60 Seconds With NBA Rookie Robert Upshaw (Video)

The Los Angeles Lakers added Robert Upshaw to their 2015 Summer League roster, garnering a wave of interest in the undrafted rookie. Lakers Nation takes 60 seconds to get to know the 7’0″ center with a 7’5.5″ wingspan with over a dozen random questions. From milkshake flavors to secret talents to guilty pleasures and superstitions, it’s all in our fun video above.

Just sign the damn guy already! Who cares if he’ll most likely get the DNP CD tag for the majority of the season. He’s got so much potential. Nike it and just do it.

    1. Until it’s a guaranteed ROSTER contract, it’s just a training camp invite. So presumably, he does have a contract, it’s just not an official “you’re on the roster” contract until the team puts him on the opening day roster.

      It’s semantics, i know……

        1. with his defense who would you choose over him?
          id cut sacre and sign a backup PG too.
          Baron Davis is the guy im looking at right now who is best for us. price is cheap and he has a ton of experience. not bad for the Lakers if i say so. but hey thats just my opinion….

        2. Still, it’s a message. And for what it’s worth, Sacre has experience and attitude over him for one….

  1. They’re not gonna have a couple of 1st round picks in the coming years. So, they should jump at the chance to develop high-risk high-ceiling prospects like this guy. I don’t know what they’re waiting for either.

  • As long as he is in shape & clean he should get a chance just as any other guy that can and will play, its his dream and the break that can change his life and help the LAKERS as well—–Why NOT. He is just what the LAKERS need another RIM protector.. Hibbert & Upshaw what a difference they could make. One more step to the playoffs.

      1. I would assume he’s already signed.
        They just interviewed him wearing a lakers jersey.

        It’s probably not guaranteed, so it’s nothing more than an overglorified training camp invite at the moment.

      2. vdogg if they dont sign him im gonna be pretty upset with the Lakers FO. this is the problem they do.
        Keeping guys like sacre and kelly but wont give upshaw a chance.

      3. His contract is not guaranteed, so he is a camp invitee with 2 years of contract if he makes it to the team. Lakers is using this 2 years, more than a million dollar contract to lure his potential and give him motivation to stay clean. As a undrafted rookie, he will want this money.

  • Not bad on the interview questions. Not a lot of stumbling mumbling and he gave a good answer on being smart and making good decisions.

      1. FWIW, I still think Exum will be a very good player…. presuming this knee injury isn’t debilitating.

        I’m not sure he’s a legend, but I think the kid WILL be good. He made a lot of progress by the end of last season.

        I think the 2014 draft will have a dozen (or so) very recognizable names. This year’s draft might only have 2-3 superstars but will feature many of the future starters of the league.

  • My take on Upshaw:

    First, he’s in the bag, signed, and it’s up to him to make the roster and get guaranteed money. — straight up, he’s gotta earn it. — He’s working out with the team, and presumably has a training camp invite. BUT, until he (either) makes the official roster on Opening Day, or the team fully extends him a regular season offer, his contract is incentive based. As such, technically he DOES have a contract, but since it’s not guaranteed and is incentive based, it’s not official and doesn’t count toward the cap. If somehow he messes up big time in Training Camp, he gets cut and no-harm-no-foul.

    The team obviously likes him, believes in him, but it taking the same measured approach that it would take with ANY undrafted player and ANY player with his history. YES the team got a mid-teens draft value, but his red flags make give him the undrafted stigma and status. But also believe that the team is doing everything it can to help him succeed and fulfill his potential. The team sees the same thing that you and I do, and is trying its hardest to make it happen — we just don’t see it from our perspective.

    Second, he’s nothing more than a 3rd string option this year. — re read that. — This means, the team will probably stash him in the DLeague until mid-season and free up a roster spot for someone else. At this point, he’s NOT going to be Hibbert’s primary backup unless things change MASSIVELY before October. ** Jumping to the #2 position is possible, but i take a deep breath when I think about that option actually happening.

    Third, he IS in the long term future. And might be a late bloomer center much like Hibbert. I look at his potential in 3-4 years, and think that by the end of this year that he could grow and become a #2 backup, BUT until then, the team STILL needs a #2 solution, and he’s nothing more than a project. I envision him as Hibbert’s eventual replacement in 4 years.

    Mitch did manage to fenagle a steal in this draft. But, much like every draftee he’s atleast 1 year away, and isn’t going to help much THIS year. But in the future with Randle, Clarkson and Russell….

    1. Yep, the 2 years contract is just another motivation for him to stay clean, if he wants the contract and gain huge contracts later on, with his potential, he knows what to do.

  • Here’s the problem, one that is totally of stupidity by the FO. They needed to release Sacre or Kelly first and foremost. Black, Sacre and Hibbert are the centers. Randle Bass and Kelly PF’s with Kobe likey getting some burn at the 4 in certain situations. SG is stacked also. PG is the position where they are extremely thin. Especially given they want to run Russell and JC as the starting back court together.

    Locking up Upshaw should be a no brainer but the PG situation makes it very difficult. If it were me, Sacre would be the odd man out. Kelly can play the 5 even though we all cringe at his strength for the position. He would fit their in limited minutes as a stretch 5 like Spencer Hawes. I’d then sign Upshaw and leave him in the D league to get in shape. The next move would be to sign a back up PG. Of the remaining free agent PG’s, Nate Robinson, Kendall Marshall or Toney Douglas would be my choice in that order. Or you could just leave the 15th spot open and hope to land a back up PG through training camp invites. Marshall and Douglass may fall in that category. Buycks also.

    1. Until final roster cuts in October, the team can carry 20 players. So Kelly and Sacre aren’t an issue as of today.

      Be patient. I’d you think mitch doesn’t see the same things we do, you underestimate things.

      Just because it’s not an official “you are on t he roster” contract broadcast to the world doesn’t mean he doesn’t have a contract.

      1. Ahh but they can only carry 15 guaranteed contracts . We lost Kendall Marshall last season like that when they actually wantd to keep him.

          1. One time just for you Randall Marshall 2015 stats mpg 15 / fg % 455 / 3pt % 391 / ft % 889 / ast pg 5.4.. what do you think is good, if you don’t know you come up with some of the worst answers on LAKERS NATION and that is most of the time, your just a Pain in the A$$.

          2. all that jibberish means nothing because clarkson clearly out played marshall and took his place as a rookie smh

          3. How many on the LAKERS as of now CAN. And if that is his only faults 15 mins a game is not going to lose the games.

          4. Id rather take nate coz he can man the point at the bench. Rather than watching the hard earned score of the starters getting down who took breathers, coz of his turnovers & frail defense. I want a veteran bench pg, rather than a dleague scrub.

        1. They can only carry 15 guaranteed contract as of Opening Day. Yes, this is a 15 man roster limit. Until Opening Day, they can carry 20 players. So we have about 2 months until decisions have to be made…..


          The new DLeague rules (as of 2 weeks ago) allow them to retain the rights to 3 players they assign to the DLeague.

          And in the case of Sacre and Kelly, they can be waived/cut. At this point, the team STILL has a $2.8M roster exception WITH both their salaries. So cutting them to make space is only a $2.75M financial loss, and nothing else. BUT, I’ll bet they get traded in the next 2 months.

          1. Explain?
            I am assuming you are talking about the DLeague Rules.

            The league changed the rules so that 3 players from EACH team can be sent to play in the DLeague while retaining their rights (aka “unpoachable”).

            BUT, these players must have signed a contract THIS offseason and have this provision included.

            This is a NEW concept the league has implement to create a system much like the NFL practice squad and baseball farm system. It boosts the DLeague, and allows a team to “develop” players without risk of being “poached” like in the old system.

            So, to me, Upshaw is a perfect candidate for this. … “stashed” until January, and then brought up at a later date.

          2. I’m saying that he’s a candidate to be stashed IF need be.

            I think he could still make the #3 center spot. I’m saying that the team COULD stash him to open up a spot if they needed. Not that they would as an absolution.

            At this point, ABrown, Nance, TMitchell, Upshaw, and Buycks are presumably eligible just the same.

          3. He has a chance to take Black’s spot, but most likely Sacre’s spot.

            To me, unless he seriously sucks in Training Camp, he’s the #3 center and Sacre is waived if he’s not traded for a handful of beans before that day.

            At this point, Sacre is irrelevant and it is HIGHLY unlikely he’s on the team in October.

          4. At this point sacre is lakers best kept secret all we know is that he was the first signed in free agency which means they locked him up so no one else can get him..hes going to be a beast this season laugh all you want

          5. he was the first signed in free agency Ray wait wait..over lamarcus aldridge

          6. Idk mybe we’ll js wait.. I think they want to be certain in training camp.. And mayb select a more important pieces. Mitch gave us a clue though: pg & c!

          7. can another team take or make an offer to Upshaw while all this jocking around continues, I don’t understand why would the lakers take that chance if Upshaw already exceeds Sacre and Kelly’s abilites, Upshaw already stated he wants to play for the Lakers, therefore the Lakers could sign him to a conditional contract right now and have him start getting in shape and ready to play, why all this drama ???

          8. i say keep 3 centers.
            and 3 PF- Randle/ Bass/ Nance Jr.
            i think we should really hold onto nance jr and randle.
            along with upshaw and hibbert.
            Bass and Black really have to show me something for them to come back. Ed Davis played really well but black i need to see him score dunk more and block some shots.
            Ed Davis set the bar pretty high last season for Black to follow.

          9. I agree, except for your thoughts on Black. He’s really proven to be another steal for us last season. I really hate we couldn’t bring back Davis, but Black is a really good player going forward (don’t be down on him). Black is a great rebounder and pretty solid close shot guy. I just hate that Black is undersized, but he plays big. I think his defense is average, but not too many negatives to Black’s game, other than maybe foul trouble (Summer League). Hopefully, Sacre will be gone and Upshaw can get minutes while Hibbert rest and Black possibly gets into foul trouble, that would be the dream.

            Nance is a great energy guy, but I doubt he’ll be a consistent player, which isn’t bad since he’ll be coming off the bench behind Randle and Bass.

          10. I don’t know man, for some reason, the FO seems to really be in liking of Sacre. I say that because, he has been continuously been brought back for no good reason. I get he’s another big body and 3rd C, but he’s wasted a roster spot for us for the past few seasons. I’ve been the guy who has said that there’s someone out there better than Sacre, yet the FO continuously brings him in.

            The FO has been really shaky to me. It was reported that the Cavs were willing to trade a draft pick or two for Sacre and the Lakers passed, which was really odd for the Lakers half, since this seemed like their only chance to get something in return for Sacre. They also passed on Whiteside, which was a huge disappointment seeing as Sacre is worthless compared to the dude. I also don’t know if the Lakers could trade Sacre and Kelly, since I believe Mitch called all 29 teams about Kelly, Sacre, and Young. I’m also guessing Mitch tried his best to throw in one, two, or all three in the Roy Hibbert trade, but didn’t seem like the Pacers were interested since they seemed to settle with a 2nd round pick.

            If Upshaw doesn’t get signed and Sacre is still here, I will be very upset with the FO. Upshaw has proven to be way better than Sacre. Plus, for those who say he’s not ready, it’s not like Upshaw will see many minutes as the 3rd C behind Hibbert and Black, plus it’s only foreseeable that Upshaw will be sent down to the D League a couple times over the course of the season, hey even Clarkson was.

          11. Upshaw should have the number 2 spot. Black is okay but Upshaw has the potential to be # 1.

          12. brown maybe mitchell should be given a 10 day contract maybe 2 like jabari got last year.
            upshaw dleague him until January them use as backup center. like this…..for now.
            PF- randle/bass/nance jr
            later on in Jan.
            PF-Randle/Bass/Nance Jr.
            Black will be 3rd option as PF or C.

          13. The three players assigned to the d league are off the 15 man roster if I’m correct. Marshall was scooped up by the Bucks during training camp last season. This is the risk with non guaranteed camp invites.

          14. They just changed it – literally 2 weeks ago – that a team could designate 3 guys as “rights protected” aka unpoachable.

          15. I’ve failed to find anything on the internet regarding said rule. Does it exist or is it a figment of your imagination?

        2. I am more sad about kent baze, dude had future in the team imo, he is actually the SF we’re missing now, oh hell

        3. marshall is not a bad backup plus he is cheap.
          could we as in the Lakers sign marshall,and then cut sacre then sign baron davis too? plus upshaw?
          So marshall/davis/upshaw?

          1. Baron Davis yes teaching russell and playing a few backup mins. give russell 30 and baron 18.

    2. I think we have all seen Kendal Marshall he is a good PG who is a Pass first and with the bench and all those shooters he is a perfect choice, plus he can shoot if need be, he reminds me of NASH with his ball handling, good man.

        1. With BS coaching way i highly doubt that. Coz i know he’d rather pick his bench pg a defensive player. Someone gritful, thats why he gave minutes to price despite offensive inconsistencies. And with the current rookie probable to start, its just out of his context to select another player very weak on D.

    3. The duplicitous coming out of DP is hilarious. Kelly stretch 5? More like waive him or trade him. Lou the sixth can play pg too. They have enough players that can play the 1. D’R1, JC6, Kobe and Lou. Best to roll with a 3 and a 5 if Kelly gets waived/cut. Very likely Sacre be the 14th/15th man, thus cheering from the sidelines. Been arguing this too (Kelly) since late 2013, what happened to Kelly stretch 4?

      1. Kelly was a center at Duke. He’s better playing the post than as a SF. Spencer Hawes lite, which is not saying much but could be functional in a pinch for short stretches against other bench players. Russell and JC will start in the back court. We could use Williams at the one but we still need a real back up PG for depth.

        Kelly will still be a stretch 4 but if it were up to me Sacre would be odd man out and Kelly would be an emergency 5.

    1. Nah. .sacre will take this to another level & will play pg aswell so to vindicate himself the last spot.LOL

      1. nah sacre may surprise all of you this summer by bulking up..if he is indeed bigger in size this year than hes a keeper

          1. agreed ray our centers will be hibbert/black /sacre …3 durable centers who can stay healthy all season long. stash upshaw with la defenders and use the last roster spot to sign jr smith

          2. as of now thats our center rotation people will sell out to see hibbert/black/sacre

          3. Its kobes motivation thing. Sacre needs tobe scary to be respected. If not coz its very unsacre, wanna invest instead on upshaw. Got reflexes to rim protect, js needs to grow in the bench and putup muscles. In time that wud be a real scary man.

          4. agreed they already spent money on sacre they should just invest in him..which they are doing by the way

          5. He’s not making the Opening Day roster.

            Why are you so worried about a #3 center?

          6. upshaw mostly not making it you right but sacre is already signed for the year

          7. sacre needs to learn defense and protect the rim like hibbert does. if he doesnt block shots or rebound he can go bye bye.

        1. Sacre’s gone bro.
          Upshaw has to earn his spot, but Sacre’s not going to be more than he already is. After 4 seasons, we know what Sacre is all about…..

          He’s the perfect #3 center for most teams (aka 15th man). It’s just that THIS team needs a #2, and they have Upshaw.

          1. theres no indication of sacre or kelly being gone or traded so its time we start adding them our roster

          2. Let’s get at least part of the way through training camp before we start making predictions about the bench and deep bench guys…..

            Right now the only roster consideration we need to have is whether or not the team has exceeded 20 players.

          3. thats no prediction theres a contract that states sacre is officially our back up center

          4. id trade sacre before kelly. kelly is somewhat good….sacre tho? hes garbage cant block or rebound!!!!

        2. if all sacre did was grab rebounds and block shots he would be equal to roy hibbert………
          but what does sacre do? he dont dunk the ball he dont block any shots even PG’s and he watches rebounds fly past his big ol head.

        3. …. no he’s 7 feet and gets outplayed by an undrafted and undersized Tarik Black. Plus he has a ridiculously low iq and gets bullied as if he’s not over 200lbs

  • its going to be hard for him to take sacres spot with sacres sweet little baseline jumper how will upshaw compete with that..hes gotta work on his shooting and show improvement in preaseason if not he will be stashed in d league

  • Seriously, people actually want Kendall Marshall back??? Let’s call Kwame Brown while we’re at it! Jeeeez….

    1. whats wrong with him? we need a backup PG behind russell.
      are you that dumb? marshall can ball……watch some film idiot.

      1. It’s pretty funny hearing some mouthbreathing moron like you voice your amoeba opinion with that kind of neanderthal aggression. Put down the stat sheet and then YOU go watch some film, shit for brains.

    2. Some pipol are just so blind to see that the stats theyre refering were augmented from his overall performance in the court w/ dantoni. His a system player, obviously not gonna pan out w/ scott.

      1. it appears that kelly and sacre will be sticking around which indeed means theres one spot open…ask yourself this is upshaw worth the last roster spot?

          1. nick and lou are coming off the bench

            JR smith is looking for a starting role an our shooting guard position is wide open which is why he makes the most sense to me

            keeping sacre and kelly fills our pf and center positions

          2. clarkson will be starting pg according byron. you think russell will be starting your on something

          3. LOL. byron never came out and said that clarkson will be starting at the point. and russell WILL start.. #2 pick.. fans want to see him play. byron will accelerate his development. you’ll see.

          4. he said both guards will compete for starting pg spot but you already know clarkson will beat russell for the spot

    1. lol what for? he’s not even ready to play in the d-league but you want him on the first team?

  • Please just sign him already FFS! I don’t get why people are saying it’s because “he’s not proven.” Yeah neither are all the other rooks and it’s not like we haven’t already been filling out the roster with D League talent the past several seasons. I mean shit, he’s already better than Sacre lol.

    1. exactly man hes miles better than sacre.
      he actually blocks shots and rebounds something sacre just doesnt get.

  • Big UP, WILL GUARANTEE Kobe “two” more Rings! Just the Rim Protector KB & Lakers need! Big UP begins the Return of Laker Dynasty. For Years Sacre & kelly HAVE DISAPPOINTED – dump THEM. Work with Big UP, who doesn’t have Problems, YOU? Big UP is the NEW Laker BIG! Young, talented, just Awesome. Big UP brings RINGS, RINGS, RINGS. Last Championship 2010??? That is about to Change with BIG Up!!! – (131) Best

  • Wait, wait . . . I was just reading YOUR comments J taylor and onelak erfan & You sound like you kno something, I’ll give you that – BUT, BUT here is my BEEF !! Not one, not a single ONE of the dudes your speaking soooo highly and talking of, NEVER, EVER stepped up when KB (or us Ring Dynasty Chasers) wanted them or needed them too!! It just makes me Sick. Get Upshaw, work with him or someone will !!! While your at your soap-box speeches FIRE Kupchak, and his STUPID A** Coach for summer League – Dumb A** Madsen. cuz I’am assuming it was my good O’le Bud Mitch who dreamed up one of his Five years at the Helm (with NO RINGS – HELLO) idea, and said, “Mark, you can coach Summer League” WTF !! Stupid is Stupid. Forget all those Lakers who are not there: Gasol, Howard, Marshall, and whoever and WORK with Upshaw and the WEAK Russell (number one laker pick, Haha lmao), and STUPID Pick by our Brain-ster in Charge good o’le boy Mitch. Damn I’m just SICK of the FO stupidity – FIRE Them all I say. If you not the BALLS, let me do it Sh*t Man. Lakers NEED Rings boys!! and Upshaw is start of that NEW dynasty (132) – Best

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