10. Malachi Richardson, SG/SF, Syracuse

Malachi Richardson
Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Another player with an extremely wide draft range, Richardson has been placed everywhere from the late lottery to the early second round. If he does indeed find himself available at number 32, the Lakers would be wise to jump on him.

Richardson burst onto the national scene in leading Syracuse to a surprise Final Four appearance. He has great size for a wing and outstanding length (7’0 wingspan) which aids him both offensively and defensively.

Offensively, Richardson has a ton of ways to put the ball in the basket from basically anywhere on the floor. He is good at attacking the basket as well and can make plays for himself and others when he gets to the paint. Defensively his length and quickness allow him to make an impact and get into passing lanes when he is engaged.

The worries for Richardson begin with his shot selection as he was a ball-stopping isolation player at Syracuse. His is just an average athlete, which led to a lot of contested shots. However, being on a team like the Lakers, with established playmakers would force him to focus on those other things which could be exactly what he needs to thrive.