Buy Cupcakes to Help Put Great Kids In Seats for Upcoming Laker Games

Everybody knows that professional sporting events can be expensive, especially in these economically trying times.  In order to help underprivileged  children who might otherwise not be given the opportunity to see any professional sporting events, Kids in Seats (KIS) is holding a virtual bake sale from August 15th-25th.

KIS will be using the online network Twitter, account name kidsinseats, to help with their fund raising during the sale.  Anybody looking to contribute to this non-profit organization has two options to donate:

1) the opportunity to pledge a certain dollar amount for every new Twitter account that is registered during the event

2) Buy cupcakes, cookies, or cakes via Twitter.

Kids in Seats will be receiving tickets from a variety of sources for upcoming sporting events, including but not limited to season ticket holders and businesses willing to donate unwanted or unused tickets.  While the plan is to help these children attend sporting events, the ultimate goal is to give these kids memories they will never forget.