Lakers Nation Presents The Top-10 Worst Lakers Of All-Time

Lakers Nation Presents The Top-10 Worst Lakers Of All-Time


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The Lakers are one of the greatest franchises, not only in basketball history, but in all of sports. With 16 championships and a host of Hall of Famers to their credit, very few franchises can match the Lakers legacy.

But everything hasn’t always gone to plan with the team.

The Lakers are coming off their worst season in the history of the team, and while years like this are few and far between, some of the players who have come through Laker Land, have been far less than stellar.

The team has so many great players that it gets easy to forget the bad ones. But that stops today as we bring you a look at the 10 worst Lakers of All-Time.

10. Dwight Howard (2012-2013)

I know, the numbers he put up were still good. He averaged a double-double and was named All-NBA Third team, a solid campaign without a doubt. But let’s be real here, the Dwight Howard experiment was one of the worst the team has ever tried.

Quite simply, he never fit in Los Angeles. He struggled to mesh in the offense and with his teammates. Reports are that when Kobe Bryant called him out in front of the locker room, he wouldn’t even speak up for himself.

Dwight is a good player who wanted all of the accolades and attention that comes with being a superstar, and none of the responsibility. When the lights of Los Angeles shone brightest upon him, he couldn’t handle the heat and ran away.

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