Brandon Bass: ‘All I Thought About’ At LSU Was Playing For Lakers
Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports
Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

A lot of players in the NBA today grew up watching Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O’Neal winning championships with the Los Angeles Lakers. As a result of watching these two future Hall of Famers crush the competition, there’s a good majority of these players that have wanted to wear purple and gold at some point in their careers.

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Newcomer Brandon Bass can be added to the list of players that wanted to end with the Lakers and actually made it happen this summer. Bass talked about wanting to be a Laker all throughout his college days with LSU, according to Brad Turner of the Los Angeles Times:

Bass has bounced around the league quite a bit after being drafted out of LSU by the New Orleans Hornets with the 33rd pick in the 2005 NBA Draft. The forward only lasted two seasons in New Orleans before ultimately signing with the Dallas Mavericks in 2007 on a two-year deal and then signing a four-deal with the Orlando Magic in 2009.

The veteran power forward has only lasted two years with each team he’s played with until landing with the Boston Celtics in 2011 for Glen Davis and Von Wafer. Bass made an impression in Boston with some solid seasons.

After four seasons in Boston, the 30-year-old will get another fresh start with the team he’s wanted to play for all along. Bass has a legitimate shot to be the starter in Los Angeles while picking up where Ed Davis and Jordan Hill left off.

Although the Lakers brass ultimately want Julius Randle in the starting role at power forward, Bass may begin his stint with the Lakers playing alongside fellow newcomer Roy Hibbert as a starter in the frontcourt.


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Hey Ryan,
You’re late to the party. This is old news and was posted 2 days ago.

  1. see above. asking for help keeping an eye out for my buddy #17Rings. he has gone AWOL………..thanks.

          1. Why not? He’s a scrappy defender who gets under other’s players skin. Like Vujacic use to do.

          2. bingo delli = sasha all the way….dont mind them they dont know laker basketball like we do

          3. hes not a game changer or a difference maker why add another regular joe?

          4. this man can hang with curry and beat him..delli will help us beat the warriors

          5. You obviously are easy to get sucked in by intentional media created hype. Dellavadova couldn’t hang with Curry on his best day even if Curry was playing on a mcl knee injury. One off shooting game when Cleveland played good “team” defense does not make a sub player a star. Just as all the intentional hype hasn’t made Lin (a sub player) a starter.

            The Lakers don’t need more players like Lin and Della guys used to create hype and attract more mass appeal to the NBA. If anything the Lakers need a veteran point guard to help Russell’s transition from college to the NBA .

            Go Lakers!


          6. Yeah, because there are more suitable options out there at this moment. This team could use some toughness, as they have been soft the last few yrs.

          7. agreed not just toughness but delli would be a reliable 3 point shooter for us as well

          8. so can delli watch his highlight hes actually better than sasha is so many ways

          9. Name someone on the Lakers who is a good/scrappy defender, and don’t say 37 yr old Kobe. Everything is not about Offense in the NBA, you gotta play D, and that’s what he does.

          10. We need a defender to cover the SG or SF – we already have enough PG’s

            Paying him the kind of money he wants to defend a position that we drafted #2 is just in the plans

          11. lol hopefully mitch has a presentation ready for him we all know how that goes

    1. dellavadova?? is this a high school basketball line up? i’d rather not have a PG and play only four players on the floor.

  • i think should lakers to do now waive sacre and sign both glen davis and landry fields or dorrell wright my opinion

    1. I think the Lakers should sign very good mixed martial artists, that way they could at least cripple opponents in every game. They’re gonna be A-class defenders and enforcers. Would bring intimidation right away.

    2. Glen Davis?!?!?! STFU. Anybody who considers themselves a “professional athlete”, and can’t even take their body seriously, has no business in a Lakers (or any for that matter!) uniform! I don’t seem to understand how that fatass keeps getting signed. I really don’t get why he doesn’t take his diet and conditioning seriously.

  • ???

    how about we trade kelly sacre & jabari brown + 2nd rnd for chalmers + walker an then sign kevin seraphin (2.8) / PG SF C = good move for both teams ( 3 point shooting an depth for lakers ) ( cap relief + 2nd round pick an cheap role players )

    (very underrated an good defensive starting lineup)

    Williams /
    Young / Brown / Walker
    Randle / Nance
    Seraphin / Black / Upshaw
    (Lots of bench iso fire power)

      1. we have enough young pieces we need to push for playoffs or at least look good not making it for free agency next year… Chalmers an Walkers are big shot makers an gives us depth an more leadership

  • Damn bro I REALLY hope your keyboard is messed up because that is how you use your actual grammar then I think its time for you to go back to school.

  • Always liked Bass. Beautiful mid-range game. Not sure how he fairs defensively, but that jumper is going to be a nice pick-and-pop weapon and a release valve for our guards.

  • Not any worst then the KLAPPERS , you will never see us CHOKE and get beat with a 3/1 lead in the play offs , TROLLS will choke also RIGHT zach the TROLL. FLAGGED

  • Then why the fuck did he sign here now if they are a cellar dwelling team you idiot? Do you ever think before you type or does it hurt too much?

  • This is why Brandon Bass should Start and Will Start over Randle for the better of the team

    1. Hes a better defender
    2. You dont need to run plays for him hes an energy guy who does everything.
    3. Hes the perfect veteran to put beside Kobe
    4. He can space the floor alot better than Randle can.
    5. Ball Movement and Chemistry will be better with Bass than with Randle.
    6. Randle will learn from Bass and teach Randle like Boozer was suppose to.

    1. every thing you said is true but randle will start. you dont bench your first round pick like that for a vet that wont be here 3 years from now

      1. randle is going to need some time. truthfully, I would like see the lakers fight for an 8 seed. It’s a long shot but it’s still possible.

        I think that bass starting over randle give the lakers more chance to win.

        1. Their energy is mutual. ..the difference is eds free throws and n mid range game..i would of preferred him to stay honestly. .but im not mad with bass..booz is not good right now and hate his defense

  • Good to have guys who WANT to be here. Love Hibberts motivation and can’t wait to see him defending the rim… It will be an interesting year for sure, could not be as bad as last year. Too bad we are in the west, but this is just the start of hopefully the road back to power.

  • You’re an idiot. Stop typing. Smash your keyboard and throw away your computer. You typed the dumbest comment I have ever seen. If he didn’t want to be here he wouldn’t be here. Playing time on other teams has nothing to do with what you just said you retard. Nice fail.

  • my buddy #17Rings has been trolling here lately. If you see his posts, please flag him. He’s a TROLL and a die hard Celtics fan. I have seen his room and he has a ton of Celtics banners, a Celtics closet full of Celtics gear and his car is painted Celtics green, decorated with clover leafs and players uniforms (McHale, Bird, Johnson, etc… ) Please keep your eyes out for him, he sometimes but not always uses the sn #!7Rings.

      1. just giving you guys the heads up about this TROLL……….I do have to respect his #17Rings though.

  • is it just me or is that so-called rivalry between the lakers and celtics pretty much gone? I’m a huge lakers fan but i just dont feel anything when we play the celtics like i do when the dodgers play the fags up north.

  • Welcome to Lakersnation Brandon……….Ballers recognize Ballers. We can’t wait to see you carve up the competition.
    Go Lakers

  • It’s always great to have players who have dreamed to become Lakers.
    Brandon Bass will most likely be another player with a lot of “heart” something Kobe needs more around him as the Lakers strive to exceed expectations.

    It looks like a pretty good mix of young and a few key vets to glue it all together.

    Go Bass ! Go Lakers !


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