Andrew Bynum vs. Chris Bosh – Who’s Number 1?

Another large item of consideration is the injuries. The previous two seasons before this one Bosh has played in 144 games compared to Bynum’s 85. The Lakers center has suffered two debilitating knee injuries that have been obvious setbacks in his young career. While he has avoided injury so far this season there is no doubt that the constant fear of injury is something the Lakers front office must consider. Even though Bynum is a tremendous young talent, he will do the Lakers no good if he is sitting on the sidelines in a suit.

There is no question that the upside to Bynum probably exceeds that of Bosh, but the unknowns are incredibly prevalent and must be considered by Kupchak and the rest of the Lakers front office if a trade of this magnitude presents itself. Many of the members of the Andrew Bynum fan club cite his age as one of the main reasons to keep him around. The Lakers could look foolish if they trade him at 22 and in three years he is the most dominant center in the league. However, one thing that must be recognized is that the Lakers are a team that is built to win now. The windows on Kobe Bryant, Pau Gasol, Lamar Odom, and Ron Artest are rapidly closing. While they aren’t going to all retire in the next five years, they will certainly be past the point of their most productive seasons. Is Kupchak looking for a young center to usher in the post-Kobe Bryant era for L.A? There is no indication that Bosh couldn’t be that player. The Toronto forward is only 25, and is currently going to giving his optimum level of performance. While Bynum is certainly very young, Bosh is just as certainly not old.

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