Xavier Henry: ‘If The Lakers Want Me Back, I Would Love To Be Back’ Reviewed by Momizat on . [new_royalslider id="132"] In a season full of injuries and countless losses, the Los Angeles Lakers have had few moments to be optimistic about. One of the pos [new_royalslider id="132"] In a season full of injuries and countless losses, the Los Angeles Lakers have had few moments to be optimistic about. One of the pos Rating: 0
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Xavier Henry: ‘If The Lakers Want Me Back, I Would Love To Be Back’

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In a season full of injuries and countless losses, the Los Angeles Lakers have had few moments to be optimistic about. One of the positive aspects of the frustrating season has been small forward Xavier Henry and his development into a contributing role player off the bench.

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Henry, the 12th overall pick in the 2010 draft, signed a one-year deal with the Lakers in September as the team was looking to fill out the roster. Henry immediately made an impact, scoring 22 points in the Lakers season-opening win over the Los Angeles Clippers. Unfortunately for Henry, like several other Lakers, the fourth-year forward’s season has also been riddled by injury.

Despite missing significant action, Shams Charania of RealGM reports Henry would like to return to the Lakers next season:

If the Lakers want me back, I would love to be back,” Henry told RealGM. “I love it here, love playing on this team, and we have a great organization. It’s been eye-opening for me, and I enjoy it. You always have two sides of things – I can’t always control whatever I want to in free agency.

Henry’s openness to re-signing with the Lakers next season is stark difference than Jordan Hill’s recent comments that he wouldn’t be interested in returning next season if his role were to remain the same. With Kobe Bryant, Robert Sacre and Steve Nash the only players under contract for next season, Hill and Henry are two of many other Lakers who are essentially auditioning for a new contract next season; either with the Lakers or sign elsewhere.

Aside from missing games due to knee and wrist injuries, Henry has otherwise been one of the Lakers most consistent bench players. Often times charged with finding a balance between playing floor general and scorer, Henry has shown the ability to put the ball in the basket, averaging a career-high 10.0 points per game. The Lakers will have ample cap space this summer of which Henry may benefit from.
Xavier Henry: ‘Not Going To Quit,’ Loves The System And Team

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Matthew Moreno is a journalist from Whittier, Calif., serving as an associate editor at Dodgers Nation. A Cal State Long Beach graduate, Moreno also contributes to Lakers Nation, and previously served as a co-editor and lead writer at Reign of Troy, where he covered USC Football.

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  • Daryl Peek

    Depends on who the team drafts and what becomes of Young, Meeks and Bazemore, as they are priority IMO. The one thing in X’s favor is his ability to play SF, coupled with Meeks possibly costing too much to keep.

    • dparker626

      agreed, though I’d like to see us pursue X over Young, primarily because he’s 5-6 yrs younger. X will probably be more affordable too.

      • Daryl Peek

        I can dig that.

    • Jim213

      Disagree, best options for next season IMO Farmar (2nd unit), X Henry (possibly-health), Brooks, Bazemore, Hill, Sacre (signed for next yr), and Meeks. Young won’t likely return (vet minimum pay) when he stands to make a better salary ($5 mil) somewhere else (business after all).

      But aside of these players they’ll be other good options come 2014FA to fill the roster with which goes for athletic/defensive minded players. However, IMO don’t see FO spending more than $16 mil to bring back 6 to 7 players at minimum. Earl Clark (if correct) is available and should be considered (FOR CHEAP) for next season.

      • Daryl Peek

        There was nothing to disagree with as I was speaking specifically on the SG/SF positions only. If Exum is drafted that changes the SG stance as he’d likely be a combo guard.

        Agreed on Farmar and the health of X but youth is still in his favor on that tip. Brooks has a team option and that is promising financially but he’s gotten no burn to back that up. Bazemore is not signed beyond this season but we own his Bird rights for a qualifying offer. I would like to see Clark get another shot with the Lakers. Young I can see taking a bit of a discount to stay in LA. The interest is mutual on both sides so the FO may very well work with him if he’s not looking to max his money right now. Hill is going for the money IMO. He’s out. Meeks is shooting for a payday also and he’s never gotten more than 1.5 mil in a season.

        • Jim213

          Only issue was was the players you brought up. But disagree with your view of Brooks as tho young he can still play but given the coach he’ll stick to his tried and all in or bust go to guys. Don’t believe Young would work out next season when Kobe returns.

          Kobe will do what he’s done since the late 90′s being hitting jumpers so wouldn’t expect a similar type of season as this one given the coach’s preference. Especially once Kobe returns and if DEFENSE isn’t addressed this off season Kobe will put in his two cents next season once he realizes that the team resembles this season’s Knicks team.

          • Daryl Peek

            How has MDA shown he can’t adapt? When has he had the personnel on a consistent enough basis to show that? Remember Hill was getting major minutes early in the season when things were going good. Hill ran out of gas, Pau complained he needed more PT to get into a better rhythm. MDA adapted from easing Gasol back into the fold due to his off season surgery and gave him more minutes like Pau asked for. Hill has played in the most games of all the big’s this season. His MPG are at a career high, and he’s had a steady diet of 17-23 MPG all season. There was a stint at the end of Feburary into the middle of March when Hill didn’t get in games but that began off an injury he sustained at the end of Feb. as MDA went with Sacre and Kelly in his playce and kept going with that up til the Wizzards game on the 23rd of last month. Everyone knew Kelly was a player both the FO and MDA wanted to see, therefore it was a natural thing for him to eventually get minutes once all of the injuries devastated the team. MDA even tried Kelly at SF to give him a look while Hill, Kaman a,d Sacre got minutes. Kaman was the odd man out as player development became the mode of the team because again, the injuries kept ravaging the win loss column.

            MDA made no big stink about Kobe and Pau doing the overtly two man game when Kobe came back. The players who were on a bit of a roll were the ones upset about that. Steve Blake showed that in a post game interview where he was totally indifferent with Mike Truedell. Blake came back and said he needed to calm himself over it. I could go on and on with other examples of all that derailed this season and how the blame game is way off base.

            As for Kobe and Young? Young could still be the sixth man. Even playing with Kobe it could work as Young is good at catch and shoot. That’s what he did for the Clippers in the 11-12 playoffs. Young shot 52% from behind the arc with three attempts per game. That’s a role we could absolutely use.

          • Jim213

            Broken record, arguing the same points? The coach hasn’t adapted to the roster and tho injuries have cost them games 5+ wins could’ve been attained with a better lineup.

            IMO, Kobe will have issues with some of these players next season if they don’t put forth a better effort which applies more on the defensive end. His team after all.

          • Daryl Peek

            Broken record because you don’t want to acknowledge, it all began and ended with the injuries. Nothing for MDA to adapt to when he never had enough healthy bodies long enough to set up for adaptations evaluation. They went months without being able to practice 5 on 5. You can’t even make game to game adjustments let alone adapting to a roster of when will they be back/ day to day?

          • Jim213

            Change of heart all ready DP. Even you’ve ACKNOWLEDGED this not too long ago?! Do you need me to pull up your recent comments? smh

          • Daryl Peek

            Change of heart?!? I’m arguing the reason MDA has had to do what he’s done this season. What are you talking about?

          • Jim213

            Wins and losses will never go out of a conversation.

            DP: Lakers News: Wesley Johnson Wants Team To Use Loss As Motivation

            I can’t keep defending MDA. Someone has to pay the price. I still completely disagree with the rotations assessment. The whole season is hard to bundle up into who’s at fault but these lack luster performances are tired.


            There’s more tho… smh

          • Daryl Peek

            How does that change what I’ve been saying all season long? Shake your head all you want, Everything I’ve said has happened this season. It’s very hard defending MDA and I don’t do it for the sake of defending him because he’s a great HC. I defend the false info people put out there about how things went down. When MDA is on one, I call his BS. Everyone was lousy that game and in several others but it’s not all coaching only. Bring all of that comment back and the reason it came about. Partial info leads to conjecture of the big picture. And someone will have to pay the price for all of the losing and the PR nightmare.

          • Jim213

            Have two issues with the coach, one being his lack of roster utilization and the other not admitting fault/liability which goes with too many excuses.

            He can coach but not teams like the Lakers or Knicks since his offense HEAVILY relies on the pg. With players like Kobe and Melo they’ll demand the ball more than he’d like to see in their possession.

            Do I believe that small ball can’t work with the Lakers today? Yes, but it can only work with consistent shooters and role players who know their roles as Kobe will have to adapt more so now to an extent to offset father time’s effect’s.

          • Daryl Peek

            Couple of problems with your take. First, this team has had too many injuries for any cohesion to have been built for players to be able to have defined roles.

            Next admission of fault; MDA did that last season when he talked about his preconceived notion of the roster and how he wanted to make it work at first. The concession was made afthe the meeting in Memphis. This season is completely different again, because of the injuries. The proof is in the pudding also as the team has played better small VS. big this year.

            Next the Nets are dispelling the older player in the small ball up tempo theme. Brooklyn has been one of the hotter teams in the league since the turn of the new year. They achieved this by moving Pierce to the PF position when Lopez went down as the twin towers (KG and Lopez) failed to the tune of 10-21 up til that point. The Net have a much older roster than the Lakers and are driven by the PG heavy services of Williams. The Lakers also have better, more consistent shooters than the Nets but health again is the difference.

            Finally, what people looking for a scapegoat call excuses, are in reality things that have happened that are true factors in the circumstances of situational failure. 266 games missed by key players actually happened. This is actually unprecedented in NBA history and something no coach could overcome in a season. As Jerry West has said;

            “this Lakers team has played hard all season but don’t have the talent on the court to sustain winning basketball. It’s easy to criticize what’s going on over there with the Lakers when you’re on the sidelines to criticize.”

            Again, MDA may or may not survive this horrid season and if not, it was not a lack of coaching, adaptation, players age or his system that was the reason for failure. Kobe & Kaman have both recently gone on record about this fact (too many injuries) that most see as an excuse.

          • Jim213

            Still disagree, it say’s a lot when your players speak out against one’s style of system implementation. Shaun Livingston is playing a big role (as he’s never done) given D Williams is coming off the bench now. Mentioned in the past that they lack talent which also goes for bangers inside.

            However, many have observed bad rotations through out the year which seems to have occurred in the later months. It’s been argued by many which goes for the media too. But you seem to believe that just b/c they’re showing the coach some respect that it means they’re buying into what they’ve observed themselves?!? your view but disagree.

          • Daryl Peek

            As we both know, some older players can be jaded, and personality conflict can complicate this. Kobe was frustrated with losing when he first spoke out against the system. Gasol will never get on the same page with MDA due to last season. Kaman has truly changed his stance which was born of frustration from issues beyond MDA and PT with the Lakers. Hill is a young buck looking for his shine for the first time, and MDA above any other coach Hill’s played for has provided that platform this season in putting him up as the big on the roster who’s played the most games while averaging the most MPG. 24 starts this season VS. 20 in the previous 4 seasons combined. Everyone else has been 100% sold on running the system and praised MDA to the utmost for how he’s handled the team.

      • truth24

        Nan man get em all the hell out.

  • Lakers Fan

    My only issue with Henry is staying healthy. He is a good defender, and can attack and finish at the rim. Plus, he and Bazemore would be much cheaper than Young. I don’t really know about Meeks, cause he has earned a nice pay day. Don’t know how much the Lakers will throw at him opposed to other teams. I would like for them to keep him, Meeks and Bazemore, but it really comes down to whoever they draft.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Xavier Henry is a keeper worth at least $2.5 million dollars per year and deserves a 4 years $10 million dollar contract,he earned it.I would love Xavier to comeback.

  • PlayerHaters

    I say bring him back…if theres room for him. Otherwise let him be

  • Josh

    Bring him back if he’ll accept another minimum contract (two years this time). Make sure he knows you’re looking at his as roster filler, and nothing more. Otherwise, let him walk.

  • Jose

    X, Wes, Meeks, Blaze, one the point guards should stay. Maybe Brooks, Kelly, and if we can Kaman

  • KB24


    • PlayerHaters

      WOW thats a terrible strategy LOL

  • Cedric Ceballos

    Henry sucks……… This guy was a bum in new orleans………….let’s get back kwame brown then…. wow let’s get all the bench warmers and make them join the Lakers so we can say they are all good. Give me a fing break.

  • Lakers4Life

    Whatever happens to Henry or Meeks, all smart Laker fans know that the players will have no future in LA (same for all other players) as long as that idiotic Dumbtoni remains as coach.

  • Bryan

    People are saying MDA didn’t get a good chance as a laker head coach because of injuries but forget to mention that small ball causes a lot of stress and wear and tear in the body. Let alone the fact that he never found a true starting line up even when we had a somewhat healthy team. In my personal beliefs MDA is not the coach ment for the lakers he’s not a bad coach but he’ll never be accepted here nor will he fit what the history of the lakers is. I say get a new coach salvage what we can from players that have good potential and rebuild from there and as for management, they need to better instill who’s in charge and in what direction are they taking the team. Nothing against Jeanie Buss but she does not seem to be the leading role she claims to be.

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