5. Thon Maker, PF/C, High School

Thon Maker

One of the biggest mysteries of this draft class, and also a favorite among Lakers fans, Thon Maker has great potential to be a standout player, but also to be a potential bust as he makes the jump from high school to the NBA.

The positives on Maker are obvious. He is 7’1 with a 7’3 wingspan. He is a very good athlete who runs the floor well, has a great motor, and can be a force both on the boards, and defensively as a shot blocker. He also shows plenty of offensive potential thanks to his ability to step out and hit jumpers and has potential three-point range.

The problems for Maker, however, are also pretty obvious. He needs to add a lot of strength as he is extremely skinny right now and can be pushed around. His basketball IQ and decision making also need to improve as he doesn’t yet have a great feel for the game.

If the Lakers were to go for Maker it would be a ‘swing for the fences’ type pick as they would be taking a major risk, but the reward could be great.