1. Double-Pump Windmill vs. Timberwolves

The Lakers had made the playoffs, but awaiting them was a tough Minnesota Timberwolves team led by All-NBA 1st Team and All-Defensive first team big man Kevin Garnett, one of the best defenders in the history of the NBA.

The series was tied at two games apiece, and the Lakers knew they needed to win Game 5 on the road. They played like it from the beginning, but in the third quarter the Lakers really began pouring it on, and everything was punctuated with one swift move from Kobe.

The Lakers threw the ball down low to Shaq who would kick it out to Robert Horry. Quick ball movement led to the ball finding Kobe on the baseline with Garnett on him. Kobe showed no fear as he drove the ball straight to the rim as another seven-footer, Rasho Nesterovic approached as well.

But stopping Kobe was impossible. He would rise, use a slight windmill and go under the rim to slam it down over both big men to punctuate a dominant victory.