With Mike Brown Out, What’s Next For The Lakers?

With Mike Brown Out, What’s Next For The Lakers?


Final Thought

The Lakers possibly have as talented of a team as they’ve ever had, and the only “unproven” piece was their former head coach: Mike Brown. Management decided to pull the plug on that experiment and will likely go for a more proven option.

Although Coach Brown was an extremely hard worker and knew his X’s and O’s, perhaps he wasn’t able to connect with his players 100 percent and/or utilize them to the best of their respective abilities.

The coach the Lakers will likely choose now will be one who has a track record of getting through to his respective players, and who can also sell a system to his players and management. It could be one of the aforementioned coaches, or perhaps even one out of the blue (such as McMillan).

As for what will happen to the current assistant coaches? Frankly, I don’t know. That will be a very interesting thing to monitor as any outside head coach would likely prefer a staff of his choosing.

In any event, the Lakers once again made a huge move–a relatively unprecedented one at that–all in the hopes of winning a championship now.

They now must act quickly and save as much time as possible while choosing their next head coach to limit further setbacks.

It will definitely take even more time for the Lakers to gel initially, as a new system will likely be put in place, but that’s the gamble the Lakers decided to take.

Will it pay off this season and/or in the future? Only time will tell.