Andrew Bynum vs. Chris Bosh – Who’s Number 1?

Now the Lakers perspective is slightly different. Remember, this is the team that is the defending NBA Champions and currently has the best record in the league. However, they seem to be struggling and stuck in neutral, leaving many fans questioning their ability to repeat. This is, of course, an absurd observation considering the season is barely halfway over, but if such a trade was proposed to Los Angeles would they pull the trigger?

We all know that Lakers GM Mitch Kupchak has had high aspirations for young Andrew Bynum since he was drafted tenth overall in 2005 straight out of high school. Kupchak was even criticized when he refused to include Bynum in a deal that would have brought star point guard Jason Kidd to Los Angeles back when the Lakers were struggling to stay afloat in the west. There is no doubt that Bynum has a vast reservoir of potential, and shows spurts of excellence on the court, but he has still been a fairly inconsistent player. Now, it is also very important to remember that Bynum is only 22 years old and has many years ahead of him in the league, so there is no question he is going to improve as a player as he gets older. But there are several other important aspects of this situation that the Lakers, and Raptors as well, must consider before a trade like this will ever hit the books.

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