Artest to Reveal Lakers Logo Haircut Tonight

*BREAKING NEWS* Ron Artest to display first Lakers hair cut TONIGHT via twitter feed.



Ron Artest created a new twitter account this week @ThugRaider37 and has continued to connect with Lakers Nation on a whole new level. Last night Artest was honored at a Welcome to LA party, which prior to, fans were given a chance to chat with Artest via webcam (while he got his hair cut obviously). Now, the long awaited debut of the LA hair cut will likely be shown on a similar Tiny Chat webcam feed tonight. I, for one am excited. Will it be the Lakers logo, an LA sign, or something more innovative? Only time will tell, set your countdown clocks for tonight.

Beasley looks for change of scenery, finds it “greener” in more ways than one. Checks into rehab. On Tuesday Miami Heat forward Micheal Beasley checked himself into a Houston rehab facility without explanation. Beasley’s manager was told that his client was looking for a change of scenery, moving his training to Houston from Washington and Miami. It is still unknown as to why he chose Houston, however the warning signs were popping up weeks earlier.

nba_g_mbeasley1_288The spiral appears to have started in earnest Friday, when a photo of the No. 2 pick in the 2008 NBA draft was posted to his Twitter account. In the photo Beasley displayed a new tattoo across his shoulders, and the image also captured what appeared to be a small plastic bag on an adjacent table. The contents of the bag were unclear.

Beasley seemingly cried out for help via his twitter feed post photogate as well, tweeting:

“Feelin like it’s not worth livin!!!!!!! I’m done” and “I feel like the whole world is against me I can’t win for losin”

Memphis confirms offer to A.I. , seems to be in the drivers seat. How far has Allen Iverson fallen? Far enough to be at a point where the Memphis Grizzlies have leverage on him during apparent on-going negotiations. It was reported this week that Memphis was the front runner to obtain the 10 time NBA All-Star, yet nothing could be confirmed. That changed when Grizzlies GM Chris Wallace told ESPN that they had made an offer to Iverson. When asked for a time table or to discuss the size of the offer, Wallace made it very clear that Iverson needs them (yes the Grizzlies) more than they need him.

“We’ll probably add another guard at some point, but we don’t need to rush to do it,” Wallace said.

NBA & DMV crack down on players who can’t drive (or stop drinking while doing so). On Friday the NBA front office suspended Denver Nugget J.R. Smith, and Phoenix Sun Jason Richardson for seven and two games respectively. Smith plead guilty to reckless driving in New Jersey after also being involved in a 2007 accident which killed a passenger in his vehicle. Richardson plead guilty to drunken driving in Arizona. I always thought I’d never be able to think less of J.R. Smith after his “chicken walk”…apparently I was wrong.


The Machine explains departure from Slovenian National Team. Mechanical issues cited. Sasha Vujacic released a statement today which explains the reasons behind him being “cut” or leaving the Slovenian national team. The Machine states that he was uncomfortable with the training program put in place by the team doctors, going as far as accusing the them of not accurately diagnosing a potential injury in his knees. A lack of synthetic oil in Slovenia may have caused a break down in his mechanical knee joints.

Odom is Willy Wonka’s new Charlie. Promises gobstoppers, snozberries and Oompa Loompa’s. If Willy Wonka tweeted, he might have this to say to @RealLamarOdom…