anything he could do but has a lot more upside and has a bulkier frame. So Black actually brings more to the team for a lot less money. I always said if he asks for more than 3 or 4 mil per yr, let him walk.

  • Sure we were or he would have waited…I like and think the big men we have now are better than he was…He played like crap when he was starting games smh

  • Ed Davis was the Lakers best player last season with the highest PER, he was so effective that he was forced to sit for long periods in the game due to his threat to actually win games. HIs pick setting was particularly good Lets not have that ex girlfriend mentality and pretend like we couldn’t use his services this season. There were two reasons why the Lakers failed to keep him 1) Star chasing Aldridge forced the Lakers to leave significant cap room open. 2) The size of Kobe’s contract meant that the Lakers were unable to re-sign any of their own free agents as they had to release their hold on them, including their birds rights in order to free up the space for reason 1).

    1. Stop it. The Lakers best player last year? That’s just a dumb statement. The dude averaged like 8 pts. Give me a break.

      1. Typical response of someone who is wowed by big point numbers at low field goal percentage. Ed Davis shot the best in the team, had the best defensive rating and the highest PER and most win shares by a big margin. He sat a lot of games and only played 23 minutes due to his efficiency and threat to the tank.

        1. You’re just one of those stat dorks who never played basketball past junior high. That’s why you don’t understand how basketball is played, you don’t know what really goes on in a game. All you do is look at stats and think you know the story. FG% means nothing. ft% matters though because there everybody is shooting the exact same shot. I bet you think DeAndre Jordan is a better shooter than Steph Curry since his fg% is higher lol.

          1. Again the stats merely back up what I saw last season, Ed Davis was deliberately sat down when the Lakers had a lead and was also left out when the Lakers needed the other team to ‘get back in the game’. No other player was treated this way. He did the things that don’t show up in stats, he set screens better than any other big, he rebounded better and protected the rim better. He doesn’t play flashy and doesn’t have some terrible jumpshot like Jordan hill and thats why little kids don’t appreciate his contributions to the team last season.

    2. Stop posting stupid comments and using flawed stats like PER. His PER was so high because he mostly dunks and that’s it. He was not the best player last year. We have Bass, Hibbert and Nance now. What are we really missing? Ed’s bricks at the FT line? Find something worthy to whine about.

      1. Who got taken in free agency first? Bass or Ed Davis? Win Shares also higher than any other Laker, deliberately sat out of games and stretches. Why was that? EDIT nevermind I saw your comment above and it explains everything I need to know about you.

        1. Blah blah blah. Go whine somewhere else, maybe Portland since you can’t seem to let go of Ed. You sound like the ex who got dumped and can’t get over it, not me.

      1. It’s embarrassing that you are so petty that I just shitted on your dumb comment that you went actively searching for another one of my comments to reply to. If you are so in love with Ed go follow him to Portland and become a Trailblazers fan.

        1. Petty lol says the guy saying good riddance to a professional player who was a fan favorite and did nothing but good things as a Laker. Real fans appreciated what he did, you on the other hand sound like some spoiled little child who just had his toy stolen. I’ve yet to see you offer anything constructive on this forum. Maybe one day.

          1. What else would I say? He isn’t a Laker anymore. Am I supposed to blow his cock like you and reminisce on the days he played here? You act like he was the second coming of Shaq. You act like a heartbroken teenager. You act like a kid whose dad went to the store and never came back. Players come and go. Get the fuck over it dumbass. Fan favorite? You polled every Lakers fan around the world? You sound stupid as usual. You do nothing but whine all day long on this forum. If it isn’t whining about Kobes contract its whining about players who left. I get more upvotes than you so go suck a dick with your irrelevant non contributing groupie ass. Fat boy. You have more comments than upvotes. LMFAO.

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          9. You sound like a jealous little teenage girl on instagram begging for follows and likes. I’ll give you a like since you clearly need it.

          10. Calm down man – if you get this pissed @ someone for supporting Ed Davis …

          11. I’m not pissed that he supports Ed Davis. This guy is a whiny little girl always hating yet claims to be a Lakers fan. What type of Lakers fan hates Kobe but loves Ed Davis? Only that idiot.

  • Ed Davis does one thing well that not many players in the NBA do anymore. He moves toward the rim when he doesn’t have the ball. Anyone can do it if they just had enough sense. I liked Ed, but that skill set is not worth $7 million a year.

    1. Agreed, and he didn’t understand the Laker front office had to deal with larger issues, and would eventually get back to him. But seeing how he got a deal that could set him up financially for quite a while, can’t blame him.

    2. He’s also a strong shot blocker. He really goes for the block, unlike the majority of big men, who just jump straight up in the air with their arms extended.

      1. I almost added that he is a very good weak-side defender. He is. But that is just another attribute that just about any player in the league can give you. There’s nothing special about being able to come from the weak side of the defense to attempt to block a shot. Shot-blocking is highly overrated anyway, as it rarely results in a change of possession and often leaves you out of position for the defensive rebound.

  • He was is a class act, but got caught up in the blowing up of the Kobe error. Just like Jerry Buss set up before his passing.

  • i ed davis was still on the team he would be the starting PF with out a doubt. but now that bass is here who is pretty much a tweener of davis but lil less defense should start over randle

  • He sure played solid games for us. I wish we could have retained him but Black and Bass will do just fine and at a much cheaper price.

  • Lalers should give Markieff Morris a look. Can play the SF & PF position. I’d trade Young, Sacre & Kelly for Morris.



    On offense, Morris can play the SF spot, spot up on corner 3’s and spread the floor for Kobe & Randle. Also pick & pop with Russell. In some cases Randle can also post the opposing SF if they get to switch with Morris.

    On defense, Morris can guard the PF while Randle is quick enough to guard the opposing SF. If they are thinking of playing Kobe at the SF spot, well Randle is quicker than Kobe, bigger and taller to guard Lebron, KD, Leonard, George, Wiggins, Hayward, Gay, Barnes (GSW) etc.

    Randle 6’9 250lbs

    EAST SF’s

    LBJ 6’8 250lbs
    George 6’9 220lbs

    WEST SF’s

    Durant 6’11 240lbs
    Leonard 6’7 230lbs
    Wiggins 6’8 199lbs
    Hayward 6’8 225lbs
    Gay 6’8 230lbs
    Ariza 6’8 215lbs
    Pierce 6’7 235lbs
    Gallinari 6’10 225lbs

  • WEST SF’S that will be matced up with Kobe that Randle can definitely guard better with his height, length, strength & quickness. Randle definitely quicker than a 37 year old Kobe.

    H. Barnes 6’8 235lbs
    Parsons 6’9 227lbs
    J. Green 6’9 235lbs

  • Ed’s decision to move on is one of the best BBall decisions ever made. It ranks up there with Dwight and Pau leaving, Aldridge, Melo, LeBron, D. Wade, and D. Jordan, not coming. Face it, as long as the Buss kids run this franchise, the best players leaving and free agents not coming here is the smartest moves they can make.

  • at least half of the Davis articles are written by this dude. He made a decision, let it go. Actions speak louder than words. He left within a handful of days

    And an ovation??? Give me a break. One year…worst record ever. Applaud that sh1t

  • Yeah lets let Ed Davis go and keep players like Kelly and Sacre… that’ll get the Lakers a championship. During last season he was often the only guy playing defense.

  • I like Ed but he’s not worth 7mil. He doesn’t have the skillset to play pf and is undersized at the center position. He’s a tweener and has a lot to work on. Julius can and will be better than him. Bass is a solid defender and is a threat offensively. Good luck in Portland.

  • Losing davis and jordan hill really sucked. Especially when lakers pass up drafting jahlil okafor. And even then lakers need to hold on to their big players. And not turn into small ball which i hate. Lakers should always have good centers and big men.

  • Special ED!!! He had his moments, especially doing pick and roll the basket plays early in the year with JLin. His game is classic power forward. Class act regardless of how LAL stunk last year.

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