Andrew Bynum vs. Chris Bosh – Who’s Number 1?

A recent rumor from the NBA is that the Lakers are looking to trade young center Andrew Bynum to Toronto in exchange for All-Star power forward Chris Bosh. Obviously this is only a rumor but it is certainly worth investigating to see just what the Lakers would be gaining, and losing if some sort of deal was to go down.

In case you have been living on the moon the past three years, there is a fairly impressive free agent class about to hit the market this upcoming offseason, and Toronto’s Bosh is on this list. There have been all sorts of rumors for the past fifteen months regarding Bosh teaming up with various superstars around the league, Dwyane Wade and LeBron James are just a couple of the examples, to create a monstrous duo that could make that team an instant title contender. Even if Toronto offers Bosh a maximum deal it is very possible that he does choose to play somewhere else where he has a better chance at winning.

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