Dwyane Wade On Playing With Kobe Bryant: ‘Why Wouldn’t You?’

NBA: Los Angeles Lakers at Miami Heat

The Los Angeles Lakers missed on their top free agent prospects after LaMarcus Aldridge, DeAndre Jordan, and Greg Monroe all agreed to sign deals with other teams. Despite the setback, the front office bounced back by trading for Roy Hibbert and negotiating contracts with Lou Williams and Brandon Bass.

— Have you seen the ‘Lakers Nation’ phone case? —

Among the reasons the Lakers were thought to be unattractive in big named free agents is the belief of Kobe Bryant not being a great teammate. Miami Heat guard Dwyane Wade took part in a Twitter Q&A Monday morning and when asked about the potential of playing with Bryant, he responded by welcoming the thought:

Wade recently agreed to continue his career with the Heat after earlier opting out of his contract. He has spent his entire career in Miami and probably would have no immediate plans to leave. The Heat will be returning all of they key components to their roster with the team striking a deal with Goran Dragic and Luol Deng opting in. Chris Bosh will also make his return and should bolster their lineup.

As for the Lakers, they will continue to navigate the uncertainty of a rebuild. While the team has seemingly ran out of cap space to sign new players, there is still the possibility of attaining other assets through sign-and-trade deals. The Lakers currently have a young trio whom the team hopes will lead the team into future success. D’Angelo Russell, Jordan Clarkson, and Julius Randle will all play in the Las Vegas Summer League as it tips off July 10.


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guys like hibbert and lou williams will make the game easier for kobe

      1. Especially with all the no name rookies and D-leaguers. That should be Hilarious. High school night at Staples, right Numb FAKERFAN???…..Just a Thought!!!

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    1. That is literally a brand new team!!! New C, new PG, new SG – since Kobe sliding to the 3 and therefore a new SF and a healthy Randle = new PF. Plus new bench?? I don’t care about the pessimists I actually think we might fuck around and win 40-45 games (kinda like the 06-07 team)

        1. Dark horse, as in the darkness of the Western division cellar again?? With a roster like the L.A.61 LOSS FAKER TANKERS are putting together again, it will be special rates for Dumbed Down L.A.61 LOSS FAkER fans on nights when the L.A.Futile FAKER TANKERS play. Watching all those no names at Staples on High School night the BOO’S will be heard real soon by the Dumbed Down L.A.Futile FAKER TANKER fans, right, Futile FAKER TANKER fan yes with a v????…..Just a Thought!!!.

        1. Bass is definitely not starting over Randle lol. Zero% chance of that happening especially if the latest reports about Randle are true

        2. What’s the “latest report”? that some other rookie said he’s a “beast”?? that a bunch of rookies talking about each other being leaders and playing great and showing dedication trying to say all the right things actually means anything? It’s like a bunch of middle schoolers in their first day of high school is what that is. Not that i don’t want him to be a beast, but i didn’t really see any reports that will make me so sure until i see it myself.

        3. This has been heard out of coaches mouths too in case you haven’t heard.

        4. So, what’s the “latest report”? I haven’t heard anything besides vague ambiguous general descriptors that you hear about pretty much every player in the league. I haven’t read a single thing that someone really said anything with meat yet. Of course I am hoping he will be the player we want him to be, and if he is, please share.

        5. the latest report is that your a dumbass and hating on my damn team and our NEW rookies! best stop talking about my team before someone goes ape shit on your face.

        6. Calm your emotional ass down lol, reports been said about Randle for months now. He’s mentally stronger, smarter, lighter and developed a softer shot. He’ll put 15 and 9 just watch!!!

        7. if i saw you i might just show you what a beast looks like and how he behaves. ever been to a zoo and seen or ever heard the word bad-ass? you probably dont even know what the word means. its above and beyond you and your kind. the Lakers will have more than one beast. Kobe is one clarkson is one and randle might be another. we could have a team with more than just one alpha being Kobe. but im sure hes ready to share now that hes older and closer to retirement the kids will learn and take over the team. Kobe will have some last time to show off his skills and be Kobe. but people like you? you piss me off with your stupid comments. are you a hater or a fan be clear.

        8. kelvin do you think randle is more of a beast or more soft? okafor is being called lazy and slow im glad we didnt draft him another tim duncan wannabe. im glad we chose russel instead dangelo is gonna be great. our additions of brown to SF and nance jr to PF he will play great defense and also rebound too. how can you complain? are you even a Lakers fan? clarkson himself has already proved to the whole world last year he is not 2nd round material he beasted it. in my eyes he was rookie of the year and a huge underdog. he can call randle a beast but i know clarkson is the real beast in la. and come october youll find out exactly how wrong you are about them both. sucker

        9. Cool dude, good for you nyelement007. Not really sure why you’re talking about Kobe, or Clarkson. Or not sure what the point of your rambling is. You’re totally in a different conversation. I never said Randle is or isn’t anything. Wrong about both? About who? What statement did i make about anybody?

          But that’s cool that you’re a big internet tough guy that likes to show people “what a beast looks like”. Grow up and learn to read the meaning of my messages (reading comprehension).

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    2. A team now with some players with nba cred..2 all-stars, an all rookie 1st team member and a 6th man of the year. Surrounded by solid veteran acquisitions and topped with 2 new top ten draft picks. It definitely looks better at this time of year then it did a year ago.

    3. For reals compare this yrs starting 5 to this yrs
      Hibbert wow just wow

    4. If Hibbert can play at an ALL Star level with George Hill, Lance Stevenson, Paul George and David West, it will be much easier with Russell (See Ohio State Post Players), Kobe (Played with Shaq, Andrew Bynum), Randle (quicker, more mobile than West) and Clarkson (BOOZER, HILL and SACRE, much better shooter than Lance). Hibbert can score in the post and defend the rim. It will be GREAT!

  • Only people who can’t play or are afraid to demand the most from themselves dont want to play with Kobe. And of course the Kobe haters.

    When you are one of the all time best and play on one of the all time best franchises and are still a threat at almost 40 years old of course the media has to try to make you out to be the bad guy. Who else in the league does the media and the NBA fear will threaten their agenda to get Lebron James(the guy the NBA has the most invested into) more than Kobe Bryant, the guy with the most championship heart in the league.

    It’s ok hater will hat because that’s what they do ! Can’t do anything else.

    Go Kobe ! Go Lakers !

    1. Haters will hate not hat but they do wear hater hats cause we know who they are. LoL………. Busters


      1. hey im glad to see Kobe fans supporting him. hes done so much for us last 20 years i have always tried to scare off Kobe haters but they are really a waste of time. i gave up along time ago. i love Kobe and the Lakers and i always will no matter noone says about them. or how crappy our team is see last year and sacre….

        1. Don’t worry I got em with no problem. They are easy to deal with cause like Joe Montana I will never even break a sweat dealing with hateful busters. I got a real gift for them and to aid those fending them off. Be on the look out for my new book K.T.D.O. Just lock the name “Paytc” into your search engines. I will have several great holiday gifts worth the investment and then some. I have really appreciated the overwhelming support I have gotten with my book “Win Anyway” a best seller.

          Go Kobe ! Go Lakers !


    2. I agree 100%!!! Lakers must give Kobe a super max contract!!! Give Wade a max contract too!!!!!!! Nothing beats memories of five rings. Who cares if Lakers ever wins again!!!!!!! Long live Kobe!!!!! HAHAHAHHAHAHA

      1. So glad you are smart enough to recognize two of the games best current players in Kobe and D.Wade. I’m not sure I would give them max contracts at this point in their careers but with as much as they have advanced the game and done for the NBA and their teams perhaps they should continue to get paid what they deserve. Love it or hate it they are still two of the best players in the league.

        They can ball and do so much more. All haters can do is keep hating. I’d much prefer to live their lives than one in misery.


  • People still want to pretend at 37 Kobe is the same guy he was at 17. That’s just so unfair imagine if we were all treated as if we were still a teenager while in your late 30’s

    1. Kobe haters will be entering right on cue:

      1. I don’t think he is hating on Kobe. But Kobe is not your typical 37 year player and taking the past tow seasons off he is 35 in playing milage.

        1. I understood what he meant.
          He means its unfair to Judge Kobe by his current age.

          For all the hating on Kobe, he had very good numbers before the injuries.

          I dont worry about fg percentages, the only thing that matters are the W’s.

          1. last year Kobe didnt shoot too well being his BIGGEST fan i will even admit last year he sucked. but hey isnt everyone human?
            shooting too much? not taking well thought out shots? rushing your shot everytime? he could have done anything nobody knows what was going thru his mind. i will just say dont judge him and i love Kobe but yea sometimes he takes bad decisions but i will always back him up and my Lakers no matter how stupid the decision they make im all in for life. no going back….

          2. I Would never say Kobe sucked. He is human and has on and off nights like every player. Kobe also had mentally hang tough dealing with a team that has not been able to stay healthy for the past 3 years. They also had to deal with the league unjustly blocking the CP3 trade that would have immediately turned the team into 3peat champions IMO.

            I am with you on sticking with your team and great players through the good and not so good times. Who needs a bandwagon bandit fan only around for championship celebrations?

            Go Lakers !


          3. My apologies for typos and misspelled words as I type 200 words per minute and don’t often spell check or proof read before posting so I can get a few in before rushing out of the door. Kobe had “to” mentally hang tough….


          4. Kobe is a scorer. By nature scorers usually take a lot of shots to get into rhythm. The only scorers that usually shoot high percentages are those shooting inside of 10 feet or getting dunks and layups counted into their shooting percentage. Kobe has never shot as well as Durant, Carmelo,Ray Allen or Curry who I consider great shooters and scorers. But of all of them I would prefer to put my game winning shot in Kobe’s hands. Kobe is the most clutch and big time player still at his older age in the league IMO. That I credit to his work ethic and having the biggest championship heart and will like no other since MJ.


      2. But you know they will try to change their names but can’t change their spots. It must be hard hating yourself so much that you have to knock others greater than you to feel any self worth. But I don’t feel sorry for hateful busters. I hope they remain in their misery for eternity unless they decide to change for the better. It’s on them not us cause we’re doing quite well indeed.


      1. Not only that but name another player at 37 who played as well as Kobe? Not even taking into consideration he was written off after suffering what would have ended the average players career at that stage of their career. It’s not fair! Kobe is so much greater than the average player. The sad thing is with the nature of the game and today’s spoiled player, we may never see anyone quite like him again. Last of a dieing breed !


    2. people still want to pretend last year Kobe didnt get to 3rd on the all time scoring list. people still wanna pretend last year Kobe didnt have a career high 17 assists! people still wanna pretend like Kobe didnt giftwrap them 5 NBA rings. people are alot of things dumb is one of them. are you?

      1. Kobe still needs to change his game and be more efficient. He shouldn’t be taking 25 shots a game anymore, those days are over. He needs to shoot 16 times a game and don’t get in the way off letting these young kids develop

        1. But when you have a weak supporting cast and are going no where fast you should focus on your individual goals. That is what Kobe wisely did. He also had moments the past two years where his assist numbers were at an allstar level. But haters somehow disregard those numbers or how his defense shut Lebron down in the allstar game. Kobe is a scorer and they typically shoot a lot to get into rhythm. That is Kobe’s game love it or hate it. We all know Kobe has the biggest will,desire, and heart to win championships. Bring him some legitimate help and see what happens.

          The beauty is help is on the way. I guess that’s not a good thing for great player haters.

          Go Kobe ! Go Lakers !

      2. You know what’s up ! Hey when you are one of the greatest ever and most people’s lives suck you have to expect resentment.

        Kobe didn’t make these haters lives suck. He didn’t bless them with no talent. He didn’t make them hate themselves and their own lives so much that they vent and hate others who are blessed to be talented and successful. It must be hard to hate yourself and your own live? I’m glad I can’t imagine how self hate feels. And I appreciate and am thankful to the creator for all that is good in my life. I’m glad hate missed me !


    3. I can guarantee the haters are still the same as they were when they were 17. Thus their problem/s.

  • Looks like DWade’s time playing with Shaq hasn’t poisoned the well regarding his desire to play w/Kobe.

    1. Actually Shaq has matured and now fully gives Kobe the respect he should have given him when they played together. Shaq aka superman had the bigger of the two egos while Kobe had and still has the biggest desire to win championships in the league. That championship desire and the ability to rise higher at crunch time especially in playoff or big games fuels the Kobe hate. D.Wade has always had big time respect and admiration for Kobe and Kobe has the same for D.Wade. Most “great” players if not all are not “great” player haters. That is the hat worn by jealous no talent ownwers and media folks.

      Go Kobe ! Go Lakers !


      1. i dont wanna see melo or dwade play with Kobe actually. they are good friends and i wouldnt wanna see them mix business with pleasure. i bet kobe is even close to lebron as much as i hate lebron. i do like kevin durant alot i wonder if kobe talks to him much or rus westbrook?

        1. I would have loved to see D.Wade in a Laker uniform playing along side Kobe. But if you think D.Wade and Lebron were good together the league would have never allowed Kobe and D.Wade to play on the same team. Sh…. it they had a problem with an aging Kobe getting to have CP3 on his team even with the fact Lakers were giving up Pau Gasol in the deal. I think Durant or Westbrook are pretty good shots on becoming Lakers in the future. So we may see Kobe play with one of them some day. Kobe and D.Wade showed Lebron and most of the league how champions/great players play during the Olympics helping us win the gold medal. And D.Wade took Lebron under his wing in Miami and showed him how to win championships. D. Wade and Kobe are a notch above the rest of the league especially in their primes IMO.


    2. I’m sure Wade knows Shaq is a buffoon and that him not getting along with Kobe was mostly Shaq’s fault.

      1. D.Wade and Shaq will both say they have never met any player with more desire to be the best ever and with more desire to win championships than Kobe. Kobe is original !


  • the Players who actually played for the Lakers last season are the reason free agents did not want to come to Lakers. Not Kobe

  • It’s all media fabricated on that topic. If they want to use facts…

    Fact is Lakers are on a rebuild.

    Not too long ago, Kobe Bryant was playing at an elite level.

    Dwight Howard wanted to win now and Lakers did not offer that, roster-wise. Houston had a younger gunner in Harden and a team poised to make a leap.

    Seasons past, Carmelo, stayed for the money at New York, Lebron wanted to go back home.

    Aldridge went onto a Spurs team that have always contended. Who wouldn’t want to play for Pop? Oh and Lamarcus also went back to his home state.

    The media interviews the nobodies in the league on why no one wants to play with Kobe Bryant.

    Plain and simple…other teams situations are much better than the current state of the Lakers. Lakers needs to continue to develop these young talent that they have. Lakers legacy will always be there, don’t throw it away just to get a big name. They’ve got three future all-stars in their roster. Clarkson, Randle, Russell can and will put the Lakers back to respectability.

  • Everyone who played for the Lakers last season said they would love to come back and play for the team even again after the franchise had it’s worse season ever. Compare that with the Clippers losing a star player when the franchise had arguable it’s greatest season ever.

  • DId you see the giant look of sadness on Okafor’s face after the Lakers passed on him the Lakers are still a top dog in NBA and always will be.

    1. i was sad too i was thinking Okafor and was waiting for it! i even watched the draft live on ESPN. but hey maybe he will come to the Lakers sometime in the near future. keep working hard and you may take a different road and still end up at the same destination. the kid is still super young at what 19? lol hes got many years to play many. Kobe is on the way out the door your just getting in.

      1. You forgot Stern, Sterling, and 90% of the media and the hater nation. Who must follow suite with the hate or jeapordise losing their jobs.


        1. I dint forget but since that piece of shit weisel stern is out now, I didnt bother with him.

          The rest that you mentioned are a given.

        2. Kobe will always be hated if seen it many times. Kobe will still keep coming back for more. he is a REAL warrior unlike the team. and Kobe gets injured badly still finishes the play and returns no retirement no quitting or giving up. the man has cahunas

          1. people dont give Kobe enough credit man. thats what really bothers me and all the laker hate crap im tired of it. Kobe gets injured and finishes free throws on a broken knee or shoulder and what do people say? nothing just Kobe is weak and got hurt? thats what they say could you imagine the pain going thru him. the courage he has to even stand on his own and take a free throw? i couldnt do it im glad that Kobe can. but then again im not legendary! Kobe has and always will do stuff and many more like this. tearing his shoulder out on a dunk then shooting left handed before leaving the game bc the right shoulder was all messed up. how many people can even do that? shoot left handed? there shouldnt even be Kobe haters there should be Kobe LOVERS! the man is fucking amazing! i mean cmon is it just me? i love Kobe (no homo).

          1. You know what’s up ! But in all fairness the snake is a lot longer than Stern. He was just a small part in a long chain who aline themselves to profit off a very large sporting industry. There are billions of dollars being made off the sweat of many talented athletes. NBA,NFL,Nike, ESPN, State Farm,other Sports magazines and television/ news networks, and many others are lined up to be counted in on the profits.


      2. Couldn’t have said it any better. I will despise those two for the rest of my life and will always root against them.

  • What does Jeanie do all day, have you heard of any great business deals she put together since the TV deal (that was made while her father was still alive) Instead of doing nothing she should try and steal Quikandloans from Dan Gilbert destroy his life for him trying to destroy the Lakers we need to get some payback on him.

  • Laker fans it should be our personal mission to do whatever we can to push Dan Gilbert out of the NBA

    1. Its speculated that fag gilbert was the one behind asking the NBA to request that the Lakers remove their LAtoLA tweet name in the Aldridge recruiting marketing Lakers ran.

      1. Him and Mark Cuban were the loudest but a lot of GMs were against it because he league owned the Hornets and wanted to sell.

      2. I heard that too, and wouldn’t doubt it if it was that pos. However, I am estatic that he will have to pay a luxury tax this year to keep his team together.

    2. hey you should start a petition i would sign it right now. get him and mark cuban out now! stupid ass david stern screwing us out cp3. i will always hate that man more than anyone else. listening to gilbert or cuban was all on his shoulders he did it.

  • Stern did us a favor by killing the CP3 trade we don’t need a bum who can’t get out of the second round on the Lakers!!!

    1. Actually…they hurted CP3….He had to go the Clippers…..That circumvented him possibly playing on a Championship Lakers team.

      1. Yes but that hater move hurt basketball and the NBA’s credibility.

        It’s getting to be more like professional wrestling with the way Lebron was able to push players off fouling and getting away with it against the Warriors. I know it’s all about big business. I get that… but don’t abuse power and make it so obvious your playing favorites.

        Are we back in the 60’s and 70’s where the Celtics were the league’s team to slant things in their favor and make you have to beat the refs and the team you are playing? If the playing field stays level the Lakers are too hard to beat so I get the cheating but will never respect it.


        1. Great point. Pretty obvious though, that LeBron never get a traveling violations for having four or more steps after the dribble, and like what you’ve mentioned, barreling through a standing guard and not called for a charge but a blocking foul on the standing guard. He never get warned for bitching and complaining, where others where given technicals for a lot less.

          1. Yep ! Like Mike he is their boy. I personally love all great players to include Mike and Lebron. My issue is when the league adopts them and they get the benefit of any doubts and then some.I also respect and understand big business which is the leagues biggest concern(money not the game). I like the game and it’s credibilty as much as money because all money is not “good money” if it has strings attached.And the game is fake when it is fixed IMO. Your points are identical to what I and many others viewed during the finals.


          2. Like the equality theory. But were living in the real world and so this i can say is just a dream. Partly its becoz of business. But its also becoz there are born leaders, smarter, experienced, or more talented. Thus naturally, its how the owners/nba valued a player.

          3. Not sure I follow what you are saying? And my guess would be I’m not the only one you’ve lost? I think it’s the player who agrees to sell out and go along with whatever he is told and given $ that determines which player(s) are adopted. They also have to have madd skills. I personally view this type of an individual as more of a follower who sells out and is easily misled more than I see them as a leader or even smarter for that matter.


          4. The “strings attached” i referred to. Its becoz of Opportunity concept and so theres always gonna hav this factor in every business organizations. Mike, lebrun and kobe are like the CEO in this kind of field. They’ll always gonna hav special privileges in there time. So this not got to be sumthing new.

          5. Well if that is true Kobe should have been passed the torch from Jordan not Lebron. But I guess Kobe has a bit too much integrity to just go for any and everything even if they offer to make it worth while. Kobe is the last of a dieing breed. He comes from a school of players that let their body of work on the court represent for them not just be handed MVP’s and titles with help from the establishment because he is “their boy”. Personally I respect a person who earns things out right against the odds more than some one who has the path leveled and plowed to make it easier for them.
            Sure the agreement is made mutual between the player and the establishment but the fan is the one who is duped and some what cheated in the process when we crown false MVP’s and false championships.


          6. I can appreciate how the nba variedly handled the three superstars. Cant blame them thou for how they act on lebrun. I gues they hav solid reasons behind, & so its no wonder khawi & iggy won finals mvp. Thou its a sport, but its a big theater as well. Most importantly this is business. So we can easily connect the dots.

            Thats why i appreciated kobe more becoz of his story on how he rises to the top with work ethics and intelligence. Taking great references to the greats in his game. W/ his tragedy, I mean nobody can be perfect. Regardless of what happened, he proved to be a man. That i guess why so many people admire him becoz they can relate.

          7. It’s not only them that get the benefit or favorable call/non-call, but the teams do as well. Yes, it’s that obvious.

          8. Rasheed Wallace couldn’t even look in a refs direction! To your other point, Lebron’s traveling is beyond ridiculous. You don’t need slow-mo or replays to see it, the league needs to put a stop to it immediately to remain credible!

          9. i agree these refs need to get it done. no excuses or short cuts or denying it. Lebron is not better than Kobe and he never will be for that matter. Kobe i will always stick up for this guy not just because of the haters and refs going against him but GM and other players saying hes selfish and not wanting to play with him. Thats just an excuse like Kobe said shaq sat out playoffs bc of a little toe injury. meanwhile Kobe has played with numerous injuries from back spasms to sprained wrist and ankle and knee shoulder problems. not to mention he had a broken ligament on one of his hands his finger was all messed up. he still freaking played basketball! that is why i will always respect and admire and stick up for “MY” boy KOBE in any arguement or conversation! forget lebron i just dont like him and noone has to like him. its your choice if you like ur fav player could be kwame brown or robert sacre or luke walton.

    2. False ! CP3 with Kobe….. The key here is with “Kobe” would have at the time given the Lakers the league’s best one two punch. Now fast forward a few years and Lebron and Irving are the league’s best one two punch. That is more to the wishes of the NBA who has all of it’s stock invested in Lebron their hand selected boy.


      1. exactly lebron can play with dwade and chris bosh in miami and also lebron played with shaq in cleveland. even today lebron with kevin love and kyrie irving. kevin love is top 3 PF in the NBA i would say Kyrie is maybe top 5 or 6? somewhere around there id place him . doesnt matter anyway they all dislike Kobe for some reason and they wont let it go. the hate wont stop until he retires and youll have missed out on ARGUEABLY the greatest player of all time. i say ARGUE bc some still think Michael Jordan is better than Kobe. some say Kobe like me, others say Magic Bird Wilt Kareem so really its just an opinion and thats all. but i am entilted to mine as well. without having to listen to Kobe haters and i think Kobe is the greatest player of all time #1. and i put him above MJ i dont care what people say or how they feel about it. deal with it

        1. I agree with much of what you are saying. But Kyrie Irving is in the top 3 in his position in the league IMO.


  • Wade is Smart…..He don’t drink that Kool-aid Espn be Pumping…..He played with Kobe on 2 Gold Medals winning Olympic teams…Kobe is a winner…There are a lot of players wearing Championship rings playing alongside Kobe…
    And many have had their Best seasons playing alongside…Quess Who?….Kobe…..But Espn won’t state those Facts.

    1. Yeah that’s whats up ! You know what has been quoted out of my book “Win Anyway” … Only those who can’t dance want to keep others from dancing. We see it from the NBA to the NFL fat rich owners reaping benefits off talented players all the while trying to control them like personal property.

      Not all owners but we no their are some ass hole owners like Sterling and the crew he hangs out with. The media has to go along with those who feed them or lose out on a job or advertising money.

      Wade and Kobe at one time were the best two players in the NBA/world
      It was Kobe 1 and Wade 2 Lebron was 3 and allowed to team up with Wade the 2nd best player in the league to combat any chance Kobe the best player at the time chances of winning a championship. That has never changed. Hebron is still the leagues boy and Kobe(with legitimate help) is still the single biggest threat to preventing Lebron from winning championships. The Warriors were the leagues deepest team but a healthy Cav’s team with Irving,Anderson,and Love would have probably beat them because they lacked the championship experience before winning it.


        1. lebron hebron same thing lol. how about lechoke or hechoke? lol he did just choke lost another nba finals. whats hechoke now 2 nab rings out of what 8 finals appearances? kobe has went to 7 finals with the lakers and won 5. thats not as good as michael jordan but i give Kobe the thumbs up. hes not only my favorite player i think hes the greatest ever. i really admire Kobe and his skills as a basketball player. i dont know why noone else sees it? his dunking passing shooting its out of this world. but then again you dont listen to other people. they follow like sheep whats most popular and the NBA makes sure thats Lebron and not Kobe. you know Kevin Durant is a better player than lebron but who talks about him? right now in the NBA i would put KD 1st Kobe 2nd lebron 3rd but ask the NBA media and kobe is not even a top 10 SG. they are biased haters Kobe led the league in scoring last year before he got hurt dunking the ball. plus he had a career high for assists 17! 17!!!!!!

          1. nyelement007,

            The argument you make to defend Kobe over Jordan has to be while MJ was adopted and supported by the NBA just as Lebron has been, Kobe won all he has been able to against the NBA support. It was much tougher for Kobe to accomplish all he has with him also losing Shaq and some of his supporting cast along the way. Mike always had Pippen and much of his supporting cast as well as the league’s support.

            I love them both and I personally don’t like to separate greatness. They are both two of the greatest ever ! Period in my book. But since MJ is probably who a few more may vote ahead of Kobe I thought some proper light should be brought into focus.


      1. I do think, even with a complete lineup, warriors will still win. LeBron is showing his real color if he’s not getting his way. Though he’s a freak of nature and physically gifted, his mind and approach in closing time is still questionable. He was gone the last three games of the finals, especially in the fourth quarter.. His stat says different but leadership and decision making is questionable esp game six. Its Only Jr Smith who showed up in the dying last few minutes And almost gave the Cavs the chance and that takes heart. He played as if his life is on the line, while lebrons game plan and strength is gone. His eyes are tellingly surrender!

        1. But the reason Lebron was unable to perform in the last few games was because he shouldered so much of the load in the previous 3 games. Had Irving,Love,and Anderson V. been there the load would have been lighter and Lebron would have not had as large a burden to carry. I agree Lebron is no Kobe or no D.Wade for that matter but the fact that D.Wade had mentored and showed Lebron what it took gave Lebron an edge on the Warriors who had no one with championship experience before winning one this year. I agree the Warriors were the better team and had the most depth. But you could see early on when Lebron still had some gas that he had the swagger of a champion while the Warriors looked like fish out of the water. Spieghts had to come in and give them a shot of courage in one of the earlier games or who knows how things would have played out.

          But now that the Warriors have gotten over the hump and can call themselves champions they may have and understand what the heart of a champion is all about. So the Warriors may indeed be able to beat the Cav’s now even with the Cav’s being fully loaded. But based on how the Warriors struggled winning against the Cav’s minus perhaps their 2nd, 3rd and fourth best players and the fact the refs will cheat for Lebron and the Cav’s memory would be bet on the Cav’s while my heart would be pulling for the Warriors.


        2. I have always known JR Smith has big heart. So I agree with you on that. Kyrie Irving also has big heart that is another reason the Cav’s would have been a different team with Irving,Love and Anderson V. in the lineup.

          But I do agree with you on Lebron having less will and less heart than D.Wade or Kobe. But truthfully who in the league has hearts and big wills like Kobe and D.Wade?


  • According to former NBC Chicago radio host Mike Adamle, the Lakers and the Bulls are working on a sign-and-trade deal involving Jeremy Lin and Jordan Hill, who were both unrestricted free-agents.

    While it’s true that Lin is at the center of an ongoing sign-and-trade talk, reports indicated the Bulls aren’t the ones in discussion with the Lakers, but rather the Dallas Mavericks who have been eager to snag the Asian-American star.

    Adamle added that the Bulls are prepared to send one of its players to the Lakers in exchange for either Lin or All-Rookie teamer Jordan Clarkson. It’s unclear the identity of the player the Bulls are willing to move, but all indications are pointing to Taj Gibson as the odd man out.

        1. i agree taj gibson is another boozer letdown. why is lakers front office going to trade clarkson a soon to be elite player and all star for a short version of boozer we have enough PF. trade jeremy lin or jordan hill but leave clarkson alone. i wouldnt trade clarkson for cousins or alridge sorry but no thank you.

    1. The only players I would trade for Clarkson on the bulls would be Jimmy Butler Taj Gibson is another power forward we need a small forward badly unless the Lakers are completely sold on Randle as a small forward even saying that I really wanted to see Clarkson and Russell start

    2. That’s great if it’s Gibson for Lin! we’re getting something out of nothing. Have him as Sf, that will almost complete roster!

      1. True .But we don’t want to give up Clarkson who appears to have heart. Lin is who they want to help with merchandise sales. We sell enough merchandise. We need players to help win championships and the merchandise will sell itself.


        1. It will be a straight swap Lin for taj, no one else. I wouldn’t trade any young core we have!

          1. I agree fully with that ! If we got that trade I would be willing to go back to Vegas “my town ” and put down some thousands on the Lakers as a super long shot winning the title. But that’s just me. I am not a buster or a bandwagon bandit fan. I’m down with my team unless or until they do something buster like that is hard to forgive. I also know long shots are what separate many of the very successful from the hard working fools.


    3. Theres no way in hell were trading Jordan Clarkson for taj gibson! thats mentally retarded. get outta here with rumors! JC is here to stay and is going to be one of our best players this year probably better than randle and russel bc clarkson has last years experience under his belt. you can have lin or jordan hill but dont touch my boy Clarkson!

  • The people who don’t have that dedication, that hunger, that drive…..are the people who don’t want to play with Kobe…..they are not winners and we do not need them on our team……Kobe may be a asshole but MJ was way worse than Kobe luckily social media is not as big as it is now ……..in the past 3 years the media has created this bad image of how nobody wants to Kobe and that lakers are not the team anymore for free agents but that is not the case realistically last year and this year the only guy we missed out on was deandre jordan……they say all stars don’t wanna play with Kobe but in the past 2 years theere was a reason……melo didn’t want to leave his hometown and chase rings he wants to get a ring and he’ll die tryin in NY……..Lebron was never going to come here……gasol didn’t come because how lakers treated his brother…….Dwight isn’t a winner…….lamarcus is aging and the best shot for him to win is with the Spurs…..they were many restricted free agents who would have loved to play here like jimmy butler but their teams were going to match,…love would be a fool to leave a team which made it to the finals…..if Kobe was in his prime in pretty sure most players would sign but we just in a bad situation.

  • Kobe demands hard work and does not like clowning around on the court other than that he has no other demands on his teammates. Now compare that to chris paul who reportedly tried and control Jordan’s instagram posts. Paul is a crazy control freak and a way worse teammate than Kobe has ever been

  • can someone make an article on what possibilities lakers can do to land a 3&D which I believe is the missing piece in the roster!

    1. Kobe will start at the 3. Then if A. Brown develops in the following months I can certainly see him backing Kobe, he’s not a regular rookie he’s about to be 23 years old. I just hope he gains about 5-7 pounds of muscle

      1. Kobe’s body can no longer sustain a 3&D type of game. it would be best if we can add someone on that pos

        1. Well it’s not my choice plenty of people close to the organization have already said they expect him to play the 3 even Kobe himself said something similar awhile back. He’s not gonna play more than 30 minutes therefore he’ll be alright. Also don’t forget SG’s are usually faster and quicker than SF’s plus have u seen Clarkson?? Lol u can tell he developed even more after the season ended

          1. i’m rooting for GERALD GREEN from phoenix. hope we can unload young for him and for others

          2. Yeah that’ll be nice but I think A. Brown or Justin Anderson will be cheaper plus upside (that is if we get J.A. in the Lin deal)

          3. You’re right, I think Mitch wanna see what brown do first. But green might get offers where he plays 20+ minutes and if Kobe starting at the 3 then green won’t see nowhere near that much PT but if brown or Anderson don’t work out then I’m all for green

      2. yes plus Kobe probably aint playing more than 25 minutes. He’s learned from the last two years. last thing we want is him getting injured in his last season


    1. I agree with you ! But not necessarily in those words….. LOL….

      How on God’s green earth could anyone but a hater encourage anyone to not want to play with one of the best of all time?

      And all Kobe does is help teams win championships and gold medals.

      But being a great player and arguably one of the greatest of all times comes with a price. Especially if you are not insulated by the establishment which Kobe is not. Kobe with help is the biggest threat to the establishments plans of helping Lebron James “their hand selected boy” win championships. So they have to do all they can to get under Kobe’s skin. But we all see how thick Kobe’s skin is because he keeps bouncing back and being relevant.

      And now if the Lakers can just stay healthy long enough to gel Kobe might get the last few laughs and upset the odds like only he can do and they know that hence all the hate,doubt, and critics pulling against him.


  • Russel > Lin
    Clarkson > ageing and unhealthy Bryant
    Bryant > Johnson
    Randle > Boozer
    Hibbert > Hill

    1. LOL!! Plus MAJOR upside rather than embarrassing losers that reached their pinnacle seasons ago. Also our bench will be better, I hope our youngsters give it they all on defense since effort is the most important thing when it comes to basketball defense

  • Stars n dr prime now adays dont bear trash talks. .they wanted d baton handed on dm outright. They dont want to parttake in a ritual drills of passing the Torch in the jungle.. Too bad for them the glamourous Lakers is reigned by Mambas mental state of the 90s. And is fierce! If they accept the test, it cud hav been a very competitive team rightaway. Bt nonetheless, we gained our young stalwarts. Theres a bright future ahead for this team if potentials will reach.

      1. Almost lost the appetite of tuning in to lakers due to kobes fading. But with the emergence of jc & randle. .rus & d rooks.. Theres gonna b sumthing in there.. Hop this turns out great & luck is on our side. I wanna watch their game this season. Dont realy like any trade out of them.

    1. He’s not going to see much playing time unless it’s backing up Blake because they have Lance Stephenson most likely starting at the 3 Pierce is going to be the immediate back up and probably get a lot of minutes coming off the bench and they still have Jamal Crawford so I don’t see him playing much

  • I think everyone is going to underestimate us this season we have a shot of winning a good amount of games if the Lakers rookies play to their potential we could be a top 10 team in the west we might not make the playoffs but definitely in the hunt for the 8th seed

  • After watching the interview of nance jr after yesterdsys pratice, ge said that in this offense the 3s and the 4s do the same thing so maybe they are going to yse them enter changeably based on talent and matchups and not a specific position. Makes sense we will be abke to go big or play small, we can put 3 bruusers on the floor in randel, hibbert, nance, or 3 shooters in brown, j brown, and lou. Just depends on the matchup.

  • Mitch made a mistake by assembling all those D-leaguers to represent the Lakers. If they have a group close to what they’re putting together right now, they will have players willing to come here

    1. I actually feel a little sorry for Dwight Howard. His immaturity and ego(superman) was and is a lot like Shaq (the guy he grew up idolizing) before Shaq grew up and matured into the adult he is now. Shaq was original.Howard is still the second or third offensive option behind Harden with the Rockets. He will never be the offensive go to guy unless or until he develops some offensive moves. If he was smart he would have listened to and respected Kobe Bryant long enough for Kobe and the Lakers to show him how to win multiple championships. Now he will be lucky to ever get a championship and miss out on enjoying a life as a Laker champion while playing and his days after basketball with the red carpet treatment Lakers enjoy 4 Life !


      1. While with the Lakers, he could have tapped Kareem to work with him…Now he could do the same in Houston with Hakeem…The question is, will he?

        Does he have that kind of drive and dedication?
        So far it seems the answer is no.

        1. I agree with every thing you said. But I have forgiven Howard for making a fool of himself and a bad decision with regards to being un appreciative and disrespectful to Kobe Bryant.

          We have all made decisions we later regret. As Les Brown so eloqeuntly stated ” some times we can’t see the picture because we are in the frame”.

          I wish Howard well. I hope he decides to appreciate great players like Kobe, Kareem, Akeem, and McKale. He could learn so much from those guys and be respecting the game which would automatically reward him for doing so.

          Now of course I don’t wish Howard success at the cost of our Lakers. If we are in the race I want us to crush all his hopes.


          1. Hakeem not Akeem ! One of the best post players ever and highly un appreciated ! He had it all defense,offense could shoot outside with defense in his face or take you off the dribble and dunk in your face. He could also knock down foul shots.


  • The media is putting that crap out there. It’s not Kobe’s fault nobody want to play in L.A. It’s because L.A. is still in rebuilding mode and don’t have much of a bench. But they’re getting there. The Lakers are picking up some good role players in Bass and the other guy.

    1. It’s obvious there is a media driven ‘hate Lakers’ / ‘hate Kobe’ agenda. Why? That is the question?

  • Dudes like Wade, CP, and Kobe are dying out. Seriously, every player seems to want to skate through the league winning a round or two in the playoffs and get cudos for it. Hopefully Coach Scott and Self-named assistant Coach Kobe can instill championship attitudes on our youth.

  • Kobe has a lot of mileage yadda yadda yadda… Is that all you people can come up with? Stop speaking on things as if you came up with the word phrases that go with mentioning somebody’s life. The guy sustained his first major career injury in his 17th season, post championships and consecutive divisional titles. He single-handedly willed that team into the playoffs by passing the ball, scoring, playing defense, and leading. He came back too soon from the Achilles injury (which happened a week before the regular season ended), which led to him breaking his kneecap (which wasn’t a season-ending injury, the team sucked so much that season there was no reason for him to come back). The shoulder injury was something that plagued him for a few seasons before it finally snapped. This guy has played through countless injuries and bad circumstances to be the man, yet everyone wants to glorify guys that they can pretend to be like at the YMCA (ahem Steph Curry, jump shooters) or play with on a game of NBA 2K.

  • people are stupid. the Lakers are basically the most storied franchise in the NBA despite the half decade of mediocrity, and the main reason any up and coming player would reject the opportunity to not play with Kobe is simply b/c this generation lacks work ethic and has a desire for instant gratification and notoriety. They know Kobe would bust that ass in practice and they want things to come to them easy. If i were a rookie or even a free agent, as long as the money was right, i would love to play alongside Kobe Bryant. That is a no-brainer. Then again, this generation has no brains, so that is a moot point.

    1. You practically hit it on the head. But the problem is deeper than it appears to be on the surface. The solution thankfully is simple. But until we deal with the root of the problem the symptoms and its ugly head will keep popping up. The young generation has been intentionally dumbed down. But it is up to them to do their own research and stop relying on the media and the establishments to misled them under the false pretense that they are being honest in the first place. It is not p.c. to be truthful and takes courage.

      It is the responsibility of the older generation to reach this young misguided generation. But it’s their responsibility to listen. And to figure some things out for themselves.

  • I have one question who the hell is going to stick a lebron a Jeff green a Melo a durant why not keep Wesley for that

  • Certain thing posted eat at more than others. This post regarding DWade’s willingness to play with KB24 is just ridiculous. The only player of note to complain about Kobe as a teammate is Smush Parker. Man, he was inconsistent and seem to have more of playground game than an NBA type game. Yes, he was talented, but not enough to compete at the NBA level. D.Howard did not complain about playing with Kobe, he complained about not being the focus of the offense. That was the head coaches responsibility.

    1. I agree with much of what you are saying. But the post was actually good because it was a comment from D.Wade a player IMO 2nd to only Kobe when all are healthy during this generation.


  • Hell yes. Who wouldn’t want to play with the Legend Kobe??? It’s a foolish stupid question. Just don’t ask Melo, LMA, M Gasol, Love, Monroe, DJ. HAHHAHAHAHAHHHAHAAA

    1. you just named a bunch of players who never even came close to winning a ring, ill stay with what a champion like wade thinks

  • Dewayne jus sayin da right thang. Fore reel da nigga hate kome and dink kome a has been dat Shaq and Pay won all the champeenships. Kome just takin all da creditt.

  • What’s happening with Ronnie Price? I guy who lost his STARTING position due to an injury certainly has a position with his old team.

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