Around the NBA – March 22nd, 2010

Around the NBA – March 22nd, 2010


After last night’s nonchalant dumping of the Washington Wizards, the Lakers approved to 52-18, which makes them the best team in the Western Conference. They currently lead the Denver Nuggets by 5 games and the Dallas Mavericks by 5 1/2 .

If the playoffs started today, the Lakers would play: the Portland Trailblazers.

Here’s what’s going around the NBA today:

– With their 99-92 victory over the Wizards, the Lakers showed a sense of urgency… kinda. [Los Angeles Times]

– Kevin Ding of the OC Register thinks the Lakers (and Lamar Odom) are still a “championship riddle”. [OC Register]

– Lamar Odom has enjoyed recent success with national campaign ads and exposed marketability. Some say this is due to his “marriage” with reality TV star Khloe Kardashian. Others claim it’s due to the always suave Odom striking championship gold last year. Whatever the cause, one thing is clear: his ads work. [OC Register]

– Do the Lakers need rotation adjustments? [Momma There Goes That Man]

– Sasha Vujacic, with help of the “Whiz Kid”, has partnered with the National Eczema Association, to help raise awareness of the disease.  From the site: “Over 30 million Americans—many of them children—suffer from eczema. The disease causes rashes, skin lesions, blisters, oozing, crusting, dryness, intense itching that often leads to bleeding, and inflammation of the skin.” [Vujacic.Net]

Meanwhile, in Mordor…..

– All is not well in Blazerland. Kevin Pritchard, considered by many to be one of the brightest General Managers in the league, has recently contemplated resigning. A regime change could be underway soon. [Blazer’s Edge]

– The Magic’s Stan Van Gundy says he plans to try Marcin Gortat at the Power Forward position before the end of the regular season. [Orlando Sentinel]

– After wins at Houston and at Dallas (on a back-to-back), the Celtics may have been resurrected. [Celtics’ Green]

– Kevin McHale certainly doesn’t think the Celtics “have it” this year, but “that could change.” [Celtics’ Town]

– A signing that didn’t garner much attention this off-season (due to his injuries) was Cleveland’s signing of Leon Powe. He has returned recently, and despite possessing zero athletic ability anymore, is still highly productive. [NBA Fanhouse]

– LeBron James’ record endorsement deal he signed with Nike when he was 18 is set to expire in a few months. James won’t be a free agent and expects to re-up with the Swoosh very soon. []

– Denver Nuggets backup point guard (and Laker nemesis) Ty Lawson recently returned from injury. He still awaits playing time. [Denver Post]