Aaron Brooks is the Answer


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    by: Ely H.

    For some reason I seem to be the only Laker fan on this planet that thinks the Lakers should aggressively pursue Aaron Brooks. The guy can flat out score and still rack up a couple dimes. Sure we have Ramon Sessions but what if Sessions decides to opt out and become a free agent? Even if the Lakers keep Sessions they can sign Brooks and have him come off the bench for Kobe. In most of our losses our bench has always been outscored. Now is the time to improve our bench and make a serious title run with young hungry players. Brooks just ended his Chinese season and the Suns are probably going to let him walk. I think if the Lakers can amnesty a player they can throw some money towards Brooks and make an offer the Suns wouldn’t dare matching since they are hunting for the big fish in free agency. Let me know what you guys think in the comment section below