Deciphering Lakers Nation’s Twitter

Deciphering Lakers Nation’s Twitter


At Lakers Nation we do our best to provide our fans and followers with the best possible Lakers news on the web. Since our operation has grown dramatically since we first began, and of course we have all of you to thank for that, we are required to increase our staff numbers.

This causes things to get tricky occasionally when we have more than one person operating our Twitter account. Now, since we all have our different personalities and want to do our best to share them with you we felt it would be helpful to take a page out of the book of two of our favorite Lakers bloggers, the Kamenetzky brothers.

For those who don’t know, Andy and Brian Kamenetzky run the ESPN Land O’ Lakers blog, and have a joint Twitter account. To help their followers get to know each brother they sign each tweet with their initials, BK or AK. This is what we wanted to do with Lakers Nation, so the fans will always know who they are interacting with.

Our primary Twitter account, @LakersNation, is operated by both site founder Gary Lee, and editor-in-chief Daniel Buerge. You can follow their personal accounts as well, @MrGaryLee and @DanielBuerge_LA. However, when we’re using the Lakers Nation account we will sign our tweets as follows:

Gary Lee – MGL

Daniel Buerge – DSB

We hope that this makes things easier for all of you and helps you feel more connected to us. In the end our goal is to provide you with the most helpful and entertaining Lakers environment on the internet, and we feel this is a great way to do so.