With Dwight Howard In Houston, What’s Next For Mike D’Antoni?

With Dwight Howard In Houston, What’s Next For Mike D’Antoni?


Orlando Magic v Los Angeles LakersNow that the dust has settled and Dwight Howard proved yet again he isn’t cut out to be a champion, it’s time to survey the scene and see who will take the most blame for him leaving: Mike D’Antoni.

D’Antoni and Howard clashed several times last season as the seven-time All-Star didn’t feel like his skill set was being utilized correctly within “Pringles” pick-and-roll system.

The same can be said for just about the whole Lakers team as the hiring of D’Antoni has been dumbfounding since it happened at midnight on November 12.

With Howard out of town, what does it mean for D’Antoni? Will he survive the season or receive the same treatment as Mike Brown? If the Lakers were going to fire D’Antoni, they would’ve done it now since he barely has a coaching staff and they could re-start for the upcoming season.

Howard made it clear that he wouldn’t ask for D’Antoni to be fired since he didn’t want to be known as a “coach-killer”, but him leaving will spark the “We Want Phil” chants.

I understand Lakers management and Jim Buss not wanting to look incompetent, but with the current state of the team, it’s time to check your ego at the door. Laker fans care about one thing only: winning.

It doesn’t matter how the winning is done, but as long as there’s a parade down Figueroa and some Lakers reserve dances like an idiot, suffice it to say that Laker fans will be happy. For the longest time, the Lakers have been about the fans, listening to their wishes and desires and usually coming through in successfully granting them.

As an organization, greatness is expected and whether you did or didn’t want Howard back, D’Antoni shouldn’t take all the blame for his immaturity and his inability to recognize what he has in front of him.

The Lakers will head into their next chapter with D’Antoni leading the charge and we can see what happens coming October or November, when the Lakers find themselves in the same position as last year.




  • 3339

    the only coach that can help us now is Phil Jackson and he’s said that he’s all but done with coaching. rare times for the Lakers now. we have a terrible owner, no center, an aging team, superstar recovering from a tough injury, and a clueless, arrogant coach. well and 16 banners, but can’t live in past.
    personally, I think Dwight will regret leaving LA for a team that considered being an 8 seed as a good season. but hey, he’s outta here and thinking about it, he was never really here to being with.

  • Chris

    The person who is to blame for this big debacle is JIM BUSS! He denied the Lakers organization having the greatest coach back!! He should be freaking chastised and kicked out of his position. I say it is time for Jeannie Buss to stage a coup! Let’s get JIM BUSS OUT OF HERE

  • Lakers Always

    Dwight really half-assed it most of the season, only stepping up long enough to get enough rebounds and put-backs to carry solid averages. I think we all would have preferred a sign-and-trade with GSW to bring back Klay Thompson and Bogut’s contract. Thompson is the pure shooter we truly need, but … oh, well. I don’t think we will take Asik back in any sign-and-trade scenarios with Houston — unless want to give us Chandler Parsons (they won’t). I’d rather not have Linsanity in LA, either, although I bet D’Antoni would not mind. Next season’s FA class isn’t that special. I am not sure what direction we go.

  • Peđa Knežević

    Mike M`Antony (There is no D there as I saw last season, just huge “M” for Mess).

    He F up everything. He is the blame for princess leaving instead making him a grown man, he is the blame for Bryant injury (48min/game for 35y player), playing psycho games with Gasol… catastrophic season behind us… he was not able to do anything with Nash in his MVP years with top 5 SF in those years (Marion), top 5 PF (Amare), 6th player of the year (Diaw) and full roster of good players… NY Knicks episode too… and he is going to do something now?!?! Yea, me too…

    DUMP THE NO-D`Antony!!!

    Start Kickstarter project “Dump Mike” , I`m sure fans will donate enough and even more to see him out.

    Bring back THE coach (as GM) he will fix it with young players in 1 year, and we will be RINGing around DH`s head all the time.

  • jeffmagic

    We all know Jim Buss’ ego won’t allow him to hire Phil Jackson. Fine. Then hire Byron Scott, George Karl, Nate McMillan, or anybody besides the 3 times proven loser Mike D’Antoni !!!

  • Guest

    Hey Dwight!!! Y haven’t you asked to b traded from the rockets yet, you fucking bum

  • matt

    Breaking news!!! Dwight Howards asks for a trade mins after signing a deal with the rockets, because he didnt like how the gm handed him the pen

  • Jim213

    NEXT… You said it he’s next,,, better get canned…!

  • chakattack

    with dwight gone and pau at the 5…this system is going to work much more fluidly. and if lamar odom comes back??? oooooh man…lakers are going to show the haters what’s up.