Andrew Bynum vs. Chris Bosh – Who’s Number 1?

The statistics clearly consider Bosh, but that is largely because he is required to carry more of the load in Toronto than Bynum is in L.A. The Raptors do not have nearly the amount of offensive firepower as Los Angeles, allowing Bynum to fit in more than being forced to assert himself offensively. It seems that Bynum is very comfortable letting the other players take the shots and do the work, and seems to blend in and find himself disappearing on the post game stat sheets. Bosh has also proven that he can work well with other superstars, thanks to his showing at the 2008 Summer Olympics where he helped his United States teammate Kobe Bryant bring home the gold. Many people think that this is one of the reasons Bosh would fit so comfortably with the Lakers, and is certainly an intriguing bit of information for the Lakers front office.

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