10 Random Questions With D’Angelo Russell (Video)

It’s time to get to know Los Angeles Lakers guard and No.2 draft pick D’Angelo Russell off the court! In our Lakers Nation installment of 10 Random Questions With D’Angelo Russell, we chat with the rookie about his celebrity crush, biggest pet peeve, favorite fast food and more! Plus, we’re a fan of his music choice for his go-to karaoke song. Enjoy!

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I like it because he is honest, he didn’t ride on Kobe train just bc he is Laker.

  • Russell is much older then his age, you could tell by his answers how fast with out thinking about it and that is (I think) the way he plays BB to him it comes easy, will have to wait and see now.

      1. 3/1 LEAD IIN THE PLAYOFFS and then CHOKE= and they are PROS what a joke, Compared to a rookie playing in a summer league who did the worst ?

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